Do You Desire This Kind Of Fire?

So dVerse is going all candle light at their bay before breaking from their word play. Pffft to that I say. I will break when I have posts done through May. But never fear, I will still give you a candle cheer.

Could really light the way,
There at your bay.
Just give it a flick,
Throw before down goes the wick.

 Boom! More light.
Could be a fright.
But the place will burn.
There will be light at every turn.

The go away light.
 You want to see in the night.
But people need to leave you be.
So shut them up with glee.

The best mutt ever.
It is so clever.
It burns and melts away.
Don't mind those at my bay.

 Fancy finger light.
Let those fingers take flight.
Watch it, they may bite.
I know, that just isn't right.

But why settle for one?
Go have some finger fun.
Get fingered in the night,
By some finger light.

Freaky lights are there too.
They even stare at you.
Beware their eyes.
I hear they eat flies.

 A fire creature giving fire?
Like rubber to a tire.
Redundant much?
Again, don't touch.

I think someone was to Betsy's place.
They grabbed many a cat face.
And then they made a ton.
None of me, because I'm the only one.

 And for those nights when you are all alone,
Don't dial some sex line on the phone.
Just be a peeper and watch two melt away.
Hey, you won't go to jail at the end of the day.

Now you have much to light your way. Don't say I never helped you at my bay. You can even have a little fling with wax at your wing. Oh that could go all wrong and you may lose your ding dong. I think I'll stop my candle sass and just light the way with gas from my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Replies
    1. Fancy candles can make your day
      Looking grand in every which way
      Just take a look
      At every nook
      Variety of shapes and colors hold sway


    2. Now at #5 without a break
      Luck's there with the take


    3. Five in a row
      Look at you go
      They come in many a form
      These certainly aren't the norm

  2. For a huge conflagration
    And one who's abomination
    There's "Guido the Torch" from Butte

    He'll start a big blaze
    Some say he's a craz
    And some of the gals think he's cute

    For a fee he will whack
    Or set fire to your shack
    And no one will ever dispute

    1. Oh yeah, sounds like a swell guy
      Making your shack fry
      Or does he set fire in another way
      To those that think he is cute as they play lol

  3. I am loving that grenade candle
    Just don't lose your handle
    The bulldog candle is amusing
    But to some might be confusing
    The candle in the last picture is awkward on a grand scale
    Would make anyone's face turn to red from pale

    1. haha I'd love to watch each passerby
      As the last one caught their eye
      Be fun to see
      Them turn pale to me

  4. Those last ones would make for interesting conversations around the dinner table.

    1. haha yeah they would give people something to talk about
      All would surely take note

  5. ha. the gang sign ligh, west side! be careful you might pull in a drive by, as long as they are not tossing grandae candles you might make it, when the dogs head burns off you can't fake it, what interesting bits of wax you found as you strolled out about town....

    1. The cat will hide far away
      If they come near our bay
      The dog can't butt sniff
      With no head to get a whiff

  6. Oh, this was fun, Pat! I especially like the finger candles! It would be fun to get one of those in a Christmas stocking!! As far as the dog candle, ha...the candle maker could have found a better model. Smiles. I like the "Don't Ask" on the birthday cake too. Very appropriate for those of us over a certain age. Ha ha.

    1. haha a better model you say
      Like one at your bay
      And could flip one off with ease
      And whenever you please
      With a candle like that
      Especially if they ignore the don't ask at your mat

  7. I never knew such candle shapes exist
    Those fingers are sure crazy funny stuff
    And the last one lights my fire

    Happy weekend ~

  8. Love the candles:
    to watch and scent them

  9. I love all your finds, Pat! The fun ones like the finger candles as well as the unusual ones, like the small dragons.

    1. haha yeah the fingers candle would be fun
      To give a run under ones sun

  10. That first fire could be a mess/of your own body you could see less and less/better play it safe with a match/but don't let the kiddies near it or to the moon you'll be dispatched! :-)

    Greetings from London.

    1. haha could be a fun trip
      To the moon and do a flip

  11. candles come in many forms

    some of them are not the norms

  12. So many candles to light
    making the world bright
    finger candles, what a sight
    doggie candle seems just right
    & love burning into the night
    light hearted fools taking flight..haha

    Hmm..may have to see how they
    are on their journey....

