The Two Light Hearted Fools Are A Hit. Put That In Your Pipe And Smoke It!

So it looks like the cat is here once more with two lighthearted fools at my shore. They sure do get around. This time there is even mention of a leg humping hound. That is just great, all I need is a mutt at my gate.

Away they go,
Searching high and low,
For Bora Bora's beach.
But it always seems out of reach.

Today they find sand.
The fake representation of the rhyming cat thinks it is grand.
But soon they go for a ride.
It's not really a mutt, I lied.

But Theresa calls it that.
She is really weird to the cat.
Her Hello Kitty fetish and all.
Along with the need to decorate her hall,

With all kinds of Halloween stuff.
But that does not put me in a huff.
The two lighthearted fools will make her go away.
So Halloween won't be every single day.

Are you confused once more?
I guess it is time to explore.
Another video at my zoo.
All of them don't have a clue.

Wow, Boney got high. But to do so poor Theresa had to die. That is such a shame. Terry and Rosey could not even play their giveaway game. At least Halloween isn't every single day. The two lighthearted fools kept that at bay. Poor poor lass. She got stuck in a pipe and smoked thanks to the power of the fake representation of my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Replies
    1. Without a break, # 63
      Running free!


    2. Waffles is after you
      Almost two days at my zoo

  2. Can the dead side of one's brain talk? That would be scary...

    1. Yes, the things we would learn
      Or do could raise concern

  3. Boney is so weird haha, definitely not the right person to attack somebody that's for sure, it's good that Hello Kitty lover is gone although the pipe thing gone wrong!

    1. haha Boney is surely a weird one to send
      When you are looking to defend

  4. Hello Kitty lovers might just deserve what they get. K.

  5. The Halloween Queen got stopped in her tracks
    Boney is dead, the Light Hearted Fools are back
    The way forward
    No more wizard
    The way ahead is wide open, and that's for a fact


    1. Wide open for much more
      Here at my shore
      And who knows
      Maybe when one shows
      You will join in to explore

  6. The cat in the video had extremely blue eyes
    As blue as the clearest of skies
    Poor Teresa, too bad she had to die
    Maybe she'll come back as a zombie who's high

    1. haha a zombie you say
      Never know at my bay
      Or maybe a ghost
      Either way, here living self is toast

  7. She sure is sexy when she says, "suck it up buttercup"!

    1. haha yeah that voice sure has a way
      Of putting on quite the display

  8. Oh My God the Halloween Queen
    Turned to ashes cannot be seen
    Costumes are favorites to those who care
    A costume a day would be standard fare
    To exterminate Halloween and eliminate gore
    At Captain Hatt many ghoules would be sore

    1. The ghouls could come
      And kiss my bum
      Actually scratch that
      They may like the bum of a cat
      Tough luck for them
      Only one day can they release flem

  9. Yes, Halloween is certainly approaching fast must get my broomstick dusted.


  10. Another video on display
    this was too funny today
    poor Halloween Queen
    she just wanted it every day
    even had some give aways
    rhyming cat made her plan go astray
    costumes & treats were her way
    light hearted fools never far away
    Truedessa pushing Pat into the bay
    making him swim much to his dismay
    a crazy adventure you did portray
    Theresa I leave you a Halloween bouquet
    sorry Pat turned you into ashes for a tray
    excuse me now I must be on my way
    need to watch one more time, hitting replay

    laughing Pat and his Rhyming Cat
    always a crazy adventure at your mat
    never know what friends you will put on display
    makes it interesting here I'd say...(smiling)

    1. haha nope, you just never know
      What is going to show
      Could be this or that
      Here at my mat
      Truedessa was so mean too
      Making Pat swim in the deep blue
      Could have drowned
      Then he'd no longer be around
      Don't be sorry for the halloween queen
      She is just obscene
      But if you must send her a bouquet for her grave
      I suppose I'll give the address of her evil doer cave

    2. Lol - Truedessa can swim she would not let you drown
      everyone would miss you if you weren't around
      even if you do sometimes wear toes of a clown..
      the Halloween queen went out with a puff
      after she gave a big Halloween huff...
      could send black and orange flowers
      but, they might have Halloween powers
      might resurrect her at her zoo...hahaha

    3. hahaha good that she will save
      Me from an early grave
      Plus she will do all the work,
      Taking me to shore which is a perk
      No resurrection allowed
      That could draw a crowd
      Then we'd have them all back
      Even crazy rednecks at our shack

