On The Case Out in Space!

So dVerse wants us to go all sci fi today at our bay. That the cat can do, easily at his zoo. Although they say the bar is tended by aliens today. If they are probing I will burn down their dVerse bay.

Aliens on planet Zilicka have been found.
They sure are not tall or round.
Their eyes are in their hands.
They can make new teeth from desert sands.

They can fly with some weird feet.
Their lips look anything but sweet.
They are a color we have never scene.
They look oh so very mean.

Grab a bomb and a spike,
How can such creepy things we like?
Lets drop a bomb on their alien head,
Then stab them to make sure they are dead.

Next we'll hunt them all down.
They won't invade our town.
They are so nasty and mean,
They would make our streets unclean.

Let's keep some alive though.
We have to see what makes them glow.
Strap them down and dissect.
They are no better than an insect.

Oh and by the way,
We will take over their bay.
There we can mine and find,
Things that will help human kind.

Not to mention make us rich.
But these aliens would make you itch.
Their evil stare would make your body glitch,
And they scream at a very high pitch.

We are so above them,
And their alien flem.
So we deserve it all.
Make them a trophy on our wall.

They were going to invade us after all.
We heard their warrior alien call.
They were coming here,
To probe us in the rear.

So everyone give a cheer.
We have saved our Earthly sphere,
From the planet Zilicka alien race,
Who were voted most peaceful race in all of space.

If the cat were an alien he would steer clear of this place. Humans would just dissect or blow up at a steady pace. If aliens are ever found it will be to blow us off our dirt mound. The wise ones will just stay the hell away and never show themselves at our bay. Beats having humans put them in the grass. That is all from my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. The aliens are coming, aliens are coming
    Make sure that we readily do something
    Hunt them down
    All over the town
    Never like them ever so mean and smiling


    1. haha get your gun
      Make them run
      Shoot them in the head
      Make sure they are dead

  2. Ah you are bored with zombies? Now you wait for aliens lol

    1. Zombies are all dead
      You went poof after trying to be fed lol

  3. The truth is
    we all but aliens...

  4. This is a good job Pat, cool to hear you talk about UFOs and what is out there, I guess we could say this is an "out there" post huh?

  5. Stay away from UFO stuff ~ Though I believe there is some life in other planets, I don't believe we should strap and dissect them or even profit from that ~

    Linked you in ~ Happy Sunday ~


    1. Yeah but that is what we will do
      Here at our zoo

  6. Aliens are only welcome here if they're on the television set
    And I't not even a fan then, unless they're ET
    Actually, I never saw ET
    I'm not a fan unless they're cute and friendly. :)

    1. Don't want them to come play,
      With their nice shiny death ray?

  7. That's right - the smart aliens wouldn't come near us. We are shoot first, ask questions later.

    1. Yep, they should stay far away
      From our earthly bay

  8. nanu nanu, i know i'd get some alien love from you,
    right up your alley, though lets keep the probes out the galley,
    and you know we humans will find a way to get into a war
    with whatever tentacled being happens to drop in.

    1. Yep, aliens had to come about
      As I give a sci fi shout
      We'd find away to blow them up
      All they'd have to do is spill a coffee cup

  9. Does this mean the cat feel alienated? he he

    1. haha alienated up my rear
      That I wouldn't want to feel near

  10. It must be fun to make a run on other lands and nations
    Perpetrators all have the look they suffer from constipation
    If your eyes are in your hands or maybe in the toes
    You'd have to look at snot all day if eyes were in the nose
    Do we think we're the big shots? Golly gee I think we do
    We love to conquer countries and make of them a zoo
    Take a stroll through history and what comes to mind
    Power makes for constant wars and peace is hard to find
    Our planet loves it's bloody wars and then it gets all cockey
    What will happen with a visit from the Annunacki ?
    As long as we still have peace, "Happy Sunday Morning."

