I Will Not Lie As I Answer The How Do I?

On October 24th, 2013 at 9:35am Atlantic time reached the 1 millionth person to view a rhyme!

The cat has been asked here and there how he keeps it all up at his lair. Oh that sounds rather dirty and a bit flirty. But I'm snip snip, so pick up your lip.

How do you keep it up?
Have special coffee in your cup?
Nope, not even one glass.
Care to try again at my grass?

You must have a clone.
That is why there is never a ring tone.
Do I look like a ninja wannabe,
Too shady to let his clones free?

You hire out.
That is how you have time to shout.
Umm with what money I say,
A cat does not get any pay.

The cat has a litter.
So he uses the babysitter.
Using a babysitter you say?
My, someone's in the gutter today.

You can stop time.
So you can keep up the daily rhyme.
Very out of the box with that one.
But nope, although it would be fun.

You wrote 1000 posts before you decided to blog,
So now everything rotates like a cog.
My, I must have really been on it,
With some posts I was able to tell the future a bit.

You have a machine that hooks up to your brain,
Then it transfers thoughts to your blog lane.
Damn, that would be nice.
I bet it costs a hefty price.

You force neighborhood kids to do it.
Not paying them one bit.
Now there is a plan.
I could round up a whole clan.

You just don't sleep.
Easy enough answer at your keep.
Cat's sleep 70% of their life.
So wrong, sorry for the strife.

I give up.
Let's go back to the coffee cup.
Some nice guesses there.
But actually it is far more rare.

Ready to hear the cat secret at his bay? It may cause you a little dismay. So go now if you don't want any strife, I don't want to rule your life. This blog is all in your head. Yep, that is what I said. Really there is nothing here at all. You all just have a rhyming syndrome at your hall. I hear it also causes a case of gas. Now I wiggle off with my imaginary little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Congrats Pat on so many views,
    People look because they like you.
    I hope your popularity continues in the future
    I makr your blog a regular feature.

    Have a good week-end.

    1. Congrats Yvonne on being #1
      Never even realized it was done


    2. Regular it will be
      As I continue at my sea

      HANK lost #1
      At least by R it wasn't done

  2. 1,000,000...praise be to the cat and Pat, well done old boy!

  3. Wow Pat recently about a week ago I looked and you still had maybe 50,000 or so to go and I got really excited but I had no idea it was literally days away from happening, congratulations buddy, a million views is incredible, I think you're the most viewed blogger I know!

    1. I amped up the promotion a bit
      As 1,000,000 I wanted to hit
      Not sure on the most viewed though
      As there are a few that have quite the stats they don't show

  4. Wow...congrats, Pat.
    Wait? It's all in my head?
    I long suspected.
    It's all about me, WHEEEE!!!

  5. Cheers to you
    on your 1,000,000th view!!!!!!
    That sure is an amazing feat
    One hard to repeat.
    Please keep up your daily rhyme
    'Cause I look forward to it every time!

    1. That i will do
      Here at my zoo
      For a good long while
      Have to reach 10,000,000 at my dial

  6. It's all in our head you say
    Like the movie Fight Club, much to our dismay
    Congrats though on your one millionth view
    But it's all in our head so the count will have to start anew

    1. Yeah stuck in the head
      As you lay in bed
      It is all a dream
      1,000,000 visitors scream

  7. We dreamed the whole thing? That I buy.
    I really don't have clones either. Teleporter, maybe...
    Congratulations on a million views.
    And way to go Yvonne!

    1. Share the teleporter with me
      I'd like to easily travel across the sea

  8. Stuffing one million views in one's mind
    Would go on overload, that I find
    So I'll ignore and go on congratulations
    Though I don't know the regulations
    You're the only one I seek
    Others labels spell out bleak
    Rhyming keeps us on our toes
    Erases hints of daily woes
    A bunch of humans on a roller-coaster
    Thank you when you put us on a poster

    1. Poster and stuff
      Isn't so tough
      As away I go
      With my flow
      And plenty more
      Will be in store
      As ideas sure grow
      But that your know

  9. The one million mark was no mean feat
    How one managed to be on one's feet
    Just amazing
    Pat and the Cat were just hard to beat


    1. And we'll keep on going
      With our showing
      Not wanting to be beat
      At our street
      Rhymes always glowing

  10. one million! is really crazy like Pat and the cat!

  11. its like the ending of dallas
    with JR waking up, maybe i need glasses
    i think i see your sea but that may be me
    or it may all be a dream, it doesnt seem
    but i may wake up and realize it was
    all a mental hiccup

    1. You spoiled it for me
      How rude of thee
      haha oops knew that
      Never mind at my mat haha

  12. Are you sure you shoudl be proud, cat?
    so many creeps searching this and that?

    rhyming syndrome? lol....oh, geesh...it's terminal!

