Stepped Out Of Their Car "Win A PS4 At You Bin" And Into A Bar!

What is it with the bar? I guess it is where nothing is on par. So when people walk in they get made fun of easily at ones bin? There has to be a better place to go about such a race. The cat doesn't mind the easy one. But lets see if other places are just as fun.

Two guys walk into a morgue,
One looks like a borg.
They look at the dead.
Then one finds a little head.

Two dogs walk into a park.
Each of them have to bark.
They solve life's riddle,
If something bugs you, step up to it and piddle.

Two cats go nowhere.
Resting at their lair.
Everything they need,
The humans simply heed.

Two bloggers meet in an alley.
One a city slicker the other from the valley.
Sadly, it does not end well for the city slicker.
But the other blogger takes pictures to show as pop goes his ticker.

Two people walk into Walmart.
They each grab a shopping cart.
One for the front, one for the back.
Today clothes they kinda lack.

Two doctors meet at the shore.
They decide to explore.
But it is tough to come to pass,
As neither can't get the others head out of their ass.

Two kids meet at the loony bin.
They are happy to be let in.
They think it is dandy,
To get so much free candy.

Two women meet on Mars,
Tired of the bars.
But they still get the same view,
With Uranus coming due.

A married couple goes to a flick.
They come across a real dick.
The lass is excited though.
Those toys were overused at her show.

Two politicians meet, who cares.
They just get eaten by bears.
Saving the bear population one at a time.
Politician bear poop art is sublime.

See you don't need a bar or even a car. You can go near or far and things are still on par. The cat had to point that out. Now I'll go meet a trout. And like the bears it will come to pass, eventually, out my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Confined only to US and Canada
    There goes 'cos not near at any bar
    It's ok
    Maybe another day
    When you cast the net further afar


    1. I think that is to do with shipping
      Why other places don't get into the dipping

  2. Nooo..,well, yes, we pretty much make fun of anybody, wherever they are! But when you're TELLING the joke, it has to be at the bar, otherwise people won't recognize right away that it's a joke:

    A rabbi, a priest, and a minister walk into a bar. The bartender looks at them and says, "What is this, a joke?"

    1. Geez you like your bar
      What about a car
      Can go anywhere
      Bars are just overdone at every lair lol

  3. Wow, great giveaway. After Halloween last night, I want to hang out with those two kids at the loony bin

    1. haha they have good drugs
      But also a bunch of dressed in white thugs

  4. The interruption was funny.
    Walmart is such a scary place...

    1. Not scary up here
      You guys get all the cracks of a rear

  5. nice on the giveaway at your bay what a christmas present that would be
    woowee...i need to doa little more piddling today to mark my way, head in the ass its good that is not litteral that goes a bit further than piddle and cant imagine the smell, hell...bear poop art, that like Chanel coming out with Eau de Farte'

    1. haha you took that to a new level indeed
      Poop art I'd run from indeed
      And yeah never know
      A new ps4 could show

  6. No bars for me
    I'll stay home, if you please.

  7. I love the rhyme about the dogs in the park
    they're always trying to leave their mark
    My next favorite was the married two
    getting their groove on at their zoo
    then I got surprised by your contest
    I better win or I'll be pissed!

    1. What would a one eye do
      With a ps4 at her zoo
      Zoomba away?
      Or yoga thingy on display haha
      The dogs are always there
      Marking the same spot twice i swear

    2. I would yoga several times a week
      then Zumba until I tweak!

    3. haha I only yoga once a week
      You can keep zoomba at your creek

  8. This morning found me laughing out loud
    Afraid my hoots may draw a crowd
    Sorry Rosey, tiz all in fun
    Cat's perception praises run
    My education is not complete
    A student in learning, what a feat
    Double entendres I'm seeking new words
    Aware of new meanings I don't get with nerds

    1. haha poor Rosey had to get flack
      So easy to attack lol
      Always something to learn
      At every turn
      As away we go
      With a daily flow

    2. I often look for Manzanita's rhyme reply (they're always good too) but today I wish I would have just kept right on moving. ;)

    3. hahaha she was laughing with you
      At my zoo

    4. Laughing at, or laughing with... it's all the same.
      I like Manzanita. :)

    5. haha good thing you like her
      Or cat fight may come as you purr

  9. This is hysterical, Pat!
    You have nailed dogs and cats!
    I'll have to enter your giveaway later.
    I'm off for breakfast with a friend, Gator!
    At 4:00 today, I'm off to my bar ~
    I walk to it 'cuz it isn't far.
    Then I get to ride home with Terry,
    in case I've been a little too merry.
    Two little glasses of wine
    can put me up where people dine;
    or on the floor,
    Dez, don't give me more!
    Most times I'm far less interesting!
    Hope your weekend is Bora Bora questing!

