Plenty You Can Do Even With One Left Shoe!

Wait! Don't you already have only one left shoe? Unless you have more than one pair then you may have two. But you will get the drift as I go about my rhyming rift.

One don't work,
Sure isn't a perk.
But you can still win,
In a way at your bin.

For did you know,
You can use either arm to give the horn a blow?
I bet that one you did indeed.
But what about these ones at your feed?

If you're right has a peg,
You can drive with your left leg.
It is easy to do.
Done it for a year at my zoo.

You can also type with one arm.
If the other the keyboard causes harm.
That almost reaches a year,
At my zoo I fear.

Next you can play piano with your toes.
I don't really know how that goes.
But it can easily be done,
With lots of hard work under your sun.

I can't even wiggle one toe at a time.
I bet I could type with them to make a chime.
But that may take a while.
Warning, one shouldn't try it if their feet are vile.

You can also use the steering wheel with your feet.
That would be hard on any street.
But there are some that do.
I'll stick with the left leg at my zoo.

You can also cook with a flask.
Then take a swig to hurry along the task.
That just popped in there.
I bet it is not very rare.

You can also play video games with one hand.
There are some that do it across the land.
Would be tough for a fighting game.
But the one hander could easily maim.

If forced to,
Much can come due.
It may not delight,
And sadly lefty may get jealous of the right.

I think I slipped into the gutter with that last one. But dwelling there can be fun. Just depends on what you want to do, one way or another it can get done at your zoo. At least that usually is the case. Some things with two arms you should not embrace. So have you ever tried to drive with the left leg at your grass? It is not hard, trust my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. 'You can even wiggle one toe at a time'
    And exclaim ' look it Mom no hands'
    But the other suggestions
    Can bring consternation
    With some few even ought to be banned


    1. Yeah some should not be done
      Under ones sun
      Or away they may run
      No longer fun

  2. One is the loneliest number that you'll ever do.
    Two can be as bad as one
    it's the loneliest number since the number one.

    It's time to play "Name that tune" Cat!

  3. Felt nice to read this one
    after such a long time under your sun
    Pardon my delayed delay
    I was not in my best say
    It's sure hard to deal with one
    But yes if you are willing enough, things can be done

    1. Have to get done
      Under ones sun
      Best shape or not
      Pain a whole lot

  4. There are many things with an arm you can do/You just have to contend with the other arm getting jealous, too! :-)

    Greetings from London.

  5. Yes, it's surprising what one can do with one arm or leg when the need arises.
    Happy Sunday.

  6. Haha always in the gutter are you
    That's how Yoda would say it at your zoo

  7. I don't know how you can drive with your left leg... I would be pressing the stop when I should be pressing the go. Good for you for being able to do it... although I wish all was well and you didn't have to.

    1. Yesterday I didn't get back
      No I wasn't in the sack
      I don't know a bankety blank thing
      All day trying to give a vid some bling
      The lights are driving me up a wall
      Wish Pat were here at my stall
      He would know what would work
      Then I wouldn't feel like such a jerk

    2. Yeah it can be done
      Backing up isn't as fun
      But after a while it is all fine
      Although not being broken would be divine

      Swearing all blankety blank
      Things going clackity clank
      Sure you'll get it down
      Before it you have to crown

  8. heh. its funny the things you could do...i know a guy with no arms that does most all of this with his feet, just saying, it hard to believe what you are seeing though, but he's learned to adapt to the changes, and now knows no boundaries, only open ranges...

    1. Yeah we learn to adapt when need be
      Can seem strange to see
      But when it has to be done
      We give it a run

  9. The old five fingered knuckle shuffle, or the hand shandy as we say here, or your having a jodrell, to be honest we have way too many terms for it. I am surprised we have any wrist strength.Probably why we always lose at snooker and darts to other countries now.

    Liking the new banner, is that scarecrow showing his ass?
    A full moon during the middle of the day.

    1. haha yep scarecrow showing his ass
      He has no class
      No wonder indeed
      Wow have many terms for it at your feed

  10. When I worked at the uni. there was a student w/no arms who wrote w/his feet. He could be standing up and you'd ask him to sign something, and he'd have his foot up there and have it signed quicker than you could finish the sentence.

