Back For More With Another Scary Encore!

And around we go once more to the scary under the Internet shore. But you know the crazies come to my zoo, so maybe they will want to pick up one or two.

Special curls await you.
You can keep your curly crew.
Come catch my bus.
Why would I want to go through such a fuss?

Stylin baby maker at your service man.
You look similar to a guy I knew, Dan?
Accepting cracks of all shapes and sizes.
I bet you like disguises.

Rut filler in need.
They us manure for filler to plant seed.
Clients all say I'm great.
Wow, so why are you looking for a date?

Drowning in this sea of seas.
I hope your sea doesn't freeze.
Zip up and we can meet.
Do you think I walk with the barn door open on the street?

Sizeable toys just in case.
That will make all want to embrace.
Would you help me tie my shoe?
They make Velcro for special people like you.

Stay back unless you want fun.
I think I'll turn around and run.
Simple girl simply looking for a simple guy.
Simply put you need to give Simple Simon a try.

Stik up 4 me baby.
Not even a maybe.
Roses get me in motion.
Flowers make such a commotion.

Wrong way to the promised land.
Seems you have everything in hand.
#1 Rule - Don't Fart At The Table!
I take it your dates were not that of a Disney fable?

Drink, mix, Drink, mix and Drink.
AA is where you can give that wink.
Trying tit once again.
So why are you looking for men?

Paws off until you feally know me.
That is kind of a mixed message from thee.
Style and bots, my two favorite things.
I hope at least your robot sings.

And so the cat braved the crummy dating site once more just to bring you such an encore. That tit one had to be on purpose though. Is someone that stupid at their show? So if you need a lass, you can now find one thanks to my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Replies
    1. Through with #58
      Mustn't be late!


    2. Hank a couple of more minutes
      then I would have been no. 1
      under the cat 's sun ..
      you surely are the early one..

    3. Couple more minutes
      Would have been a treat!


    4. Close at my sea
      But not enough to stop Hank's spree

  2. Replies
    1. Tried to beat Hank
      out of his no.1 rank

      paws off until you feely know me
      would that be with claws or no claws
      that might be one for the cat.. meow..
      had to say that you know at your show

      Hope you have a good day
      don't roll in any hay...

    2. haha the cat would use the claw
      I her he saw
      Going out near hay
      So roll it in we may

  3. Dang, if you wanted a wild 3 way, you should hook up with the tit chick and the paws off til you feally know her girl. Video please!!!!!

    1. I don't think that would be a perk
      Sounds too much like work

  4. Well at least the dating website gives you many a funny story
    Must be anything but boring
    But hey your soul mate might be there
    Then you'll be writing a post about love in the air

  5. Sizeable toys because he doesn't have one?

  6. So true about farting at the table!!
    I'd definitely pass on anyone with obvious gas!

  7. "Paws off until you feally know me."

    well, paws, cats... you know, hahahha

    1. haha an animal fetish I suppose
      The cat sticks up his nose

  8. Paws right off them until you know me
    Taking liberties with them aren't easy
    They are matured
    They are cultured
    But dumb blondes though are still aplenty


    1. Oh yes, still many of those
      To cause the brain woes
      Out and about
      The shriek and shout
      Bringing them to new lows

  9. Seriously, someone put "Number one rule is no farting at the dinner table" what in the world? They could not really be looking for a date. What would possess a person. I guess I understand why they are searching and they will be searching for a long while :)

    1. Yep, they will be a good long while
      Until they are old and vile

  10. styling baby maker, you might want to stay away from that rump shaker, just saying, and trying tit, as yoda said, you do or do not there is no try, just dont get poked in the eye...

    1. Yep, avoid that rump
      No need for a hump
      Avoid the eye poke to
      Do away at my zoo

  11. I agree with everyone here
    that "paws off" gets the #1 cheer!
    That 'feally' was a Freudian slip.
    My, they thought they were really hip!

    1. haha they thought so
      Could tell from the pic that did show
      Paws off was a good one
      Had to give that a run

  12. One really has to watch their paws when typing for a date
    This is the only one big chance, the rest is in your fate
    One typo made, no excuse, it really is the end
    You'll have to try another place to find a brand new friend

    1. Like the corner bar
      Which isn't that far
      But then all you will get is a drunk
      Bringing a whole new funk

  13. farting at the table would be bad

    smelling it would be sad

    1. Unless it was a no stink one
      Then it would be sound and done

  14. I'm so glad I don't have to date
    it's so hard trying to find a compatible mate
    they try to eat off of your plate
    or their manners are second rate
    you can't even leave it up to fate!

    1. Nope, such a pain
      Board a train
      In the rain
      To see what you gain
      Only to find they're all insane

  15. What a sacrifarce on cat's part. ;)

  16. Tiz the season for complications,
    Do you really need the modification?
    Easy come and easy go
    That's all you kneed to know,
    From this little rhyming hoe.

    1. haha easy gone
      Come is a con
      Just stick with gone
      Be a brighter dawn

  17. With all that in your feed to see
    I think single is the way to be!

    1. Yeah single is my fate
      With such crazies at my gate

  18. The cat needs to try meowHarmony!

    1. That human one is a crock
      But that isn't a shock

  19. If that's what's out there wanting to mingle,
    No wonder so many folks stay single.

  20. orlin N cassie...

    noe fartin at de tabe bull ???? ...what de ba jezuz iz de werld comin two when ya canna fart at de tabe bull....H, we even fart ON de tabe bull, act shoe a lee...we fart just bout any wear any time frank lee..

    hay, hope everee one haza grate week oh end, eat plentee oh beans !!!

    1. haha we fart on the table too
      But at least we don't poo

  21. The searches are really strange, you'd wonder about their mental range. Hilarious Pat, love this!

    1. Yeah they are mental in more ways than one
      But fun to give a run

  22. Next time to wonder
    add a number
    how many
    look for claw or
    simple Simon
    ~ Great weekend on your end!

    1. Add them up you say
      That could take a while at my bay

  23. Clients all say I'm great. LOL, what an endorsement! I wonder how much her 'clients' spent?

  24. I think you even out do me for the crazies. I wonder why they like you so much.

    1. haha who knows why
      But I find them on the fly

  25. Replies
    1. I might break
      But your advice I'll try to take

  26. Don't. Fart. At. The. Table.

    Got it. I'll remember that for the next time I get a date.

    1. haha if you really got to though
      Stand up away from the table and let it flow

  27. Reminds me of that old joke. Guy goes to a singles bar, can't believe his luck when he picks up this amazon. They go back to her place, night of passion. Later she is showering, he has a good look around. Sees a picture of some huge muscle guy in her cabinet, he freaks. If this is her husband he is dead meat. She comes out the shower, 'whose that guy?' he asks. 'Me , before my operation' she smiles.

    1. lol oh that would make me want to hurl
      Glad I have never ever given that a whirl

  28. If this continues I might have to resort to internet dating, keep an eye out for me on the news!


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