A dVerse Rhyme I Have Not Done For A Time!

So for dVerse today I think I will hit play. This may go on a while. So the run time could stretch a mile. We shall see what I pull from the pile as I turn up the movie dial.

You might be stating O Brother Where Art Thou? before I'm through.
For a great big mental Breakdown I may give you.
Tell the Newsies all about it.
You have Nothing to Lose at your pit.

Could make it all the way to Detroit Rock City.
But if it is Judgment Night that may be a pity.
Especially because White Men Can't Jump.
Unless they use Grease or leg hump.

At least they are out of the Rat Race.
So Club Dread they can embrace.
Unless Uncle Buck decides to join in.
Aladdin may think that is a sin.

Turner and Hooch may not though.
With a Fast Five away they may go.
But watch out for The Man Without a Face.
He and the Matchstick Men may shoot up the place.

Or go Dirty Dancing I suppose.
I'm a Liar Liar? Who knows?
You can trust me more than Grumpy Old Men.
The Principal doesn't say the same about my pen.

That is why I'm Leaving Las Vegas today.
I mean Flubber is doing so at its bay.
For a Few Dollars More,
And some Daylight down by the shore.

He will find out Reality Bites.
Especially when The Postman has you in his sights.
So if you are in Striking Distance of him,
Be Gone In 60 Seconds or things could get grim.

You could hire The Dream Team.
That would make Big Stan steam.
Or just go Commando one day,
That would even scare the Ghostbusters away.

It may be liked by The Man On The Moon.
But he won't be able to see it at High Noon.
So tune into another Frequency for the poor guy.
Air Force One will help you, no lie.

Unless Coyote Ugly is your fate.
Then you may need a Clean Slate.
That can be given by the Men in Black.
Unless Happy Gilmore decides to attack.

He may throw some Space Balls.
Defintely, Maybe a possibility at your halls.
But you can Lean On Me.
Aren't I Big at my sea?

It beats bringing Armageddon to you.
Do I have to say it Seven times at my zoo?
Maybe the Gremlins will help out.
If Mars Attacks and you shout.

At least no cliffhangar will come due.
If so, the Princess Bride will kill you.
Unless Ernest Goes To Jail.
Then The New Kids will give you bail.

But Fools Rush In.
Iron Man commmitts that sin.
Goodfellas like that.
Flushed Away they make you like a rat.

So Good Luck Chuck.
You and your Role Models are out of luck.
Sorry for the Critical Condition today.
Don't Die Hard at your bay.

The Silver Streak will be along soon.
Taking you to Silverado by noon.
Or maybe Tombstone.
Either way, Clerks will moan.

America's Sweethearts may like it though.
The Dark Knight is sure to show.
Fanboys everywhere will jump up and down.
It will be a Chicken Run across town.

Flawless in every way.
Until Godzilla comes to play.
Are you Losing It yet?
Gung Ho for the pet?

Sorry, Can't Buy Me Love.
It's Goin' South like a dove.
Your brain has Shattered?
Rambo is flattered.

I am a Man on Fire.
Unforgiven for something so dire.
Pat is Zapped for that one.
Time To Kill a Mocking Bird because I'm done.

Yes, as many know I could go on forever. But then you might try and pull the lever, if at Silverado and see the hangman's noose. I wouldn't want that and neither would a moose. So I will let this movie post come to pass from my ever so entertaining little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Replies
    1. Hank, you can't be number 1 and 2..lol..

    2. haha...why not? once in blue moon...

    3. haha Hank likes to cheat
      With a repeat

    4. Lost #1 to humbird on Nov 03
      Regained #1 yesterday Nov 04
      Now day 2 as # 1
      Nothing the matter
      Everything's ok


    5. haha I think you confused them all
      On my wall

  2. Thirty years worth of movies in one poem! And the scary thing - I think I've seen every single one...
    Bonus points for mentioning Spaceballs.

