Glitch Of A Witch Part Twelve. Into The Bowels Of Something We Delve!

We are back, technically I guess not back, as we aren't at our shack. Instead we are here in some deranged Candyland getting flack. For what stood before us now was so nasty all you can do is say, wow. Or throw up a hairball. It is your call.

"Drazin is going to take this...this... What the hell is it?"

"You mean the godly mook doesn't know?"

"It is a demon. And I shall send it back to the bowels of hell."

"I think that is where we are already."

Cassie kept making fun of Drazin and Pat while we looked for somewhere to scat. But there was nowhere to go and this nasty thing was putting on a show.

"Ugg, Drazin is going to be sick."

"Watch were thou spews, demon."

Yes, it was a god awful sight. It was at least double Drazin's height. It squirmed closer and closer to us. The thing was even dropping acid puddles of puss. It had a number of arms, which raised some alarms. But the thing only had two feet and it sure thought those tap dancing shoes were neat.

"Manzantia here,
Have no fear.
Just come near.
I'll squirm in your ear.
Circle you like a sphere,
And grab some air from your rear.
Don't shed a tear,
Listen to my cheer."

"Did that demon just say she was going to violate me?"

"Drazin is done with this thing."

Pat came back to his normal state. I think Manzantia's cheer brought back his OCD trait. Drazin went to punch some part of her, when he get thrown back by some sound blur. Manzantia started tap dancing away, sending shockwaves our way.

"You can't beat me.
Can't you see.
I'm the mother of all worms.
Heed to my terms.
Or I'll grid you up for food.
I bet that will be far more rude."

The Worm Queen could rhyme and even keep pretty good time, I will give her that. But no way was she going to live in the cat. We had to get those shoes and then all she could do was sing the blues. Cassie and I slunk along the wall, barely able to see much in his darkened hall. Sadly, we could see her gross self. I bet she could even devour an elf. Drazin and Pat finally caught on and they each tried to use some brawn.

"Drazin has something for you."

"Do I have to touch it? I wish I brought gloves."

But of course those two were no help, all they did was yelp, when she blasted them away. Though their distraction was okay. We each grabbed a shoe and with one yank away we flew. The Worm Queen screamed out as she fell on her back? Butt? Head? Trying to find parts on a worm does bring dread.

"Get back here pussy cats.
Or I'll turn you into hats."

"Is that worm talking dirty and getting rather flirty?"

"Drazin does recall something about a rear. Maybe she needs to be more clear."

Even those two fools were rhyming now. It seemed to make sense somehow. Cassie and I went to work in a few seconds later we trotted off with a smirk. Her shoes had been torn to bits. She then tried to crawl near us and snatche us up with her many mitts.

"Keep your germs and weird sexual fantasies away from me."

Pat ran about, avoiding every shot she tried to take like he was a slippery trout. I guess when it comes to germs he can easily get away from giant worms. We followed suit which just left that Drazin brute.

"Drazin does not run from something that belongs on a fishing pole."

Drazin stood still as Manzantia came near. Even the godly mook does not deserve a worm squirming in him from ear to rear. But he waved us away looking like he had a plan in play. And as she was really near, he let his eyes glow red, showing no fear.

"And on a hook, is where you will go because The Great God Duke Drazin declares it."

"You will die.
I'll make you cry.
What is this I spy.
Noooo, I'm not that high."

Drazin actually grabbed onto the nasty worm queen and she became nothing but an art scene. I call it Worm Queen Stuck In A Spike On The Ceiling That Drips Worms Guts Everywhere. Don't you think that will make people stop and stare? Too wordy I suppose. Worm Guts could be the name to strike a pose.

"I will never fight the vet again over a worm pill."

"I need to find some bleach."

"Drazin has had enough. Giant man boob kings, weird thinkingcap asses, three headed dogs that crap out whiny blue cyclops, a half zombie freak of a woman and now a giant worm thing. Drazin never had so much trouble until Drazin met you fleabags."

The godly mook kept letting his eyes glow and a path finally did show. We stuck close behind him, hoping our next encounter would not be so grim. Oh and just so you don't think he was the bravest at Manzantia's wormy rink. He left a hairball back there to. But away we went hoping home would soon come due.

Did you ever think a giant worm would attack? Blah is all I can say to that at my shack. Good thing Drazin was willing to touch it. It gave the rest of us a fit. Who knew Manzantia was such an evil creation. Of course it could be a bit of an exaggeration. After all with a little wormwood her and her worm offspring would pass right out my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Damn, I was almost the early bird today! Hey, second best ain't that bad.

  2. As I have missed quite a bit I found this interesting, Thanks for the write most enjoyable.

  3. I'd use Dettol instead of the bleach though!

    1. Either one would work
      Mind wiping would be a perk

  4. Makes me want to get some pills from the vet now. Violated by a worm is not the way I want to go.

    1. Yeah nasty all around
      If out ones rear a worm is found

  5. I think Worm Queen Stuck In A Spike On The Ceiling That Drips Worms Guts Everywhere is an excellent name for an artistic piece. Just wordy and pretentious enough.Worm Guts, however, is an excellent name for a band. Totally a good rock band name. And here they are, all the way from the Maritimes...WORM GUTS!!!!

