Let's Give New A Hand Here At My Land!

So you see it every day in some form or another at your bay. A sign that says "New" then blabbers on about some crap. It is the same across each and every map. Heck, just look at the map to and you will be bombarded with new.

First there is New York.
Dropped years ago by a stork.
Anything that age would be old.
I guess it is just new and bold.

A brand new house.
It doesn't even have a mouse.
But it looks the same as the one next door.
It even has the exact same floor.

A new show this year.
This one will cause fear.
Cop A is going after Bad Guy B.
Hasn't that been done at CBSpinoff's tree?

A brand new car.
You can drive it far.
It is the newest of the 10,000 made.
It's newness will never fade.

Some brand new food.
I don't mean to be rude,
But it looks the same as what I just ate.
It is even on last night's plate.

A brand new phone.
Why does it have the same ring tone?
That version,
Looks oh so worthy of new at your hive.

A brand new flower,
Appeared after a shower.
My, it looks great.
Which is the new one again of the 50 at your gate?

Brand new book.
Have to give it a look.
Guy kills girl, girl kills guy, guy comes back from the dead and eats other guy.
That has so been done under the sky.

Brand new remake.
We wanted a second take.
Remake and new in the same phrase?
Something wrong with that as you gaze.

Brand new sale.
So hit the trail.
It will still be brand new next week.
But you should still have a peek.

New is thrown around a ton and all give it a run, but as much rather new at any zoo? New friend, baby, pet and new is a safe bet. New can be relative I suppose like growing grass. Anyway, there was a new rhyme from my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Replies
    1. #1 position regained
      Starting all over again
      Now # 1
      Hoping for fine run!


    2. Let's see if you can top your streak
      Or if another will have a peek

  2. Seen that spin many times, 'Brand new sale'
    They're trying to hoodwink, with something stale
    But the gullible fell for it
    Sellers invariably succeed
    A bluff gleefully thrown all the time on large scale


    1. Yeah the bluff works
      Has its perks
      Make them dough
      That we know
      As they are jerks

  3. #2 two (technically) today!
    Getting closer and closer to that top spot by the bay

  4. New New New
    Here and there at our zoo
    A new car sure would be nice
    Or even an upgrade would suffice

    1. But then you get a new bill
      That is not a thrill

  5. What a fancy relevant twist ("new rhyme") at the end. Cool. :)

  6. This is new, do horses prance
    No tiz same ole song and dance
    My mother tapped in nineteen twenty
    Made the guys look a-plenty
    They say the shim sham tap is new
    They danced it back in twenty-two
    The cool cats tap it yet today
    It is brand new they always say
    To them it is I must confess
    To find I know it gives them stress

    1. Puts them in a mess
      With all that stress
      Not aware of the past
      Thinking they are first not last
      Brain dead too
      Without a clue

  7. we are so enraptured with the new...and our master have figured that out, holding back the latest and greatest for when the economy needs it...and our last years model is just not good enough so we have to get new stuff.....BRAINwashed.

    1. Yeah that is spot on
      New will dawn
      When they need some dough
      For the economy to flow

  8. New, new, new - it's what makes the sales merry go around ~

    It's not as if its really new, sometimes it is the timing that makes it
    New ~

    Have a good day Pat ~

    1. Timing is all
      At every hall
      Makes it new
      To a few

  9. New? New! How's awesome for first view!
    I'd talk rather about first -
    when one satisfied his/her thirst
    because it's first! -
    What do you like the most? ...

  10. New is a marketing trick
    oh, they are rather slick
    using it at every click

    It may not be new in view
    but, perhaps just new to you
    new makes some people smile
    at least for a little while

    everyone wants new at their zoo
    latest technology, a break through
    everyone will cheer look at you
    with the newest you're the coolest

    Somethings, I like old, like comfy clothes
    or worn in shoes that mold to your toes
    New York is not new, but has great shows
    new or old its up to you as the story goes

    1. New got you going
      With your showing
      New can be fun
      To give a run
      Depends on the thing
      At ones wing
      But old works better in some cases
      Those shoes though may need new laces lol
      And yeah many think they are cool
      Showing off new stuff like a fool

  11. New York is both old and new
    Of course, I'm biased ... but true
    But yeah when they say
    new & improved at one's bay
    It could still be the same
    Just a marketing game
    The world needs originality
    And more creativity :)

    1. Biased at your sea
      that could have been guessed by me lol
      The game they play
      Same old same old on display

  12. The newness of the car will never fade?

    even in a trade?

