Back Comes The Stuff That Isn't All Fluff!

It is the time of year with the stupid cold is near, but that is fine by the feline. I can just curl up in a warm spot at my sea and all is fine for me. But then comes that stuff that makes things rough. Stupid, nasty snow. It is more than just a fluffy show.

It's a fine day,
Here at your bay.
Just a little cold.
Hey, maybe things are more bold?

Or then again maybe not.
May or may not be hot to trot.
You go to sleep,
And as the morning starts to creep,

You awake to white crap.
It is spread all across the map.
Isn't it such a sight?
The clouds shattered over night.

They poofed down on you.
Boy, you haven't got a clue.
But naive is okay.
You'll learn throughout the day.

First you have to shovel the driveway.
A few curse words you may say.
Then you have to heat your back.
Feels like it took a big whack.

Then you have to clean the car.
At least it is easier than tar.
Yippeee, you're done, time to go.
Oops, the snowplough made the snow grow.

Now you have to shovel once more,
There at your shore.
Have to walk ever so slow,
Could fall on your ass you know.

Then you finally get out.
You began to shout.
Then idiots are flying by,
Just asking to die.

There they go in the ditch,
Screaming at a high pitch.
When they are dumb,
Let them talk out their bum.

Then you finally get to work.
Work is actually a perk.
But all you want to do is nap,
As more snow fills the map.

That white stuff is a load that needs to go into extinct mode. Or maybe Pat just needs to move us some place warm and avoid each snow storm. Either way, snow does not make for a fun day. Unless you have nowhere to go then wait for it to melt at your show. Much rather mow the grass with my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Snowfall may be such a bother if these are aplenty
    None at our equatorial shores where it is a novelty
    It can be chore
    Shoveling snow
    Enjoy the fun when blessed with it and play it easy


    1. Rather be at your shore
      Where there is no snow to explore

  2. I just cleaned snow off of hubby's car and turned it on to warm it up. And it was cold out thar'!

    I'd rather mow too.

    1. Rosey,
      Aren't you the good wife. I thought that was the job of a husband. Tee Hee.

    2. LOL... you beat me Manzy. I was just going to say what a good wife she is. I don't like the snow!!

    3. Wow you are nice indeed
      There at your feed
      Cleaning the snow
      Use a back hoe?

    4. He does a lot of big things for me, I like to do the little ones when I can. :)

    5. Awww so nice
      What's you charging price?

  3. This scene would surely be a sight
    "The clouds shattered overnight"
    You described it at my shore
    Some mornings I can't find the door
    Right now the cold is simply bitter
    Stay inside, sit on your sitter
    Below zero, it's minus twenty
    Enough with the cold, that is plenty
    Outside I hear the squeeky crunch
    Cars driving by, there's a bunch
    But indoors I can always stay
    And just shove Cody out to play

    1. haha shove her out the door
      Let her go explore
      Romp through the snow
      Well you remain warm at your show
      Live vicariously through the mutt
      There at your hut haha

  4. Haha I am a snow lover all the way
    It makes it so fun to get out and play
    I mean c'mon, sledding and building snowmen and throwing snowballs
    That should be fun for all!

    1. Driving, cold, snow in places it shouldn't be
      No thanks, keep it at your sea lol

  5. no snow at my show yet, but you can get we are icebound which makes for the a scary town, people slipping and sliding, in their cars riding down the road sideways, hitting each other and explode...ok so that was just dramatic, but its close you know...i want snow....

    1. lol a bit dramatic indeed
      But could happen to those who speed
      Trying to do so one ice
      Boom could be the price

  6. I don't like snow. My Hubs was glad to see it because he hunts in it. Me, I just stay in and keep warm.

  7. It's cold -14
    with severe wind alert,
    the snow comes
    when warmer...
    but yeah,
    I hear you, cat
    I'd love hibernate
    till spring for sure
    till spring!

    1. Spring is what we await
      For that faithful date
      When snow is through
      And not so cold one turns blue

  8. And if you live in MO, USA, you can see snow, sleet, rain, heat--all in one day.

  9. You're just a grouch!
    Go sit on your couch.

    1. On my couch now
      On a butt pillow beside the one who gives a meow lol

  10. So you hate snow
    in all its glow,
    don't like shoveling,
    slipping & falling
    not even driving--
    can't stand the chill,
    won't give you a thrill
    hmm, the cat may be right,
    but snow is still a pretty sight :)

    1. haha pretty from afar
      Not near my sand bar
      I'll look at pictures from you
      That is enough for my zoo

  11. It hasn't snowed here in Mass yet and that is just fine by me. We had FEET for snow on the ground for most of last winter, so I am all set.

    1. Good that there is none there
      Hopefully it stays that way at your lair

  12. We don't get snow here in Las Vegas, or at least it's very rare. I wouldn't mind a little of it though.

    1. You can have it all
      Then bet on the amount of snow fall lol

  13. clouds shattering overnight
    blanketing ground all white
    everything shimmering bright
    snow lovers dance in delight
    getting all excited at the sight
    slippery roads bring me fright
    think I'll stay in and sit tight
    use my imagination & write

    1. That sounds like a plan
      Writing the cat is a fan
      So just stay in and keep warm
      Avoiding any crappy storm

  14. We are going to get some white stuff tomorrow
    which will definitely bring me lot of sorrow
    as I have to go out in it and drive
    praying that into the ditch I do not slide!
    Grrrh, winter!!

