Glitch Of A Witch Part Thirteen is Quite The Scary Scene!

We followed the godly mook with his eyes all aglow, down the tunnel wondering what next was going to show. There had to be some way out of here. That is when an interesting light came near. It looked like some evil doers cave. I expected Frankenstein to come out and rant and rave. But the lights switched on and all we saw, was some weird ninja wannabe holding his hand like a claw.

"Drazin expects next he is going to hiss. Fleabags, you have fans everywhere."

"Don't go giving your crazy fans to us. You can keep the ninja wannabe."

"You will not go near my teleportation device. I have worked too hard to secure it. Beware evildoers or I will sing you into submission."

"Drazin thinks we have found someone as crazy as your human, Fleabags."

We watched the ninja wannabe walk over to his teleportation device, which looked so pretty and had to cost quite the price. He stroked it like he was in love with it. I think he used it and his brains got scrambled quite a bit.

"Okay, ninja guy. Let us through or the demon will have his way with you."

"Pat, that sounds kinda wrong."

"Drazin takes it back. Your human is still the craziest."

The ninja wannabe had a determined look on his face. Then he trotted up to us at a steady pace. He laughed and stepped on Drazin's toe. I guess like Tarsier Man he wanted a foe. Drazin grabbed him by the neck and then he gave Drazin's nose a peck.

'Prepare yourselves for the song of death."

The ninja wannabe squirmed free and danced around with such glee. I was right before. He lost his brains in that machine forever more. Just as Drazin and Pat went to attack our ears were assaulted at his evildoer like shack.

"Is that the song the never ends?"

"Yes, it goes on and on my friends. Submit to Ninja Alex and I may let you live."

"Drazin has had enough of this."

Drazin trotted up and grabbed him in a headlock. The ninja wannabe continued to squawk. He kept declaring this was the song of doom, saying it would soon make our head go boom. Annoying as it was I do not think it would make our ears do more than buzz. He finally got the hint that it did not work and then did something that was not a perk.

"My eyes, Demon, give the guy his pajamas back."

"Seen one naked human we seen them all."

Cassie just cleaned herself, as the ninja wannabe hopped around like an elf. A naked one at that, he squirmed his way free of Drazin like a rat, right out of his ninja suit. I think he even scared the godly brute.

"Now Drazin has and wishes Drazin has not seen it all."

"You will never get me. Not when there are more than three."

The ninja wannabe went into the shadows, thankfully for us. He kept shouting and making a fuss. It sounded like he was hulking out or maybe he was choking on a trout. Then he walked out in a new suit, which pleased all including the godly brute. Next he danced around playing a flute then on the walls there seemed to be openings with things coming down a chute.

"Meet the clones. You don't think I could do this all by myself?"

From all sides came a ton of ninja wannabe's and we wanted to run. But as we turned to go away, more blocked our path at this evildoers bay.

"Drazin liked it better when he was naked."

"Does the godly mook have a crush?"

"Shut up, Fleabag."

"Now is not the time, Demon."

The ninja wannabe gave an evil laugh and then used his flute like a staff. He commanded his clones to attack and away they began to whack.

"Suffer fools, suffer!"

We stood there expecting lots of pain, but their assault hurt us about as much as rain. Drazin laughed and clunked a pairs head's together. This storm we all could weather.

"No! I need more clones!"

The ninja wannabe began playing his flute again and more clones entered his evildoer den. I knew what I had to do and slunk around his clone crew. It was as easy as can be. They were about his fast as a slow zombie. I guess when you clone a streaker the clones come out weaker. I jumped up and snatched his flute, tossing it to that Drazin brute. He snapped in two and one by one the clones disappeared from view.

"No! You can't have my precious!"

"Did he really just go all movie rip off?"

Pat just shook his head as the ninja wannabe sprawled out on his teleportation device like a bed. He rubbed it over and over, so much it would even make one a jealous rover. Drazin shook his head and yanked him off. The ninja wannabe continued to scoff. Drazin smiled and hung him on a hook in the wall. I guess that is what happens when you are rather small.

"Don't touch my precious."

"Ninja wannabes, worms and three headed dogs, all from jumping in a fire. Drazin is sick of this place."

Drazin jumped on the teleportation device with all of us, as the poor ninja wannabe continued to fuss. Pat hit a bunch of buttons and we began to feel tingly from head to toe. Then we all disappeared in some weird glow.


Are we going to get out of that weird place? Once more in Candyland will we race? Who knows where we are going to end up this time. I just hope it's nowhere with another worm or mime. Ever see a naked ninja wannabe at your grass? Not a sight that would be recommended by my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Replies
    1. Without a break, # 65
      Let's jive!


    2. Waffles is just short
      As you hold out at my court

  2. Another great post all the same Pat, really hope that they get out of this mess, though it will be a test

    1. They will be in the mess a while
      As things come more vile

  3. The poor ninja wannabe continued to fuss
    Luckily it seemed Pat was a tad too fast
    Off in a warm glow
    That's for all to know
    To work off another day and to longer last


    1. Another day
      To go astray
      See what they find
      Of some kind
      With the next display

  4. My wife would say yes, she's seen a naked Ninja.
    You may have stolen the teleporter, but I still have the cloning machine! And I will make them stronger, faster...

