A Colorful Day Here At My Bay!

So dVerse is getting all colorful once more at their shore. Color me pink. I think I might sink. Can you tell where this is going to go? If not, you will I just know. Unless you are R then you may not get very far.

So color me impressed,
The redneck comes dressed.
Oh she may turn me black and blue.
Isn't that for another to do?

True colors shining through?
Just maybe at my zoo.
What? You're green with envy you say?
Brian will gawk and make that go away.

You will turn as white as snow.
Yeah, I really mentioned the white stuff, I know.
Don't look into those baby blues,
You may get bad news.

Unless you are the black sheep of the family I guess,
Then you are always out there making a mess.
Can you really have blue blood?
It would stand out in mud.

Do I get brownie points?
Hmm dog noses fly everywhere at human joints.
But they will get caught red handed.
They are dumb and will get stranded.

Hey, every cloud has a silver lining.
So don't sit there and start whining.
Things like that only happen once in a blue moon.
Unless your life is inside a cartoon.

Let's cut through the red tape.
Paint the town red like Superman's cape.
Red sky at night, sailors delight.
Unless red letter day comes to play.

Are you seeing red?
That must be tough on the head.
I hope you are not tickled pink,
That is done in the clink.

Wave your white flag.
I still won't play tag.
Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.
Ummm whoopdi friggin doo?

Was that true blue?
I hope it will come due.
Or else could see the devil and the deep blue sea.
That would just be very scary.

Okay, now time for the colors to head south. I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth. So color up buttercup. Although I will still get colorful in mass. It will just be a more colorful language pass with my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Replies
    1. Humbird, humbird, ding dong ding
      You just made the 1st bell ring

    2. Indeed I did,
      I fling my ring
      to swing!

    3. Wow Hank is way late
      Must be on the road at a high rate

  2. Yes, colorful you are
    with your rhyming jar

    close/ far
    away we go
    to find right color
    for our ego
    I chose blue for the post
    not blue blood but
    blue horse
    2014' New host.

    1. New host
      With the most
      I'll go to the coast
      Leave burnt toast

  3. ha - yes..let's paint the town red like Superman's cape... i'm in.. smiles...colorful verse here at your shore today... i'll wave the white flag when you turn up in the pub..smiles

    1. haha the cat may eat the flag
      But its in the bag

  4. paint the town red like superman's cape
    nice but what will he wear then? i wonder
    if cleaning his tights takes all his superfriends
    i cant wait for the white stuff, i like to run
    & play in the fluff, it does hard the gawk
    when the sun bounces off, the glare
    and the toboggan pushes down my hair
    i see your true colors shining through...smiles.

    1. haha true colors here today
      Here at my bay
      As the snow blinds your gawk
      You can run and squawk
      Maybe he has a spare cape
      Or steals laundry and uses tape

  5. I am NOT ready for the snow to fly. I guess I should pack up and move south, but hard to do when all the family lives in the north.

    1. Yeah, I'd like to move south too
      But lots of other crap there can come due

  6. Color me tickled pink ~ I'm not ready for snow white yet ~

    Maybe for red and green, like Christmas tree with stars ~

    Happy Sunday ~

    1. That is fine by me too
      But snow can stay away forever at my zoo

  7. Nature has given us a technicolor yawn!
    Bring on the snow. I'm ready. We probably won't get any, but I'm ready.

    1. Pfft I'll ship it all your way
      Then see how ready you are at your bay lol

  8. There's a song that I could play
    On the piano in my day
    "When the Deep Purple Falls" is the name
    I'm waiting for purple to fall like rain
    Did you enjoy that extra hour of sleep? You bettcha.

    1. Deep purple rain
      That would be fun to see at any lane
      Enjoyed I did at my sea
      Love when the time goes back and I can get up late while at the same time early

  9. I love all of these euphemisms Pat, great job today at your bay. Happy Sunday.

  10. Orange you being colorful?!?!

  11. Do we really turn green with envy

    then Piccolo has it by the plenty

    *(only DBZ fans will get this one)

    1. Piccolo must think green is swell
      Too bad he's stuck in hell

  12. It's nothing new,
    that my color is blue.
    Never red,
    better off dead.

    1. Without a head?
      That would cause dread
      You'd be creepy
      At least not weepy lol

  13. My favourite colour is pink!
    The only thing that rhymes to that must be wink.
    So I will wink at you
    And say that this is true
    Pink is the best colour of all
    Now I must go answer a phone call

    I was not kidding I really had to go answer a phone call!

    1. haha hope it was a good call
      There at your hall
      And pink has many rhymes i think
      You just need to link
      Avoid the clink
      Dance with Dink
      Around a rink
      Then give a wink
      After you blink
      All for pink

  14. As you may or may not know
    Purple is the way to go at my show!

    1. I could have guessed]
      Purple before you confessed

  15. I'd venture to guess this is the most colorful poem at dVerse this weekend! Smiles!

  16. Silver spoons are overrated. Or so they say... well everyone who wasn't born with one. ;)

    Thanks for linking to SSSync

    1. I think everyone not born with one
      Those who do have fun

  17. Where the heck is Hank??
    Did he get run over by a tank?
    This post is akin to a rainbow
    Mentioning so many colors that glow
    Red tape is a pest
    But sometimes necessary I guess

    1. Yes I suppose it helps
      To prevent yelps
      Hmm Hank must be away
      On the road I say

  18. I think you got 'em all Pat. Except orange. Do you ever watchBig Bang Theory? There is a quote from there, "You look positively orange with loneliness." It's pretty funny when it's in context.

    1. I forgot about that one
      As I was giving it a run

  19. Colour me blue/that's my royal blood for you/colour me red/that was Cuba, my childhood left behind, done and dead/colour me green/envy you, what do you mean?/colour me everyday/I'll be happy anyway! :-)

    Greetings from London.

    1. All colors of the rainbow you'll be
      By the time your through at your sea

  20. Green and brown are grand.
    The colors of money and chocolate run my land!

    1. Yeah, I'll agree with the first
      Money is a grand burst

  21. So many beautiful colors in view
    my favorite you know is blue
    throw in some soft petals of pink
    Truedessa will give the Captain a wink
    glowing in different shades of yellow
    after a long weekend feeling mellow

    paint the town red like superman's cape
    sounds like fun as they plan their escape
    off to bora bora they will run under the sun

    1. haha a wink for pink
      Hmm I'd have to think
      Not sure I want such a color here
      Mellow yellow is okay to come near
      Sounds grand too
      Bora bora is due

  22. Color me grey. It's such a sun-shiney color. haha.

  23. I love blue and black is good for me but nout orange :)
    I love red and green for Christmas anyway!


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