Tomorrow Is Found At Your Ground?

You hear it every day as many people like to repeat it at their bay. Tomorrow is another day or some version of that is what they say. But that is a load of crap. I will show you why without rhyming lap.

Tomorrow it will come.
Unless you drink poison rum.
Tomorrow will be here.
Not if you die of fear.

Tomorrow I will cuss.
Not if you get hit by a bus.
Tomorrow will come around.
Not if you fall and whack your head on the ground.

Tomorrow I will clean my shack.
Not if you have a heart attack.
Tomorrow I will buy a car.
Not if hit by a drunk from a bar.

Tomorrow I'll learn to do this or that.
Not if a piano squashes you flat.
Tomorrow I'll do the work.
Wait! That one may be a perk.

Tomorrow my ship will come.
Not if you choke on a plum.
Tomorrow I will take a break.
Not if you drown in a lake.

Get the drift yet?
Aren't I a smart pet?
For there is no telling,
With your tomorrow yelling.

You can plan up the ying yang,
But tomorrow's bell may never clang.
A sudden turn and poof it's over.
Stands for human, cat or rover.

Chances are it will come,
For most not always drunk on rum.
But putting things off day after day,
Will get lost along the way.

Then that one tomorrow you decide to do it.
You get chopped up bit by bit.
All due to the path set out,
With which you did nothing about.

So why so much tomorrow,
When it clearly could bring sorrow?
Maybe it is just the life of a slacker.
Tomorrow I may give Polly a cracker.

Or the cat will just eat the bird today. See, so much better to do it here and now at your bay. Obviously you can't do everything in one day. There is just no way. But why let things sit? Are you a tomorrow person at your pit? But never fear for another rhyme is near. Being so far ahead one will come to pass, whether or not tomorrow is seen by my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. ha - we can start with most things today... there's a nice german saying -- morgen, morgen, nur nicht heute sagen alle faulen leute... means tomorrow often say those that do not really wanna do it...

    1. haha that is a good saying indeed
      And very true toward many at each feed

  2. As Shakespeare said,

    "Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow,
    Creeps in this petty pace from day to day,
    To the last syllable of recorded time"

    My motto is....never do today what you can do tomorrow!! So far it has worked. Smiles.

    1. haha glad it has worked fine at your zoo
      As long as tomorrow keeps coming due

  3. Tomorrow is definitely not promised to you or I
    So we better enjoy every second under the big blue sky
    In actuality, we're not even promised an hour for now
    For an asteroid could hit the earth and make us all go POW!

    1. Or a poop sickle could fall from the sky
      Hitting you in the head and you die
      You just never know
      Which way the wind will blow

  4. When I was once in sorrow
    I waited for tomorrow
    Tomorrow never ever came
    It was Today and just the rain

    1. Rain can make things grow
      What was once low
      Can now be high
      And away things will dry

  5. There's def. no tomorrow guarantee. I am a do it now and get it over with gal, but it seems like I still always have fifty bazillion things to do. :)

    1. haha yep, do it and it is done
      Same under my sun
      But things do stack up
      Need to hire a slave pup

  6. Tomorrow always comes for those who wait and don't drink poison rum.

    1. Or don't get hit my a bus
      Or stress out and make a fuss

  7. today is all we have, there is no other way
    we can not predict what might strike at our bay
    there is a satelite falling this weekend they say
    where it will hit they can not, imagine getting hit
    by a smoking hot piece of metal---it could,
    tomorrow is only what happens after today

    1. Yeah that would suck
      Be crap outta luck
      Metal through the eye
      Quite the way to die
      But then one could sue
      Like yesterday at my zoo

  8. if the cat eats the bird today

    they'll be no chirping until May

    1. Fine by me
      Birds annoy the cat as they sit in a tree

  9. Today is the day for following a dream
    Today is the day for taking in the scene
    Today is the day for letting your light beam
    Today is the day for paddling waters upstream
    Today is the day for embracing a new theme
    Today is the day for watching a new dawn gleam

    Tomorrow is not today, so live for today!

