And Even More At My Shore!

Tarsier Man does not like to be outdone. So when it comes to new books under my sun, he can't do just one new story. He has to do three as he stands there in all his glory.

In book number four,
The Mailman takes another tour.
It seems all want to stab Tarsier Man.
No one any longer a fan.

But he soon finds out why,
When his new power lets him fly through the sky.
It even has Whoopdi Friggin Doo,
And Robbie Raisin too.

Then with book number five,
He was sitting in his disco secret hive,
When The Astronaut takes over the world's TV.
On every channel he is all they can see.

So Tarsier Man has to end that.
Not just because he is a gnat,
But because he wants an alien bride.
Tarsier Man pictured that and almost died.

In book number six,
Timer pulls out some tricks.
He can bring things to present time,
That are way scarier than a mime.

Dinosaurs and big robots for one.
Tarsier Man wants to run.
Be he stays and fights for the gold,
He figures he will get when victory takes hold.

Number Four - Take a tour

Number Five - view at your hive

Number Six - Give some clicks

And better yet, for today and tomorrow from this pet, the first 3 are FREE. So go download with glee!

Now does that not look like quite the array? That brings the count up to 22 books at my bay. So many containing this nut. It is almost as bad as making one about a mutt. Now they are all there to see, hanging from my book tree. Another three releases have come to pass this month from my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Replies
    1. On with # 64
      To the fore!


    2. Waffles is determined this week
      To send you up the creek

  2. Tarsier Man is such a lad, a book he's in will never be bad! Loved this post Pat, congratulations on the book buddy.

  3. Replies
    1. I was up early so thought I'd
      give it a try but, just not quick

    2. Well you were closer than most
      Just two ahead of you at my coast

  4. Replies
    1. I can be nice once in a while
      Don't spread it around, may cramp the cat's style

  5. Oh my goodness gracious me
    Tarsier Man is on a spree
    Adventure galore hearts and flowers
    Look inside, see his powers

    1. He has tons of powers
      Flying over towers
      With three more
      At my shore

  6. You are amazing and we think there is no end to your creativity!

    1. There doesn't seem to be an end so far
      Here at my bar

  7. I just transferred #1 to my Kindle, and little man will be introduced to Tarsier Man over the weekend. :) 'grats on adding a new book to your collection! Soon you'll be able to package them as a boxed set, kind of like the Sweet Valley High series, but without the girly stuff. ;)

    1. Be interesting to do that
      Not sure how though at my mat
      With 6 out though
      Boxset could be a go
      Interesting to hear what he thinks
      As in there, may be a few adult winks

  8. More books for the kiddies!
    They will be so giddy!

  9. You have hearts in your eyes, too
    You must be in love at your zoo
    Congrats for another publication
    And fun illustrations :)

    1. haha fish bowl head
      Causes dread
      Alien his is after
      Which brings laughter

  10. 22 books at your zoo?
    I haven't written even one, so I have a long way to catch up with you
    Maybe you'll hit a hundred someday
    And then retire to Bora Bora's sun rays

    1. haha oh I'll hit 100 at my zoo
      That is the goal to come due
      Already at 30 or so
      If you count the ones I'm sitting on at my show

  11. Tarsier Man, dinosaurs, and a hotdog man getting assaulted by police officers? I daresay this book has it all. My nephew loves Tarsier Man. He's going to be so happy to see that there's more!

    1. haha Tarsier Man goes anywhere
      Ăˆven Hotdog man`s and giant lips wit a disco lair

  12. Whoooo Hoooo... free is always good. I will be tweeting this for you. Go Tasier Man!!

    1. Thanks for the tweet
      Tarsier Man can`t be beat

  13. good on him staying to fight but if i get a power i am not sure i want to be able to fly by my ears, guess it is better than jet propulsion from your rear, but...pretty soon they will name a library after you

    1. haha flying by the ears
      May get some weird cheers
      Yeah better than that from your rear
      But you could sure get it in gear
      A library would be fun
      As I put out books by the ton

  14. Pat chalked up 22 books on his 'pets'
    Just shows how prolific can a guy get
    100 targetted
    Plainly no sweat
    The beauty of Pat having a rhyming Cat


    1. 100 will be no sweat
      For Pat and the pet
      We will get it done
      And have plenty more fun

  15. Tarsier man is out and about
    giving all a great big shout
    amazing I'm sure have no doubt
    so download a few try them out

    look at you number twenty-two
    so many fun books in view
    as you write away so much to do
    if you buy some leave a review

    I'm sure Pat and the Cat
    would really like that..