    1. haha not so scary that you've seen them all
      With your movie addiction at your hall

  3. WOW, a movie buff you are!!! Quite a few good ones you worked in there today.

  4. (thunderous applause from the peanut gallery)
    Wow! I love the variety of movies, too! I wonder how long you could've kept going, for real...
    That was great!

    1. I could have kept going waaaay too long
      Would have been a months worth of posts in one with my movie song

  5. I didn't know Detroit Rock City was the name of a movie. I knew it was a song. That's my neck of the woods. :)

    And Tombstone is one of my most favorite movies EVAH! :) "I'm your Huckleberry." I'm overdue to watch it, it's been awhile. :)

    1. Tombstone was a very good one indeed
      And yep, they made a movie with the song title take seed

  6. This was great, Pat! You really outdid yourself with this post! If I were in Las Vegas, I'd be "leaving las vegas" as well. Smiles.

    1. haha could gamble a bit first though
      And win lots of dough

  7. You're Big at your sea,
    flawless in every way,
    we see.

    Thank you for entertaining,
    now we can play 'Hangman'
    movie theme
    with no panic.

  8. Spooky, spooky, spooky tooth
    And I'm not even being uncouth
    Movies I say I don't linger
    Yet I know the plot and point the finger
    I must have wasted a lot of time
    When I could have been doing my rhyme

    1. Do both at the same time
      Then you can be in your prime
      Get done the rhyme
      And see the plot for a dime

  9. ha ha ha…neither would a moose? Well done, cat, well done!

    You mentioned a ton of great movies. One of my favorites is Princess Bride. I also loved Matchstick Men and Liar Liar and of course, Happy Gilmore. "The price is wrong, bitch!"

    1. Well done to the cat
      Are you sick at your mat? lol
      Bob Barker kicked his ass
      He shouldn't have been so crass haha

    2. I know right! I need to be mean but your turn will come due when I come after you.

    3. haha Bring it on one eye
      I'll poke your eye and you'll cry

  10. You ended with a favorite of mine
    some classics stand the test of time!

  11. i can jump higher with a leg hump, really, bump, bump,
    nice to see the Postman included, my favorite costner
    moment, so how many did you include this time
    in your box office rhyme?

    1. Hump and jump and bump
      Watch out for a big rump
      80 in all I think
      That I gave a wink

  12. Movie buff that you really are
    Not being home but doors ajar
    Instead relaxed
    At the cineplex
    In the neighborhood not that far


    1. Relax away
      To watch the display
      As long as it doesn't suck
      I'm in luck

  13. I haven't watched some of them in this list. Need to watch them thanks for the list. You truly a movie buff Pat. All you need is some title or something. Maybe we should play a game with quotes or something .

    1. Quotes I can do
      Here at my zoo
      Titles are easier though
      As I remember them better at my show
      But I can pull out a few
      Here at my zoo

  14. That's a ton of movies indeed
    Almost too many for me to read!

    Nice poem, Pat:)

    1. haha never too many to come due
      With plenty in view

  15. You're a brillant man in this rhyme
    to pull all the movies together in such a short time
    Lots I've seen, lots I need to see
    Hopefully I can find some of them for free.


    1. Sure you can find many for free
      To watch at your sea
      One way or another they are
      Available at every sand bar

  16. Loved the Princess Bride
    That movie took us for a fun ride
    Space Balls made me laugh a ton
    Surely was spoofy fun
    Really loved Man on Fire
    Made me not want to draw Denzel's ire

    1. Yeah he'd kick your ass
      And say something crass
      Have to avoid him
      Or things could get grim lol

  17. We don't watch that many movies or TV but you nailed some good ones!

    1. Gave many a run
      Some good some meh under my sun

  18. It had definitely been a while! I love this Pat, all the mentions always make me laugh, great post.

  19. ha - beware of the princess bride then... you never know...smiles... ha... lots of flashbacks in this one...have seen quite some of them... under a german title of course...smiles