  11. Now I put this story
    in the pipe
    and smoke it...
    'Hello kitty' fetish
    worked ?

    1. Smoke it and you will find
      Hello kitty fetish is out of her mind

  12. ha. suck it up buttercup, your adventures are grand at your & her land
    though yours has a bit of a heavier hand, hello kitty....groan
    glad any thought of that here is done, fun ride sir cat
    be back tomorrow cause here is where its at

    1. You and your twin are next on display
      Should be fun at my bay
      Groan at hello kitty too?
      I guess you are glad she got smoked at my zoo lol

  13. I thought it was a tie before, Pat's the clear winner though w/this one, hahahaha (sorry Theresa...doubly sorry that I laughed at the "Halloween Everyday" line).

    I didn't know Theresa could be so harsh, but considering you killed her, it now appears to me that she had every right.

    I've got to go post my giveaways for the day. One's even for Canada. The ones that aren't, I apologize never mind, suck it up buttercup, hehehe I've already checked out Terry's place today, no new giveaway, but her latest one's cool. :)

    LOL at the cat faces in the middle of the video.

    1. hahaha yipeeee
      I win at my sea
      Poor Theresa got smoked
      As she up and croaked
      Yeah she saw this beforehand
      Which spurred the death of the cat in her land
      Giveaways abound
      One even for my ground
      lol never should have used that line
      Now suck it up buttercup will be said to the feline

  14. Well, got through this
    At a loss for what to say in response
    (No rhyme
    This time)

  15. I would pipe right up, but I don't smoke!

    1. haha good way to be
      Could send smoke signals at your sea

  16. the smell of smoked human flesh
    would not be good, is my guess!

    1. Boney has no sense of smell
      So it wouldn't cause him hell

  17. Trudessa should have tied you to a brick
    so at the ocean floor you would stick.
    Nothing wrong with a little Hello Kitty
    I'm sure the Rhyming Cat has fantasies about her that just aren't pretty.
    I don't care what Rosey has to say
    I will win this war one day!

    1. hahaha Rosey agrees with me
      Poor poor thee
      Your hello kitty will console you
      As the earth you bid adieu

  18. Wow, we just never know what's going to happen at your show.

  19. Time to clean out the ol' cauldron, search for some poison stuff, and stir it up. I'll call it chili.

    1. Nasty indeed
      Maybe you'll get a hairball at your feed lol

  20. Two dingbats annoying the cat
    put on a hat
    and pick up a bat
    and then a splat!

  21. Loved the video, Pat.
    You continue to outdo yourself with creativity!

    1. Like to create at my gate
      My muse takes the bait

  22. I am really enjoying the videos that go along with your poetry, Pat. Well rounded entertainment is just what I needed to feel better. Thank you!

    1. They are fun to do
      As I rhyme and give something to view

  23. orlin N cassie...

    de food serviss gal said her could use sum STUFF ina pipe ta smoke rite now...her haz smoke comin outta her wazoo frum de crazed *&^% at werk....!!~~~~

  24. One pipe I think you should throw out after use

  25. Love the blue eyed white kitty:)

  26. I so enjoy these videos! Loved the not-Bora Bora island with the psychedelic colors, that part was my favorite. :)
    Oh, and the poor Halloween Queen trying her hardest to reach that button on her short legs, lol...

    1. lol yep, stubby legs would not get there
      Then up in smoke she went with flair haha

  27. Someone has been smoking something! Ahahaha! Loved the dialog @ 4:18+ The mom is totally mesmerized by how they can use their hands and feet with no arms or legs.

    1. Yeah that is amazing
      They can walk and be gazing
      With no legs or arms
      That should raise some alarms

  28. Cool video. Love what you've done with the place.

  29. On venus pretty much every day is a year

    so halloween would be every day I fear

    1. Send the halloween queen there
      With her evil lair

  30. I don't know how I'd manage if Halloween were everyday, with all that candy lying around all the time!

    1. Yeah everyone would be fat
      Except for the cat

  31. Hello Kitty!! I could deal with every day being Halloween, I wouldn't live very long tho!

    1. One way to give everyone a heart attack
      If it were every day at one's shack

  32. If I had to have Halloween everyday, I would be sutting my doors and turning out the lights. No more Motel 6 here.

    1. haha I'd hide an night too
      No candy at my zoo

  33. Another video I must wait to see
    Why do you keep doing this to me???
    Don't you know I am a bum?
    Peeking in, working on the run?

    No matter, on my phone I see
    All the videos by thee


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