Cat VS Ninja Wannabe Today At My Sea!

So when Buy My Books came to pass by the thing with a hand up its ass, the ninja wannabe said his mini me would win at his tree. The cat had to put that to the test. We all have to know who is the best.

Once and for all,
Here at my hall,
We shall see,
With this spree,

Who is tops,
And who flops.
The puppet vs the cardboard thing,
Any bets at your wing?

One has no ass.
The other wears the pajamas of a lass.
One is large,
The other small, but has a mighty charge.

Can itty bitty,
Win out in this ditty?
Or will helping hand,
Burying him in the sand?

I guess you can hit play,
And find out today.
If you aren't insecure now,
You may be after this meow.

So what do you think? Did the fight end the way you thought at your rink? How does this relate to insecure you may ask with my little video task. Well it is simple as can be, don't take yourself so seriously. If you don't have some fun, you may still get things done. But it will drain you and make you hate it. Who needs that shit? Mini Ninja Wannabe sure doesn't need crap to come to pass. He has plenty of that after being buried in the litter box of my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Interference!! LOL!

    The song reminded me of 'nothing but the dog in me,' an old song from the 80s. Which, of course would be inappropriate considering this blog is about cats...but still that's what came to mind. :)

    1. Hmm not sure I've heard that one
      Will have to go give it a run
      You never knew it was a tag team match at my hut?

    2. George Clinton Atomic Dog. It doesn't sound the same, it just reminded me of it w/the deep sound. :)

    3. Not a bad one
      But damn that video is ancient under my sun

  2. I am still trying to dig Mini-Alex out of the cat litter...
    Pat, thanks again! Had to watch the video again. Really, really funny. Appreciate you taking the time to make it.

    1. haha he's in there good and deep
      Had to do it so there was no weird ninja type leap

  3. hahaha poor ninja wannabe in the litterbox, awesome

  4. I'm loving these puppet videos Pat, always funny and brings me a lot of joy.

  5. I was just waiting for that interference to happen, I'm surprised it took as long as it did! LOLOL

    1. Oh what a little editing can do
      Makes it seem like it took a minute or two haha

  6. Is the Ninja Wannabe bitter
    Buried deep in kitty litter
    Keep wiggling toes to beat the band
    This feels just like swamp quick sand

    1. Getting deeper
      Up to his peepers
      Things head south
      When he gets kitty litter in his mouth

  7. Ninja Wannabe takes on the cat
    well just look at that at his mat
    all at the hands of Pat Hatt
    cat using his head like a bat
    my, you are looking rather flat..
    as he made you go splat

    too bad you were buried in litter
    could have been sparkling glitter
    as you dance to the funky beat
    trying to get back up on your feet...

    too funny when Orlin came to play
    that made my day.....

    1. Cassie watched from the fridge top
      Orlin's eyes went non stop
      He could not take it anymore
      He needed that string at our shore
      So he grabbed the ninja wannabe
      And buried him in litter than had a pee
      Then he trotted off with the string
      Not really, as Pat wouldn't let him have it at our wing

    2. I caught Cassie on the frig enjoying the digs
      while Orlin had to check out that wannabe rig
      one needs to have fun & things will still get done
      wishing you a great day under you sun..

      you know the song has a catchy beat...
      which was kinda neat...

    3. haha you know it's all about fun
      Under our sun
      And it does have a nice beat too
      Hope you have a good day too at your zoo

    4. Fun under the sun
      Hmm let's give that a

    5. haha off to bora bora's sand
      Some fun there would be grand

  8. Kind of caught me off-guard a bit
    Didn't see the cat coming - but I should have foreseen it
    Beautiful cat for sure
    Love the spots on her fur

    1. haha you just never know
      What will show
      Here or there
      As even the cat gives a blare

  9. smiles....dont take yourself too serious is some great advice for life, and a way to relieve some of the internal strife you can face...haha....def some funny bit in it, buried in litter, thats the sh---its pretty cool what you do cat---you got the goods, and thats where its at

    1. haha buried in litter makes him sh** outta luck
      Or if he likes that thing maybe it won't suck
      Could be sh** in luck in there
      And yep have fun at ones lair

  10. Ninja is so good he's super thin

    could hide with a grin

  11. Not a fair fight
    Alex fought with his might
    but got tagged teamed
    which really gets me steamed
    Sending the Ninja to the box
    doesn't change that Alex still rocks!