    1. Suppose it could
      When you get another one in your hood

  13. Seems so often that the 'brand new book' will have the same plot as many 'brand new books' in the past. And so many 'brand new houses' are all cut out of the same mold it must be hard to find your own when you come home drunk.

    1. Into the liquor are we?
      My aren't we a drunk at our sea haha

  14. New is fun especially with toys and treats!

  15. Brand new remake. That becomes confusing when there's more than one. Is it the new remake or the old remake?

    1. Carrie would sure fit that bill
      Remade enough to make one ill

  16. I think many 'brand new' things are similar to old things!

  17. you know...i prefer things with patina and wrinkles to new things (at least often) and an old house has so much more character than those new ones that each look alike... i'd invite the mouse for a cup of tea..so..smiles

    1. Not sure the mouse would take tea
      He may though at your sea haha

  18. A new life,
    Do they sell them at a low price?
    I'd also want a new body,
    Mine's starting to look a bit shoddy.
    Wow this sounds grumpy and depressed,
    Must be that time again--damn PMS.


    1. lol I won't touch that
      Might try to crush the cat lol
      But a new body I agree
      Could use a spare for me

  19. They always hope that "new" implies "improved" and/or "unique."

    1. And not usually the case
      Usually as useless as breathing in space

  20. Coming up with something truly 'new'...hmmm, darn you, my philosophy-minded brain will be mulling over this for days. Gotta go now, I'm thinking...

  21. I love new books (and old books too:))
    Anyway I love old things :)
    And cars aren't important to me!

    1. Old can be better indeed
      Cars are meh at my feed
      But no walking for me
      Like crazy thee

  22. People use the word 'new' all too often for things that aren't. Too true.

    1. Yep, they are the same old crap
      Across the map

  23. I must admit, I'm attracted to the word new
    when shopping at the grocery store
    though some of the things bought as it
    really didn't taste anything galore


    1. Yeah they aren't very good
      Maybe somewhere along the lines new is misunderstood

  24. Here's a brand new comment for you!

    no...really...that was it! ha.

    1. I suppose it is new
      But still same old you lol

  25. When I was a kid, we had a room off of the dining room which we called the "New room." Since I don't remember that room ever not being there, I never thought of its name meaning "New."


    1. New is thrown around in many ways it seems
      From rooms, to cities to streams

  26. So many brand news that some people develop a love to collect things from the psst.

    1. That is true too
      To the past they go at their zoo

  27. I like new things... And I can afford to get lots of new things with this new job...

  28. Enjoyable to read Pat. a good start to my Sunday, (took yesterday off to go out)


  29. Well Manzy is sending me a new cleanse to try.... so..... I am going to be a new person and hopefully when I am finished, my liver will feel like new.

  30. I have to admit Pat, I'd love to win all of these, even some time in New York, does that make me a big dork? Great post, R.

  31. Is new the new old?/revamped and sold again like the best stories always told?/Or is the old sold as the new new?/just because no one knows better anymore or no one before better knew? :-)

    Greetings from London.

    1. haha confusing is new
      Old or new in view
      Sad but true
      Mean the same at each zoo

  32. I want to go to New York in a new car.
    Because my old clunker won't get me that far!

    1. But it might not be new
      When you get back to your zoo

  33. New comment from me,
    and it is absolutely free.

    I used to think I needed every new phone that came out
    Now I am just using mine until it breaks before considering getting a new one.

    1. Good way to be
      Just don't break it on purpose at your sea haha


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