A dVerse Gift So Your Spirits Will Lift!

So this time for dVerse we have to make sure you open your purse and get the right gift. You do want spirits to lift. Or maybe you just don't know. Well the cat will help you out at his show.

A is for Allie the gator and its very sharp snap.
Instead of chucking an enemy in a crator she'll eat the poor chap.
B is for bog, the best of the best.
Who doesn't like fog at their nest?

C is for camel and their mighty fine spit.
Give a ride to Mark Hamill and watch out for shit.
D is for door, as those you really need.
When some come to explore, a slam can take seed.

E is for electric bill, which is the greatest thing ever.
Stockings will surely fill with this great endeavor.
F is for Fraggle, they are just groovy.
Don't sit and haggle, just buy the movie.

G is for goop, the funniest of all.
Then your troop can run putting it all over the wall.
H is for hornet, not one who's green.
Your foe just torn it and he makes a scene.

I is for ice because it is so cool.
At a cheap price you won't look like a fool.
J is for junk, something so grand.
Grab a hunk from where they bury it in the land.

K is for kit kat, the one and only.
Go all tit for tat and no one will be lonely.
L is for loonie, the Canadian kind.
Or go big for a toonie and simply unwind.

M is for moon, the kind can be either or.
Lasso the big one like a loon or yank and explore.
N is for night, the simplest of all.
When in the light, say their gift is nightfall.

O is for offer, a cars salesmen's dream.
Be a fake cougher and pretend gifts will stream,
P is for prunes, they are oh so good.
They'll fill up sand dunes with way more than dry wood.

Q is for quilt to keep them all snug.
But they may wilt when on it they see your mug
R is for roar and you might want to drink.
Let your voice soar then watch as they blink.

S is for slinky, that loveable toy.
Even all dinky it brings so much joy.
T is for tears, bottle them up.
Then you'll hear cheers when drunk from a cup.

U is for utter, it could be from whatever.
They may stutter at you being so clever.
V is for van which will make all shout.
Not some flash in the pan, you want to start popping them out.

W is for world, give it to all.
Toes may go curled when they look at the ball.
X is for xi, write it down on paper.
Then ad a qi and they'll pull a Scrabble caper.

Y is for yahoo, the scream you give out.
Then an empty box opens and all pout.
Z is for Zapped Again, one movie had to show.
Of course trapped at your den you may feel as it is given a go.

Now hasn't the cat helped you out a ton? These will make your gifts oh so fun. At least for someone watching on. Some might get banished to the back lawn. Hopefully it is warm with green grass and not snow covered, which is hated by my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Replies
    1. Without a break now # 8
      Just walk on straight!


    2. Almost double digits once more
      Here at my shore

  2. Get banished to the back lawn
    Gets one to unnecessarily frown
    What of it
    Just face it
    Don’t evaporate, just a little down


    1. Don't fade away
      Hide at your bay
      Then pop out
      With a shout

  3. I'd take snow...
    I never could get my Slinky toy to work. It would take two steps and then stop.

    1. You can have all of our snow
      I few times I got the slink to go

  4. If someone got me a Kit Kat I would be happy
    But when I eat an entire bag I feel kinds crappy

    1. Yeah that would do it
      Then pretty soon you have to ummm spit

  5. I would like a slinky. I haven't played with one since I was a kid!! It was always one of my favorite (even though inexpensive) toys!!

  6. if i find an alligator in my stocking
    that would be rocking, i'd get him to open cans,
    careful of my hands, unless he gave manicures
    i rock the scrabble board as well,
    the X and Z can be hell

    1. He could do much
      As long as he was soft to the touch
      If he found your hand grand
      You may be one handed in your land

  7. I think I will send you some snow!
    I got some over night, you know!
    And a big storm is coming this afternoon!
    I'll watch it fall as I whistle a tune! ha.

    1. Pffft to you
      I'll send it back yellow to your zoo
      Keep it all there
      None allowed at my lair lol

  8. That was good but maybe I should stay away from the prunes!

  9. I'm giving Chelsea a bog and a Fraggle for Christmas...I'll make sure to tell her recommendations came from YOU.

  10. I'm thinking I might not want to go shopping with you
    some of the gifts we might buy might make someone say boo who.


    1. haha or make them want payback
      Causing creativity at their shack

  11. Of all the gifts I like the night
    Buy one for everyone, don't be tight
    It's like "Name a star for someone
    Open the box, it's a fun one.