    1. Maybe the constipation guys across the globe
      Really are in need of a probe
      the aliens are doing them a favor
      Bet it comes in a different flavor
      Cockey indeed over such crap
      If they come we'll go blow them off the map

  11. I thought we were to fear them
    coming to probe our rear ends.
    Now you say we're the mean ones
    waiting with knives and guns.

    1. lol well I'm sure there are mean ones too
      But nice ones we'll screw over indeed at our zoo

  12. The USA will save us
    there will b little fuss
    jump on the bus!

  13. I've always thought that if we ever find aliens they won't be little green men
    I think they'll be as sophisticated as us times ten
    But you're right, if they're smart they'll stay away from here
    Especially if they see the way we chug beer

    1. Yeah they'd be smart indeed
      Able to fly at top speed
      Going right on by
      Avoiding our sky

  14. I have seen aliens and they really are scary!

  15. Ouch... a probe in the rear is something I can totally do with out.

  16. aliens can never do any bad to cat..
    and to pat as well.. Cat guards pretty well

    1. Cat can save the day
      fart and blow them all away

  17. Have to agree sci-fi you can definitely do
    searching high & low for the alien crew
    they might be rather scary to view
    who knows what they might do to you..
    probing away, don't want that to come true
    might have to kick them with your shoe
    If they surface, a bad storm will brew
    to see who will win at their zoo..

    Power will corrupt the world & universe
    as we know it...

    1. Sci fi is easy at my sea
      As the cat has fun with E.T.
      Kick them with my shoe?
      Then it may get full of goo
      That won't do
      I'll hide behind you
      Then you can suck them into a black hole
      No more aliens will stroll

    2. lol - well, we did give that a run
      as we sent them into the black abyss..

    3. haha back into the abyss
      Then back to bliss

  18. Dropping a bomb on someone and then stabbing them to make sure they're dead seems a bit cruel!

    1. That is what we'd do
      Shoot first at earth's zoo

  19. imagine if Earthlings were the most peaceful in all space?

    that would be a disgrace

  20. I know every alien race is hostile and mean,
    The truth as shown in every movie I've seen.

  21. Awesome to hear the earth's been saved.
    Those aliens out there sound really depraved.
    But who will save us from ourselves?
    The cats? The UN? Some heroic elves?

    VR Barkowski

    1. Some elves would do the trick
      They could break away from old saint nick

  22. Aliens might be wary of coming around
    If they know how humans like to "stand their ground."

  23. Aliens have invaded your bay
    Looks like they are there to stay
    Cats with a glowing toe
    Trying to cause some woe
    Haha :)

    1. Bit the toe
      For my foe
      No probe
      Put them in a snow globe

  24. It does seem that way.
    But maybe we would surprise ourselves.
    Or maybe we are the peaceful ones.
    And just sitting ducks for the bloodthirsty ones amassing just outside our galaxy.

    1. We could very well be
      But I doubt it at my sea

  25. And it would not be our fault at all

  26. The guy who works next to me is convinced his girlfriend had an anal probe by aliens. And she wrote about it in a bio for her work, evidently. There are strange things and people no matter where you look.

    1. Wow, you better stay away
      They may come back one day
      And probe all who are near
      Cover your rear lol

  27. Well, you're a mean little cat
    I wouldn't treat them like that
    I'd invite them in for a nice little chat
    And serve them up a mousse made of rat
    And after some hours of this and of that
    I'd see they were weary and I'd roll out a mat!
    And THEN I might eat 'em if they looked juicy and fat.

    1. haha see you just toy
      Coming up with a ploy
      Instead of just making them dead
      Then going to bed

  28. The surest sign of intelligent life out there is that none of it has tried to contact us yet.

    1. Yep, that is a sure bet
      We'd just make them fret

  29. Aliens better run
    When they see our sun

  30. 3xs? Not sure I could manage once:)
    Congrats on the release, Pat!

    1. Not even on time
      Even made you post on the wrong chime lol

  31. I hope they don't ever make it here
    I certainly don't want to be probed up the rear!

  32. most peaceful race in space? of course we humans would extinct them!


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