    1. Worm Guts would be quite the hit
      Fake worm guts they could spit
      And sing a tune
      That would make worms swoon

  6. This is definitely more than a bit frightening!!

  7. Hahahahaha
    Come near Me you wimpy trio
    And I'll spit you all the way to Rio
    You said you wanted sun and sand
    You'll dance to a different kind of band
    Ever heard of the Carioca?
    A dance much, much, much, much longer than the polka
    Forever you'll dance and wiggle your guts
    My issue inside will drive you nuts
    They'll hide in your cells, give you agony spells
    Ooze green foamy slime until you hear bells
    Shoes, Worm Queen's life line, revenge she will get
    Slimiest of Worm Guts you've ever met
    "Worm Queen Stuck in a Spike on the Ceiling That Drips Worm Guts Everywhere."
    hahaha..... now that's an original!!!

    1. We'd run far away
      To some other bay
      At such a scary sight
      Big arse worm just isn't right
      Making us dance and prance
      Putting us in some squirmy trance
      No friggin way
      To the spike she goes any day haha

    2. First thing I did was to scroll up and find out what Manzanita had to say about all of this!! lolol

    3. lol see the real worm
      She will get you long term

    4. Me too Rosey, I had to see her reaction. So funny.

    5. You are the star of this post, smiles ~

    6. Star of the show
      Worms on the go

  8. ha. alex, me either, makes me think of jail, oh hell...not much tap dancing there but surely a shock wave will echo out, and its hard to tell the anatomy of a worm for sure...

    1. Jail you say
      Better watch the soap at your bay
      The anatomy of a worm would be rough
      All looks like the same stuff

  9. Say 'wow' or throw up a hairball?
    Now, I'd have to say that isn't a hard choice there.


    :) lol...

    1. lol wow works better for my ocd
      So stick with that at my sea

    2. I'll say wow
      so you don't have a cow
      and have to clean up
      some really yucky stuff.
      Don't want to have to reach
      for the bottle of bleach
      but I know you would
      if the hairball stood
      there on the floor
      inside the door.
      Watch where you step
      because while you slept
      a slimy thing was laid
      beside the bed you made.

      Oh so glad to have outside cats.
      Hairballs never come to my little mat.
      But years ago
      hairballs did grow
      and a shock it is
      that cold, between the toes biz.
      Cat flaps are good for more than one thing
      and that is the message that I bring.

    3. haha but when you live in a city
      Cat flaps are too gritty'
      Too many cars
      And drunks at bars
      So safer inside
      Then to run far and wide
      And get squashed flat
      And be a dead cat
      so inside they will stay
      With a hairball once every month or so at my bay
      And yeah I've tramped in one or two
      They are rather eww
      Tramped in dog pee once as well
      Bleached my foot like hell lol

    4. Yes, I do agree
      if we lived in a busy city
      we'd have indoor kitties.

      So now is one of your feet lighter in color
      than the other?
      A bit more sanitary, too,
      than it's twin to it's left of you?

    5. That many indoors
      Would lead to many litterbox chores
      Nope, the color is still the same kind
      And yeah beats #2 of any kind

  10. A giant worm would freak me out
    I may even forgo all appearances of manhood and loudly shout
    But maybe I would be able to compose myself
    Doubtful though, I would run away like an elf

    1. Well you would have every right
      To scream and run upon sight
      Although if you are as short as an elf
      You may end up a trophy on the worms shelf

  11. Hmmm, a giant worm attacks, and on your sidebar below view counts it says your Google+ numbers are now 666. Coincidence? I think not. The apocalypse is nigh, and the Worm Queen is coming for us all! Think your underground bunker is going to stop her? Those things LOVE to dig! Ahhhh!

    1. haha nice catch there
      With 666 at my lair
      The worm queen will do us all in
      Never will we rule again at our bin
      Earth taken down by giant worms
      Aliens would be easier to come to terms

    2. time to pray before the worm comes to plunder

      the only thing that can stop it is Thor God of Thunder.

    3. haha with his hammer
      The worms will really stammer

  12. Except for the dancing part, I wasn't buying it, until I scrolled up and saw Manzanita's response. Hahahaha

    1. haha see, a really evil worm
      In you she may squirm

  13. Giant worms in the ear?
    I will have nightmares now, I fear!!

    1. Have to check your bed
      Before you rest your head

  14. Are modern veterinarians equipped enough to deal with this?

    1. Hmm might take a whole herd
      To stop something this absurd

  15. A flirty Worm Queen that drips pus and has weird sexual fantasies. Yep, there goes breakfast :)

    1. hahaha the cat is always good at that
      Should be a diet guru at his mat

  16. Those dang worms will try to live in all of us if we let them. Begone Worms!

    1. Terry
      I always thought of you as the Worm Queen. Did I usurp your title? We'll have to share.

    2. haha she's the worm queen in real life
      You just cause us candy land strife

  17. It got just movements and scary
    Lots of fighting actions infamy
    Worm Queen
    On the ceiling
    Split guts dripping but alive wormy


    1. Yucky sight
      Quite a fright
      A little squirm
      Of a worm
      In you at night

  18. Scary and funny! Brings back memories of getting worms when I was little and having to be dewormed. they've freaked me out ever since! Have a good one, under your sun!

