The Joys Of Toys!

Now a days toys can do much, they can sing and dance and such. But kids are really missing out. They don't know what toys are really all about. The cat has to help them out a bit with a toy fit.

Who needs a remote control,
You could be on a roll.
Who needs batteries anyway.
Just grab a toy and play.

Sit there and one by one,
Having a little light fun.
Take peg after peg and stick it in a screen.
Hours later your light bright work will be serene.

Don't need any hammer,
Instead pick up a slammer.
Hit those cardboard round things.
The Pogs will fly like they had wings.

Oh my God!
It's a hot rod.
That you have to push.
Looks like you'll have to get off your tush.

And why not pretend to be an ape?
But no cheating and using tape.
One by one you must connect.
A barrel of monkeys you can't neglect.

Look it is a pig with a hole.
Filling it is your goal.
Oops, it won't count by itself.
Pull the calculator from the shelf.

Now you have a dog.
It sits there like a bump on a log.
You also have to move that.
At least you won't get fat.

Look it is a Monopoly game.
But this one is oh so lame.
You have to count the money too.
There is no electronic version for you.

An Atari, wow.
We are getting somewhere now.
Two whole buttons you have to press.
Is that hard? Come now, confess.

It's a thing they call a puzzle.
Sorry to a computer screen you can't nuzzle.
Have to take the pieces and put them together.
How are these toys you ever going to weather?

The cat just had to make fun. At least I never used a cap gun. Those things make me run. But better than being Rosey and getting shot in a bun by a BB one to I suppose. Oh the butt cheek woes. Now I will go play with my singing bass. I can just sit and stare at it with my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. It's crazy how much toys have improved even over the last couple of years alone, sometimes I wish I could be a child in this day and age haha, this post is very true Pat.

    1. Not sure I'd want to be
      But some look fun to me

  2. Make fun all you want, but Light Bright still freakin' ROCKS!!!!!!!!

    1. Hmmm I will nod and agree
      While I go pitch light bright in the sea

  3. Toys were much cheaper in my day ......remote toys puts the prices up.
    Good poem, much enjoyed.

    1. Yeah they sure crank up the price
      Not very nice

  4. Electronics rule the toys these days, but I always make an effort to try an old fashioned game with them.

    1. Electronics do add some fun
      But older ones should be given a run

  5. What if power goes ka-boom
    And kids sit in a darkened room
    Do they tell ghost stories or do they wail
    Until the morning sun sets sail
    Do they light candles and go in the hall
    And make shadow puppets upon the wall
    Toy pig that sits there like a stump
    You put bright coins into it's rump
    Teaches kids to save some moola
    Then everyone can dance the hula

    1. All knew how to save
      Things may not be so grave
      If all go kaboom
      Some will shout doom and gloom
      Others with half a mind
      Fun they will find

  6. Yes, proud to say I grew up on an Atari. I also had Pong. Yes, hours of entertainment there.

  7. Nowadays many toys are made for tush
    no to run, no to jump, no to push
    a remote controls your toys
    you just sit and rejoice

    1. Don't do any work
      Just press a button and smirk

  8. Oh man, I've still got my pogs. You know what else I have? The shame and regret that I never sold them when they were actually worth something.

    1. I've still got some somewhere too
      Same with pokemon cards at my zoo
      I wish I would have sold those at the hype
      Then I'd be rich as I type

  9. So true! Simpler toys are better
    For the imagination, more clever
    They make kids think & explore
    and let their creativity soar :)

    1. Yeah, not just sit on their rump
      Growing ever more plump lol

  10. yep...go play tag and hide-n-seek!
    Ride your's not so bleak!
    Lincoln logs are endless fun,
    and a Slinky, as the stairs it runs.

    1. Never heard of lincoln logs before
      Can build away at ones shore

    2. named for president lincoln, I guess you would not
      but they were great fun when electronics were not.

      cheat rhyme
      cheat rhyme

    3. Such a cheater today
      I don't think they made it up this way

  11. lol @ Atari, I had one of those and loved it.

