Never Knew That, It's Island Of The Cat!

Did you know that there was a real island where cats rule? I guess the poor dog does drool. There they have a nice rule that is fine by this fool. No mutts allowed. I guess butt sniffers aren't welcome in the kitty crowd.

In Tashirojima, Japan,
It seems all are a cat fan.
There cats run free,
Mating with glee.

They outnumber humans ten to one.
Not even one snip snip is done.
I guess they believe cats are good luck.
Those vet bills must be more than a buck.

But the residents pay,
When the cats are in dismay.
I guess Betsy isn't the only one,
Who is outnumbered under her sun.

Those whole island is theirs,
Island full of purrs.
I hear they also get much fish.
That has to be a tasty dish.

Even cat houses for those,
Who wish to go and strike a pose.
You could visit and get many fleas.
I bet they would sure bite your knees.

Could make a killing though,
Selling something thrilling at your show.
No, not that no mutts allowed.
Although that could draw a crowd.

You could sell one and all,
On going to this great hall.
Pussy Island is the place to be.
I bet many who travel across the sea.

They may not like it when there.
Unless they are tired of sheep at their lair.
Yeah, I went there.
Don't give me a glare.

You could fool many I bet,
As a pussy cat they aren't looking to pet.
Could get you tons of dough.
Make sure they can't find you though.

Although the cats may not like it.
They may be scared of their fit.
So best to just sit and stare,
As all on Pussy Island don't have a care.

Oh the cat jut had to do it. There all the cats sit. Not sure i would like that many at my sea. They'd be hanging from every tree. The cat hates that other place. Only one other one allowed in my space. So yeah I'll let you go and give them bass as I stay home with mylittle rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Well look at me, I'm near the top today.

    Sounds like an interesting place. Never heard of it before.

  2. My, pussy island is just amazing
    Man's best friend are now felines
    Doggies are out
    Nothing to shout
    Only purrings and no more barkings


    1. Not a single bark
      But I'm sure the cats left her mark

  3. Not all people seems to care
    recently we got the feral
    cats were fed
    and even more
    an abundance, a galore..
    there are now showing up
    people were asked to stop
    cause barden to the hood
    cats scratch cars, trash from food...

    1. Scratch cars would suck
      Sounds like many there that are out of luck

  4. The pussy island is not my place to be
    I will sneezing all throughout the day
    Here's wishing you have a good day ~

    1. haha a sneeze fest
      You wouldn't be at your best

  5. Wow, a whole island of cats
    that's too many at one mat
    wonder do they all get along
    as they sing their purring song

    Well, it's time for me to run
    Off to work with the rising sun

    1. A big arse island with them all
      There you'd get many a cat call

  6. Wow, now there's a place to go get some serious pussy!

  7. Don't get Moon Madness and fall
    From the building that's many feet tall
    As the header appears
    Lets give a few cheers
    And delight when the sun makes it's call

    Pussy Island is one of a kind
    On the map it must BE hard to find
    All types of cats there are seen
    Furry, fat, mean or string bean
    The mewing will drive you right out of your mind

    1. No worries about the moon
      I'm already quite the loon
      And yeah with each meow
      You'd just go wow
      Or swear to their meowing tune

  8. Ha! You went there.

    This island reminds me a little of the old story (possibly true) of the day they parachuted cats into Borneo.

    1. haha never knew that story
      Yeah i went there in all its glory

  9. I'm with Grace, I would be sneezing like crazy on Pussy Island.
    I would prefer to live in Dogville! Smiles.
    Hope all who live at the Cat House had a Merry Christmas.

    1. With dogville there would be lots of crap
      All across the map

  10. with a name like pussy island i am imagining it quite the tourist attraction
    to the male population, which we all know doesnt know how to read
    and will be surprised when they find cats...ha...

    1. haha yeah the dumbies would go there
      Expecting things to be bare

  11. Neko wa ōdearu (cats are king)

  12. Replies
    1. Truly must be
      Walk away with a flea on your knee

  13. Pussy Island - that's definitely someone's dream!!

    1. haha yeah a dream out there
      Although may be a bit different at their lair

  14. I think I could do without visiting that island as well,
    is it kitty island or kitty hell? ;p
    Fleas and bad breath surely abound,
    I think one cat's plenty to have around.

    Hope you had a Merry Christmas.

