Check Your Mail As They Come In Like Hail!

Every year I make fun of this day, but I really do like boxes at our bay. I hop in and out and run about. They are fun to scratch. I will take them by the batch. Anyway, away we go with another boxing day show.

Got your wish,
Filled your dish.
Why not have two?
We aren't through.

Spend more,
It's an encore.
Buy today,
Use layaway.

Can't you feel,
Our great deal?
Yep, that's us.
Hop a bus.

Get here fast,
This won't last.
Add even more,
At your shore.

Why settle?
Buy this kettle.
Buy this crap,
Made at Gap.

Just do it.
Is a hit.
Will help you run,
To get things done.

These deals will fade,
We only want to aid.
So act fast.
Don't walk past.

Don't relax.
We forgo the tax.
Don't rest.
This deal is best.

You can get another job,
So just turn the knob,
And spend here today,
Before this deal goes away.

You will even comply,
Proving the day no lie.
Over those $2 socks,
You and another will box.

Pffft is all the cat can say. The deal will come another day. Can just relax and ignore the falling for something that they make out to be lore. This deal is such a myth they state, trying to make it fate. I'd rather stuff them in a crate and mail them off at a flat rate. There is my boxing day sass from my ever so box loving little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. Without a break, #16
      Easy with a little loving!


    2. Easy as can be
      As you lurk at my sea

  2. Boxing Day with all expectant looks
    Presents galore stuck in your nook
    Young and old
    With same goal
    Chalking up lots of boxes ain't no fluke!


  3. Boxing Day won't come our way
    If you happen to live in the USA
    But we can box up extra food
    And give to FoodShare for a foody mood

  4. Sales are actually down
    Marketers will frown
    In this economy today
    People can't afford to buy
    luxuries, only necessities

    1. Still plenty of nuts to and fro
      As they give their credit cards a go

    2. We don't have Boxing day
      in the good old USA
      Yours sounds like Black Friday
      after Thanksgiving at our bay
      Also people return gifts like crazy
      the day after Christmas in a frenzy
      I stayed in and did my laundry :)

    3. haha sounds like a good plan
      I guess the usa isn't a fan
      No boxing day's allowed
      Black Friday already got the crowd

  5. No Boxing Day here either. And certainly not leaving the house to go look for a sale.

    1. Yeah stay the heck in
      That is a much better win

  6. Happy Box Day!!

    Over here we don't have it, but my MIL has already gotten all of the receipts for the gifts we got her so she can take them back and get the after Christmas sales. Her yearly ritual over here. ;) More power to her, the stores are crazy today w/people making returns. I'm staying in. :)

    1. Geez, she really goes all out
      With her sale shout

  7. What cat ass
    doesn't like the box,
    but at my bay
    I will use them
    just for move away.

    1. I save many to move too
      When it comes up at our zoo

  8. I thought it was called Boxing Day because you had to knock people out to get the good bargains.

    1. Well that could be true
      Wouldn't want to mess with you

  9. Boxing day I've always found this amusing
    as I too always picture a fighting ring
    think I'd rather be doing some snoozing
    but, hey never know what boxes will bring
    bargains may still be waiting at the store
    if your willing to tackle them at your shore
    we too have big after Christmas sales
    trying to get more money to tip the scales..

    Hey, you know know what you will find
    when you're in a buying frame of mind..haha

    Hope you have a great day at your bay...
    saving those boxes for another day...

    1. Yeah a boxing ring
      Would make the cat rather play with string
      While Pat took a nap
      There are sales all across the map
      But I ignore them all
      Here at my hall
      Keep my dough
      And away we go

  10. No Boxing Day here.
    We stay in with cheer.
    Sleep late
    eat great.
    The sun is bright
    with the Christmas lights.
    Might have to do some laundry, though,
    so we have clean socks and warm toes.

    1. haha don't want the mountain to rise
      So high you can't see the sunrise in your eyes

    2. I whittled down the mountain today
      and we have some clean clothes at our bay.

    3. Can save time now too
      With robo vacuum at your zoo

  11. Every day is boxing day at our place!

  12. We love the boxes but are glad the mom has to pay the bills.

  13. We Americans know nothing of boxing day

    unless Mike Tyson is at your bay

  14. no boxing day but sounds like black friday a bit to me,
    did scoop up a few sale items today though with a gift cards i got
    some clothes to make me look hot. ha.

    1. haha well there you go
      I can do without pictures though

  15. Right on, Pat! I hate shopping anytime, but especially today! I'd rather romp in the snow! Take care at your lair!

  16. I don't understand why people have to mob the stores for after-Christmas sales. Didn't they get enough useless garbage stacked under the tree?

    1. Yeah that is the way I look at it too
      Greed wins out at many a zoo

  17. The most outrageous ones are the "Buy two of these $50+ items and get another half off!" Do they think people are idiots? Well, yeah, people are. But I prefer frugality to stupidity.


    1. Frugality works the best
      Stupidity is just a pest

  18. The most outrageous ones are the "Buy two of these $50+ items and get another half off!" Do they think people are idiots? Well, yeah, people are. But I prefer frugality to stupidity.


    1. So is your third comment half off today?
      Or was it get one get a second free at my bay

  19. Ha, I was out a bit this morning and didn't find stores crowded at all. Of course, I did not go to the MALL. Not quite sure about the significance of "boxing day. " Always thought it was a time people got rid of all the aggression (by 'boxing') they built up by being nice to everyone on Christmas Day. Smiles.

    1. Yeah not sure who named the damn thing
      Glad their were no lineups for people looking for bling

  20. The only reason I went to the store today was for lettuce which I ran out of and a few other groceries. I was surprised that it wasn't as busy as I thought it would be.

    1. Hopefully it is not busy when i have to go
      to get some groceries tomorrow

  21. Never understood Boxing Day
    But didn't go near a mall today
    Don't get all the rush to get back into the stores
    Even with specials galore!


  22. Now that I think about it, cats aren't all that much different from kids with their love of boxes. Spend all that money on the stuff inside, they turn around and have more fun with the box!

    1. haha yeah they all like the box
      But it does beat socks

  23. Boxing Day isn't a thing here,
    I had to go to work and take email and over-the-phone abuse from customers who didn't get their package in time for Christmas.
    Boxes make my big brown company go round but today? Bah! Humbug!

  24. Lots of new today for me
    New header here I see!
    Change of seasons mixed up the closing line
    But you've dished it all out just fine
    No shopping, boxing or bargains for me
    Just back to work, a busy bee
    Would have liked some half-price chocolate mint
    But work kept me from the store sprint
    Now the loot's all stashed away
    To be sold for too high a price another day

    1. Back to work has to suck
      Here we are off and in luck
      New ending at my sea
      For easy season for free

  25. Enjoyed the read, Happy New Year to you Pat.
    Thanks for your comment ,I don't feel safe with Feedspot......I didn't know anything about them until they sent me an email. There are many blogs from blogger there.

    1. Yeah they are probably fine
      But I'd wait until down the line


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