A Little Late Bait On Plate!

So dVerse thinks it can fool the cat by doing two things at once at their mat. Pfffft do you think those who need to take a holiday break could ever make me do a double take? Just had to get that in. So fun to do at my bin. So a wonderland advent today you say could be on display.

The cat slipped on down,
To the Wonderland town.
That rabbit hole is dirty.
I think some grasshoppers were flirty.

But they made a good snack.
In protein they don't lack.
Then I became a hopper.
A cat hopper that isn't a flopper.

I hopped to some queen.
She thought she was serene.
Her advent list,
Was to make a fist.

Off with your head.
Was all that was said.
Sorry, already snip snip.
So don't give me lip.

The bunny's only task.
If you even had to ask.
Was to get their early.
Otherwise he goes squirrely.

Get where you ask?
At the bar to fill his flask.
Yep, he is a drunk.
Can't you tell from his I'm late funk?

Some Mad Hatter guy,
Began to yell and cry.
He only shined one hat.
I squashed that one flat.

No, I did not stay for tea.
That stuff smelled like pee.
Maybe he forgot tea on his list,
So he literally got pissed?

Then there was Alice.
She had her own palace.
She was no shy girl.
She gave her hair a twirl.

Her list said visit the north pole.
Bring Santa down the hole.
I think she forgot the word rabbit.
Short hand can be a nasty habit.

Then there was a smiley cat.
The thing was rather fat.
He wanted his list to last.
So he said he would do nothing fast.

I had to hop along.
Too many a ding dong.
I sprung out of the rabbit hole.
Completing my dVerse goal.

I can't say those loons got the advent drift. They did not seem very swift. But then when you live in a rabbit hole I guess you develop the brains of a mole. Oh and just in case you want to know if my hopper power decided to pass, yep, as soon as I made that grasshopper come out my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Having gone down the rabbit hole
    Was a great adventure in the fold
    Meeting a Mad Hatter
    Queen that slaughters
    Alice had been strong and overly bold


    1. Alice was strong
      A bit of a ding dong
      But the cat hopped by
      Then back to the sky

  2. I'll never look at a grasshopper in the same way again. LOL

    1. lol what the cat can do
      To distort your view

  3. I would have loved to see that cat/hopping about with a mad hat/on its head/being careful on whom not to tread! :-)

    Greetings from London.

    1. haha would be a site to see
      As the cat hopped free

  4. So funny Pat, it's actually put me in a really good mood ahead of today haha.

    1. A good mood from the rabbit hole
      That is a fine goal

  5. Your version of Alice in Wonderland is much, much better...

    1. Yipeee, screw Depp and his crap
      The cat makes him look like a sap

  6. ha. you know, if anyone could understand had hatter, i'd think you could cat, err....and flirting with a grasshopper, at least they have those long long legs but i have never thought that way of bugs...hahah

    1. The cat could get his stuff
      Would not be too rough
      No yummy bugs for you
      But you eat everything at your zoo

  7. Maybe this is a re-imagining of the classic tale?
    You could write a script and take it to Hollywood for sale.

  8. Oh, poor poor cat -
    he almost become flat,
    but grasshopper saved his neck
    gave him hopping power
    and ...a snack...

  9. Ha, and I love the Alice references, I actually like the version the kids have (with Anne Hathaway).

    1. Like that rabbit hole
      I suppose it pays its toll

  10. I like the smiling cat, taking his time with the list ~

    Enjoyed this Wonderland version Pat ~

    Happy weekend ~

  11. Cat cracks me up with Alice lines
    Did the judge give them all fines
    The bunny drunk smacks of Harvey
    To fill his flask is Oh So Marvy
    Santa is the advent theme
    Must be someone on Jim Beam
    Off with their heads reference to the letter
    I think I got it, am I getting better?

    1. Got each one
      Under my sun
      Even the drunk bunny
      I wonder where he gets the money

  12. You really are the funniest, you wily old mole - I'm glad you took the jump down the rabbit hole!

  13. ha - no tea for me that tastes like pee....and beware of the flirty grasshoppers you know...smiles

    1. haha you never know
      When a grasshopper will show
      Flirty or not
      Eat them to avoid any evil plot

  14. Damn you have some talent. In other news I've heard that grasshoppers will be a delicate dish in the future.

    1. Yum to the cat
      Yuck to everyone else at our mat

  15. This is too funny. I needed this on this boring morning. Carry on, grasshopper.

  16. you really had inspiration today :P

  17. I definitely needed the smiles this gave me today--earache and sore throat-perhaps down the rabbit hole I will go!

    1. Yuck to the germs
      Maybe you need to crawl dow the rabbit hole and eat some yummy worms? lol

  18. A cat with a hop
    would surely not flop
    A dance you could do
    like the sock hop, too!

  19. Oh Cat you are constantly witty at your mat
    always something amusing under your hat
    never know what you'll find in wonderland town
    slipping into that hole, making your way down
    passing on the fowl smelling tea, not for thee
    sly cat hovering around in the nook of a tree
    rhyming cat smiling with a grin, chaos at his bin..

    Hope you are enjoying your day..hopping at your bay..
    watch out for those flirty grasshoppers...

    1. They make a good treat
      If a flirt were to meet
      And you just never know
      As you hop to and fro
      What could appear below
      Like a scary zombie toe

  20. Thank you for the laugh, Grasshopper....Even if you did reference my most hated fairy tale/story of all time LOL.

    1. lol you hate that one a ton
      I guess you won't be giving the rabbit hole a run

  21. Love rhyming
    you smashed the hat.
    Great timing
    still grinning at that! Bravo!

  22. glad you invited Santa and the Cat

  23. Replies
    1. He'd whack him upside the head
      For such dread

  24. Well, I really can't picture Santa fitting down the hole. Ha. If he got down, I doubt he would be able to get back up again. Smiles.

    1. haha well he can get down those chimneys and such
      He must be able to suck it in much

  25. alice and santa in one place

    Did Lewis Carroll have that plot erased?

    1. He felt the need
      To use the eraser at his feed

  26. I have seen cats eating grasshoppers before. Yuck! Not only that, have you watched Survivor? They make them eat worse things than grasshoppers.

    1. They eat them eat a lot of crap
      That and fear factor with their nasty food lap

  27. I might have to squeeze through that rabbit hole
    but it seems like many an adventure if I do
    again, there is always something happening
    at your zoo!


    1. Always something on the go
      As in the rabbit hole I hop to and fro

  28. I may have to try and eat a grasshopper

  29. I always wondered about Lewis Carroll, and if he used medicinal stuff?

  30. Here comes Spitty floofytail
    Hopping down the catnip trail
    Hippity hoppity
    Happy ----

    Uh-oh. Wrong holiday, huh?

  31. I felt like I needed to be high to read this poem. Hopping cats due to grasshoppers in their - ? LOL LOL... Noooo, please stop!!!! :)

    1. Now don't go getting high
      But if you do may hop around spry

  32. Lewis was on LSD when he wrote the original. Were you as well?

  33. While I hate the Disney show, Alice in Wonderland is one of my favorite stories. It's all trippy and stuff. What do you expect from the Halloween Nazi? Of course I'd love that weird as story ;)

    1. Knew you would like that
      All trippy at your mat


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