Take Note And Prepare To Quote!

Quotes are here, quotes are there. They are every friggin where. All one has to do to get quoted throughout the ages is to write something either confusing or obvious on some pages. The cat can do it to. Let me prove it to you.

Cement when hardened is hard to change.
Doesn't that one have range?
Damn, I am good.
Put that on bumper stickers I should.

A flashing light means you better beware.
I'm on a tear.
Gears may shift but need to be greased.
Don't you feel like you just got fleeced?

Currents always go back out.
See no need to pout.
The window is only as clear as you make it.
So shine and spit.

Think on it and you'll never get off it.
That one is sure to be a hit.
The hallway is narrow until you find the door.
See, just go out and explore.

The blind sleep in their own bed.
Damn, sucks to be a fluoride head.
Originality is a poor man's excuse.
Kiss my rhyming caboose.

Oops, I talked to myself there.
I bet you weren't aware.
Talking to yourself leads to a conversation worth hearing.
See, now you are all cheering.

Garbage is a word the lazy uses for of little use.
Let all that garbage hang loose.
The temperature of the room can be swayed by the heart.
Gag worthy, I'll go pass a fart.

If the deck you're dealt is rigged, play with a new deck.
You just have to open them up to check.
A spinning ball has no beginning or end.
My, cryptic with this one I send.

A movie star is nothing more than plastic held up be diapers.
That outta get to those pipping pipers.
Although that was a statement I think.
Still in your head it can sink.

A cushion is only as good as the ass that rides it.
Was that dirty a little bit?
Fan the flames and the scars will show.
Maybe even down below.

There we go that cat has given quotes a go. Now when your great great grand kids repeat the cat you can say you heard them here first at my mat. That is if you can talk when dead. Otherwise forget what I said. Now my quotes have come to pass with my ever so quotable little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. I like, "The hallway is narrow until you find the door."
    Through hallway doors I do explore
    I especially like a wood hallway floor
    As I explore I can tap forever more
    But often we need to get down to the core
    My dancing feet might become a bore
    Find the door before my toes get sore
    And the hallway becomes a bloody gore
    Dance toward the door if you're rich or poor
    Open it up and away you soar

    1. Quite the tour of the floor
      That could be something of lore
      Who knows what's in store
      As you open the door
      Could be a chore
      Or a fight with a boar

  2. "Talking to yourself leads to a conversation worth hearing.
    See, now you are all cheering."

    Instant pom poms...finally someone who understands. :)

    1. Yippee,pom poms for me
      And do it all the time at my sea

  3. a cushion only good as the ass that rides it
    ha, i like it. if you want an intelligent conversation
    talk to yourself. ha

  4. Agreed, some quotes are cheesy
    Even confusing, obvious & easy
    The cat can write them best
    Better than all the rest
    The narrow hall has a door
    If you're on the right floor! :)

    1. The cat thinks that is grand
      The best in his land
      Away the ego will go
      Here at his show

  5. can the blind count sheep?

    when they can't seem to go to sleep?

    1. If they are good at math
      Sure they can follow that path

  6. A flashing light means you better beware
    A timely warning given but do people care
    A rhyming caboose
    They just vamoose
    Until realized too late it had been a scare


    1. Too little too late
      Such a fate
      At ones gate
      But many take the bait

  7. i think it's kinda true what u said about movie stars lol. some of them really are just plastic. i don't know about the diaper part, but they sometimes act like big babyes :D

    1. Yeah they are all a bunch of plastic nimrods indeed
      I'm sure some wear a diaper when in need

  8. Quotes and more quotes
    need to take some notes

    narrow hallways, opening doors
    to this I may have to explore

    talking to myself has been done
    thought provoking under my sun

    just give it a try it is rather fun
    best ideas are those on the run

    "the window is only as clear as you make it"
    spray the windex, then the view will be a hit

    the journey ahead looks crystal clear
    dry my tears and give three cheers...

    Thanks for the chat now I have to scat
    wishing a good day to Pat and the cats..

    1. As long as you scat
      And leave the cat a rat
      That would be grand
      Fill his tummy across the land
      And grab the windex and clean away
      So you can see a brighter day
      Or maybe fool a bird
      And they crash into it, how absurd

  9. The ass that rides it - not dirty, but won't tell you where my mind went...

    1. lol I can kinda guess
      So you are okay to confess

  10. what if the life as the spinning ball?
    how to stop and not fall? lol

    1. Bounce and play
      All through the tipsy turvy day

  11. Quotes can sometimes be
    for the bravehearted
    "I came to shit
    but only farted."

  12. It would be nice to be remembered for saying something profound, but usually people remember the quotes and not the one who wrote or said it.

    1. Yeah that is usually the way it ends up
      Not known if it came from human, cat or pup

  13. ha - maybe the grand - grand - grand kids will still quote the cat..and that cushion you know...ha..smiles

    1. haha three generations away
      That would make my day

  14. Ha, I am looking for that new deck.
    Maybe I should ask Santa for one. LOL.

    1. Santa may give you one
      Can't hurt to ask under your sun lol

  15. Those are funny, I hadn't heard some of those before.

  16. What if the new deck is rigged? I say leave the deck on the deck and go play Candy Land.

  17. What's really profound is the spinning ball
    Oh, and also the narrow hall.

  18. You spit first, then shine
    or the clean window won't be thine.

  19. I could think about these sayings for hours. Super deep, Pat! I love this post :)

    1. haha yeah just came to me
      Fun to be profound and crazy at my sea

  20. I really got a kick out of:
    "Cement when hardened is hard to change."
    And I loved:
    "The temperature of the room can be swayed by the heart."
    Well done, Kit Kat!
    I'm always pondering the workings of the human heart!

    1. haha got two in the mind of you
      What a rhyming cat can do

  21. Like Pat says this post is great, so many quote worthy things have been said here haha, really funny.

  22. I have always heard that talking to yourself is okay as long as you don't answer yourself.

  23. When I see a bunch of ratty ass cars with these quotes plastered all over them with bumper stickers, I am going to blame you for it!


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