I'll Toy With You A Time Or Two!

So dVerse wants the cat to toy around. But my toys are always found. You have balls on a string, balls that spin in some tack thing, tennis balls too and furry balls at my zoo. Toys for a cat, don't go gutter at your mat. I guess we'll ignore those as the cat might start curling toes.

Creepy crawlers can be made,
Those suckers you can trade.
They are sticky though.
Oh, and you can throw.

They're heroes in the half shell.
They are so green and swell.
100's on the table.
Nope, not a fable.

Kick the can.
I was a fan.
Kicked it and ran.
Not a flash in the pan.

Monopoly tycoon.
Still a loon.
I did not cheat.
All just suffered defeat.

Lego by the bucket.
Coloring can suck it.
I want the blocks.
Hurts when tramped on in socks.

Pots and pans.
I got no fans.
Was told to pack it,
Didn't like my racket.

Nintendo on the scene.
Mario is so mean.
Picking on the monkey,
Boy, he looked funky.

Jenga is up.
Damn that pup.
Her friggin tail,
Makes it a fail.

Rocks on a lake.
Give them a shake.
Away they fly.
Skipping to the sky.

Stuffed animals at the foot of the stairs.
They gave me evil glares.
But I jumped from the top,
Landing in them wasn't a flop.

They just popped in when digging into the past toy bin. Hey, beats furry balls I guess. Pat could really make a mess. He did not even have to clean up the toy mass. He had the life of my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. I can never get my head around/how many times a cat chases a ball on a string, both up in the air and close to the ground/tireless little monsters they can be/chasing after a ball that moves and flies like a bee! :-)

    Greetings from London.

    1. Yeah they sure seem to amuse
      As that ball they abuse
      And away they fly
      Following it into the sky

  2. Yesterdays toys you brought to mind
    Kids love all the action they can find
    My favorite one was tip the can
    Hit it hard and then you ran
    Hide away in a neighbors garden
    Eat fresh carrots I beg your parden
    Eat fresh peas they're yummy too
    Or help yourself to a honey dew
    Sneak back in to whack the can
    This time hide in the neighbors van

    1. haha oh we hid all around
      Was hard to be found
      Never ate yucky peas though
      Carrots I'd give a go
      Then hide in the sawdust
      Buried unless along came a gust

  3. ha. we are all about the blocks as well, and our lego creations swell and swell, til wall to wall and in every hall, just dont step on one, oh that is no fun, and we played kick the can in our land as well, so you collect the heroes in half shell? or did when you were a kid, that is cool, not my cup of drool, i was star wars all the way in my day

    1. Blocks wall to wall
      There at your stall
      Yep, turtles galore
      At my shore
      Was passed the star wars time
      That was a crime

  4. My cat never played alone. He always wanted me to join in the fun. Have a lovely weekend.

  5. I enjoyed Monopoly when I was younger, because then I at least had a chance of winning. Now my wife tromps me every time.

    1. haha the ninja wannabe is no good with fake money?
      That is kind of funny

  6. This makes me wish that I'll get some Lego for Christmas this year. To me Lego is fun no matter what age you reach, it's possibly sad but I believe it's true haha, love this post though buddy.

    1. haha a bit sad maybe
      But fun can be had at ones sea
      So lego away
      Night and day

  7. I remember my brother had toys everywhere, but I was pretty boring as a kid. Once I learned to read, all I ever wanted was books. I also had crayons - I liked to color.

    1. Well at least you read a ton
      Letting your brain have fun

  8. My nephew plays with Legos galore
    He's always wanting more of them from the store
    Monopoly is my least favorite board game
    I always lose and that's a cryin' shame
    The original Nintendo game though - that's a joy
    That crazy Mario - funner than all the toys

    1. Mario was fun
      To give a run
      And you always lose?
      Maybe the wrong piece you choose?

  9. Legos have become a huge hit and they charge an arm and a let for them. All they are is a little piece of plastic, and you are right they hurt like heck when you tramp on them.

