More Crap They Try To Make Take A Nap!

No matter where you go there is something that is going to get you at your show. But you are literally being gotten each day, as you sit about your bay. Just sit back as we go on the attack.

Curly light bulbs are great.
They save energy at any rate.
But who cares if they poison you.
Away the radiation hits you on cue.

Think the fight between Plasma and LCD TV,
Is just how you view and see?
Plasma actually irradiates the crap out of your home.
Bet they didn't tell you that under their Sony dome?

North Americans are so great.
We just put our heads in the sand and accept the fate.
Unlike Sweden and every other sensible place.
Who monitor this shit and don't embrace.

I bet if you took an EMF reader through your home,
You'd curl your nose up at where you roam.
Because guess what?
You have plenty of this crap at your hut.

Did I already say that?
I am such a silly cat.
But then some need to be told it twice,
Thinking everything is oh so nice.

Right! I say,
Pull your head from more than the bay.
I could get crass,
And say something with mass.

Canada and the United States,
All have such great fates.
Some of the greatest countries on earth.
If you want to have a mutated birth.

Backasswards is the word for it.
Who cares if they bombard us with shit?
That is more pills they can make you swallow,
As in pain you continue to wallow.

So watch your plasma TV,
Walk around in an irradiated sea.
Let the signals mutate you.
I bet it will be fun when instead of speak you moo.

Hard as hell to avoid indeed. But it is there at every single feed. Dirty Electricity runs throughout your home, 40-50 GS is the rate recommended at every other dome. But nope, North America doesn't care and many aren't aware. The average home is 700 GS plus. So 650 GS, at least, above what other places who get in a  fuss, do at their zoo. Hmmm no wonder pills fall like rain. Trust the cat, we're a walking billboard for this at our lane. Now I have done my ranting pass that was rather crass, and I try to avoid such a mass with my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. The danger is ever present for us to bear
    But most are not really bothered nor care
    Radiation realization
    Seemingly absent
    Case of greed, big money of a health dare!


    1. Yeah seems blinders work
      Such a perk
      Ignorance is bliss
      As the signs they miss

  2. hmmm wonder if that has anything to do with the rise of disabilities in our society, maybe we've cooked our genetics, in our entertainment antics,
    its amazing to me how they really dont give a damn what goes on at our see,
    if it sells it worth it, for our entertainment

    1. Would not doubt it one bit
      As around we all sit
      Getting cooked up the ass
      By the ever greedy mass

  3. It's sad to accept: electricity/gaz -
    side effect of progress.

    1. Yeah but it can be gotten rid off too
      If things were regulated at ones zoo

  4. I still haven't upgraded on my TV
    Still have a 15-year-old regular one, and I watch it with glee
    Sweden is a place I would love to reside
    Of only I get up the nerve to decide

    1. Keith
      Get up your nerve and pack your bag
      Don't wait around for another red flag

    2. Much better over there live ability wise
      As they seem to have open eyes
      Here no one give a crap
      Pretending they are the best place on the map

  5. Ah Im happy to think that is a problem I haven't we dont have plasmas my TV are about 12 years ago and are ok for news and some movies lol

    1. Good way to be at your sea
      Keep away the crap that can harm thee

  6. Glad I have an LCD and no curly bulbs.
    It's the same way with food. I read a list recently of ten foods you should never eat due to chemicals and other elements in them, and those foods were banned in almost every country except the US. Big Brother is trying to kill us...

    1. Yeah food is awful as can be
      From gmo, to gluten, to pesticides they let fly free
      Plus all that chemtrail crap
      All across the map

  7. Wake Up A Zombie Month is here
    You do your job for a zombie cure
    If only one Zombie opens their eyes
    You dear Cat do get the prize
    To get angry does no good
    Spread the word and knock on wood

    1. Yeah zombies need to go away
      Stop chowing down on crap each day
      Stop listening to those who are in power
      Stop taking a fluoride shower

    2. Speaking of fluoride showers, I have received my whole house filter system that Terry just put in. Thanks to her, I had never heard of it. It's a good thing we talk on the phone and exchange all these ideas. Waiting for the plumber to install and hope this old house won't present a problem. But big deal, it's raining from the sky too, now.

    3. I just tried to call you Manzi... but my call won't go through. You are going to love your water when it gets installed.

    4. Geez all this calling
      It's appalling
      Cat calls aren't allowed
      I'm of the snip snip crowd haha

      Good luck with the water thing
      Wish I could do it at my wing

  8. No plasma TV here, but plenty of curly bulbs - the ones you turn on and wait 1/2 an hour before you can really see in the dark! Yeah, we're dying - a slow but miserable death - but don't regulate the companies, you're only asking to stop free enterprise!

