A Saying Not Worth Displaying!

So way back when at my den, the cat stumbled upon a saying that he used for another displaying, and it spurred this post, with Betsy going on about it too at my coast. But it was all me, not her at my sea.

Not to mention...
Gets some attention.
For you may say it,
But out the words you will spit.

May I take a seat...
You ask as you greet.
When really you are going to sit,
No matter if they throw a fit.

I'm not supposed to tell...
But you still give a yell.
Such a blabber mouth.
Maybe your face will get a growth.

With all due respect...
Respect you neglect.
Going to say it any way,
Respect be damned at your bay.

Bless her little heart...
Means she is a slow fart,
Belonging on the people of wal mart,
Pushing a shopping cart.

Stays behind closed doors...
Means let's go do chores,
Out of ear shot,
And I'll blabber a whole lot.

Did you hear...
Then comes fear.
Whether you heard it or not,
You will soon be taught.

Waiting with bated breath...
Means you'd rather have death,
But are humoring them,
So they don't flem.

Can I have your blessing...
Well we are confessing,
I just went and did it anyway.
Whether or not you think it is okay.

No strings attached...
Means we aren't matched,
But what the hell,
Let's humpty hump for a spell.

Those are just some of the many that popped in as I gave them a spin. Humans always feeling the need to say such stupid things at their feed, when really they are going to do it anyway come what may. I won't let any of them come to pass and still wiggle away with my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. I'm not supposed to tell.
    But still they get to smell
    Something juicy
    Something fishy
    But it does not ring a bell


  2. i dont like to blabber a whole bunch while choring behind closed dooring, just saying, ha. i think at times we talk to make people feel better about what we are doing anyway, and well sometimes to hear our own voices as well...

    1. lol yeah blabbering there isn't the best use of time
      And they do just want to hear their own voices chime

  3. If English I did not understand
    Would I go out and literally beat a band?
    In a place where I worked once long ago
    A man with scant English, I told him where to go
    I said, "Please take a chair in the hall."
    And he did, thinking we're having a ball
    He lugged a big over-stuffed chair
    To the hall with the utmost of care

    1. lol that would have been funny to see
      Good thing it is known by you and me
      Or we'd lug chairs all day
      Not good for the back at ones bay

  4. What about people that say "no offense, but" - they're the real criminals
    Ok ok not really criminals, for I know that's minimal
    But when you preface something with "no offense"
    I'm not going ot fall for that, for I'm not that dense

    1. lol sounds like it's been said a time or two
      There at your zoo to you
      And agree
      They don't fool me

  5. Most of them are a hallow courtesy before doing something anyway.
    And here in the South, the full saying is - bless your heart, you stupid fool. (Only you don't actually say the last part.)

    1. Never heard the stupid fool part
      That might not bless ones heart

  6. Hahhahaha... I have said a few of those ones myself. Mybad!

  7. I'm with the optimistic existentialist/language is full of turns and tricks/my favourite one involves the "I'm not being racist, but..."/and yet out of his mouth all it comes out is racist smut! :-)

    Greetings from London.

    1. Yeah that one is just dumb
      You know they are going to be racist and then some

  8. I found this so funny, some of the words people use to preface something they know that they're asking cheekily or optimistically makes me laugh although I am often guilty of using them all!

    1. I think we all have used them a time or two
      But fun to sit back and give them a view

  9. chores can be a bore

    or a snore

  10. Asking for that seat is a must you know
    many people play the seat saving game
    as they wait for others to join their show
    seat saving game can be rather lame
    especially if you're the one saving the seat
    while the others prance around to their beat

    I once went to a show at a casino you see
    waited in line for two hours just to get a seat
    first come first serve was the golden rule
    when they start to seat, it wasn't too cool
    people filed back in the waiting line
    I'm afraid I was pushed too far behind
    seems they were able to save spots
    for up to four, put my stomach in knots
    no way I'd make it to the show floor
    heck, I couldn't even get to the door
    so squeezed into the bar for a view
    so unfair but, who would have knew

    a lesson learned that day, what more
    can I say waiting in line doesn't pay
    should have just hit the slots and played
    after the show first slot won a 50 spot..lol..

    1. lol your tale is caution to all
      When at a place like the casino hall
      Gambling with a seat you are
      Or sitting behind a far away bar
      If you be nice and stand in line
      Instead slink around like a feline
      Between legs and overs seats
      Then you can get close to the beats
      If others don't like it what do you care
      You are close to hear the music blare
      Then you have actually won
      Beat the house, what fun!

  11. If don't know what to say-
    smile or hum,
    and go away -
    if they keep the blabbing way.

  12. I couldn't agree more, humans say some darn stupid things...most of the time!

  13. nonsense talks.. :P
    specially during chores... :D

  14. People say them but never mean them

  15. These are good ones. 'How are you?' is another. People'd think you're weird if you told them how you are when they asked. I think you're just supposed to say, "Fine, and how are you?" to be deemed normal. :)

    1. Yeah that is the way
      At every bay
      When you hear them say
      How are you today

  16. We do have lots of sayings
    can be confusing at times
    but you managed to explain them quite well
    in your wonderful rhyme!


  17. I've said a few of those but there are a few that just don't make sense.

    1. Yeah a few are rather dense
      That many expense

  18. I like, "Can I ask you a question?"
    First of all...by asking that question, you're asking me a question anyway.
    Second of all, the question is nearly always offensive.

    Also, "Can you do me a favor?"
    Why ask that silly question? Just ask for whatever bad thing you want, first. No one wants to agree to doing a favor before knowing what it is, but forcing them to say no first makes them look bad. Hate that...

    1. haha those two are good ones too
      Both are dumb to ask at ones zoo

  19. Those are some odd sayings, indeed!

  20. At the end of the day
    I'll have my say
    To be honest
    You jest
    Not being funny
    Your bum in runny

    1. You want runny stuff?
      Wow your days must be rough

  21. With all due respect, Pat!
    Oh, I remember that
    funny sayings that leave you feeling flat.

    Here's another that just gave a thought....
    "you didn't hear this from me, but...."

    1. haha yeah but they will tell anyway
      So many of them people say

  22. Not to mention ...
    Haha silly indeed
    These sayings at your feed
    Good ones, Pat
    Who needs any of that :)

    1. Agreed
      Who needs them to take seed
      Just let it flow
      What you want to say at your show

  23. Waiting with baited breath
    That nasty old schnook.
    His breath smells like death.
    Like a worm on a hook.

    1. Did he do a wiggle
      A bit of a jiggle
      Made a wish
      Then gave gas to a fish

  24. Not poetic today, but this reminds me of a saying the Human has posted on the wall of her office:

    "Please don't take this the wrong way, but. . ." has a 100% failure rate.

  25. My father in law just said "bless his heart" to some woman about her husband on Saturday. I wanted to smack him for saying something so stupid. That's not something he would normally say, so it just came out all cheesy and fake.

    1. haha that would have been interesting to see
      You going on a father in law smacking spree

  26. "I don't want to be racist but..." is another one!

    1. Yep that is one
      As they go all racist under their sun

  27. Ah, "I am not supposed to tell" is often the lead-up to a VERY good story told by someone who should NOT be trusted with secrets. LOL.


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