A New Task That Makes Pat Look Like He Hit The Flask!

So the cat started watching Pat the other day and it looked like he had been drinking at our bay. He was moving all about and standing there looking like a trout. So the cat just has to make fun as he tries to get bendy under our sun.

He's standing there but he's climbing a mountain.
Not even reading that book that had the golden fountain.
Was that a shameless plug?
Would you rather read of slug the thug?

Next he had his hands to his heart.
I sat and watched and tried not to fart.
I think he could tell I was laughing to.
Cassie thought he had to use the loo.

Especially when he did the chair pose.
Why he didn't just sit on a chair, who knows.
But with his ass in the air,
I do not want to see the forward fold again at my lair.

I ran away rather swift,
When he did the halfway lift.
Next instead of robbing a bank,
He went into what they call plank.

Next was some locust thing,
Making him look constipated at our wing.
Then came the worst of all.
He tried to be a mutt at our hall.

Going into some downward dog.
He clearly has to have brain fog.
Especially with that leg high.
Does he really think it's going to reach the sky?

Next I had to spring back,
As he looked like he was going on the attack.
I figured he knew I'd do it in rhyme,
And thought me making fun would be a crime.

But instead he just stood there looking to lunge.
He never did take such a plunge.
Instead he looked more like a loon,
After he went into some crescent moon.

The next one looked like it hurt rather bad.
Half splits should not be done by a lad.
I don't care if you're a reverse warrior or not.
Chaturanga sounds like some evil plot.

I could not take it anymore.
So I ran across the floor.
And darted under the nearest bed.
Now I have to get those images out of my head.

Yes, Pat went all yoga nut on the cat, he even got that stupid mat. But at least I can tear that up and have some fun. Although the next time I see him doing it I am just going to run. We shall see if he becomes a bendy mass or just continues to scare my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. It is just no fun when one is out of sync
    One acts the fool others enjoy the scene
    Getting to grips
    On the 'mystery' trips
    Even raging mad will not mean a thing


    1. Some can enjoy
      Others are coy
      But away we go
      With quite the show

  2. I tried yoga once. It didn't take.
    Do they give beginner newbie easy classes, for goodness' sake?

    1. I suppose they do
      But I skipped right to the end at my zoo

  3. smiles...i tried yoga, we have a few vids around here somewhere...
    its best shared and after you are married, cause first off stretch pants
    can get scary then the positions...some are worth the price of admission

    1. haha that is true
      Watching some stretches in view
      Would be worth the price
      Although once married one may not find it so nice lol

  4. Yoga's older than you and me
    Ancient's found it quite a spree
    Like an accordion fold this way and that
    The things one can do on a yoga mat
    For two years running my mat caught dust
    My body also turned to rust
    But after a couple months of poses
    I can crawl around and prune the roses

    1. I can bend a heck of a lot more than I ever could
      No longer as stiff as wood
      Helps some I suppose
      Still have the same old woes

  5. Yeah, better warm up first,
    so when you stretch -
    nothing will burst!

  6. LOL I bet we do look ridiculous to our pets sometimes. :)

  7. This is one of the few times I guessed the ending
    Can I win some money for spending?
    A few of my coworkers enjoy doing yoga poses
    They say it makes them feel like a bed of roses

    1. No sure on a bed of roses at my sea
      But it does make me bendy
      A prize you say
      I'll mail one to your bay
      May not want to open it though
      Could smell a bit just so you know

  8. "I could not take it anymore," said the cat.
    How very funny, Mr. Hat!
    I have considered yoga where I'm at,
    but I'm afraid I'd go bendy splat!
    Take care,
    at your lair!

    1. Takes a while
      But soon you won't fall on the floor tile

  9. My mom got a yoga mat and never used it. Well except to hold up her TV antenna when it was rolled up.

  10. Once I hit the third paragraph, I realized it was yoga. That must look really confusing to an animal. Heck, any form of exercise must confuse them.

    1. haha yeah he doesn't know what the hell is going on at all
      Runs around and glares at my at our hall

  11. seems like you got a pretty good work out
    and stretched some of your joints
    maybe a new body you will have to flout?


  12. Love yoga, but should definitely be done in private! LOL

  13. I'd pull something bad, real bad....i think I heard a snap?

  14. While I will do yoga occasionally, I prefer Zumba. But I look like a fool equally doing both lol.

    1. lol well sometimes it is cool
      To just look like a fool

  15. Yoga? I'm just not bendy like that. Good luck to Pat.

    1. Bendy i am getting at my sea
      With my yoga spree

  16. Good for you, getting yoga-fied at your zoo!
    Even if it doesn't take away the pain
    some flexibility you will gain.
    Now Pat can be Gumby
    and Orlin can be Pokey!
    hahaha. Should have done that for Halloween..
    that surely would have been a scene.

    1. The cats give me a funny look
      when my girlie weights I lift at my nook.

    2. haha they want you
      To get rid of the weights at your zoo
      And use them instead
      Just don't lift them by the head
      Flexibility I have gained indeed
      The more it takes seed

  17. I tried yoga once,
    but when I started
    I got stuck like a dunce
    and then, my God, I farted.

    1. LOL well Pat does pass
      A bit of gas
      If he stretches to far
      At our bar

  18. Pawhaps Yoga Bare
    Over there
    Imagine the stare
    Golden shower
    Every hour

    Yes, it's me
    Smarter than a cat
    You say drat.....

    1. Pfft smarter than poop
      As you throw it for a loop
      Chowing on down
      You get that crown

  19. Pat sounds like he's drunk, and more than a sip! Unless this is written by Orlin who had a bit too much of the cat nip!

  20. haha...be careful not to knot yourself... a friend of mine makes yoga... it can get quite adventurous..ha.. but you know this already..smiles

    1. Yes it can get quite the scene
      As stretchy one becomes and oh so serene

  21. At least he isn't Yogi Bare...or Bear!

    1. hahaha yes there is that
      no naked rump in front of the cat

  22. Well good for you. I have been doing yoga and it really helps with the pain in my back and shoulder... although working on this computer doesn't help much.

    1. Yeah it stretches out the nerve crap
      Also I work waaaaaaay to much on the computer as I flap

  23. Yoga is not as easy as it looks. I'm sorry the cat was freaked. But for its master, yoga is a good thing. :)

    1. Yes, I suppose it is good for him
      Even though he looks dim

  24. Yoga is good Pat ~ And it helps or relaxes you, why not ~

    I am lazy to do yoga but I do have my pink rolled mat, smiles ~

    1. haha i don't want to do it and be lazy
      But have to stretch or I'll go crazy

  25. Does he wear a toga
    When he does the yoga?
    Guess he's not an old foga--
    He should sip a mocha!

    This makes not much sense
    But no one paid me a single pence
    If they did I would try to write
    Something that made me seem more bright.

    1. haha for pay
      I'd right much at my bay
      But since there is none
      I too give nonsense a run


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