Glitch Of A Witch Part Sixteen. Zombie Betsy Is Queen!

We decided it was best to run away and live to fight another day. But before we could turn to run along came Thinkingcap, the ass, and we knew this was not going to be fun. Freaky Betsy and her zombie horde were coming from one way and Thinkingcap was coming from the other with her donkey like display. They began to squabble over us to. But then this was nothing new.

"My zombie horde will tear you apart. Touch my spoils and you will lose your heart."

"They will all see clearer being stuck in my mirror."

"Drazin would rather not watch a freaky cat fight, no offense, Fleabags."

Freaky Betsy commanded her zombie horde to come after us, they moaned and slowly waded through the dead WorqueenDan puss. They were lead by Gloria and Brian. I knew the gawker liked back woods fryin. But would he really eat a cat? I was not going to find out and was prepared to squash his mohawk flat.

"Drazin still blames you fleabags for all of this."

"If you weren't such a godly mook, we'd have been out of here ages ago."

"Time to die. I'll chow down on your eye."

Freaky Betsy wanted to eat my eye? We had to make her die. Thinkingcap just neighed and raised her front legs to the sky. She must have a big rump as she didn't raise them very high. We were surrounded on top hard candy by her zombie horde and then we heard the sound of someone pulling a rip cord.

"Bryan, what do you call a flying drunk in the rain?"

"A beer in a shower?"

"Damn, you finally got one!"

"Drazin thinks Drazin is going to be sick."

Yeah, the beer guys were parachuting down from the sky with Thinkingcap giving them the evil eye. It looked like it was raining to, but then we heard from another and saw it was really drool that was coming due.

"Annnneeeeeeeeeeeeee. It is bad enough I was reborn through their ass. But now they are drooling on me."

"The whiny blue freak is back, along with the Irish and a couple of beer idiots. Drazin really can't catch a break."

Everyone continued to look up, astonished at Terry, Theresa and Rosey, the three headed pup. That is when Anne gave an evil smile and turned some sort of dial. She held some electrical looking box in her hand and kept smiling as she dropped into candy land.

"Stay off the ground, eejits."

The box hit the ground and electricity flew everywhere. It seems the puss of dead WorqueenDan was conductive at the candy land lair. The zombies, freaky Betsy and even Thinkingcap the ass all screamed like a little two year old girlie lass. They then melted into puddles of goo like the wicked witch. Poor Brian and Gloria were casualities of freaky Betsy's high pitch. But I guess you can't save them all. And now all that remained were the good guys at the candy land hall. Thinkingcap's mirrors busted and all were free. Too bad the ground was full of puss and goo, it was so nasty.

"Annnnnnneeeee, I think I got some of Freaky Betsy on my shoe."

"Brandon, what do you call zombie on a shoe?"

"Zombie shoe?"

"Dead foot."

"Drazin has to get away from these lame people."

"I agree, Demon."

The three headed mutt stood drooling behind us while Drazin, Pat, Anne, Old One Eye and The Beer Guys stood in the land of goo and puss. Cassie and I remained on top hard candy, getting our fur full of that would not be dandy. Then a glowing sphere appeared in the sky and as it began to float down we hoped it was not going to make us fry.

"Drazin is so sick and tired of this place. Drazin demands you take us home."

"Bryan, is he talking to himself?"

"Maybe he is hard of hearing."

They all shut up, even one eye, who wiped the drool off of herself from the three headed pup. We just watched the glowing thing fall closer and closer to us all, hoping it would be our ticket out of this hell hole and back to our hall.


So is this the end? Or another beginning of some new trend? I guess we will have to wait and see. At least we no longer have to deal with freaky Betsy. RIP Brian and Glory Dear. I try to have sympathy for you but you did try to eat my rear. Now another edition has come to pass. We shall have to wait and see what is next for my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Freaky Betsy, strange and really freaky. Tragic ending for many.

    Love the flow.

  2. Thankfully she isn't a Zombie Betsy Wetsy,
    How could you ever sell her on Etsy?

    1. That would be nasty too
      No wetsy-ing at my zoo

  3. It's hard to see your way back home
    When once you find it's time to roam
    Fighting demons by the score
    While thinking on your own front door
    Like Dorothy maybe enough being said
    It can happen from a bump on the head

    1. A simple bump
      A magic lump
      A strange hump
      Piss off a grump
      All can lead
      To a new feed
      Even doing the deed
      So away you should speed

  4. Of course this isn't the end. It has to be the beginning of a new trend. Poor Brian and Glory.... RIP

    1. haha oh I'm sure there will be more
      That comes to our shore

  5. B & B are gonna love that beer in the shower joke. Well done!

  6. Such suspense, and I sure hope for their sake that the glowing thing is a ticket back home. :)

    1. Yeah lets hope indeed
      Or your head might drool on it like a weed

  7. why do i always got to be the victim...freaky betsy, ha,,,,high pitched keeling def is the thing at least i did not die alone and gloria was there, clicking my heels saying there is no place like my lair, there is no place like my lair.

