A Little Update Here At My Gate!

So way back when here at my den I went and did a little rhyme with all but a mime. Let's face it, if they come here they can't speak so aren't a hit. Many have come and gone, so an update was due at my lawn.

Don't go Standing Into Danger,
Or From Sophie's View you may be a stranger.
Might want to W.I.P. It in the bud,
Or a Daft Scott Lass may hit you with mud.

A Beer for The Shower may take place,
As A Sun Kissed Life you embrace.
About Last Weekend you may ignore.
Alex J. Cavanaugh's blog title is a bore.

Then again Another 920 Spot,
Makes Anything Imagined hot to trot.
Could bring out the bikesbirdsnbeasts.
Blogging Away as you have feasts.

Brian's Home is so inviting.
Coming Home To Myself may find it exciting.
Why Conceive Writing?
Dark Thoughts may lead to biting.

Are you Defending The Pen?
Donna Hole may take offense to that at her den.
Donna K. Weaver, Author though,
May use it on Ed Pilolla, her foe.

Elise Fallson another blog title bore.
Elsie is Writing with mutts on the floor.
Everyday Amazing is a way to live by.
Far Away Series sure does that under her sky.

Holy Ghost Writer is kinda holy.
I am such a Derp, holy moly.
I Think; Therefore, I Yam.
In the Corner of My Eye I see ham.

Be safe Jaywalking the Moon.
Journaling Woman may create a cartoon.
I'm Just Keepin' It Real, Folks.
klahanie must think it is a blogfest hoax.

Life By Chocolate: Robyn Alana Engel's Blog,
In Lucy's Reality she is a name hog.
M.J. Joachim's Writing Tips,
Don't come off Mail4Rosey's lips.

Those Mama Diaries must be long.
Meatballs and Yucca sounds so wrong.
Miranda Hardy sounds so hardy.
Mock Turtle's Musings is so tardy.

Musings of an Unapologetic Dreamer.
My Five Men can say that as she gets out the steamer.
But My Journey with Candida may fall flat.
My Meddling Mind may squash her flat.

Penwasser Place has a Captain Caption.
Poke the Rock a finger contraption.
Fly away on the #1 Rainbow.
Random Scribblings better look out below.

Randoom Blog! Sounds scary.
Read is the New Black may make things get hairy.
Or is that over at Sandra's Blog?
Slam Dunks may have to ask his dog.

Soon we will all be a Snowcatcher.
I'd rather Spit My Pity and be a whine fetcher.
Spitty Speaks.......hmm..... I guess not.
The Angry Lurker gets angry a lot.

The Blue Grumpster should know about such a hum.
Not sure on The Crazy Life of a Writing Mom.
I Wonder if The Eagle's Aerial Perspective,
Is like The Lair of The Silver Fox and objective?

Wait! Objective in that Ruralhood?
The Sunbeam misunderstood.
At least that is what The Word Is.
thecontemplativecat may have to mark a quiz.

And of course Theresa's Mixed Nuts,
Cause the Trout Talkin Tabbies fear with her mutts.
Just one of life's True Wanderings.
Twinkletoe Tails all day you'll be pondering.

VR Barkowski related to Chuck?
Have to ask Wanna Buy A Duck.
Maybe stop at WaystationOne.
But just beware your Writing Jewels may get gawked at a ton.

Damn that sounds bad. Look what Brian does at his pad. Stares at writing jewels all day. Maybe he'll even roll them around and play. So there we go, many show and have come to pass, from my ever so little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Fly away on the #1 Rainbow
    Still around if you must know
    Just a little
    Some fumble
    But soldiers on with the show


  2. Some blog titles are in your face
    Others seem like real fine lace
    Some speak out and call one a name
    The bold you know are meant for fame
    The obscure titles are meant for the shy
    Opposites bellow like a real mean guy
    Some titles like to make a toast
    Then those who rhyme just like our host

    1. They are quite the show
      As they all glow
      Some rather bare
      Others wtf at their lair
      But each one grand
      Out in blogland

  3. In the corner of my eye I see ham as well
    at least the message is clear as a bell
    if you do not see when you look straight ahead
    you'll see me glancing sideways instead!
    A fun post from you today
    always something unexpected at your bay.

    1. haha might look strange
      There at your range
      Always looking sideways
      Like lost in a maze

  4. Lots of fancy names it's true
    Your rhyming one works well for you!

  5. Many friends enter your gate
    who knows what is their fate
    displaying them at your show
    some will come some will go
    always an adventure in fun
    reading comments by the ton
    True Wanderings here & there
    writing from the heart she cares
    she is here everyday just to say
    hi supporting the cat at his mat
    so take a look at one of his books
    maybe buy one for your nook..
    go on take a look get hooked
    on Pat & the rhyming cat..

    Now about that hat.....lol

    1. lol still on the hat
      Here at my mat
      May have to wear ten at once
      Might look like a dunce haha
      And her every day
      You are at my bay
      Along with a few
      Some even buy a book or two

    2. A hat for Captain Pat Hattt
      still pondering this at my flat
      an adventure will soon show
      as the journey to bora bora
      continues on sea we flow

    3. Ponder away
      At your bay
      As more show
      Always great, you know

  6. Wanna Buy A Duck, knows all and sees all. She is a fountain of knowledge in this vast universe. Just ask her!

    1. She knows where the aliens are
      My, she is scary at her bar

  7. Replies
    1. The grammar nazi
      Gets mentioned a time or three

  8. hahaha you know me looking for jewels at every sea i see
    fun with blog names, everyday amazing is the name of the game
    i know quite a few, that grace the wall at your zoon

    1. That you do Brian ~ Smiles ~

    2. You sure know a few
      As you are everywhere in view
      Hopping all over
      Energy like rover

  9. Don't worry - Sunbeam with you
    In storm, under weather
    On cue!

  10. I read your post with delight,
    I so loved your bloggy game.
    All the same I was a bit apprehensive,
    In case you included my name.