    1. haha yeah but it's what you can do
      That makes them charge you up the wazoo
      And people buy
      Stepping in them sure hurts, no lie

  10. I really enjoyed monopoly & running about with my dolls ~ Good fun here Pat ~

    Happy Sunday ~

    1. Played monopoly a bunch
      Could always get through the credit crunch

  11. Loved this, Pat. Hope you didn't injure those stuffed animals when you jumped on them from the top of the stairs. Smiles!!

    1. They survived I think
      Some may no longer be able to blink

  12. It sounds like your cats have more toys than my kids!

  13. That sounds like our place, toys and fun scattered everywhere!

  14. I'm going to miss toys when the kids are all grown and moved out. Thank goodness for grandchildren!

    1. Can spoil them and send them back
      Easier at your shack haha

  15. I love Nintendo! Pokemon is probably one of the best games ever, but my DS sometimes won't switch on anymore so I should probably go buy a new one. Until then I'll just enjoy my Gameboy phone case yay!

    1. Pokemon is fun to play
      Just got the new one at my bay

  16. so you used the stuffed animals for a smooth landing...ha... did you try to fly down the steps like superman...? i'm glad they were there to catch you... we played rollerhockey with a ball or can... we took what we could get..smiles

    1. haha a can I've seen done
      It can be fun
      And yeah flew away
      Made for a nice cushion at my bay

  17. So many ways to amuse yourself, cat.
    Clearly, you're quite good at that.
    The cat here requires little for joy.
    A plastic bag is his new toy.


    1. Plastic bag can work too
      Except here we like to chew

  18. My childhood was full of Monopoly, too.
    And Sorry was a favorite at my zoo.
    Jacks were fun
    and a Slinky on the run.
    Yo-yos and baby dolls
    filled the halls.
    Played outside a lot.
    Hide-n-seek until we got caught.
    Red Rover,
    Freeze Tag til the day is over!

    1. Freeze tag was fun
      Red rover had to be done
      Although that isn't allowed any more
      To rough at ones shore

  19. Luigi is always sad

    being runner up can make you mad

  20. sounds like you had quite the time
    kicking the can with your feet
    monopoly tycoon, glad you didn't cheat
    that may have led to a life of crime (haha)
    one of my favorites was clue..it's true
    those suspects were quite the crew

    1. haha you had a clue
      Finding what they do
      Axe to the head
      Or dead in bed
      Crime you say?
      Could try that at my bay

    2. Listen up to what I say
      crime does not pay
      you'll be hauled to jail
      needing to post bail
      Perhaps. just pen a crime book
      make some money at your nook...

    3. Well crime can pay
      You just may not get away
      Then off to jail you will go
      So i'll take your advice at my show
      But get a good lawyer and you are set
      Although they'd take all your money i bet

  21. I must admit, I like to play with Legos
    even at my old advanced age
    some toys you mentioned are classic ones
    that can be played at anyone's stage


    1. That is true
      Can be played at any time at ones zoo

  22. I always liked lincoln logs when I was a kid but legos are fun too.

  23. Wow, you had lots of toys
    For you and the cat to enjoy
    Fun trip down memory lane
    remembering all the games
    I liked legos and monopoly
    Old fashioned toys are lovely :)

    PS. Who is R? Mystery followeR :)

    1. That they are
      and many at our bar
      R could be a he/she/it
      No one knows at their pit

  24. Many of those have been around my feet

  25. Balls on a string?
    Balls that dance?
    Balls that sing?
    Huh...mines' just in my pants.

    1. At least they are covered up
      And not floating in a cup

  26. I love reminiscing about my old toys. Though I never got into Lego because I thought they were for boys.

    1. Well it was fun
      Sure you had much else under your sun

  27. We are sharing a few games with a spree:
    Building blocks,
    Throwing rocks
    in the sea.

  28. I loved kick the can, but never could skip stones. Sounds like you had a pretty fun childhood!

  29. Know what my cats like to play?
    Any yarn I sent their way
    Even if I didn't share
    They'd find a way to shred the lair
    Oh how they loved when I crochet
    To them nothing more than time to play

    1. haha oh yeah I can imagine that
      String is like crack to a cat


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