    1. It was your twins fault
      This time at my vault
      Last time you were just mean
      All super bad guy gawker on scene
      Click away
      You'll survive one day

    2. If he's wearing ruby slippers, something is wrong
      with this song.

    3. haha don't want to go over the rainbow
      In a ruby glow

  8. Replies
    1. haha you were freaky zombies after all
      So had to bit the dust at my hall

    2. haha poor glory dear
      too busy in the dirt I fear

    3. So first I was bury,.and then im a zombie and die and thats all!

    4. haha poor poor you
      Make in the dirt you zombie in view

  9. How can I be queen
    if I died in your writing machine?

    1. lol you may come back
      And go on the attack

    2. Back from the dead, Pat?
      Zombies are good at that. ha.

    3. That they are indeed
      A resurrection could take seed

  10. some characters have to go

    for the drama of the show

  11. Ha! We may be idiots (or eejits), but at least we didn't step in conductive puss and melt into goo! Workingdan just ruins everything, doesn't he?

    Oh, and that "flying drunk in the rain" line is gold.

    1. haha yeah at least you have that going for you
      As you fall from the sky while the rest get melted in goo
      All WorqueenDan's fault indeed
      At the candy land feed

  12. The three headed mutt is no more
    At least we're not bothered like before
    Stay put for the few
    Not melt like a glue
    So we can just cut out all the horror


    1. Cut it all out
      As they shout
      Melted to goo
      Left are a few

  13. Replies
    1. Just don't bite
      Or you may lose your head one night

  14. Is Betsy really and truly dead
    Or will she come back like Jason Vorhees and cause a lot of dread??

  15. Poor Brian and Betsy having to go out like that
    Too bad they didn't first get a good swing in at the cat.

    1. Could never get a chance to eat me
      Here at my sea

  16. now tell me who shall i run dVerse with if you do such things with smiles

    1. haha will have to get a help wanted sign
      All thanks to the feline

  17. We voted for a zombie and the eye had it!

  18. orlin N cassie...dont stop de storee ther...we just got settled on sum ree clinerz chairs with a few ham samiches N sum friez and argumints bout who N what de glowin thing iz...

    1. haha we will continue one day
      Sooner or later at our bay

  19. Replies
    1. Yep, dead as a door nail
      No more freaky Betsy wail

  20. I would be a great zombie but a better demon. Dead

  21. "Freaky Betsy and her zombie horde..." As if she didn't have it bad enough with a numb tongue. And then you killed her! So sad.

    1. haha well the numb tongue is true
      At least she can deny this one at her zoo

  22. Death by electrocution.
    Actually, they could be revived by electrocution, as well.
    It might be a little difficult, what with them being piles of melted goo.

    1. haha goo may not be able to come back by that
      But maybe ice or kitty litter could reform them at their mat

  23. Zombie on a shoe: Dead foot. I like it

  24. Wow that was a tail
    That sure didn't fail

  25. The beer guys should go on the road with their dead foot

  26. Replies
    1. i may have to run
      Or get the ghostbusters to come under my sun

  27. Too bad for the casualties ~ Well someone has to be the hero to everyone ~

    Have a good night Pat ~

  28. I feel a bit dizzy after your tale of adventure and violence,
    But I followed it and enjoyed the suspense.

    1. Glad you followed along
      As i went out there something strong

  29. Stuck in your mirror?!
    What the horror!!!
    And just wait and see,
    who will be next after Betsy and Bri...?
    we can get the cat for that,
    make him dread...

    1. Pfft you can try
      I'll just throw dead person goop in your eye lol

    2. Oh-ho-ho! Someone for sure
      stuck in the mirror
      rare rage rate far from zero!
      How about the pillow..
      Don't fight, Good night,
      Cat, the super hero :)x

    3. haha that is better I suppose
      No goop to cause you woes

  30. We think brains would be more filling than eyes!

    1. That they would
      But both are scary in my hood

  31. Another super adventure at your lair
    this tale gave me a bit of a scare
    as those zombies do like to stare
    beer in the shower joke told with flair
    that had me laughing, I do declare
    stuck in a mirror, combing their hair
    hope there wasn't too much glare
    perhaps,they all can be repaired..
    the cat may need to beware

    1. They may come back
      On the attack
      o try and eat us all
      At our hall
      The beer guys may go first
      For their joke burst lol

  32. It's getting spicy now, Pat please take a bow. I love this series, as I point out every single part haha.

  33. Its getting more bizarre , that queen that exploded , i think i saw something like that one way back from home. She staggered out from a pub and collapsed in the street, she vommed up. It was a nice sight to see , the bus stopped at a red light for two minutes, so it was a real horror film.

    1. Blah I'd have to look away
      Bother my ocd any day

  34. one ends, but another will begin..
    always like this at your shore..
    there's always more :)

    electricity flew everywhere
    really :P

  35. I think I see a sequel in the wing
    Brian and Betsy coming back for a fling
    But not the kind
    That first comes to mind
    I think they might throw
    A bit of poop for a really good show

    1. haha throwing crap
      Across the map
      We shall see
      What comes next with this spree


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