    1. You are new
      To my zoo
      This was done
      Months ago under my sun

  11. dark thoughts lead to biting
    i admit i brightened at my name sighting
    tho a foe may be hoodwinked with the proper gawker lighting
    your place is colors and good feelings
    and the conversations the most delightful of dealings
    have a great weekend, bro
    pour yourself a second cup o joe:)

    1. I'll stick with water at my sea
      But I'll pour it for me
      Lots of feelings out and about
      Swimming free like a trout

  12. makes you realize how many folks come and go

    one day they're here and the next they'll a forever no show

    1. Yeah they are long gone one day
      Blog no longer on display

  13. People come & go but some blogger names are still around

    Happy to read some familiar faces here & everyday ~

    Happy Thanksgiving Pat ~ Enjoy the long weekend ~

    1. Hope you have a great weekend too
      And yep still many in view

  14. That is funny!
    I may have a boring blog title but it's easy to find if you search for me.

    1. haha yeah at least you can be found
      Don't need to employ a search hound

  15. Bloggers come and go
    that is part of the show
    Some are missed
    others are hissed.
    Some of my favorites aren't around any more.
    I guess they thought it was too much of a chore!

    Happy Thanksgiving!
    Don't eat too much pumpkin pie! lol....yeah, right.. :)

    1. Yeah some favorites have gone
      Moved to a greener lawn?
      But still plenty around
      New ones are found
      So away we go
      And blah to pumpkin pie at my show lol

  16. Dark Thoughts may lead to biting...you don't know how right you are. ;)

  17. Hey! Blogging Away!
    That's my blog at your bay
    I'm honored and flattered
    Yes, always a feast here
    Spreading good cheer
    Happy weekend to you
    and the cats at your zoo :)

    1. On display
      At my bay
      Good cheer
      Comes near
      At least most days
      With my rhyming maze

  18. I love how you fit all those names in and still managed to rhyme, truly impressive!

  19. klahanie not "klahine"
    Sees you're rhyme fine
    Make mention of blogs
    Still doing some logs
    Make mention of past posts
    By blogging ghosts
    Yes indeed
    At your feed
    A blogfest jest
    At your behest
    A cynical promotion
    To continue devotion
    To you and that cat
    How about that
    Pat in da Hatt

    1. What the hell
      I Can't spell
      Oh well
      Blame Dell
      A promotion like that
      is fine by the cat
      Cynical is more fun
      Then just accepting under your sun
      And being all nice
      Pfft rather play with dead mice

  20. Honestly, I think Gary out did you this time! :)

    Actually, amazing! Thanks for the shout out!

    1. No problem at all
      Pffft to him and his mutt at my hall haha

  21. I must admit,
    I'm one that is drawn
    to names people come up with where they will write
    some are great ones and seem right
    others are so dull I don't even want to take a look
    I'd rather spend the time with a good book

    Have to say though, there really are lots of good titles out there
    a lot you managed to take the time to share :)


    1. Yeah some are really fun
      Others are a lazy run
      Stick up something cheap
      not taking a leap
      Go for the book
      There at your nook

  22. oh how cool how many of our poets you managed to weave in there....In the Corner of My Eye I see ham...gave me a good laugh...smiles

    1. haha ham can be yummy to some
      The cat will stick to rum

  23. I enjoyed that Pat, with so many friends I just must tip my hat!

  24. Wow--that was quite an epic! I've never been in a poem before I don't think--I feel right up there with the Cat in the Hat now ;-)

    1. Your first poem you say
      Glad I could do it first at my bay

  25. It always makes me sad to see some bloggers go.
    Blogging aint for sissies, that's fo' sho'!

    I am not a fan of my title. I have a lot of people searching for it because they can't remember there is an "h" in my name lol. Wish I would have given more thought to it, but it is what it is.

    1. Yeah hard to change now
      Funny how the h can wow
      And does suck when some go
      Others I wave goodbye though


  26. “It is not safe to be the enlightened one”.
    I know this truth well.
    For I have the gift or shall I say curse, of vision.
    Sometimes I wish that, I could not tell.

    1. Could not tell
      At your cell
      Vision quest
      Take a lottery number request?

  27. As I've said before
    These kinds of posts are my favorite of yours
    Always cool how you incorporate us all into these posts
    We should all gather around a table and enjoy a roast
    Choosing a blog title can be a hard decision
    Some choose on the fly and others with precision

    1. And what comes come
      Singing blog title hums
      As all flap their gums
      Up the cat sums

  28. Guess we can't all have awesome blog titles.

  29. I've arrived.
    I'm in one of the rhymes!!!

  30. I never ever get tired of posts like this, there's so many references to fellow bloggers, feels good to recognise the names in there!

  31. The fun never stops as we make the rounds
    Your poetry tops by leaps and bounds.
    Thanks for the mention, Pat.

  32. Woo, hoo, sakes alive...
    It looks as though I've finally "arrived."

    (Thanks for the mention!)

    1. That you did indeed
      Just a tad late at my feed

  33. This was fun to read! Thanks for putting me in there too. I can#t believe you post every day!

  34. Saw my name, what a hoot!
    My head got big, and now I'm such a snoot!
    If I were Life by Chocolate to live
    My hips would never me forgive!


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