    1. haha not before a whack
      After such a candle is lit at ones shack
      Have to see where they are
      As they never seem to get very far

    2. they never get far when adventures are found
      as they sail from here to there & all around
      under a starlit sky still bora bora bound..haha

    3. And to the berth below
      They seem to go
      Rather that row
      Find another glow

  13. Some of those are fun! lol at the melting dog, I bet that is a big hit w/cats. :)

    1. haha yeah melt away
      Doesn't bother the cats at our bay

  14. that last one would sure make one talk after they gave it a gawk

  15. Could use the bomb one to scare people away

    1. That you could indeed
      They'd fun from your feed

  16. Replies
    1. Bets the rest you say
      Even the last on display

  17. haha...oh those are some weird candles indeed...i think i couldn't stand watch the fingers burn down you know...

    1. haha yeah you'd be flipped off for a while
      Those fingers can be vile

  18. That was very enlightening Pat MOL!

  19. Some of those one fingered candles are showing the mood I get into sometimes. Hahahaha.... Bet you have been there done that.

    1. haha think we've all been there
      But much easier to just swear

  20. There's something I don't have!
    A cat candle, which makes me laugh.
    After an hour they would be headless, though
    which would make the real cats' anger grow.

    1. No cat candle at your sea?
      Geez what is wrong with thee?
      Wait until you get the mail
      Will add something with a tail

  21. of course I desire this kind of fire! who wouldn't? :D

  22. I love scented candles but I don't want to burn the entire planet down with them

    1. No? Could be fun
      But then you'd have no where to run

  23. Wax sure comes in all shapes and sizes!

  24. But be careful when you handle
    that brightly burning candle
    cause if you burn your arm
    it might be hard to rise alarm

    1. I guess gloves are in order
      Or toss them across the border

  25. I like the one with a middle finger upright
    It's one fire I'd quickly light
    And I bet it shines so very bright
    Through the day and through the night
    It could give Santa quite a fright.
    And hot buns to keep him warm, alright.


    1. haha stick it in the window
      And as people go by your show
      They will see to leave you be
      As you sit back and laugh with glee

  26. Those are some crazy candles I must say.
    I'd like to have the middle finger one for all the people I've come across today.

    1. haha could always remain erect
      For the nut jobs you detect

  27. Dire fire,
    Candles burning attended
    Friendly offending

  28. Oh dang, those finger candles are awesome.

  29. It wasn't until the last picture that I figured out I was looking at candles.

    I think I need a nap.

    1. Ummm errr slow today?
      Get that nap fast at your bay lol

  30. The way I always felt
    Was wishing woofies would melt!
    But some of these fine candles
    Are too hot to handle!

    1. haha you may want to avoid
      They aren't for the paranoid

  31. All kinds of candles you show
    Some are hot & some glow
    Some are weird & some scary
    Some are totally funny
    But the cat candle is best
    Better than all the rest :)

    1. The cat can agree with that
      As long as they aren't burnt to nothing at ones mat

  32. My gosh, quite a variety of candles
    you have displayed
    I had to laugh at the finger ones
    the don't ask one filled me with dismay!

    Makes me curious now
    to investigate and see
    if I can find one
    that is of a corgi!


    1. haha you never know
      Could find one to glow
      The finger ones are fun
      Some others may cause people to run

  33. Some of those candles are cute and some are strange,
    I love using scented candles on our home on the range.

    1. Scented ones that look like the above?
      Wonder if scented is the one full of love

  34. You find the craziest stuff to talk about,
    And also the most amusing stuff without a doubt!
    Isn't it odd the forms they'll make candles in our day?
    I think I'll let you keep the funky ones at your bay.
    But I do love a good scented candle.
    In fact, there's two on my coffee table :)

    By the way, I'm sorry I was slow to respond.
    Been a bit crazy over at my pond.
    I'll try to swing by again sooner next time,
    and check out another clever rhyme.

    1. No problem at all
      That time of year at each hall
      I'll keep the funky ones for me
      They just cause me glee

  35. Myriad candles!! One for every soul! :) Seasons greetings and well, wonder which of the candles is your pick for the season?:)

    1. I'd have to pick the mutt
      Then I can watch it melt at my hut

  36. The uniqueness of the candles well displayed
    but the best part was the words being magnificently played!

  37. So shut them up with glee. -- twisted take on love thy enemy
    and that last one is hilarious.

  38. Have not lighted a candle in many months,
    Have not been tempted even once.
    I like my candle on a piece of cake.
    Or if it had to be on a pancake!


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