  12. Kids these days have it easy with toys
    Making your own before was fun and joy
    Your very own brand
    Stood the test of time
    Little 'constructors' with real tools and all


    1. Yeah making ones own was fun
      Much could be done
      Imagination set in
      Now there is a drought at each bin

  13. You used the word "serene" just for me. Thank you, cat. You really do love me, huh?

    Ah, yes, Atari. It's no wonder I have such problems with our Xbox. To many buttons!

    1. Well I have to use it for you and not about you
      Just can't fit with that one eyed zoo lol
      Buttons galore
      They'll prob add more

  14. I must admit I've never been happier than with a big box of Lego!

    1. Can do much with lego
      Sure you can make many things at your show

  15. light bright was so amazing...and he, really low tech comparitively, today we can do most anything, but its fun to think back to what was cutting edge once at our shack, now we just jack in and the VR life begins.

    1. VR life I will pass
      That would give me VR gas
      If it ever comes due
      I'll give it a big screw you

  16. Oh Atari, how my hand used to cramp up!
    You forgot about Connect 4, the cheesiest of games...and yet we played it over and over...

    1. That is still around
      And can be found
      Played it a ton too
      Here at my zoo

  17. most monopoly games are so lame

    takes 2 hours to finish, a shame

  18. Balance is the key.
    My kids climbed a fair amount of trees.
    And, I created many a scavenger hunt, BUT
    they also were allowed time on their BUTTS
    Although,family game night was always gadget free.

    1. Yeah time on ones butt is fine
      As long as kept in line
      Climb a tree and buzz like a bee
      Can sure cause glee

  19. I had just a conversion about this one recently. Why waste money on toys when you have apps for much cheaper price?
    Toys is not just about playing thing or recreation , it has lot of creativity involved. You can animate an app the way you want but when it comes tp toys you need to design to make it move, flip, turn or make things appear out of their asses(I know cat loves this).

    1. haha apps are ease of use
      Toys can suffer abuse
      And look at you going crass
      You know it can be fun to pull things from ones ass
      Oh not literally though
      That is just nasty you know

  20. In the sixties we had many battery operated toys... not quite "electronic." And it may be nostalgia speaking, but there was something classier about many of the toys back then!

    1. They weren't a dime a dozen too
      More original than the cookie cutter crap now in view

  21. Call me old-fashioned but I miss the older toys
    Playing G.I Joe brought me lots of joy
    Playing with my He-Man Castle was much fun
    Making Skelator scurry away and run

    1. Ninja turtles for me
      Here at my sea
      Way better than the electronic junk
      My mind was not sunk

  22. They make toys these days to cater to the lazy
    To get up and play sounds so crazy
    They make toys that keep kids from getting involved
    Oh my, how the toy has evolved!

    1. Look who is back
      At my shack
      And yeah lazy seems to be the word
      To that I flip the bird

    2. I must be a victim of the lazy toys....just look at my blog!

    3. Well it does take skill
      To win at those games at your hill

  23. That scarred me (emotionally, not physically, lol) and I never bought any of my kids a BB Gun (nor do I intend to). :)

    We like the old fashioned toys here just as much as the fancier ones. In fact, there are two decks of cards next to me right now, Old Maid & Crazy 8's, both games I played when I was a kid. :)

    1. Yeah I wouldn't buy any kid one
      Either under my sun
      Old fashioned makes one work
      And that is a perk

  24. Lazy has become the staple of all

  25. I can't say too much, I do love me toys!

  26. I thought my Lincoln Logs were the epitome of tech. Had hours of building. Forget the doll!

    1. haha geez they had to be all the rage
      First I've heard of them today on my page

  27. You hit the nail on the head with this one. Kids today are so damn lazy. I think all the electronics has dulled their ability to connect with each other, or at least entertain themselves. My friend's daughter had a sleepover this weekend. Her friend brought a laptop, and both girls sat on their cell phones and laptops all night, not even communicating with each other. Is this really what our youth finds acceptable? It's disgusting!

    1. Yeah that is disgusting indeed
      What is the point of a sleep over if nothing is done but play on the computer which can be done at ones own feed

  28. I really do think you might be the most brilliant blogger out of all of us... so spot on and clever...

    Also, I saw on your blogger profile you live in Nova Scotia? Are you SERIOUS??? I'm sort of obsessed with the place--spent 2 weeks there a few years back and it's honestly my most favorite place on earth. Peggy's Cove! *sigh* Jealous beyond words.

