Brains Are Bad And Quite Mad!

So dVerse wants to prove to all that things are not scary at each Halloween hall. Theresa is plenty scary I have to say. She could give one second hand smoke at her bay. After all she was put into a pipe and smoked. I bet Boney choked. Anyway, here is the scariest of all. Gor the killer brain is at my hall.

He's from far away.
He's here to stay.
Whoops, no room.
Here comes the doom.

Gor will get you.
He won't go boo.
You'll get the stink eye.
Then you'll just cry.

For you will fry,
That's no lie.
Those Arous dwellers,
Are tough sellers.

So lock your door.
Avoid the shore.
The floating brain,
Has much to gain.

Beware the air head.
Could brainwash you instead.
Put you through a strainer.
That is a no brainer.

He might just be kind,
Giving you a piece of his mind.
But don't get ahead of yourself.
 He could really be a magic elf.
All brains no brawn.
What a long con.
Don't lose your head,
It just needs to be fed.
Give the brain a book.
It will no longer sook.
Instead go all Johny Five.
Input and it's alive.
The brainless already float by.
What's one more in the sky?
Won't even notice Gor.
He just adds one more.
Brains before beauty.
Don't get snooty.
Wanted: Theresa's Lost Mind!
Floated away, she's in a bind.
Do you mind? Wait, don't mind my behind. Pay no mind to the Krang wannabe. Mindless as a stump is he. I won't mind my own business though. Theresa needs to find her mind too at her show. The cat just wants to help her out. Mind yourself and if you see her mind shout. I may be out of my mind at my grass but as least my mind has not taken off from my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Brains before beauty
    That sounds snooty
    Give a rope
    For a dope
    Against high and mighty


    1. Take them down
      Make them frown
      High and mighty fall
      Thinking they are tall

  2. I woke up this morning with a grin on my face. It was slow Sunday and I was ready to put Hank in his place. I went to the blog that loves rhyme ready to pounce at 11 with my first comment dime only to be outdone by our new hourly change of the time!

    Love this Halloween post though Pat, spooky for sure!

    1. haha time changed there?
      Doesn't until next week at our lair

    2. Yeah it did indeed buddy, I got caught out again today as well lol

    3. haha have to get back on task
      So in #1 you can bask

  3. Mary has a little brain
    It's name is Allie Gor
    If she didn't vote
    For carbon tax
    The brain in out the door

    1. Did the brain
      Go insane
      Losing its mind
      Or come out her behind

  4. Poor Theresa, I am going to go over there and help her find her brain. I know it is there.

  5. I'm trying to remember if MST3K did that brain movie...

    1. I don't think it was shown there
      The Brain from Planet Arous was its own bad bad horror without a care

  6. Well I have a brain that's Epileptic,
    It lives with Me , not the other way round.
    It goes to show an important fact.
    I DO have a brain I'll be bound.

    1. Well bound is good
      Won't get lost in your hood

  7. brains before beauty....smiles...brain love!
    if i only had a brain, now i sound like a OZ
    perhaps i need the wiz like he does
    beware the knows everything

    1. brain love is grand
      Can be mushy in your hand lol
      Going off to the yellow brick road
      Adding yellow in wiz mode

    2. haha Brian..that Wizard of Oz song did come to my mind

      I could wile away the hours
      Conferrin' with the flowers
      Consultin' with the rain
      And my head I'd be scratchin'
      While my thoughts were busy hatchin'
      If I only had a brain

      sorry, cat now you will have that looping around in your brain..

    3. Got that song in my head
      Thanks for the dread lol

  8. A floating brain
    I hope someone captures it and restrains
    Hopefully Teresa can be reunited with it soon
    Ideally before the Halloween moon

    1. It ran away
      Not wanting to play
      She's too mean
      Damn halloween queen

  9. if it bothers you with brain
    a zombie can cause it pain
    as it start the greys to suck
    it will be less problem than a duck

    1. Zombie could have a snack
      Saves them from going on the attack

  10. the brain feels no pain

    nobody can hurt it, not even Bane

    1. Not even Bane?
      Damn, need to hit it with a train

  11. haha! I dont think Theresa's lost mind!! only you think in floatings brains ha!

    1. haha floating brains may come after you
      Theresa's is long lost at her zoo

  12. Maybe you could return that brain to the Wizard, just in case there is a scarecrow waiting for it!

    1. The wizard would have to pay me though
      Too much work at my show

  13. Strong advice: Never mess with a woman who makes voodoo doll Pat Hatt cookies. That's all I'm saying... :)

    1. haha pffft without a brain
      Voodoo dolls are as useless as rain

  14. I have a lost mind, too. I hope Killer Brain doesn't find it and eat it up!

  15. Why lock the door?
    Just get an ax,
    Then you can kill Gor;
    But poor Theresa, hmm, don't know the facts. :(

    1. haha poor Theresa is screwed
      The brain might think your ax is rude

  16. floating brain is overrated
    better get one new
    to the body, to the soul
    to the people at your hall.

  17. All brains and no brawn
    the sight could make us screech.
    I much prefer my people friends
    to have a bit of each!

    Yeah, I could imagine this a campy horror story,
    with people running, people screaming— all a little gory!
    It should be done in black in white for dated emphasis.
    And at the end the brain should win, and that could be the twist!

    Well penned, Pat. My favorite Rhyming cat!

    1. haha the brain wins
      Stopping sins
      A little of both is fine
      Can be divine
      Think it was in black and white
      When the brain took flight

  18. ha - too many brainless zombies out there... and all the beauty cannot deceive probably...

    1. Nope can't at all
      Can see through it at every hall

  19. somewhere out there a floating brain
    perhaps, it's waiting to take a train
    a head that has lost it's mind
    could be rather hard to find..
    like the headless horseman
    does he need a coachman..
    does it keep floating around
    will it crash upon the ground
    if so hope, I'm not around..
    might make a horrible sound

    1. Or might land on you
      Covering you in brain goo
      That would be nasty indeed
      You should run at top speed
      If you see it there
      Don't want brain goop in your hair

  20. What a great write, and what fun in the comments! :-)

  21. Call Christian Bale to put on a tune
    He can go all Huey Lewis and put plastic all over the room!

    1. No newsies and sieze the day
      With the brain display

  22. He..he...never mind, I would feed it
    so away it floats again ~

  23. Ha, if some people would give you a piece of their mind there would be nothing left.

  24. That picture is kind of creepy! Kind of like the Goodyear Blimp
    or a sea creature with a limp.
    I've toured your brain before
    and it has it's own lore!

  25. We think we'll take beauty and not brains this time! And your comment at our blog had the mom laughing, too.

    1. No brains for you?
      Pat dressed us up like that and he'd get a thing or two

  26. What you need's a Zombie Cat
    Who'd suck that brain up!

  27. The cat's right/it's rainy, dark and windy outside/so stay inside/otherwise you might get a fright! :-)

    Greetings from London.

  28. My brain has been lost for 14 years
    My kids have stomped all over it despite my tears.
    I've lost hope that it will ever come back.
    So sadly I have to rely on my beauty, which is also fading fast :)

  29. Floating Brain in the sky?
    I hope it is just passing by.
    As I am mindless and brain-free.
    Maybe he stays for tea?


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