    1. Yeah 1000 or so
      Would be too much for any show

  15. Well, see, my clan seems very small!
    Like I hardly have any at all!
    I've never heard of this place!
    Bet they love the fish on their plates!

    1. Yeah bet their is plenty of fish
      As much as they wish

  16. Yep, there really is such a place!

  17. I don't imagine that's a good place for people who are allergic to cats (like several of my family members).

    1. haha yeah may not want to go there
      Plenty of cat hair

  18. Replies
    1. Pussy land is bizarre
      Maybe that is why it is so far

  19. Running free?
    Mating with glee?
    That sounds super cool. It really rocks!!
    For that I'd even poop in a box.

    1. Yeah I agree
      Until you caught the inevitable std

    2. Then you'd be a sap
      when you come down with the clap.
      As you pee drips and drabs...
      Oh look!! Now you've got crabs!!

    3. That would be a bitch
      As all you do is itch

  20. Really enjoyed this verse, great to read. Thanks for sharing.

  21. orlin N cassie...hope yur holly days were good...hope thiz commint postz coz bee tween blogger google N at & t sumthinz goin out de window foloowed close lee bee hind by R temperz....enjoy de week oh end!!

    1. haha make sure the window is open at least
      Hope you had your bass feast

  22. I've never heard of this place before, sounds interesting.

  23. Pat, stopping by to wish you a Happy New Year! Hope it brings you continued health, peace, success and happiness.:) BTW, I've got my eye on one of your books for my first and only grandchild, she's only 3 months, waiting for her to get older. I think I might go for the cat and bug one, lol.


    1. lol the cat and bug ine works
      As Orlin stars in it for perks
      But yeah she needs to be older indeed
      So she can enjoy the read
      Hopefully a happy new year is had
      As well at your pad

  24. I once knew a girl who
    Had 19 cats in her zoo
    I love cats, couldn't wait to meet
    But many wanted only something to eat
    Most were rescued and forever shy
    Couldn't look me in the eye

    1. Some are sure that way
      Mine would run away
      To you say no way hosa
      Then when your gone they'd play

  25. A island full of cats?
    I'm going to pass on visiting that!
    Pussy Island I am not a fan
    but I'm sure the name piques the interest of many a man!

    1. Yeah sure many will have a look
      Thinking its porn at their nook

  26. The Human is full of doubt
    That so many will really work out
    But I think I'd like to live there
    And keep the Humans outta my hair--
    If I'd a-bin there last year
    I'd still have my impawtant "gear"
    Cuz no one would have gone snip-snip;
    Even tho it's too late, I'd still make the trip!

    1. haha you could mate
      If not for the awful snip snip fate
      And run with glee
      On the island of the kitty

  27. Couldn't visit such a place
    Sniffling and sneezing
    what a disgrace
    but I'm happy so many felines
    rule that bay!

    1. Yeah that would sure suck
      Have to visit isle of the duck

  28. Hey Pat! Very interesting, an island for cats! After, or if, you make Bora Bora, you could sail to Kuching, Borneo ~ or Cat City! I've been there ~ There are statues of cats in city squares. Cats are everywhere.

    1. Never heard of that one
      Could give it a run
      If Bora Bora is ever in reach
      And I'm done with the beach

  29. You got me curious so I read more about the island. I saw where they closed the school. the primary occupation is fishing, and most of the population is elderly. I can't think of a better place of felines to thrive. Thanks for the lesson in culture today Pat.

    1. No problem at all
      Glad I could send you searching at your hall

  30. I've seen stories on TV where places overseas are dedicated solely for cats.
    My kitty wouldn't stand for it, she likes her space.
    And my space.
    She likes ALL the spaces.

    1. haha she wants all to herself
      So no cat island shelf

  31. Too cute about the cat island
    I think we have our own next door
    They are out numbering the pooch that lives here
    and they don't even have to cross any shore

    I supposed it must be nice to be a cat
    thought my loyalties will always be towards a dog
    even such a dog
    that might be a bed hog :)


    1. haha cats can be a bed hog too
      But yeah dogs like to steal the space from you
      Hopefully not too many next door
      As they invade your shore

  32. Hahahaha - an island of cats sounds purrrrrrrrrr-fect!

  33. Probably not a good place to open up a Fish n Chips place. :)

    1. Unless you want felines there
      Stealing fish by the pair


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