Whoopdi Friggin Doo Goes For Another Clue!

Robbie Raisin, here today and something is off in blogland I say. So Whoopdi Friggin Doo is on the case, which is, Who Stole Captain Caption's Shoe Lace? The evil tyrant will have to pay. We accept all forms of cash at our bay.

Who would steal such a super heroes shoe laces? With captions he is off to the races. Now he has to wear slippers, I think. They may be women's shoes, but at least they aren't pink. Now on with the case. I will find the thief with grace.

Brian, where were you that night? Did you take them when they caught your gawking sight?

think its seedy, the overlords of retail are greedy. that was funny my eggs are no longer runny.

Hmm okay, you don't like to pay and no longer have runny eggs. You probably stole kegs. Truedessa, you did it didn't you? Admit you needed shoe laces at your zoo.

I'd rather sit on the beach and sweat, too hot jump in the water get all wet

Well I guess being at a nude beach counts you out. No shoe laces are needed about.Hank spill! You fit the bill.


Umm number three. Are you sad now because of me? Alex, it was you! I know it to be true.

Heck, I'd go through the gate. One of the best damn shows ever.

Damn ninja wannabe, still obsessed with TV. Manzanita it was you. Did you have some worm killing to do?

To kill off Santa sounds OK to me, Who cares if no presents around the tree

Good grief. You are a murderer and not a thief. Long name Optimistic guy. Come now, don't lie.

Damn we are soooo busted, Like stale bread that has crusted

Eww mold man. You just steal things from the trash can. Betsy, it was you I bet. Needing to feed each pet.

My tongue was only numb and not swollen, silly one.

A tongue fetish, okay. Let's move on I say. Adam tell me the fact that you did the act.

than a air-borne cow pie.

Playing with cows at your bay? Stay there while I slowly back away. Keepin it real, come over here and spin the guilty wheel.

You know what they say about dudes with big feet?

You looking at Captain Caption's feet? Or something else you think is sweet? Theresa spill your guts. You wanted them for your muts.

Nothing is a bigger turnoff for me than a man who is wearing cowboy boots.

You just felt you had to share? Well I don't care. Terry, tell one and all what you did with them at your hall?

run the other way, they are probably full of worms

I guess you get your exercise in, but cut back on the gin. Remembering Grace, get over here and admit to stealing each shoe lace.

Oh man, I am still so bitter about Lost...all that time and energy invested...all those theories...and then to have that awful crappy ending that answered nothing.

I did not say rant. Geez, I think my eyes began to slant. Rosey, come and tell the truth. Don't go blaming some old bitty named Ruth.

If I wiggle my eyebrows will you buy me coffee too? I love Tim Horton's.

Does this look like your blog? Whoopdi Friggin Doo does not give away free things, want a log?  Gloria it was you. You wanted to bake them at your zoo.

I love old cowboys style

Hmmmmm wow. Meow. Brian the cat, what can you say about that?

HA!!! Yippie-Kai-Yay Pat!!!

Another one. Ride away under the setting sun. Francis are you ready to confess? You are my last guess.

Street magicians=Devils in disguise!

Okay, preach it. They give you a fit. Mary, how did you do it! I know you did it bit by bit.

with their horses, boots, and rope

That would be a sight. Can you rope shoes at night? Snowcatcher spill it now. I need this edition to take a bow.

I can't be shocked. Nor mocked

Can't catch snow in the summer. You were mocked, bummer. Dwei give it up already. You took it for your stuffed teddy.

I can't believe they actually made a live-action show of The Tick

I can't believe you can't believe. Now go somewhere and grieve. Waffles I'm at the end of my rope. You are my last hope.

I hope the move is going well and all that!

That was months ago. Are you kinda slow? Robyn rawk away. Spill today!

I like the line about never needing a rubber

No protection for you? Or is it because nothing is had at your zoo? Elsie, you tried to hang yourself with them, right? Then you saw the light?

Did you send R my way? He showed up at my bay yesterday! What the??

Do you have to ask everyone that? Go bother the cat. Al, be a pal and remember who stole them, guy or gal?

Deaf dogs can hear
confuses your rear?
Oh my, oh dear!
You might try using your ear. 

And so we close the case. Al stood there with a funny face. Turns out he never had shoe laces at all. Captain Captain likes women's shoes slippers as he hobbles down the hall. That is it for another edition of Whoopdi Friggin Doo. Blame Al for the length, he never gave me a clue.


