Two Light Hearted Fools Take On One Who Drools!

They are back and once more they are under attack. Someone really has it in for these two nuts. This one even references mutts. Or at least a mutt that old one eye knows about at her hut. Had to use that once more as the two light hearted fools explore.

Staring at the moon,
As it plays its tune.
One a loon,
The other needs a spoon.

When along comes a sound,
That isn't profound.
It is rather eerie,
And they are no longer cheery.

Old one eye is in view.
She is ugggggllyyy, between me and you.
And oh so cliche,
With the things she does say.

It is no wonder she hides away,
There at her stepping bay.
If a cyclops scares you,
Better avoid this view.

She even kills the poor cat,
It is fake though as it goes splat.
So here we are once more,
As the two nuts explore.

For at ugly, boney old hag she had a nice rack. That must be hard on her ancient back. Maybe the cat can find another dog to bring her back. I suspect to get some flack. But it had to come to pass. Old one eye is such an easy mark for my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Replies
    1. Not on top
      That is a flop lol

    2. Hank was too quick for me..
      no 2 I had to be ..

    3. That is okay
      On the bottom you can be at my bay

  2. Sounds just like a dying elephant?
    One-eyed across the moon all flippant?
    Fake rhyming cat?
    And bony old hag?
    Good offerings sure lots of questions!


    1. Questions arise
      Buzz like flies
      Take to the skies
      Eat some pies? lol

  3. Dead skin cell droppings is not a pretty thought... and lol at the laugh. :)

    Nice job! :)

    1. haha yeah nasty to my ocd
      Thinking of that at my sea

  4. Damn, I'm going to hell - funny!
    And please no Grammar Nazi.
    Something about being horned to death by a stair-climbing yoga hag just doesn't sound enjoyable.
    How did you do yesterday with the comments?

    1. Watch out, Alex! If the evil cat has anything to with it, I may be seeking you out next….


    2. Nah that just sounds a bit harsh
      Drown the old hag in a marsh
      Yesterday was a tad crazy
      Sure couldn't be lazy

    3. The ninja wannabe
      Has already got buried in the litterbox by me

    4. Wow, drown me in marsh? Now that's a bit harsh! At least I'll be by the water. That's my favorite place to be…besides here, tormenting you!

    5. haha by nasty water though
      Where crocodiles show

  5. I can only play it without sound this morning
    As the speakers at my computer are snoring

  6. Ok, you have me laughing today
    at the new video at your bay..
    hit my head I did now, I'm a loon
    singing my songs about the moon
    all, that action below making me swoon hahaha
    oh so witty with some really funny lines
    sailing on that ship as the moon shines

    "Damn I'm going to hell"
    that would not be swell..

    1. haha a bit of a loon
      Under the moon
      No fun in hell
      But warmth could be swell
      Like being witty
      Even with the fake rhyming kitty

  7. Pat, what the power you use
    to get out of 'caboose' ?
    How you know this ugly
    boney old hag
    won't step on your bread?
    here and there
    o where, o where
    3 headed dog?
    too many questions
    in one big crock...

    1. haha 3 headed mutt
      From long ago at my hut
      And gas in mass
      Brings power to my rhyming ass

  8. Hey, a redneck reference even made the video. Put the Hell to the Yea Baby!!!

    1. The next one you'll be back
      On your disco attack

  9. well i will have to watch
    for a moon that wants to converse
    as a one eye had is worse
    and what a curse
    um the laugh was rather like
    what the fox

    1. lol watch out under the moon
      For the old hag loon
      Get your gawk ready
      Avoid her steady

  10. Lessons learned upon the way, sailing to Bora Bora
    Tiz never a good idea to stop and smell the flora flora
    Boney old yoga hags and Rednecks who never flush
    Can be met along the way if you ever stop to mush
    Clever lines that lets me giggle a lot
    Adds spice to my morning to follow this plot

    1. Nope, can't stop
      That is a flop
      But they never learn
      Finding loons at every turn
      The next one they find them all
      Then after that worm killers have a ball

  11. it's normal to stare at the moon

    having conversations with it would make one a loon

  12. Old One Eye is certainly a hideous hag!

  13. Dead again at your bay?
    It's okay, you will pay!
    I've got Orlin the cat
    and will crush him flat!
    At my next feature show
    I better at least have a bow
    rather than be ugly as sin
    here at your rhyming bin.
    I'm stepping away
    headed towards my bay
    where I can do steps and stretch
    instead of seeing you, evil wretch!!