    1. Well the creepies give me a post at least
      Once a month as they look for some scary beast
      Never will rid yourself of it
      Rhyme syndrome hangs on at every pit

  13. All in my mind? How could I have been so blind?
    One million hits? You must be thrilled to bits!

    1. Yeah grand to see
      Just ups the status a bit at our tree

  14. 1,000 posts before you decided to blog. I think that was a very smart idea. and 1,000,000 page views is nothing to sneeze at.

    1. haha yeah that would sure have things easy all around
      Nope, nothing to sneeze at as they surround

  15. Congrats Pat, job well done!
    I always wondered how you got everything done under the sun.
    But if it is your job to make things rhyme
    I'm sure you always find the time.


    1. Yep, time is found indeed
      For now at my feed
      We shall see how long it lasts
      With my daily rhyming blasts

  16. All in my head? Wow, I had no idea I was so prolific! No wonder I hardly ever get to post on my own blog!

    1. And look now
      You are even responding to yourself somehow!

  17. So this is all a dream? I mean nightmare! That sounds about right. Filling your visitors full of fright every day and every night.

    Congrats on all your views!!!

    1. Nightmare for old one eye
      Some brain cells I may fry

  18. quite the accomplishment

    shows hard work and determination will always work out in the long-run

    1. Yeah show it is a perk
      But change that to dollars and I'd really smirk

  19. You see, I was right about the visions/cats coming to me in legions/keyboard in hand (or is that paw)/pure rhyming beauty and no flaw.

    Greetings from London.

    1. you were spot on at your zoo
      The cat is in the head of you

  20. If you had a dollar for every view
    You'd be a millionaire at your zoo!
    Haha, congrats Pat & the Cat :)

    1. Oh I wish
      Then the cat would have a golden dish

  21. A well deserved total, thanks Pat

  22. My fave:

    You can stop time.
    So you can keep up the daily rhyme.

    Congrats. :)

  23. You have a special gift with words, love your page :)

    Short Poems

  24. Congrats on your first bar!
    You have become such a star!
    Congrats on your first rock!
    Such a biggie at your dock!
    Congrats on your first marygold!
    Only you could be so bold!
    Congrats on your first mill!
    Let's hope readers never get their fill
    Keep on coming back for more
    And make this cat really roar!

    1. Wow I got a rock
      That is a shock
      I'll name it Locke
      And give it a comfy sock lol

  25. 1 million views is a big deal, congrats!! :)

  26. Congrats Pat, we think you are one in a million cool!!!

  27. A million views for an imaginary blog. Impressive!

  28. Congratulations on a job well done,
    A million views past little old one.

  29. Congratulations one million views
    because of your amusing muse
    entertaining each & every day
    making us laugh in his own way
    the rhyming cat has some class
    even though he can be crass
    but, we like him that way
    and that is why many stay

    A job well done Pat ..tipping my hat..
    well deserved at your mat..

    1. You wear a hat?
      How about that
      Testing the captain's are you?
      There at your zoo lol
      And fun to be crass
      With my little rhyming ass

  30. Congratulations! Were prizes won?
    Did they fall from the sun?
    Are you ready for one million more
    Over at your shore?
    Truly, very awesome!
    You are definitely number one!

    1. Yeah ready for a million more
      Here at my shore
      No prizes though
      Here at my show

  31. A million views
    You do amuse
    Well done for that
    Pat in the Hatt
    A rhyming cat
    And plenty of that
    Then again
    It's all pretend
    You don't exist
    Something I missed
    You're all in my head
    Well done
    I'm on the run
    Must go count my hits
    Aint that the shits...

    1. haha in your head
      Oh the dread
      that is bad
      Could go mad
      Maybe I'll explore
      Jump out the door
      Err um ear
      To the next head near
      Be like a plague to all
      Jumping and having a ball

  32. The secret is so appealing:
    just check one's head
    reveal the magnet
    it fetched one million!
    Congratulation Pat&Cat!

  33. Woah, the ending with a twist. No blog you say? That's like an M Night Shyamalan story.

    Way to go on your millionth post Pat!

    1. All in your head
      1,000,000 posts I have put to bed?
      Damn i am good
      Here in my hood

  34. A million? A MILLION?
    A billion? A trillion?
    These are numbers I can't envision
    So I'll go watch the television.
    My rhymes
    Are crimes!

  35. Aw man, I don't even have 100k yet.

    Then again, I don't post every day like you do. :P

    1. Yeah it helps a ton
      Posting every day under my sun

  36. Holy cow,congratulations!

    but seriously tell us your secrete! My head cannot make up this blog it is way too good.

    1. Maybe your head can do it a bit
      You just don't know it


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