Don't Budge As You Go Before The Judge!

So we did the judge a while back. Now let's go on the plaintiff attack. They are some strange folks indeed. At least the ones all about the greed.

 First we have the bubble popper.
You better call a crime stopper.
Pop my bubbles and I'll sue,
Because you made me turn blue.

Then there is the screamer.
They are more than a day dreamer.
You made my ear drums blow.
I want damages wrapped in a bow.

 Of course there is the pooch.
Who all say is as big as Hooch.
He tore a hole in my pants.
I need them fixed before they house ants.

Then there is the drunk.
Who got into quite the funk.
They can't remember what they did.
But they still want to get their bid.

 Here is a double feature,
With this elusive creature.
The streaker and the druggie.
He ran off with your buggy.

 Then oh no!
He ran over your toe.
Before crashing it into a lake.
What? My story isn't fake.

You hurt my eyes.
That was not wise.
Your public display of affection,
Caused me pain and suffering from your erection.

See it is right there.
All you have to do is stare.
Then you got physical with me.
That did not cause me glee. 

 And you need to be sued.
You ripped off the jolly fat dude.
Ruining Christmas for kids everywhere.
You forgot the beard and did not bring a spare.

Finally you have the dummy.
Is that the guy from The Mummy?
Nope, but which one is the dope?
Neither of them have any hope.

There you go. In a weird way you got the plaintiffs that decide to show. Did you know they don't even lose anything on those shows? No matter if they killed their neighbors favorite crows. They each get $5000 bucks for being on there and whatever is granted to them for their legal affair, gets taken out of the others pay. So with $10,000 you could walk away. Want to make up a fake fight and get some dough? I'll come and step on your toe. Then we could get paid in mass. It sure works fine for my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Cat is in mighty fine form today
    I laugh out loud at his say
    Condo on the beach, can an erection hurt
    Take some time do the flirt
    Plastic bubbles as they go pop
    Sounds like a raid, make it stop
    Sue your neighbor, be danged if you do
    He's also the judge, joke's on you

    1. haha that would suck
      Be crap outta luck
      Sue the judge
      And you'd be turned to fudge
      Smushed beneath his feet
      The beach condo can't be beat

  2. More like making some dough on the sly
    Not quite clean does not seem that dry
    Does it matter
    some does matter
    May even turn out to be 'a do or die


    1. Yeah on the side
      Loose all pride
      Take em for a ride
      Until things collide

  3. Everybody wants to sue these days.
    Didn't know Bull had a puppet of himself.
    And my first commenter today wins for first comment - very funny.

    1. See all have a puppet of themselves these days
      The ninja wannabe needs to join the craze

  4. A friend of mine was watching Judge Judy one day last week
    Hearing her voice makes me shriek
    BIlly Bob in Bad Santa is more my style
    Haven't watched that for a while

    1. Wow you can shriek?
      You may not do well in hide and seek lol

  5. Replies
    1. My sentiments exactly Mary!!!!!! Mmmmmmm Mmmmmmm GOOD!!!!!

    2. I'll leave that to you two
      There at your zoo

  6. ha the screamer is an arch enemy of me....the high pitch is sure a (family friendly word inserted here)...if you ever want comedy go spend a day in court, its a hoot that is for sure.

    1. Family friendly from you?
      What? no ass or poo? lol
      Yeah can be fun to watch the nuts
      Bitch over paper cuts

  7. Dear Pat, you are one of the "bloggers I would miss" and this is a blog post which eloquently shows why! jean xox

    1. The cat will be around a while
      So no need to miss my dial

  8. To sue or not to sue
    that is the question!!
    So many frivolous cases out there,
    hope to keep those who sue
    out of my lair!

    1. Yeah me too
      But all they'd get here is some cat poo haha

  9. I liked the first tim allen santa claus movie, didn't pay attention to the sequel, and the third one looks horrid.

    1. The first was great
      Then they went down at a steady rate

  10. I had no idea they got paid to go on those shows. What a crock!

  11. I still love Judge Judy. She's cranky and has had enough of people's crap. I knew they all got paid, but sure didn't know it was five grand! I could use that in my land!

    1. Yeah so could the cat
      I'll sue you then we can take the money and scat

  12. Crazy! Guess you don't really lose if you lose. Sheesh.

    1. Nope, may even make a buck
      So all are in luck

  13. Haha some funny reminders there. Ouch to the kick in the face.

  14. Loud mouth broad comes to mind
    When it comes to Judge Judy,
    I'm being kind.

  15. So many utterly nonsensical cases out there!

  16. Looks like they are all a few cans short of a good case!

    1. haha but they still get paid
      I guess some cans they had to trade

  17. Bad Santa is one of my favorite holiday shows.
    But what's wrong with you and Adam thinking The Santa Clause blows? I love them all :)

    1. Hmmmm two against one
      Halloween Nazi's have such bad taste under their sun

  18. I had to stare at your lair
    That boxer is high in the sky
    How did he get like that
    And why?


  19. Replies
    1. Don't like the screamer?
      Rather have a day dreamer

  20. Don't let no one stop on your toe-
    Just smash them with the paw!

  21. orlin N cassie...we can trooly say if sum stoooooooooopid damn crows came up ina court case in TT, we wood bee held in contempt for total dis ree gard oh de stoooooooooooooooooopid damn law that put de stoooooooooooooopid damn crows ther in de furst place....sorree...we had a stooooooooooooooopid damn burd moe mint ther...hay, heerz two a grate week oh end :)

    1. haha you'd make the crow eat crow
      This much we know

  22. It doesn't seem...ethical to fake fight.
    Though using the term ethical for a 'court show' doesn't sound quite right.
    Okay, we'll have it your way -
    I'm in! Let's begin!

    1. Sounds like a plan
      Seems many are a fan
      Ethics in court
      Haha about the same as sport

  23. Oh my, that's just what I must do.
    It seems I've simply gotta sue.
    Something dear's been taken from me,
    Which I'll never again enjoy or see:
    Yes sirree, it's God's honest truth;
    Someone's absconded with my youth!

    1. hahaha but who will you sue
      For making such a thing come due?
      I'm not sure if it is true
      But you could always use super glue

  24. wow, what a scam you relay
    I'd be willing to do it any such day
    to earn a little more coins in my bank
    and help fill up the gas tank


  25. The People's Court
    I'm here to report
    Is suing Judy the Judge
    Such a ridiculous grudge
    Sue you later

  26. Had a feeling these people got paid
    Just to stand up and say what they said
    Lies all around
    Mores the fool watching, waiting to astound.

  27. some of these are really funny and the Santa is ok for Christmas lol

    1. haha okay for christmas time
      Otherwise as scary as a mime

  28. Oh I am
    very late, but I still can
    leave a comment so I will be
    the girl with the longest streak
    with thee.
    How did I miss this?
    Friday must have been crazy. :)

    1. haha you must have been out and about
      Forgot about your shout


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