Resolution What? Oh Kiss My dVerse Butt!

Hey, I did not go crass and say ass. Of course that did not rhyme. But still I avoided that title crime. So for dVerse today and at many other a blogland bay, such things as the year in review and resolutions may be in view. The year in review I shall not do. For 2013 did not suck unlike 2012 where in the garbage I'd like to chuck. Could get shot, not an exaggeration, and still have a better year than 2012 at my plot. And as for resolutions at my zoo. WHOOPDI FRIGGIN DOO!

Look at me,
Look and see,
I have something to say,
On this very special day.

I will lose weight.
That is my fate.
Finally to the gym,
To get myself trim.

I will write a book.
It will be off the hook.
It will be so grand.
All will buy it across the land.

I will move away,
To another bay.
I will start anew,
With a brand new zoo.

I will get a life,
Maybe find a wife.
Make a baby or two,
Create a real zoo.

I will blog every day.
That is what I say.
Even with nothing to tell,
I'll still ring the bell.

I will quit smoking.
No longer will all be choking,
As I puff my cancer stick.
This day will do the trick.

It is oh so special after all.
They sing at every hall.
When to 12 goes the clock.
This year will really rock.

Oh just wait.
You mean magic isn't my fate?
I have to do work?
That is not a perk.

I want a magic day,
Here at my bay.
Where I can still sit on my ass,
And everything I want will come to pass.

One big crock. I know that doesn't come as a shock. People wait for some magic day, which I've said a time or two at my bay, instead of getting off their butt and doing it now at their hut. Let's wait six months for that magic day instead of getting in done by then at our bay. Humans are a pathetic mass. If I want change I simply do it and get off my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. "kaykuala December 31, 2013 at 7:34 AM

      Dateline: Dec 31 2013

      Something strange
      On the dot this morning
      But there's no posting
      Pat didn't come in
      Is there a change in timing?


      The above was my comment registered in yesterday's post after trying desperately for 30 minutes to access this blog this morning. Oh well,!


    2. Hank, I was thinking of you this morning. I tried to get on too, at my usual early time but couldn't. I thought, "Oh I bet Hank is frantic." Habits, huh? It upset my whole morning. Hahaha

    3. Hank,

      I too was shocked to be number one..hope Pat is not having
      computer glitches...

    4. haha yeah Iogged in when I woke up
      And seems there was a blogger hiccup
      Not sure why it did not show
      But when it and hit it and away we go

    5. So technically Hank was here first
      There was just nowhere for him to leave his burst

    6. Well, then congrats to Hank..

    7. But you still got number one
      In front of everyone in the comment run

    8. Truedessa is #1, fair and square! Congrats Ma'am!


    9. fair and square
      i bet you made hank swear lol

  2. New Year Resolutions are seldom obtained
    why we continue to do so is unexplained
    If you want to do it just do it, no excuses
    make it an intentions, see what it produces

    Pat check out my mat later I have a story
    to be told, and wings waiting to unfold and
    you know what that means...enjoy...whack

    Wishing all a Happy New Year!

    1. I see it is up now
      Will come over to wow
      And yeah excuse are all most seem to use
      Instead of getting something done by lighting the fuse

  3. ha. i look at it as a line in the sand,
    def made by mans hand,
    as if today were different,
    ah i can take abit of magic,
    if it saves just a few its worth the poo
    and i wont fling it like a monkey at the zoo
    make the list to do,
    dont let it go the first time you get the flu
    and get blu, stay tru
    happy new year to you.

    1. or #2
      hoopty do!

      i will work on learning to count
      this year

    2. haha math is your goal
      So bad addition can take a stroll
      And true it does help one or two
      So I guess to the rest whoopdi friggin doo

  4. Resolutions are meant to be broken. Goals are much more effective.

    1. That is sure true
      Goals make something come due

  5. hahah... no new year's resolution at my shore... a new year is white page enough for the moment... and i quit smoking years and years ago luckily... now go find a wife...smiles...happy new year pat!!

    1. haha that could be hard with the nuts out there
      But I'll try at my lair

  6. I do New Year's themes instead of resolutions, which really seem to work for me. This year it is "All I dream of and more in twenty, one, four" and so far it is panning out 'cause my son has received several amazing scholarship offers to colleges of his choice. That is what I've always dreamed of so anything else is icing on the cake.

    1. Oh and it rhymes too
      A neat way to go about it at your zoo

  7. Yep, lots of resolutions end up unresolved!

    1. That they do
      Then the same ones come the next your too

  8. Glad this year was much better for you. Next year will Rock!!

    I'm not making resolutions, but staying on track to reach my many goals ahead.

    Happy New Year!

    1. Well we shall see
      If it rocks I'll credit thee

  9. Although I'm quite the procrastinator, I must agree. If something about you needs change that badly, don't wait for January 1st.