    1. haha my own personal advertiser at my sea
      Works for me
      As Tarsier Man goes out and about
      Next one our adventure may get a shout
      As he goes to sea
      On some spree

  16. Each time with your new book
    I feel I should take a look
    At the pending chapters of my theories
    Far away as I stand...endeavoring for glories

    1. Always will be some
      That I give a hum
      Sometimes three
      Others one a month at my sea

  17. Great post and pics. Three is very generous Pat.
    Thanks for a great read.

  18. Yippee Ki Yay! Pat, that is awesome!

  19. Yippee. Three books will check out today evening. Hotdog man - too many too many jokes I will keep them to myself :)

    1. lol yeah too many jokes for hotdog man
      That is why he went into the trash can
      Gutter and dirty jokes, get it?
      Here at my pit lol

  20. wow.... 22 books..that is something...still struggling with my first one...smiles...and be careful with those alien brides you know...they never hold what they promise..smiles

    1. Sure you will get out one or ten
      Easily at your den

  21. Great art, Pat! Well done.

    As for the TV-dominating astronaut
    That's some galactic ego he's got

    1. Galactic ego with a toy ray gun
      Sounds like fun haha

  22. That is quite an array! You continue to amaze me!

  23. 22 at your sea? And 3 for free!? That is very cool and generous of thee!

  24. Dear Pat, congratulations on three new books being published. You are so prolific and I know that Eliza's son's favorite book is one you wrote. I admire your stamina and creativity. Peace.

    1. Yeah the very first one
      Is his favorite under his sun

  25. 22 books? How do you do it, Pat?

    1. Just keep on a going
      As the muse keeps flowing

  26. orlin N cassie...yur dadz all bout takin credit for yur books again...him will never lurn will he !!

    pat...congrats on 22 and three this month alone is awesum !!! hope sales net 3 million...way cool of you to offer some freebees !!

    N heerz two a grate week oh end ta everee one....

    1. Yep, the cat gets the back seat
      Here at our street
      And 3 million would be grand
      Here in our land

  27. Congratulations! Awesome achievement at your sea!

    Wanted you to know, you've won a copy of Death, the Devil and the Goldfish, for your comment on the post The Naked Horror - send your address to yolandarenee(at)hotmail(dot)com and Andrew will send you your own autographed copy! Congratulations, again!

    1. Yep three in a row
      And yippee i won at your show

  28. This is a great post! I liked this very much.

  29. Not one, not two, but three
    More new books for the libary
    Congrats, and party hard!
    You're catching up with the Bard!

    Wondered how your late post today
    Might affect Kaykuala's day
    But, he just can't be kept away
    Must get another triple play

    1. Wasn't late
      At my gate
      You are confused
      But I'm amused

  30. Congrats Pat ~ How do you keep at it ~

    Have a good day ~

  31. 22 Books, wow! And thank you so much for the 3 free ones!!!

    Releasing three books in a month, I'm so impressed.

    1. Could do 10 in a month if I really tried
      But 3 is a fine ride

  32. Glory! Glory!
    3 Tarsier Man new stories!

  33. Great post
    From the host
    Thanks for sharing
    Cause I'm caring
    Turdier Man
    Nice plan
    And now this mutt
    Will bite your butt

    Arf Arf! and time to barf!

    Pawsitive wishes,

    Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar!

    1. I'd expect nothing less
      I will confess
      A mutt in a rut
      Eating things that come out a butt

  34. You are on a roll with your books, Pat!
    I am waiting for the one about a mitt...LOL.

  35. that's a lot of books

    I remember when the original was up for looks


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