Eye See You At Your Zoo!

Did you ever get the feeling that something was off? But no matter how much you scoff, you still don't know what. Let's see if today you can catch on at my hut. It is okay if it takes a moment or two. For it has been done before and confused a few.

Today's post is the bomb.
You may chew your comb.
Have you guessed what is to come?
I hope you have from the comfort of home.

If not ask your daughter.
She may give much laughter.
But just don't sit there and brood,
Or go letting any tears flood.

Did I hear you cough?
That sounded a bit rough.
Maybe you need a mint,
Or a good pint.

Sorry though, I have none.
Although I can get you a stone.
Those I do not love.
Even snip snip they won't move.

Aren't you feeling alive?
Of course you have to be to live.
Unless you fall over when you take a bow.
That could interrupt your flow.

Then you would not be anyone's envy.
Don't sit there and ask me why.
I guess it just has been proved.
I can't help it if you're not loved.

Don't raise your eyebrow.
I may just have to send you a crow.
Yes, you heard what I said.
The plans have now been laid.

It may or may not be dead.
It depends on how you read.
At least it will look new,
And there will be no need to sew.

Are I not an evil fiend?
But I am still your friend.
Unless you are too rugged.
Then I'd have to be drugged.

But I don't mind strange.
I'll give them a nice orange.
Have you caught on to my hubris,
Or is your brain now full of debris?

Did you guess eye rhyme today? I have to do them to screw with all once in a while at my bay. Blame Grammar Nazi if you are now confused and you feel abused. He first told me about such an eye rhyme pass, which I just knew had to be used by my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Eye Rhyming is greatly spectacular
    Spelling right but sounds peculiar
    Getting to be
    Sounds easy
    Not easily matched pairing is a bother


    1. Pairing can be a pain
      But fun to do at my lane

  2. ha. hey there are words that look similar at your bay that dont necessarily rhyme
    are you under a fever, maybe we should pull the lever, you clever with the word cleaver, i'd say dam but would probably be called a beaver

    1. haha you a beaver would be fun to see
      As you got some too with your spree

  3. haha..i'm chewing my comb.. never heard about eye rhyme before... you sure it's not written iRhyme...? ha... and i'm up for a pint any time... just saying...smiles

    1. haha enjoy the pint all day
      iRhyme does look better on display

  4. Cat is getting clever today I see what he is doing
    It must be something in his pipe or what he has been chewing
    Words end alike and look like they should rhyme
    I like to play the game but today I don't have time
    It's easier to find a rhyme no matter what the spell'n
    To un-rhyme takes more time to figure out the tell'n

    1. That it does indeed
      Can't rhyme at top speed
      Have to stop and step back
      When going on the eye attack

  5. I got one too, even before I read the comments, woo hoo!! :)

  6. Well, you know that I knew what was going on...

    1. Yeah knew you would
      As you brought it to my hood

  7. I don't know what you're doing or why
    That's no different than always. I cannot lie.
    I like your new header, though. It caught my eye. or I.


  8. Eye know exactly what you mean!!!

  9. The bomb it is... :) Hope you have a great holiday and I wish you a Happy New Year.

  10. Enjoyed this one today...with words that don't rhyme being rampant at your bay!

  11. Aye, Captain I see you too at your zoo
    how we got on that roof top I haven't a clue
    eye rhymes that are not really rhymes
    wondering can you do it 14 times..haha
    sounds different but looks the same
    are we playing a new sort of game

    Now, about that pint..pour me one
    and I'll drink it under your sun..haha

    1. haha sure you'd suck it back
      There at your shack
      And end up on the roof
      With one big poof

  12. Eye rhyming is totally mind boggling!

    1. Can screw with the mind
      Which is so liked by my behind

  13. Sounds funny,
    but the words find me
    I hum when I come
    home to comb
    the epiphany
    with no pint
    for mind and tummy.

    1. Used a few
      There at your zoo
      Comb the epiphany out
      Then give a shout

  14. When you can't rhyme it makes it easy to tell

  15. I have to admit
    I had no clue
    until I read the comments
    and then it all made sense!

    Very cleverly done!


    1. Well at least the answer was found out
      Somewhere below my shout

  16. I thought I knew and was right. Hey, I actually got it right.

  17. A mint won't do much for a cough in the air

    with more germs than a rotten pear

    1. Yeah nasty arse germs
      Spread around like worms

  18. Yep, the eye rhyme I knew
    and it really is fun to do!
    Kinda gives your ear a jolt
    as you read along, ready to bolt.
    Could mess with someone's OCD
    as they want it to sound nice and neatly.

    1. haha my ocd gets put aside
      For such a ride
      As I enjoy confusing more
      Here at my shore

  19. Heh. I am dumb. I didn't get it until after I read the comments. The first read-through I kept doing stuff like trying to make 'rugged' and 'drugged' rhyme. LOL!
    (Rug-idd; Drugg-idd)...it just didn't work, LOL!!!

    1. lol yeah try as you might
      They didn't rhyme today at my site

  20. Eye rhyme. Very nice. And not easy to come up with. Well done, Sir Hatt.

  21. Reading your rhyme was tough
    We really enjoyed it though
    The Human's developed a cough
    From sitting 'neath a dripping bough
    I hope some hot tea will get her through!

    1. Look at you
      Doing it too
      Hopefully the cough goes away
      Those suck every day

  22. This one I knew! You should reward me with a cookie, or two!

    1. I'll mail one down
      May break and cause a frown


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