    1. Damn, he sure has skill
      Never know what you can do until you have to at your hill

  11. There are many things you can do
    using just one can't be easy for you
    but, you've shown us it can be done
    using determination under you sun
    some things are fun when done by two
    might bring you to the gutter it 's true
    something to ponder at your zoo

    Wishing you a happy Sunday
    hope you take some time to play
    working hard each day at your bay
    just stay away from the hay..haha

    1. haha into the gutter i go
      Got you there at my show
      As you give gutter are run
      In two not one
      And there is hay
      Near this other bay

  12. Video games can be played with one hand I see

    much easier to do on the Wii

  13. Onezy twozy both can work
    Face the challenge with a smirk
    Do whatever come what may
    Add a job to bring one pay
    Cooking with a flask is fun
    Julia Childs did it a ton
    Typing with one hand ain't slow
    I can visualize Cat go
    Bright Sunday morning to you Cat

    1. Yep can surely go
      As I still have my flow
      Typing away
      One armed every day

  14. pfft we can make a lot of things with one hand, but is not easy cook I know:)))

    1. I can cook with one hand
      Not that hard at my sand

  15. Well, I can play the piano with my toes!

  16. I hope you use the cruise control
    so you can rest your little soul
    while you drive with your left
    and of bad things make the best.

    Might have surgery on my wrist
    then I'll join your lefty bliss.
    Best to take whatever challenge comes due
    and not just whine about poor little you.
    There is always someone worse off
    so try a new way and try not to scoff.

    1. I use cruise control
      When to the other shore I take a stroll
      But left leg works fine
      Stay on my side of the line
      Yuck to surgery too
      There at your zoo
      Lefty can be done though
      As it is under my show

  17. Some things I use left for, some right. It just doesn't work if I try to switch. Hands, anyway. Used left leg for steering all the time. Maybe another reason why I don't drive anymore?

    1. Oh it would work if need be
      There at your sea
      Would be a good reason indeed
      At your feed

  18. I tried to play the piano with my toes once. It didn't go so well. Never had to drive a car with my left foot. I imagine it's no easy task!

    1. haha didn't work for you?
      Left foot isn't that hard at my zoo

  19. Can't seem to rhyme this one, so won't try to, but must have been such an injury that cost you to have to drive left footed for a year; plus having to type one handed for a year. Must have been an interesting adventure to have to do so.

    Son did have a friend that had a birth deformity that he didn't have fully formed arms/fingers. It was amazing what he could do with his feet/legs; play the trombone, drive, race remote control cars, etc. Truly an inspiration!


    1. Yeah it was quite interesting indeed
      But picked up both with quick speed
      Amazing what people can do
      When forced to

  20. Haha, yeah, I'm a name hog. But my address was initially: Talk about hogging!

    Fun post, Pat.
    And true at that.


  21. PS Silly me, I thought I left this comment for the one below.
    As far as one left shoe, hm, I don't know.
    You can put one foot forward
    Leave the other behind
    Take a small step for man
    A big one for womankind.

    1. A small step is good for me
      Much easier at my sea

  22. Love this Pat, really made me laugh which is good because it's been an emotionless day, something that in itself is pretty strange!

  23. Hope I don't have to find out how its done.

  24. So much to do with only one shoe.
    Who knew?
    Woohoo, woohoo!

  25. If need we can swap:
    left to right,right to left,
    play with toes,
    walk on arms,
    will be easy for us,
    if emergency comes...

    1. That it can be
      Easy, after a while at ones sea

  26. We think there must be things we don't know
    But we hope it will all get better,
    We have trouble following this story, so
    We'll imagine some blogger took a header....

    1. haha right into a litterbox
      That would curl their socks

  27. Not sure it is discreet
    To discriminate against vile feet

  28. Two left shoes - who knew? I hope they're not Prada....:D

  29. Uh, ok. I can type with only one hand!


  30. Replies
    1. Yeah on sock is all that is needed by you
      With only one left shoe

  31. I could play the piano with my feet. That is, if I had one of those really big floor ones they had in the movie Big :)

    1. haha that would be fun to do
      Should get one at your zoo

  32. I agree you can do lots with just one hand but with one foot? Hmm, I hope I will keep both feet on the ground for a long time.

    1. Yes, hope indeed
      Don't want only one foot at your feed

  33. Oh, what happened to your arm
    Did the keyboard give it harm?
    I must have missed a post
    About the arm of the host
    But the left leg comes in handy
    Are you spiking the soup with brandy?
    Haha :)

    1. haha nope no spiking here
      Arm is just one thing broken i fear
      But oh well
      On it I try not to dwell

  34. How appropriate! I'm donating blood withy right arm and typing with my left thumb. So I guess I can't rhyme one-armed...


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