Don't Care Even If Aware!

Would it not be grand to once more not care across the land? Pretty much like a child as they run wild. Sure they know, give a cry and then off they go. Doesn't weigh heavy on them at all at their hall.

House burns down.
Give a frown.
Build a fort,
Of some sort.

Got no money.
Still it's sunny.
Play in the mud.
Jump in with a thud.

Dumb drivers about.
No need to shout.
Just make a funny face,
As passed them you race.

Life goes in the crapper.
Become a clapper.
Sing a song.
That stays in your head too long.

Some disease.
Still they sneeze.
But who cares.
Germs go everywhere.

Got no clothes.
Doesn't cause woes.
Around they run,
Even out in the sun.

Weather sucks.
Can't feed the ducks.
Let the music blare,
No need to go anywhere.

Stumble and fall.
Give a crying call.
Then get back up and run.
Can't stop fun.

People are found.
Take a look around.
Trust them all.
Except the one giving a cat call.

Even a hound.
That eats a brown mound.
Give it an embrace,
Letting it lick a face.

Shoving thought and the bad stuff aside to have a fun ride. Sure the way to be, if it wasn't for needing to eat at ones sea. The only perk of work. Still be fun to just let things so easily pass. But then being crazy gives that sorta to my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Yeah! it did not weigh heavy
    That was it, What Me Worry!
    Others changed
    Who to blame
    Who me? No! All and sundry


    1. All is fine
      Away we dine
      Climb a pine
      Forget the whine

  2. Around here, making a face at a driver will get you an obscene gesture at best and a gun pointed at you at worst. (Especially during deer season.)

    1. Hmmmm I'll remember that
      In case I am anywhere near your mat

  3. Gosh, to have the mindset of a child again ... I think I just might go splash in a mud puddle, today. Oh, wait. I can't. It's effing -17 below outside! Everything is frozen. Grrr.....

    1. haha yeah may fall down
      Or at least you can slide across town

  4. Oh boy, the way to go
    Be a kid at your show
    Steal the scene
    Be so keen
    Have another jelly bean

  5. If more people lived in this way
    People wouldn't always go astray
    You mustn't sweat the small (or even big) stuff
    Even when times get rough
    Keep things in perspective, for it's great to simply be alive
    I only hope to live to see 95

    1. Hmmm at that age
      Diapers and such are all the rage
      Maybe just 94
      Before the death tour

  6. The weather sure sucks but we got to make do with it ~

    Have a good day Pat, even if we are both at work ~

    1. haha not at work at my sea
      They canceled it today, yipeeee

  7. To not have a care
    With the wing blowing through my hair
    Would be a thing of beauty to live once again like a child
    Or I'd even take back the years of being a teen living so wild!

    1. Not sure I'd want to go all wild any more
      But it was fun to explore
      Care free though
      I'd take at my show

  8. Eyes on thee-
    Cat wrote about me :)x

  9. Not to worry about anything would be helpful

    1. That would be nice
      But some things would pay the price

  10. They do have a certain way of looking at things

  11. Replies
    1. Adults complicate everything
      There at their wing

  12. Replies
    1. That it does indeed
      The rest shouldn't take seed

  13. Children have the gift of going forward!

  14. ha. yes, there is no sense in falling prey to the nonsense
    it will get you in a pinch, or punch, even sh*t in your lunch,
    you like that asterix a bunch, don't you,
    push on thru!!!!!

    1. hahaha yeah the asterix is so grand
      Afraid to full out swear in my land
      Ewww to that lunch
      A dog can have the whole bunch

  15. I'd love to go back to being a child Pat where I just didn't care about anything and just sort of went with the flow. I miss it so much, I really do, just awesome writing.

