Most Important Dates For You Here At My Zoo!

There are so many important dates out there that the cat has to just shout them out at my lair. With Christmas coming up and all. They need their date also shown on my wall.

First get your inner pervert ready,
Then some may drool steady.
January 8th is Male Watcher's Day.
Gawk at males on display.

January 23rd comes too soon.
It brings Measure Your Feet Day to each loon.
On February 7 be neighborly at your sea.
It's Wave All Your Fingers At Your Neighbor Day with glee.

February 9th can kiss my rear.
No Toothache Day is allowed to come near.
March 3rd though is grand.
If Pets Had Thumbs Day across the land.

March 8th I can do.
Bring on Be Nasty Day at my zoo.
But March 20th can stay far away from my rear.
Extraterrestrial Abductions Day gets no cheer.

April 2nd is Children's Book Day.
That sure works for my bay.
April 4th could also be fun,
When Walk Around Things Day is spun.

April 28th is kinda dumb though.
Kiss Your Mate Day at you show.
One whole day a year?
Is your mate a deer?

May 16th will get some love indeed,
As Love a Tree Day takes seed.
Hopefully it will factor into April 23rd's Lucky Penny Day,
And I won't see a bare ass humping a tree on display.

June 13th's Blame Someone Else Day will be great,
You can blame all for your fate.
Also first Friday the 13th of 2014.
Just an fyi from my scene.

July 14th will get, literally, a rise.
National Nude Day comes without a disguise.
July 31st you might not want to know.
It's Mutt's Day as they butt sniff to and fro.

August 27th they got lazy.
Just Because Day is kinda hazy.
And September 16th is the most thrilling of all.
Celebrate Collect Rocks Day and have a ball.

Those are just some of the many days awaiting you. Christmas just does not measure up now with them in view. Right? Can I get a might? Nope? I guess those days will just have to cope. No one will celebrate them in mass. Sorry E.T. you are not getting near my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Dec 2013, it's Friday the 13th
    Watch the date, it's rarely seen
    Is it unlucky
    Yes it can be
    Just try to avoid sticky scenes


    1. Bah just a day
      No bad luck more than any other I say

  2. Just Because day? I'll join the fray

  3. Cat you are a seeker
    Those dates sure are a sneaker
    I've never heard of one of those
    Knock me down with with a garden hose
    Many holidays from which to choose
    Pick one or all, you can't lose
    Add these to the list of regular ones
    And you're a celebratng fool, son of a guns.

    1. Much you can do
      Even Barbie in a blender day for you
      That one might be fun
      Set your inner murderer free under your sun lol

  4. I think I missed cake day which was in the 26th of November...I could have had cake without feeling guilty.

    1. But then you have to do all that work
      Baking it is not a perk

  5. see international man day was earlier this month,
    male watching, err. i guess i qualify
    as i dont deny the gawk to anyone,
    i do not check their buns though
    ha just the thought some wait for once a year
    to kiss their mate, what a miserable fate eh
    i might celebrate that today
    a couple hundred times.

    1. haha you could fit in
      Just butt looking may be a sin
      And yeah once a year is dumb
      Those folks sure have no hum

  6. You forgot April 1st, celebrate a politician day MOL!

  7. Children's Book Day is my fave, I'm all over that one too. We don't write them, but we love to read 'em. The Pat Hatt collection included. :)

    1. Me too at your zoo
      Yippee and a whoopdi friggin doo just for you lol

  8. Wow, so many important dates
    I didn't know existed at my gate
    now, if I can just keep them straight
    love a tree day will help the growth rate
    Children's book day, that one is great

    Enjoy your day at your far away bay
    I'll be here celebrating Thanksgiving Day!

    1. Hug a tree
      That would be thee lol
      And children's book day works
      Has plenty of perks
      Enjoy your day
      Down at your bay

  9. everyday is a holiday

    or so they say

  10. Male watchers day, enjoyed by all straights and gay as well. Love this, although you forgot January 26th in there buddy, my birthday!

    1. haha is that a national day now?
      That would truly wow

  11. I got Blame Someone Else day covered...that's every day for me. Nothing is ever my fault because I am perfect! :)

    1. You must have a nice fantasy land
      I hope it is grand lol

  12. Fun holidays
    you have at your bay,
    every day - could be one
    just name it, celebrate!

  13. Not relevant but I love the new layout/design. Stay awesome and rhapsodic

  14. i got the lazy :D and not only on 27th August :D everyday, all day long.

    1. Every single day
      Makes it less important at ones bay

  15. I've never heard of any of those!
    Some could certainly cause woes.
    You must have picked out the special ones,
    the ones that make us laugh tons.
    Isn't there a national rhyme day?
    You could really put that on display!

    1. Haha I'll have to make that up at my sea
      National rhyme day created by me
      Has a nice ring
      There were many more about this that and the other thing

  16. Since having four kids
    My feet have grown from a seven to nearly nine
    There's no justice in the world
    As I hear it chime

  17. May 16th, 2014: some idiot gets arrested for humping a tree.

    "No, no, I'm just observing a holiday. It's Love A Tree Day. We're in love."

    Police officers all go "awww," blush, and then let them resume their nuptial consummation.

    1. haha I would not put that news story past some nut
      They'd surely imitate a mutt

  18. There should be a Love Sharon day and everyone would have to cuddle with me and get me chocolate!

    1. Everyone has to cuddle with you?
      Even those that smell ewwwww

  19. you know... i'm just glad that national nude day is in july when it's nice and warm...smiles

  20. Are there really days for those things to celebrate,
    Or are they made up things to match a date?

    1. Nope, they are supposedly there each day
      Come what may

  21. Glad we have almost half a year
    before we get the dreaded Friday the 13th
    that day is one that is feared
    by some, but not by me.


    1. There is one next month first though
      But that is still in the 2013 show

  22. I'm going to have to remember Jan 8:) Happy Thanksgiving, Pat.

  23. What? No get out of jail free card day

  24. I think I want a "cuddle a rat" day. Not gonna happen, eh?

  25. Haha I hadn't heart of all these new dates
    I wonder if we celebrate them here in the states
    I know a lot of people who celebrate Kinda Dumb Day
    But when pressed for a name I'll just look the other way

    1. Yeah i now a few of those too
      So you heart them do you

  26. There is only one finger I like to wave at my neighbors. It isn't one the Fonz would approve of though.

    1. Hahahaha.... you must have some bad neighbors Theresa.

    2. haha he'd say sit on it
      And give them ummm spit

  27. Never heard of male watchers day but I watch for the mail daily

  28. You missed the best one of all
    January 22 at my hall
    We get to go back to the Wave
    All the red rock I can crave!
    (Better than your listed dates, too
    Something I actually want to do!)

    1. haha that isn't a holiday though
      There at your show


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