    1. Tomorrow is not
      Could go to pot
      So today one will due
      Everything for one or two
      As things run about
      And some may shout
      Or sway away
      All through the day

    2. swaying away across the bay
      now, that may be the way
      to sing or shout as they play
      caught in the moment of the day..hahaha

    3. haha as long as they don't get caught
      All hot to trot
      With their sway
      Throughout the day

  10. I hope tomorrow comes
    because the best part of waking up
    at my age, ole chum
    is actually waking up.

    1. I thought it was Folgers in your cup?
      Or did they just make that up?

  11. One day tomorrow will save,
    another - an enemy, I send it to the cave...

  12. So many reasons for tomorrow not to show
    Means today we should not blow
    Do the things that need to be done
    Then you will have the time for fun
    (man, that was really bad - too early)

    1. Hey it worked fine
      And true to the feline
      Do it now
      Then run and meow

  13. Tomorrow!
    I love you, Tomorrow!
    You're only a day away! ♪♪♪


    And...Orlin eating a parrot....seems like I just saw that illustrated yesterday! hahaha.....

    1. hahaha oh Annie
      Here voice scares my fanny
      And hmm it may be a subliminal thing
      Here at my wing

  14. I love tomorrow
    hope for tomorrow
    Tomorrow will float to the bay
    but if you saved today

    1. Two in one day
      At my bay
      Just in case
      Tomorrow doesn't come at ones place?

    2. Come,come,come
      with the hum! :)

    3. You're going to hum
      And beat the drum

  15. Thinking my ship may come in tomorrow, keeps my leaky craft afloat:)

    1. haha hope you aren't up shit creek
      That craft my have one nasty leak

  16. I love today very much ~ I hope tomorrow will come but this time
    is more precious ~ Have a good weekend Pat ~

  17. We aren't promised tomorrow. The time to do it is now.
    Except the work. That is indeed one perk.

    1. Yeah put off the work
      And you rhymed, that's a perk

  18. Think of today but dream of tomorrow....

    1. Dream of winning money
      Moving where it is sunny

  19. Tomorrow will always be there
    For one and all it's all to share
    But it never comes
    For those who want
    Lots of fun with all the glare


    1. Yeah it will come
      Pass the rum
      But we may not see
      Tomorrow if we go on a spree

  20. I like the way you think about tomorrow
    worrying about it sometimes just leads to sorrow
    its hard to live for the day though
    and enjoy the way the blessings flow


    1. True can be hard
      With crap filling up at ones yard
      But have to try
      Even when the crap does fly

  21. I think I will answer your questions, maybe tomorrow!

  22. Lovin' my life on the edge
    'cause tomorrow I pledge
    to be as good as gold
    not being controlled
    by "you know who"
    in my zoo!

    1. haha Mr. Orangey tries to control
      When you take a stroll?

  23. Our vacation days at work reset on Jan 1 each year, and I manage to take to take all 27 days of vacation by the end of March. Then I have to wait a very long time for another day off. But my reasoning always is, what if I die in June, and I HADN'T taken all my days? Then all those lovely unused vacation days will have gone to waste, LOLOL...

    1. hahaha wow look at you go
      But that has to blow
      None left for the rest of the year
      I always try to save a week for christmas cheer

  24. Wow this place is cool
    You really rule
    Hope I don't look like a fool
    And your cat doesn't drool

    1. He drools a bit
      At least he doesn't eat umm spit

  25. Tomorrow isn't promised to anyone
    Live for the now having lots of fun

    1. That is the way to be
      Swing from the crazy tree

  26. Tomorrow is Sun-day
    Just another have-fun day
    Tho the Human'll be out and about
    All I have to do is give a shout
    And she'll come running home to me
    Well, maybe--I'll wait and see.

    1. haha good luck with that
      Need a whistle at your mat

  27. Yesterday you said tomorrow.

    Usually this is enough to motivate me to get off my butt and get working.

    1. That I did indeed
      Did you get off your butt at your feed?

  28. Tomorrow is for people with no plan for today/as it makes every new venture more attractive and with better pay! :-)

    Greetings from London.

  29. The best thing about reading this cool post is that I know that I actually did survive until tomorrow, surviving Monday might be a different situation entirely though haha!

    1. haha can go back in time and see
      That you survived to read at my tree


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