    1. German would be interesting I suppose
      Although cause my head woes haha

  20. Girl likes Uncle Buck, Spaceballs, Fools Rush In and Princess Bride. The funny ones. :)

  21. That's a ton of movies under your sun!

    1. A ton indeed
      But not nearly as many as I can do at my feed

  22. Whew! A mess of movies.
    Some I've seen,
    Some I've not.
    Many like to see scary,
    Some Like It Hot.

    1. That one is old
      Never saw it told
      Maybe one day
      I'll press play

  23. orlin N cassie....bravo...bravo....we loaded up on snax ...finded a grate ree clinerz chair N enjoyed de post two day...N manee thanx for givin R way awesum heat seerin burgerz done ina minit pal...godzilla...hiz props !!

    1. haha had your favorite lizard there
      Sure with him you'd stop and stare

  24. But if you're Home Alone
    you'd be Romancing the Stone
    don't open up that Seventh Seal
    cause Bilbo ain't for real

    1. Bilbo aint real?
      Jack Bauer may break the seal
      Then he can visit the little mermaid
      Tossed in the sea he'd fade

  25. When Godzilla comes to play

    Tokyo is like go away

  26. A lot of great movies here! Good picks to include in your post!

  27. Princess Bride is one of my all time favorites
    the others not so much ~ Happy Tuesday Pat ~

  28. There's some in there I actually know
    This just goes to show
    Not all is lost at my depot

    1. With 80 or so
      Should be one you know
      If not
      Things really went to pot

  29. You are a movie buff sure enough
    rhyming away with all this stuff
    Princess Bride my favorite you know
    romantic comedies make me glow
    Dirty Dancing has some great moves
    there are some you might approve
    You forgot one I like.. You've got mail
    Tell me again Captain when do we sail
    watch out for the curse of the Black Pearl
    it might make Truedessa's head swirl...

    1. haha You've got mail
      Some may follow that trail
      Going Sleepless in Seattle
      As away they prattle
      From a Serendipity moment in time
      Captain Jack Sparrow can suck a lime

    2. Lol..Captain Jack Sparrow out on the narrow
      while Truedessa & Captain Pat hunt a pharaoh
      Orlin the cat is our guide he's trusty and wise
      as we sail the seas under grey or blue skies

      Sleepless in Seattle, away they may prattle
      that's a secret between two light hearted fools
      now Captain about that berth, you cannot tattle
      as that would be breaking pirate rules...lol..

      Hope you and the cats have a good night...
      sleepless at your bay...

    3. haha the cat has a big mouth
      Things may head south
      Better get the duct tape for him
      He could spill on a whim
      At least no one lives in seattle
      So that is half the battle

    4. lol..I will have to use duct tape on him
      wrap it all around him, might look grim

    5. Lol you may be in for a fright
      As he does bite

  30. "I'll make you an offer you just can't refuse,"
    And then I'll give you a line you really can use:
    "You've got to ask yourself one question:"
    (See that's really not just a suggestion!)
    "Do I feel lucky?" Well, do ya, punk?"
    And if ya don't, you'll go out in a funk.

    1. Bullet to the brain
      Flush you down the drain
      At least no pain
      Should the punk be insane

  31. White Men ... Grease ... Dirty Dancing ... Um.... Sorry. My brain just went astray, my friend. #badwriterbrain #badwriterbrain

    1. haha oh you are off in gutter land
      There can be grand

  32. Somebody watches too many movies, lol.


  33. A moose might want that... have you asked the moose?

    1. Nope, but maybe I will
      Could give a moose a thrill

  34. To watch movies, I would have to give up my reality TV. You know I can't live without watching Kim Kardashian's fat arse on the tv screen. I don't even know why I watch that show... she is such a fake.

    1. haha hmmm movie vs fake ass
      I think I'd ditch the lass


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