Well wasn't that fun. Have to watch what you say under my sun. Can come back to haunt as one can surely taunt. But that you knew. Does Captain Caption really reside in the loo? If so, I think I'll take a pass and not go near him with my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Ruth did it. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

    When I read 'Trudessa' now I always think of the voice on the videos, lol

    1. Blame the old fart
      Take age to heart? lol
      hahaha sure she'll love that
      And blabber at the cat

  2. What can be done with just shoe laces
    Got to have those already stolen replaced
    Women's shoes
    Come in all hues
    There are a lot of choice you'll be amazed


    1. Oh yeah choice abounds
      And confusion surrounds
      One is enough
      Screw the other stuff

  3. Well, you and Captain Caption do have big feet so a girl can't help but wonder. He might like slippers, but I have a sneaky suspicion he busted outta his laces, just like another body part busts outta the zipper.

    1. haha well that could be it right there
      But I'll let you determine that at your lair

  4. Captain Caption is secure enough in his masculinity that he can wear whatever he wants, even if it is slippers. And tights. And underwear on the outside of his tights.
    Um, yeah. All man.

    1. haha he does not care
      Wears inside out underwear
      Always there to flush the loo
      For everyone, including you

  5. That is hysterical! I guess we all need to watch what we say here and leave a comment that means something.
    Or just go for total nonsense!

    1. haha I can use anything you say
      And turn it around at my bay
      Even R
      And his/her/its great post at my bar

  6. Yes, what a great picture to include with the mystery if the shoelaces. Love his slippers.

    1. Poor Captain Caption likes his slippers
      I wonder if they are good tippers

  7. My lip is zipped and I ain't tellin nothin!! You want to know you're gonna have to beat it out of me.

    1. With a pool Styrofoam noodle?
      I'll just get your leg humped by a poodle

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. losing shoe laces is bad

      but losing Velcro straps is sad

    2. haha that would be hard too
      For someone to do

  9. eww...i hate overcooked fired eggs, def like them runny and not the consistency of plastic, i mean if its drastic i will but that is no thrill...ha. these are funny out of context, i need to watch what i put in a comment box....smiles.

    1. no thrill for fired eggs you say
      Are they fired good at your bay
      Did Trump fire them up?
      That could make me spit in my cup haha

  10. OMGosh! The banter...So, so cool! Adam's comment made me laugh. Thought the same thing. lol

  11. Who stole Captain Caption's shoelaces
    chasing all the clues in so many places
    Would I a steal super hero's shoelaces
    many blogging suspects leaving traces

    It couldn't be me, I was on the beach
    far far away sweating out of reach
    lounging around eating a ripe peach
    enjoying moments no need for speech

    I rather like the cozy man slippers
    at least they are not rubber flippers
    could catch the cat some kippers
    tell me are you good with zippers???

    1. Sweating on a beach
      Out of reach
      Naked as can be
      Going all nudie
      Robbie Raisin has your number
      At least it was a peach and not a cucumber hahaha
      And at least they aren't rubber indeed
      Bouncing around his feeed
      The cat gets a zipper down in not time flat
      Why even use one for a cat? lol

    2. Robbie Raisin has my number
      don't call me while I slumber
      the cat is slick with zippers
      I'll buy you new blue slippers

  12. If anything, this has only inspired me to leave a ridiculous comment in the hopes that it'll one day (dis)grace one of your future posts.

    I find that the problem with mannequin hands, aside from unsatisfactory nose pickings, are the unsettling and aggressive nature of their hand jobs.

    1. hahaha oh that could be used indeed
      One day soon at my feed

  13. I didn't take the lace I swear
    Nor would I do it on a dare
    If I need a lace that long
    A worm would do it with a song
    My worms have talent I agree
    Song and dance when on a spree
    Top hat and cane they tap away
    I never know what they will say
    A mystery they love along with me
    We solved the famous "Caper of Capri"
    We're sleuthig "R" both night and day
    "R" will never get away. Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk
    A peachy-keen post, a mystery with the most

    1. hahaha wow and you kill the poor things
      After such dancing in the wings
      That is rather rude
      No wonder worms have attitude
      R would be jealous too
      You said more than 2 words in view

  14. Twasn't me I promise you that
    Just don't give me a lie detector test Pat

    1. haha might be quite a shock
      If you don't talk

  15. Hmmmmm, I have been known to sntch a lace or two!

  16. I don't know about your other cases,
    But Alex is too busy to be stealing laces.
    He has ISWG this week.
    And he's moving at a rapid streak.
    Don't besmirch this busy guy.
    Captain Alex would never lie.