  19. Maybe Terry needs to separate from the dogs, seeing how she is a real life worm slayer. She could come in handy getting rid of that nasty worm!

    1. Yeah she could join in
      Or the three of you could win

  20. Tarsier man is my favorite you know that
    so manzanita keep this Drazin!

    1. Tarsier Man and you
      Both in the dirt at my zoo

    2. Pfft! Yeah but we csn talk each other!

    3. A bugged eyed creep
      I'm sure talking with him is deep lol

  21. What's amazing to me, as I pop by a second time
    Are the number of readers who choose to join you in rhyme

  22. I don't want to think about worms...eww. I had a puppy that had worms. Took him to the vet and they gave him medication that made him puke worms for days. It was disgusting.

    1. Yeah the cat had them once as well
      They were nasty as hell

    2. Oh now. The thought that my cat might have worms sometime, ewww.
      Keep the worms over here at your zoo.
      HAHAHA I made a rhyme.
      Darn, I just ruined it.

    3. haha could get worms with ease
      From little old fleas
      Or from this or that
      Can be gotten by you easy to at your mat

  23. Giant worms scare me. I hope there's a giant robin around somewhere to eat it!

    1. Or a giant walking fish
      Could grant your wish

  24. too funny with all your rhyme, do you talk in it all the time? do you even dream in it at night, if so, does it cause a fright?


    1. Nope, not a fright here
      Sometimes a dream comes near
      But that is it
      I can turn it on and off at my pit

  25. If you could track down a really big Early Bird it could take care of those giant worms!

    1. Have to be huge though
      or it may get eaten in one go

  26. Love when you do this Pat, pulsating chapter as usual!

  27. Giant worms can be defeated with a good dose of salt, just like slugs. Salt away, Pat!

    1. Need a big salt shaker
      Could be the worm death maker

  28. orlin N cassie...we gotta say we like werms guys, tho knot like inside R guttz ore sum thin but think of it...a werm long aza street could catch de biggest flounder this side oh waht ever ocean we iz knot on !!!

  29. Ewww, hate worms, especially the ones that end up in cats.

  30. That has to be one of the cutest/grossest things I've ever read. Well done, Mr. Rhymey.

  31. Delving into bowels?
    That sounds most foul!
    Even my colonoscopy
    aka "Booty Lookie-See."
    Where there were much faintings
    when they found those cave paintings.
    Of cancer I was free.
    Thanks to my "Booty Lookie-See."
    The End
    (no pun intended friend)

    1. haha the end of the end
      That was a nice one around the bend
      I did not add bend over
      So there will be no pleasure to rover

  32. The life of a worm,
    Is now confirmed
    to be complicated
    and calculated
    who would have known
    That things that slither things and slow
    Have a world of their own?

    1. A whole world to explore
      Each and ever core
      Of you
      Rather eww

  33. Wiggly worm
    Will make you squirm
    And from the bowels of the earth
    For what it's worth
    Have a worm from Tremors the movie
    Make your butt groovy...

    1. That worm would eat you whole
      If in the desert you went for a stroll

  34. Wow, this was quite the tale
    made my skin go a bit pale
    with all this talk of giant worms
    made my stomach squirm
    how much would a giant worm be worth
    I think worms should remain in the earth
    maybe, you could sell it on eBay
    see what they have to say..hahaha

    1. Well if it had a face of fame
      Like Moses or something one could claim
      You could sell the worm for a good haul
      Then have yourself a ball

    2. Enjoyed the tale was fun to read
      always something amusing at your are interesting

      Good night from a light hearted fool..

    3. Interesting I can be
      As well as a tad crazy

  35. No giant worms from me but did enjoy reading
    the adventure & all the squirming replies too ~

    Smiles, Have a good night Pat ~

    1. haha plenty of squirmy replies
      All are glad the worm dies

  36. Big bird vs. big worm
    doesn't matter
    where they are from
    let them meet
    and greet,
    bot - don't eat!

  37. Bowels, worms and giant man boobs! Ugh! What a way to end the day! (Hey, I finally rhymed!)

    1. haha rhymed you did
      Guess the worm mad you flip your lid

  38. the worm queen an art scene... ha..i wanna paint that...smiles

    1. That would be fun to see
      Hanging from your blog tree

  39. Giant man boobs! I'd like a picture of that but poor manzanita being made a worm queen! Well, at least she was a queen.

    1. Yeah see always a silver lining
      So there should be no whining


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