    1. lol hopefully she is the only one to give it a run
      Good luck making them stronger and faster off the crazy original one

  5. Hahahah
    Teleportation? Is that like a hovercraft?
    Makes one wish they had taken an ocean raft
    The crew was lucky it was standing there
    Precious like a big brown bear
    Wannabe Ninja fully exposed
    Just when needed, where art thy clothes?

    1. lol clothes were needed
      As away he speeded
      Teleportation is just a pad
      That sends us some place not so rad

  6. "Seen one naked human you've seen them all"
    Haha I beg to differ, take a trip to the mall

    1. lol hmmm I suppose
      Some would really cause woes

  7. Excellent post Pat, enjoyed the read.

    Enjoy your week-end.

  8. On the corner of my screen is a little red X
    I'm going to click it and get teleported out of this mess!

    1. It is red at your sea?
      Is your screen pissed off at me lol

    2. yes, it's very red!
      must be something that you said!

    3. lol wait until zombie betsy comes back
      Then it might have a heart attack

  9. I can't wait for teleportation to be real!

    1. I bet it will be one day
      But no time soon at any bay

  10. ouch hook to the back, not the way i want to be sacked,
    a singing ninja just may be a hit, but hanging on the wall
    how does he go to the bathroom to take a sh---it's a pretty fun day
    at your bay, i will just stay out of drazin's way...

    1. Just lets it fly
      As there he hangs and continues to cry
      Drazin is a mook
      Be he is a handy cook

  11. a dog with a triple face would be creepy

    even when it's sleepy

    1. Yes, that it would
      Or maybe just misunderstood

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Good Morning at your hut
      this story was kinda nuts
      a naked ninja wannabee
      squirming to be set free
      playing his magical flute
      why not a musical lute?
      teleportation is the way
      sure hope to try it some day
      Drazin is tough arms of steal
      he'll make your voice squeal..
      interesting story at your coast
      or should I say your command post

    2. haha yes nuts indeed
      So am I at my feed
      But it is fun
      To give a run
      Come undone
      Bare a moon not a sun
      Unless you are a ninja wannabe
      Then it is kinda creepy
      Command post you say
      I like that at my bay

  13. Loved this chapter! Poor sad little Ninja wannabe streaker with his ineffective clones! make the cutest pathetic villains!

    1. haha pathetic they are
      Streaking near and far

  14. A naked ninja at your mat
    I never expected to see that
    then again I did expect to see
    him rubbing his device with glee
    never know what will go down
    in this crazy little town!

    1. Nope, never know
      A 3 headed dog could show
      And out its ass can fly
      A whiny old one eye hahaha

  15. I am sure glad Drazin got us all out of there away from the naked ninja.

    1. haha no naked ninja's around
      when Drazin is found

  16. There's no telling where your poems will go
    Glad I didn't miss this Ninja show.

  17. Clone machine AND teleporter! Does have DVD with that?

    1. Hmmm not sure it does
      Run if it starts to buzz

  18. Ninjas have to have clothes or they'll be detected in the night (unless they've got a really good suntan). And ninjas cannot be so scared of others that they come out of their clothes to begin with. Back to ninja training camp for someone...I suspect :)

    1. That is why he is just a ninja wannabe
      Not very good at being stealthy

  19. Ha ha, a naked ninja might be a pretty scary view!

  20. No naked ninjas for me, but thanks for offering!

  21. Naked ninja wannabes scare me. I hope none show up at my pad on Halloween!

    1. haha that would be a funny sight
      Naked ninja wannabes in the night

  22. He..he...No naked wannebe ninja for our eyes ~ And its fun watching Hank
    continue his # 1 spot ~ Happy Friday ~

    1. haha yeah no pictures show
      Hank's streak does grow

  23. teleportation this sounds interesting!
    I would go to visit Betsy and come back my house at night!! LOL

    1. lol of course you'd visit your cheating bud
      Hope you don't land in mud

  24. I think you're on to something. People can be sung into submission.

    1. Yes, bad voice
      They'd give up having no choice

  25. I dunno. A naked ninja might be kinda hot! Send him my way so I can see what he's got ;)

  26. Not me, naked ninja no
    You can keep him at your show
    but clones or drones
    A dozen I'll take, no fuss
    but clothes are a must!

    1. Clothes would get pricey
      Things could get dicey
      They may have to share
      Leaving some parts bare

  27. All those naked wannabes -
    That's precious stuff, I wouldn't want to see.


  28. ninja clothes or much for all to see
    who is designer? you? then show the pictures of few
    clones and other characters teleportation flow...

  29. If a ninja is good enough, he should be able to run around naked, no problem.

    Then again, this guy is called a wannabe for a reason...


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