    1. Yeah it was a grand time
      Nothing bothered us for long no matter the chime

  16. I think I'll take some of that carefree attitude with me today as I go. This makes me think of when I was just a kid catching caterpillars and climbing jungle gyms. Much more fun than worrying about things you can't change anyway, right? :)

    1. Yep, much more fun indeed
      As some things are always going to take seed

  17. orlin N cassie....yur dad bee rite....
    bee in a kid...wuz a troo dee lite
    if ther wuz bad bee put on "fade"
    onlee worree...did we get a good grade

    1. Gym was the best
      Could get an A without a test

  18. Oh to have the attitude of a child again. I tell mine all the time not to grow up too fast. I wish I had taken that advice!

    1. Yeah but few ever do
      Want to be an adult quick at their zoo

  19. Would be nice to think like a kid again.

  20. Oh Boy would that be nice not to have a care in the world. Skip a dee doo dah day!!

  21. Well, kids do see with different eyes
    painting their own colored skies
    be a kid make angels in the snow
    they are still fun to do you know
    kids jump some slushy puddles
    adults can be somewhat muddled
    hope you enjoyed your snow day
    did you enjoy some child play..

    1. oh wait I meant sword play..hahaha

    2. haha yeah adults go around
      Kids jump right in the mud mound
      Enjoyed doing nothing at all
      With the snow day at my hall
      I have to wait for the sword play
      For some future day lol

  22. You mean I don't have to waste my time
    That it is no crime
    To miss a deadline or two
    At my zoo???

    1. Hmmm as long as you have the dough
      In case you get fired at your show
      Yep, it's all good
      Miss a few in your hood

  23. I used to be one of those blissers that would quit my job for good kissers. Though as I've grown older, I am more sedate with my folder. I used to drop it all for a Grateful Dead show, and now I work until on vacation I go. Still, I try to stay chill. A certain plant helps me stay mellow, as does my tabby fellow.

    1. A certain plant you say
      Hmmm bet I can guess that at my bay
      And yeah have to wait for the vacation crap
      To go anywhere across the map

  24. Yes indeed the response to dumb drivers should be just a funny face rather than a finger or something! Smiles.

    1. haha a funny face may get you shot
      At some places they must hate them a lot

  25. I was with you till the hound and face licking. Ewwww.

    1. haha they do that all the time
      Nasty indeed that germ crime

  26. Kids do have the absolute best attitude, and they should be able to have it... it doesn't last all that long, thankfully they don't have a clue that's true. :)

    1. Yeah thankfully they just get to have fun
      And enjoy the years carefree under the sun

  27. I'll try to keep all the happy thoughts at the fore,
    May the season bring even more to our door.

  28. Ten days.
    Three snows
    Cause folks to say,
    "That blows."

    1. I would have to agree
      As we get it right after thee
      Can't you keep it all?
      No need to share it at my hall

  29. Very good advice,
    even if you don't eat rice.
    or do you? ha.

  30. I don't really care
    What happens in my lair
    Long as the dinner's ready
    And I'm warm in my beddy.
    I live stress-free
    Hummin' Let It Be

  31. Hey now, no matter how grumpy we get this cold time of year, those ducks still need to eat. The quackers near us will practically mob your car when you pull up to the park--not like in the summer when they are fat and happy.

    1. haha I guess they need to stay plump
      So they can waddle away with a big rump

  32. I would like to live without a care
    I wonder if some day I might just dare
    to try to do so and see what may come
    on that day under that sun :)


    1. Be nice to do so each day
      Just taking what comes at our bay

  33. oh i like the optimism in this... we can learn a lot from kids rgd. this and my dog loved to lick my face...and my toes...ha..smiles

  34. ducks need a lunch

    or an idea or at least a hunch

  35. Well, that's a good idea.
    I wonder if that can be my new philosophy of life.
    The Pat Hatt theory of existence.
    Hey, makes sense!!! :)

  36. This should be a 2017 resolution :)
    I love this line:
    Got no money.
    Still it's sunny.

    That's my life lately! Shine on.

    1. Yep, my life too
      As no dough at my zoo
      4 jobs and getting by
      Shining on or at least I try


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