    1. The pooch and the cat
      Easy to nail at my mat
      Enter away when you get chance
      Could do a happy dance
      If you win
      After getting drunk at your bin lol

  10. hard to believe the ps4 is almost here

    I still remember when the ps1 got all the cheer

  11. I never had a PS at all, dang!

    1. Missing out on the earlier ones
      New one may give you the runs

  12. Loved the read, pity the giveaway is refined to US and Canada.

    Have a good week-end.

  13. :o) A priest, a rabbi and a pastor walk into a bar, and the bartender say, "What is this, some kinda joke?" ;-)

  14. Pretty sure if you're going to do a giveaway, the PS4 is the way to go because everyone and their grandfather is going to want one this year. :)

    And lol at the bloggers...the winner would totally take a picture, and the loser might too. :)

    1. Yeah everyone will want that
      Here at their mat

  15. Replies
    1. Damn is right
      All over these should take flight

  16. A great giveaway in the middle of a rhyme
    You know how to make things exciting all the time!

    must check it out, a great prize
    better than a burger and fries


    1. Yeah way better than burger and fries
      You tell no lies

  17. A PS4? I think this must be the best giveaway I've seen!

    1. Yeah one of the best I've seen too
      So gave it a run at my zoo

  18. That was a good reason to interrupt the regularly scheduled programming! Great giveaway!

  19. These are way better than the old bar jokes. The best being
    "Two politicians meet, who cares.
    They just get eaten by bears.
    Saving the bear population one at a time.
    Politician bear poop art is sublime."

    Boy, if only...
    Just kidding. It would be sad for anyone to be eaten by a bear. However, I wouldn't shed tears to see many politicians removed from their posts.

    Also, also giveaway. Thanks for sharing! =)

    1. haha yeah I wouldn't be sad at all
      Maybe they can just get mauled by a bear at their stall

  20. Oh wow, a PS4 is exactly what I'd like right now, I'd love to win one, thank you for letting us see this Pat.

  21. Smart cats to stay in their lair and be waited on.
    Excellent giveaway.

    1. Yep, waited on is the way to e
      For each kitty

  22. orlin N casie...thiz bee a total lee way awesum give a way by a little bit of everything, yur dad N friends...THANX....N we hope like hell de bearz dinna end up at like "bear vetz" after eatin de....... politicianz... :)

    heerz two a grate week oh end, eat plentee oh pie !!

  23. I don't really grab the carts at Walmart before I wipe them down. I got enough worms at my shore, don't need anymore.

    1. I use my sleeve or my bag
      So I don't have to play touch the cart worm tag

  24. An entertaining post
    With a giveaway in the midst!
    You never cease to surprise
    Or cheers us with a prize
    Who needs a bar
    When you can go far
    Just as you are :)

    1. Cheers I like
      To give a hike
      Here at my bar
      No need for a car

  25. Ha ha! I would like to be one of the two bloggers who met in the alley!!!

    1. haha hopefully it is a nice alley
      Near some pleasant valley

  26. Pluto doesn't like when
    Uranus is coming due
    Goofy's thrilled with the big dipper
    Small asteroids won't do.


    1. Goofy must get chipper
      When Uranus is a stripper

  27. This is a fun day! Have a good weekend Pat!

  28. Will this one upload...
    I tried leaving two comments.
    where is the cyber police when you need them?

  29. I don't know why all jokes involve people walking into a bar
    I've often wondered about the from afar
    I may enter the giveaway
    So that I can win and play

    1. Win you may
      And play all day
      Yeah must be a drunk thing
      At the bar wing

  30. Look at you, going all giveaway at your zoo! Your giveaway is much cooler than mine. A PS4 is definitely divine!

    1. PS4 would be grand
      I won't go all giveaway much in my land

  31. I would give it away
    So my nephew would have a fun day

  32. What a fantastic giveaway and a wonderful post. Thanks for sharing both. I would keep it for myself. I have always wanted one!

  33. keep it for my husband and myself to play

  34. I would gie it to hubby and the kids.

  35. I'm the only gamer I know right now, so.....Yeah....

  36. I would love to give this to my family. I know my husband would love it.

  37. Okay, if we're being honest here, I would totally keep this for myself. I am a HUGE PlayStation fangirl and would really love to win this!

    1. Good to be honest as I'd keep it too
      Here at my zoo


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