    1. Made my ego rise there
      Already huge at my lair lol
      And yep in Nova Scotia we are
      Obsessed with our sand bar?
      I guess living here it is all the same
      So we can't make an obsessed claim

  29. orlin N onlee lectric games de food serviss ladee N her siblings had be out de doodz nose just turned all Rudolph ....get de wish bone out? noe thanx we say, its frum a burd...leeve it in him....ya shuld knot be eaten bones any way butt nekkid dood....hope all bee well ~~~~~~ !!

    1. haha bones from a butt naked dude
      That can be rather crude

  30. I love my Playstation and my Macbook and my curling iron. Are those toys too??

    Oh and my pom poms of course. Habit of being a cheerleader :)

    1. Pom poms are toys I suppose
      As you shake, who knows lol

  31. I love the child who can amuse himself
    By simply pretending to be an elf
    A rock, at stick, a leaf and a bean
    Is all he needs to have fun and never be seen

    1. Yeah imagination works best
      Anything can be used and they aren't a pest lol

  32. All Belle needs to keep her amused is her tail.

  33. I liked the toys of the old days before there were video games. I don't think kids nowadays appreciate the fun we had with simple OLD toys!!!

    1. No they want bigger and better at their sea
      Not able to swing from a tree

  34. Those singing bass could drive me nuts.. for sure.

  35. There are some neat games today
    But the best kind of games have gone away
    Chess, jumping rope, hide and seek
    Remember when we used a cup and string to speak?
    Spirograph, now that was fun
    Or just going outside to run!

    1. Yeah seems none of that is done
      Electronics are so fun
      Let's forget everything else at our sea
      Pffft give them all a flea

  36. Games have put smiles on me mug,
    sometimes frowning on a shrug
    but I love a good scrabble
    with lots of babble
    to keep me smug.

    1. Can you spell the big words
      While you chase the birds

  37. Battery operated toys.
    More precious than pearls!
    Though not for boys,
    they're just for girls.

    1. haha I was waiting for you
      To let something like that come due

    2. I coulda said...
      Lincoln Logs!
      Such creativity!
      'Specially when Abraham
      visits the privy.

    3. Maybe they each have a knew shape
      Some contain a grape
      Or corn
      That comes out the same as it was born

  38. I remember Barrel of Monkeys! I enjoyed the poem and all the game memories it brought back. (I always wanted Operation...ah, the good ole days...)

    Thanks for your good wishes on Kalhanie's blog about my cover reveal. I appreciate them! :-)

    1. Yeah the old ones were fun
      Barrel of monkeys was tough to get done

  39. This is really true about kids and toys
    they really don't know what they are about
    living in an electronic world and all it's joy

    kids may be losing their creativity
    with all this new high tech activity

    what happens to the imagination
    will it suffer from creative stagnation

    fun to read about all the toys...
    & the singing bass made me laugh..

    1. Electronics seem to rule
      Over them as they drool
      Over the next iphone
      With a fancy ring tone
      Imagination goes away
      Left with brainless hordes by the bay

  40. The kids now a days
    are certainly missing out of fun
    from the toys I had when I was younger
    we even were outside, playing in the sun.

    So true how much has changed
    in toys over the years
    it has taken away kids imagination
    in some things I fear.


    1. Yeah they never imagine much anymore
      With crap things at their shore
      Just sit and click
      Thinking they are slick

  41. Pft, right? Counting money in a game?
    I think we can all agree that's lame,
    almost as bad as being lost in the fog.
    Also, I gave you an award over at my blog =)

  42. I get great joys
    From most all my toys
    My fuzzy mice
    Are very nice
    I love dangly things
    What glee they bring
    But the feathers
    In all weathers
    Are the best--
    I wouldn't jest!

  43. Replies
    1. cats play with anything
      And eat it to at their wing

  44. In my days we were glad when we had some potatoes to play with. oh the luxury!

    1. potato guns at your shore?
      With those life could never be a bore


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