    1. Those things need to go
      Pitch them in the trash at your show

  9. Hahah so my country is a sensible place?

  10. Whew, it really is frightening what all we expose ourselves to on a daily basis!!

    1. Yeah, even more frightening that we can stop much of it
      But instead many just put up with the shit

  11. Replies
    1. A shock
      That can literally make some not walk

  12. I still say the worst killer of all is oxygen. Every single person who ever came down with any disease was known to have breathed at one time!

    1. haha yeah that gets us in the end
      All fall into such a trend

  13. Manzanita was just telling me about dirty electricity a few days ago. I had never heard of it.

    1. It is real
      And such a crummy ordeal
      I can sense it now with ease
      And I'd rather have fleas

  14. rhyming cat that gives the facts
    on some questionable acts
    seems we are over the max
    businesses signing new contracts
    who cares if it will hurt your back
    they will just cover their tracks..

    1. The cat will never stop
      No good to call a cop
      They just keep doing it anyway
      So may as well try to de-zombify some at my bay

  15. Just typed 'Dirty electricity' into a search engine. You're brilliant, Pat. Loved this post, with my thanks.

    I f'in loathe those curly light bulbs.

    1. Glad i can help out
      As it is something many don't but should know about
      Can really screw with you
      I f'in hate them too

  16. Oh man I have curly bulbs, I don't even know where to find regular lightbulbs anymore. Bummmmmer.

    Recycling is still just an option here, and people drive gas-guzzling trucks. Change won't happen until it's forced to happen. Canada and the United States are not nearly as densely populated as Europe and so it's taking longer to get to the point where we can no longer ignore what we're doing to our environment and ourselves.

    1. Chuck them in the trash and light a candle
      Or get a flashlight with a handle
      That could be why too
      Plus North America is one big greed run zoo

  17. North America, the Continent that sold out.

  18. You are so right, Pat! And, food labeling! Why can't we get decent food labeling?

    1. Yeah they try to hide all the crap
      But confusing us with the label big words they flap

  19. The labeling on the lightbulbs is windows and do not come in the room for x amount of time if a lightbulb breaks. *sigh* I took all of ours out and had them disposed of when we moved in.

    I didn't know we were so much over in numbers, that's not at all small.

    1. Good way to be
      Pitch them in the sea
      Who'd want something like that around
      And yeah, so far over numbers it does astound

  20. Ain't that the truth. Everything these days it seems, causes cancer or some other awful disease. best just to move out to the mountains but then the killer mosquitos will get you.

    1. haha or the coyotes or something
      Damned either way at many a wing

  21. Curly bulbs are stupid. I thought they were supposed to last a long time. I had one burn out the other day. I don't even want to say how much it cost to replace it. Ridiculous!

    1. haha yep, they aren't cheap at all
      Do away with them at your hall

  22. we are like ostriches...putting our heads in the sand... :)

    1. And who is the dumber of the two?
      I'll leave that up to you haha

  23. i think all the electrical radiation and stuff may cause things we have no clue about yet... all the mobile stuff as well...ugh... sometimes i wanna go back to those unplugged - fire lit times..

    1. Yeah, or they have a clue and aren't saying a word
      A lot of it can be fixed if the greedy stopped being absurd

  24. No curly bulbs for me!
    We're still old school at our sea!

    1. Good way to be
      Thankfully none here either at my new sea

  25. Mutated births freak me out Pat, lots of things about humanity do though I suppose, funny yet a little bit of a bitter pill to read, love it though man.

  26. That is price of living in this country in this age, I suppose ~

    There's always a choice to live far away but then again with no internet,
    I don't think I can survive ~

    Happy weekend ~

    1. haha yeah I'd like to keep the internet
      How else could I be a rhyming pet

  27. 700 GS? Wow, that's high.
    But I don't know what GS means. (I can't lie.)
    I don't watch TV, so I won't die.
    I mean *head slams face-down on desk*..goodbye.


    1. haha it is dirty electricity output in ones home
      Where you roam
      Could have nothing at all
      But if lines run under your hall
      Can have a ton and not even know it
      All should test it a bit

  28. It's sad what we've come to accept. Definitely have our heads in the sand with this crap!

  29. Do I have a plasma or LCD?
    I really don't know. I should, you see.
    Its something I guess that I should know.
    But I'm sometimes such a numbskull Joe.
    Of lightbulbs, I have the regular kind,
    In my house not a curly you'd find.
    Because curlies are things I truly despise,
    I 'm talking light bulbs and not the fries.

    1. haha thought you were going elsewhere
      With your curly tear
      But I'll leave that alone
      And not throw it a bone

  30. A few things there Pat I didn't know, great verse and interesting to read,

  31. Really? Plasma irradiation?
    Now that is some revelation!

    1. Yep, plasma is 100 times worse for you
      Radiating you up the gazoo


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