    VR Barkowski

    1. Pffft right
      Lie he might
      Can't trust a ninja wannabe
      At any sea

  17. Lesson learned: never buy/wear shoes with laces.

  18. Ah, this was great. Did Alex really steal the laces? No!

    Thanks for visiting my post, Pat.

  19. Phew glad I didnt get accused! Guess I dont look like the thief. But the real question now is if he likes women's shoes...who stole his fashion sense?

    1. May he lost it at birth
      As in women's shoes he travels the earth

  20. I know what happened to the shoe laces. Schultz ate them!

    1. He'd just eat the whole shoe
      Washing it down with some poo

  21. Some days you just make me smile!

    "The evil tyrant will have to pay. We accept all forms of cash at our bay."

    And I love how when the comment is loading we get a new piece of art and then once we post, we get another. Well done!

    1. Yeah changes every time at my sea
      With many of little old me
      Glad I can get a smile
      As i go the whoopdi friggin doo mile

  22. orlin N cassie...shoo lazez !! ??? .....for onze de catz dinna get blamed like we all wayz due....ore de dawg doez..... everee time sum thin iz a miss...with foot ware.....N iz it just uz...ore doez CC mite may bee knead ta lay off de beanz.....we counted 836 rollz oh toy let paper ~~~~~~ :)

    1. The tp the cat likes to unroll
      Taking it for a stroll
      But yeah we always get the blame
      Or the mutt who is far less tame

  23. Nothing is had at my zoo
    Yes, that is true
    But the Captain stole his own laces and hid them
    He's trying to be in touch with his inner fem.


    1. Seems to be
      At his sea
      Must be hard to pee
      Dressed with undies above the knee

  24. I think for now I'll just sit on the bench,
    or better yet leave my future comments in French.

    1. haha that is just a cheat
      I'll still use them at my street

  25. Hmm, personally I want presents under my tree:)

  26. It wasn't me who stole laces of the shoe.
    If it were, I'd have used them to strangle you ;)

    Just kidding lol. Though lost laces really does irritate me!

    1. hahaha bah I won't choke
      I'll just call boney and you'll go up in smoke

  27. Sometimes I don't understand where you're going and just smile and laugh as I read Pat haha, please don't kill Santa though, I need my Christmas, bro.

  28. At least they weren't peacock slippers! ha.

  29. Next time maybe high heels for the Captain!

  30. All that trouble looking for what was not lost
    seems like a lot of effort for not much cost
    glad slippers were worn on the captains feet
    I'm sure he looks mightly nifty and neat!


  31. he..he...It wasn't me, you know ~

    Really enjoyed this one Pat ~

    Have a good night ~

  32. Of course, it was the cat! Those rascals get into everything!

  33. Captain Caption may like shoes from girls
    But this confession will make brain whirls
    Yes, I stole the shoelaces, it's true
    I crocheted them into snowflakes and then dyed them blue!

    1. haha damn you
      Disproving whoopdi friggin doo lol

  34. The best shoe laces
    stretchable -
    no tie! never lose
    day or night.

  35. Hey nothing wrong with Timmy's. Be patriotic and be glad that our coffee somehow is connected to your blog.

    1. Patriotic for coffee you say?
      Hmmm no thanks at my bay

  36. Captain Caption's missing laces are symbols of the missing gazes that use to cover him from head to foot during his younger years- better known as youth to some! As the Captain ages he is going through some major changes causing things to disappear - like his laces- at different stages! His once form-fitting body-suit is now beginning to lag and sag - the poor Captain is feeling a little worn he sits upon his toilet throne feeling so torn and oh so very alone! :(

    1. Wow you went right to town
      Geting the research crown
      Spoiling it for all
      With the truth at my hall lol

  37. With my hair turning- fifty shades of grey I gladly accept this crown to cover- making it a little harder for those to discover my aging head! But not all is worn and torn we must search beyond the physical realm to experience the inner-beauty of those such as Captain Caption for one and of course me being another! Let's stay connected bye for now Pamela-anne:)-this has been fun!

    1. haha wise words indeed
      Look beyond at ones feed
      Then you just never know
      What will show or grow


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