The Typical Show Will Give Each A Blow!

So with each and every TV show, the typical stuff they always give a go. Humpty humps and bare rumps. Some of this and some of that. But then there is stuff you wouldn't expect many to pull from their hat. So here we go with them all aglow.

Things go boom.
Even in shows without doom and gloom.
Eventually something will explode.
Okay, that is kinda in typical mode.

But aliens are not.
They show up a lot.
In cop shows too.
How many shows have them may surprise you.

 And in every show someone tries to rob a bank.
The good guy is there to make them walk the plank.
But they get stuck in their during the heist.
Most times they don't get iced.

And of course a monster comes due.
Usually a famous one or two.
Can be a doctor show as well.
These things still cause hell.

 And of course someone goes to jail.
There is always some sort of tale.
But away they will go.
"I'm innocent" they will usually crow.

Another you might not expect,
Strangely in many you can detect.
Time travel comes into play.
After they jump the shark in the bay.

And this guy is everywhere.
Maybe it is because he has no hair.
Bet he has been in ten shows you've seen.
Even in Full House he was on your screen.

And Pirates come into play.
In many in some way.
From treasure to actually stealing.
They get that walk the plank feeling.

Santa also goes bad.
Many a show has him going mad.
Robbing a bank and such.
I guess they don't like him jolly much.

And maybe the biggest one of all.
It seems in most every tv show you can give a call.
Cats don't exist.
That makes the cat rather pissed.

Can't you tell from my look? They need to get on that at each and every TV nook. But then we don't take direction well. It would still be fun to cause the humans hell. So have you noticed such themes on more than one show? It is okay if you are a little slow. Now I will go leave a present in some producers grass. That will teach them to cross my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Felines are the most adorable
    Leaving them out is uncalled
    Make them to be such a doll


    1. But they don't take direction well
      So they could cause the set hell

  2. The car chase is what always bugs me
    The sole purpose of it, I can't see
    Tires are screaming at every turn
    You can almost smell rubber burn
    Out of the window somebody shoots
    Shattered glass, who gives two hoots
    When the car chase first begins
    That for me the movie ends

    1. Watch Die Hard five
      And you'll never survive
      Throw up in your mouth at that one
      As the car chase is never ever done

  3. I'd love to travel in time
    with the host of the show
    - feline

    1. Traveling through time would be fun
      As many a tale could be spun

  4. Can't think of any shows with cats. (But if they involve going to jail, then maybe that's a good thing.) Movies, now those I can name!

    1. Well Prison Break had a cat
      Two for one, look at that.
      Early Edition had one too.
      Other than that movies are where they are in view

  5. The third pirates movie was pretty bad

    made the end of the first trilogy really sad

    1. The third one sucked a ton
      Worse than the 2nd and 4th one

  6. The last one is adorable ~ Meow back to you ~ Happy Sunday ~

    1. The cat likes to sit that way
      All through the day

  7. Love the last one!
    Have a nice Sunday!

  8. I had to think a few before I could think of a movie w/cats. Stuart Little came to mind though...Snowbell got a lot of screen time in that one. ;)

    1. There was one there
      Movies are easier at one lair.
      Homeward bound 1 and 2
      That damn cat had one too

  9. HA! That first pic is a real photo bomb!!!

  10. We should host a movie ban
    until there are cats shown throughout the land!

    1. haha I'm game for that
      I'll rhyme them to death at my mat

  11. Haha, true at every show
    Things blow up & glow
    Banks get robbed all the time
    Lots of aliens & some slime
    Cops & bald headed guys
    Did I mention spies?
    But not the cat,
    he's too good for that :)

    1. Yeah no cats allowed
      I guess cats run with their own crowd
      To much nonsense for them on the screen
      Sitting on the windowsill is more serene

  12. Love the cat, so regal and beautiful.

    I'd take a bite out of dracula

    1. He sure thinks so
      Good luck with the biting at your show

  13. That is true I cannot recall many featured cats
    but, I can recall a couple at some movie mats
    Marlon Brando in the Godfather held a kitty cat
    I guess it was much better than holding a rat
    In Austin Powers, Mr Bigglesworth & Dr. Evil
    were causing a tremendous upheaval ..haha

    I adored the last one of Orlin having his way
    sprawled out on the couch, made my day...

    1. He loves to sit sprawled out
      Letting things no longer there stay out and about
      And yeah those were a few
      With a cat in view
      Bond had one too
      Or that bad guy in view

    2. I always wondered did they shave that poor cat in
      Austin Powers a very cruel thing to do if you ask me..

    3. I think they used the breed with no hair
      Swapped them out for their no fur affair

  14. I think I saw a show or two
    that might have had a cat
    but I'm sure they don't play regular parts
    and that definitely stinks and rots


  15. You've caught the usual plots,
    connected all the dots!!

  16. You are right, not too many cats on TV. Unless you count Halloween shows or Garfield!

    1. Yeah cartoons don't count
      Hocus Pocus can add to the amount

  17. How about that show
    Don't you know
    Titled, My Mother the Cat
    Or something like that
    No wait
    Before it''s too late
    It was, My Mother the Car

  18. My Boston terrier sits on the back of the couch too! She loves to look out the window from there, oh and she also purrs! LOL

    Wishing you a very Happy New Year!

  19. I adore cats, once had a pretty diabetic cat.
    That needed 2 shots daily and that was that.
    I kept her alive this way for 4 years.
    Then had to part with her......many tears.


  20. The cat is right. Not many felines in sight

  21. They do use many of the same tricks

  22. No cats in many shows, that is a crime

    1. A crime across the land
      We need to take a stand

  23. was he really in full house? i dont remember that but he is everywhere, hey even at your lair, there is nothing new under the sun, when it comes to movie/tv fun, they recycle, even the people it seems...beware the aliens beams

    1. Yeah he played some farmer in full house
      From transformers to 24 he is everywhere like a mouse
      recycle a ton
      I guess going green on screen is fun

  24. And commercials! There are always LOTS of commercials. I vote for more tiemy-wimey stuff and more cats! :o)

    1. Sounds good to me
      Those commercials too need to flee

  25. I missed a post. I can't believe I missed a post! :(
    I'm sorry. :( :( :(
    Hey, that's Aaron from 24! You know, Secret Service, protected the President, Jack's ally, and was in love with the evil President's crazy wife.
    Aaron was one of the few people Jack could trust.
    He probably is dead. Everyone Jack trusts ends up dead. Except for Chloe. That's probably coming up this next season.

    1. Aaron isn't dead
      He still has his head
      Although I did think he would die in season seven
      But he has yet to go to 24 heaven

  26. Here kitty, kitty, kitty. I actually seen some of those shows you posted.


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