    1. haha name a star
      With that one you can go far

  12. Doh! Why didn't a think of a camel this year?
    Surely it's better than the chicken in gear.

    1. A camel can give you that needed bump
      And get all over the hump

  13. I had to look up Xiqui...curiosity got the better of me.

    Have a happy Tuesday. :)

  14. nice... you took us through the whole alphabet... and i want a quilt now to snuggle under a bit..

    1. A to Z I can do
      Here at my zoo
      Get comfy at dVerse
      As many spin a verse

  15. That might be the most original ABC poem I have ever read.
    Made me feel I had just been fed
    A rich feast from Pat Hatt's brain
    To take me to his unique lands by magical plane.

    1. haha left you with a ton
      As I gave a to z a run
      Fun to too
      At my unique zoo

  16. I love the offer of kit-kat
    let's get it with qi and slinky,
    and in a wee we open door
    to world of wizards with one click...

    1. haha of we could create a blizzard
      And take down the evil wizard

  17. yaaay, i get to learn the alphabet in a more adult manner :D

    1. Better way to be
      Just don't sing and hurt the ears of me

  18. It appears that you have the A to Z fest nailed.

  19. Nice! But I think I'll pass on the electric bill, thank you very much!

    1. It might be a thrill
      Could get it from a pill

  20. K is for kit kat, the one and only. :) fun write, Pat. Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Hope you have a good thanksgiving
      And kit kat is really living lol

  21. Now that wasn't so hard, was it? lol

  22. orlin N casie...we haza slinky !!!! knot de original...cranbeerez itz werth like...well, we dunno math...but hay, we haza original etch o sketch...itz kinda hard ta draw stuff with it tho...ya noe....all that a lume in num stuffz goin everee wear bout in a circle :)

    1. lol yeah it would be hard to do
      Bury it instead in the loo

  23. I haven't smiled like that in a while
    Thanks, Pat

  24. I like Slinky, you're right, it never gets old. If one's for sale, it's sure to be sold.


  25. The new scrabble words will help with my game
    Now a triple-word score will bring me some fame.
    A slinky is fun, a wonderful toy
    When it does the back-flip,
    It brings me such joy.
    Yeah, I'm easy to please, and my taste kinda sucks
    Just give me a card or a I'll take a few...


    1. An empty card is the pits
      Can cause fits
      Need some money
      Who cares if it is funny lol

  26. Always fun to go ABC, these rhymes always bring joy to me.

  27. You started with my favorite. I made a 3D Allie Gator this summer and gave it as a gift to all who wanted it. Amazing how many takers there were for an alligator.

    1. Alligators are great all around
      As long as they don't make a crunchy sound

  28. Joyful, and fun. Thank you for the smiles, and memories of stockings past.

  29. No thank you on the ice;
    It isn't very nice.
    I don't mind a ride,
    But I hate to slip and slide.

    1. A little slip
      Could break a hip
      Get a good grip
      So no slip trip

  30. Delightful piece. I'll give a nod to the camel, if it spits, you know, away. Oh, and I'll pass on the electric bill, thank you. ~~~:)

    1. No electric bill?
      But it can be a jolting thrill

  31. The slinky I never did like. What I really wanted under the tree was a nice shiny bike!

    1. Didn't get your bike?
      Instead you had to hike

  32. Though my favorite was C, They all filled me with glee! I'll stuff them all in some stockings, then sit back and wait for the mockings. And announce that you are just as clever as ever!

    Well done! :)

    1. Clever i can be
      here at my sea
      With a present of three
      Prepare for mockings toward thee

  33. Okay, who's been peeking in my mug?
    Who told on the quilter's hot chocolate bug?
    Internal rhyme - double the fun
    Gift ideas make me giggle under your sun

    1. haha got you down
      At your town
      And two rhymes in one
      Are sure fun

  34. the electricity bill will be the greatest thing ever

    when we all have solar panels together

  35. Just remember my old Mum
    saying that in her youthful old fun
    Hopscotch and the like
    There were extra points for kids
    With an X or a Z in the name
    Never needed no fame

    1. X or a Z must have caused glee
      As they went on a points spree

  36. Such sage advice:
    look up to watch for Skywalker’s shit as shat by Mark Hamill
    look down for a bit for that shit shat by a camel

    1. Or lift up your shoe
      And more shit could come due

  37. I got a slinky for christmas once....it wasn't as exciting as I thought it would be.
    But for some reason every few years I buy a new slinky, it is like I forgot how disappointed I was the first time around.

    1. LOL glutton for punishment I guess
      Or a slinky fetish you are trying to confess

  38. WOW!! Beautifully described the alphabets. Really love it!!


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