    1. Yeah waiting for a magic day is dumb
      One just needs to get off their bum

  10. Agreed here too. If you want the change, why time like the present, or so they say. :) Happy New Year's Eeeeeeeeeeeeeve!

    1. They seem to say a lot
      They must have a they type plot

  11. I want a magic day too over at my zoo! Healing will come to us and we'll no longer fuss!!

    Happy New Year, my friend!!

    1. haha that I'm not holding my breath on
      But it would be nice to be pain free one day as the sun rising over the lawn

    2. We have to keep the faith that it will get better. Cause, it can't get much worse ha ha

    3. haha well it could
      But lets hope it never would

  12. Haha! I hope 2014 will be great :)

  13. Resolutions are ok if one targets a bigger number
    At the end of the year upon totaling up do discover
    In terms of percentage
    What are achieved
    Not to expect 100% the idea is to chalk up a target for


    1. A target of a factor
      Could weigh heavy on an actor
      All want to hit the high note
      And get the vote

  14. So true about the resolutions
    they usually don't last
    I like what Alex said about goals
    those more likely will pass!

    Happy New Year!


    1. Yeah goals more likely come due
      Resolutions just get the big screw you

  15. Looks like a complete list. Maybe I should make a resolution to rhyme more in 2014? I may not have the ability though.

  16. happee 2014 guyz….heerz ta happee nezz, health, loves N hope two nite ya get
    sum high qualitee grazz N nip N hope ya findz a donut shoppe open round 3:18 AM when ya haz de muncheez !!

    1. The nip I'm sure will be here
      I'll find a donut or just eat the tp I fear

  17. Glad this year was better
    Even to the letter
    But I wonder what's coming
    And who''s in the running
    I never make resolutions, they never work
    Then I have to explain and feel like a jerk
    Early this morning I couldn't do my rhyme
    Did they knock on your door for the very last time?
    I'm afraid 2014 will bring more of this
    Let's celebrate while we stll have our bliss
    LOL Happy New Year Pat, Orlin and Cassie

    1. Blogger must have it in for me
      For some reason at my sea
      I guess it just had to be a jerk
      On the last day and not work
      Oh well all is here
      They can't get rid of my little rhyming rear

  18. I want a magic day too ~ Hope you find that magic to write everyday ~

    Happy New Year ~

  19. After one day, resolutions wear thin.
    I've resolved to never resolute again.

    Happy New Year's.


    1. Now there is one
      You can stick to with ease under your sun

  20. Yep. All those resolutions mean work, which is why they seldom get accomplished.

    Happy New Year! I wish you all the best in 2014!

    1. Exactly why
      Hope 2014 is great under your sky

  21. Great surprises I wish you
    Write more books
    Make new nook
    Show up every day with no issues!
    Happy New Year! Hurray up to your bay!!!!

    1. haha that sounds like a plan
      Books are done for every fan
      Posts are done to almost may
      So plenty to come at my bay

  22. Glad your 2013 was pretty keen. Better than 2012, I agree, but won't delve. As for resolutions, yeah, mine turned into pooh-pooh-tions. There is always next year, or so I hear. Best of luck to you in 2014 at your zoo!

    1. Yeah way better here
      Than 2012 for my rear
      Hopefully it is better for all
      With its new years call

  23. With a new year, new promises are made

    and the "I'm going to the gym" game will be played

    1. haha and then not going
      Is all that will be showing

  24. I have resolved quite a while ago NOT to make any more resolutions & have never regretted it.

    Happy New Year to all at your pad!!

    1. Good way to be
      Hope a happy new year is had at your sea

  25. I'm going to the gym. NOT.
    No resolutions at my spot
    Happy New Year to you
    and everyone at your zoo!

    1. haha that is one many will claim
      But things will stay the same

  26. I just knew this would be your theme today!
    And you didn't disappoint at your bay!
    I'm glad 13 was better than 12
    maybe 14 even higher will delve?

    1. haha yeah had to give it a go
      Once more at my show
      Hopefully it will
      Finally up over that hill

  27. I went with goals instead of resolutions...last year I didn't have anything at all, except to stay alive. And hey, I did it! LOL

    You already write books, and post every day. You're supposed to put stuff on your list that you DON'T do...just sayin'... :)

    1. haha but where is the fun in that
      If you don't know what you don't do but will do it is a surprise at your mat

  28. They are pointless in seems, pipe dreams

  29. At least they let people waste some time

  30. They give people hope for a day or two I guess

  31. No resolutions for me
    I always break them easily.
    If I want a change i do it right away.
    That way things really do get done at my bay.

    1. That is the way to be
      No stupid resolution spree

  32. I never made resolutions but that is all I see posted this time of year. You know they aren't going to do what they resolve to do.

    1. Nope, they won't do a thing
      Just filler at their wing


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