    1. lol hopefully no ditch for you
      Snow and winter is just eww

  15. It's so much easier to be a cat on a snowy day! You nailed the challenges of the weather! I hate driving on snow and ice! Stay safe!

    1. Yeah sucks to drive in a ton
      Rather be a cat and have no where to run

  16. As long as I am sitting inside my warm apartment-gazing at the falling snow---I don't mind it--Have to go out--no thank you!!

    1. Yep, about the size of it
      Having to go out in it sucks every bit

  17. And that is why I live in sunny California
    overcrowded, overtaxed, but no snow
    and definitely nothing to shovel or blow

    but I did pay my dues
    for 8 long years
    living in Montana
    so many a snow I did clear

    (stay safe)


    1. At least no snow
      Although earthquakes and wildfires may show
      But still lots of sun
      Be much more fun

  18. I live in the South,
    not much snow at our house,
    but no one can drive if we have half an inch,
    into the ditch they fill the pinch.

    1. haha yeah it is that way out west from here
      A little tiny bit of snow they fear

  19. I just don't like winter because I don't enjoy cold weather. Snow is everywhere in PA., white as Snow White.

    1. Hate the cold too
      But the snow I hate more at my zoo

  20. I wish I had the issues of snow, we live in Florida and it is still hot.

    1. Well there is the whole too much heat too
      But no snow is a nice way to be at your zoo

  21. I too have issues with snow but not this weekend, cold but no snow ~

    You should think of moving to somewhere warmer, smiles ~

    1. haha yeah that I should
      Maybe one day I could

  22. Here not snow Pat
    today I swim in my land
    was a really hot day
    ally but really I love cold days!

  23. I saw the word 'fluff'
    which goes with peanut butter.
    Yick! One sandwich is enough.
    Never wanted anudder.

  24. "Fluff" is marshamallow cream.
    Kinda yucky-no dream.

  25. But, then you may know it.
    If so, tell me to stow it.

    1. Beats little old me
      I just let the fluff fly free lol

  26. Nothing like a snow job
    Flakes you lob
    I have a snow plough
    And how
    Penny the dog
    All agog
    She scrapes through the snows
    With her nose.....

  27. I hate the snow

    makes driving scary and slow

    1. That it does indeed
      Main reason I hate it at my feed

  28. I love the snow!! So pretty when you can stay inside and enjoy it!

    1. When one can stay inside not bad
      But crummy when you have to leave your pad

  29. I love snow, but Adam is right it does make driving scary slow. I love the cold, but hate paying to warm the air - as much as I hate the heat and paying to cool the air. It's a cycle of unending waste - need to keep it at 65 for perfection at my place!

    1. haha round and round you go
      To hot or to cold and the air needs to flow

  30. I have yet to experience falling snow, however I prefer California weather! That is why I refuse to move out of state :P

  31. You and I are in the same boat (or sled). I hate the friggin cold! If given the opportunity, I'd pack my crap at the drop of a hat and move somewhere that it's warm year round. Preferably Hawaii, but anywhere warm will do.

    1. I'd be with you too
      Go to Hawaii and never again have snow in view

  32. Hee hee hee
    We are snow free
    In fact, it's a shame
    Cause we ain't even got rain!

    1. Bring on a drought
      At least no need for a boat

  33. My only qualm with the snow is how much longer it takes to travel anywhere. At least I don't need to bus as much anymore.

    1. Yeah takes forever in a day
      To get anywhere at your bay

  34. Snow can seriously get on my nerves as over here they cause cars to crash into the verves. It's funny that in Canada you guys get it all Winter and deal with it just fine yet if we get it for as long as a week the entire country grinds to a halt! Crazy buddy.

    1. Yeah our side of the country at least
      Don't act like it is some scary beast

  35. Come move to Florida... we are in the 80's.. did I make you jealous yet...LOL; thanks for sharing and I'll send some sun your way :-)

    1. Yes you did indeed
      I'll take the sun at my feed

  36. We actually have a blanket of snow outdoors. I hate the stuff as well. :(

  37. Southern California here and now snow in site! It is a little chilly but nothing like the rest of the country is getting. Love your rhyme!

    1. A littly chilly you say
      I'll trade you at your bay

  38. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the snow stays away for a while here in New York City but, unfortunately, we always manage to get some snow especially heading into January.

  39. Hi Pat, Sorry I missed yesterday, I've been sick... this is such a timely post! We had snow Schools, churches cancelled. Everything stops for snow. Except crazy drivers, apparently. :)

    1. Everything does stop indeed
      Hopefully the germs are gone from your feed

  40. It's snowing like crazy today and I have to go out. Rather stay cozy in my apartment.

    1. Yeah rather stay in too
      When such snow comes due

  41. Love this! It is so neat to see how you rhyme everything together


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