    1. haha old one eye
      You just like that ninja guy
      Because he wears a mask
      That sorta blinds him to the task
      Of your cyclops look
      So he is nice at your nook hahaha

    2. Still picking on my eye
      just trying to make me cry
      don't you know, I don't care
      stop trying to divert from a fight that's not fair!

    3. haha boo hoo
      Cry at my zoo
      Fighting isn't supposed to be fair
      If so, it would be legal everywhere
      The cat just wants to win
      So out goes the ninja wannabe into the litterbin

  12. It was a tag team really?
    Winner takes all happy
    Got shoved
    from his perch
    That's the Ninja wannabe?


    1. The ninja wannabe is in the litter
      But he isn't bitter
      Just smells a bit
      Something like ummm it

  13. So this is what happens when a Ninja Wannabe "litters"?
    A prospect that guarantees even Alex the jitters.
    The lesson here is all too clear.
    Don't goad the cats and you've nothing to fear.

    Awesome song!

    VR Barkowski

    1. haha yep, stay on the cats good side
      And you won't get a litter tide

  14. It was the Ninja Fall down at your stall
    So sad, so blue, maybe next time - adieu

  15. Your cat has such beautiful markings. :)

  16. I guess the real cat couldn't let the puppet steal all the limelight. Nice little cameo there ;)

  17. A fair fight no
    think you should give him another go!

  18. Take that you Ninja Wanna Be!! You wanna piece of me!!

  19. What a beautiful cat. I think the ninja lost this round for sure.

  20. There uis little Ninja in all of us!

  21. I will always bet on the cat.....LOL.

  22. orlin N cassie....

    DOOD !!!!!!

    nice ta see ewe final lee....ya look WAY better in purrson than on ...paper...??? AND de camera did knot add ten pounds....speekin oh foodz...we helped R selves ta sum stuff outta de fridge...hopes itz oh kay !!

    1. Sure okay by the cat
      Maybe not by Pat
      But who cares about him
      He'll never notice, he's a bit dim

  23. Ha! I can't believe I just spent two minutes and twenty-four seconds watching a puppet cat whack at Ninja wannabe. Too funny!

    1. hahaha which is worse to do
      Me making it or it being watched by you? lol

  24. Oh, what a fun way to end my day.
    Seeing Orlin crash the movie display!
    Looks like he ate the ninja's legs.
    Now the little head is left his life to beg.
    And good job keeping your head down under the table this time! lol....

    1. haha my head popped up a bit
      But I just edited it
      Away it went from view
      Orlin and Cassie wanted to play too
      Of course one just watched from afar
      The other was a wrecking ball like a car

    2. Cassie's such a girlie girl!
      She didn't want that thing touching her fur! haha.

    3. haha that is very true
      if it touched her she'd clean the spot for an hour or two

  25. Music, puppets, and rhymes? You've been busy :) Glad to see you're still having as much fun as ever!

  26. Mini-Ninja on a string
    Time to sing
    That thing
    I Was Seeking Gary
    Aint that scary
    Puppet cat
    Have a spat
    Mini-Ninja dude
    Totally crude....

    1. Crude in the poop box
      Over his socks
      Poor little guy
      Can't get out on the first try

  27. Only you, Pat. Only you. Enjoyed your creativity.

  28. Loading my bookmarks with videos by you
    One day I'll have internet access at my zoo
    That allows more bandwidth than now
    So I can see what's making everyone say wow!

    1. haha crummyinternet at your zoo
      That just does not do

  29. Ninja wannabe from one side,
    and from other - white ghost BOO!
    Anyway, he is in litter box -
    Nice song, the words ,the rhythm - class!

    1. White or ninja he's in the box
      Buried deeper because of a sly fox

  30. Well, not much of a fight for the poor mini Ninja. I knew you'd one day have to join IWSG :)


    1. haha I joined for fun
      For aw hile I'll give it a run

  31. Loved your words. Not too much of fight....

  32. It's your message at the end
    That makes me say, "Amen!"

  33. It looked like a typical David and Goliath story until an even bigger Goliath entered the scene!

    1. That Goliath will not lose
      He made all have the blues

  34. Made me think of tiny airplanes and King Kong
    And I'm still groovin to that song


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