    1. Hey, you came back last time
      With the candy land chime
      Out an ass
      Was rather crass
      But you came back
      On the whine attack
      This time though
      Dead is dead, sad I know lol

    2. You kill me off
      but I just scoff
      at your attempts to end my life
      I am bringing you much strife
      over at my place today.
      I don't think you survived at my bay.
      Shooting me out an ass was rough
      but I survived because I'm tough!

    3. haha the cat will live
      He'll even forgive
      Then send you a can
      That you won't put in a frying pan
      With one smell
      Your peel over and not ring the dinner bell

  14. It never ends with you two
    Always attacking her at your zoo
    I could crush you both real quick
    Do things at my wall that would make you sick

    Can't we all just get along
    Make peace and take hits from the bong
    I guess that isn't too much fun
    It's over now, it was a good run

    1. Pffft this time next year
      Doesn't really cause the cat fear
      After all you need to pop up
      Breathing in fumes like a pup
      From your little facebook game
      To make due such a claim
      Which will never happen
      So they cat will be safe while nappin'

    2. It's okay, I got you too
      over at my humble zoo
      your wall is down
      you're kicked out of town
      I take much glee
      in seeing you flee!

    3. haha pfft the cat comes back
      On the attack
      Just you wait
      Something is scheduled for a Jan date lol

    4. Whatever shall I do?
      With you two reeking of poo
      Spout out words is all you do
      While I sit back and prepare for the Coming due

      There are bigger fish to fry
      Like the ones behind the All-Seeing Eye
      The ones who enslave us, they always spy
      Hear my words, the end is nigh

      But if you invite a fight to your stinky shack
      I might find time to come attack
      The both of you shall fade to black
      And I will laugh all the way back

    5. Well if the end is nigh
      You will too fry
      So in the end we will all go
      To the same place, probably below

      Then what will you do?
      Stuck with us two
      Forever in hell
      There we all dwell

      Can fry the big fish
      Poison their dish
      Let them all die
      For the many things they put in the sky

    6. Yes, I too will fry
      That I can't deny
      But I don't want to end up below
      With you and old one eye at satan's show

      I look to rise to a higher place
      At the end of the human race
      Will I go there, I am not sure
      But the time is now to make my heart pure

    7. Bah, pure is overrated
      Plus all that crap is dated
      The universe can suck me up
      As long as it doesn't bring me back as a pup

  15. A dog howling crossed with an elephant passing gas? Why has this not been made into a sound clip yet?

    This is just a test to see if you can get my comments. I was comment bombing you yesterday to help you out and I noticed they stopped showing up. They may have been flagged as spam. If so... well, you might not even be seeing this anyway. Echoooo!

    1. haha they are all there
      The ones you left at my lair
      But I guess when that many show
      You have to scroll down below
      Hit where it says loading
      And more will so with the comments exploding

    2. I actually don't see them or a 'loading' button. For example on the comment chain I started with the dancing cat I posted some more "pictures", like a robot, and I don't see it.

      As long as you see it (and as long as I'm not blocked here as a spammer) that's all that matters.

    3. There is nothing in spam at all
      The loading button is right at the end of the last comment call

  16. cmon, don't be mean! no one can be that ugly :P

  17. Well you killed me and Manzanita off so we can't help you now. Plus the cat is gone!! You and Trudessa are on your own.

    1. All on our own
      Never fear if we make all leave a message at the tone

    2. Captain Pat and Truedessa on their own
      one never knows where they will roam
      perhaps, below they will

    3. lmao well I guess all know
      They will roam below toe to toe

  18. Oh my god, that was funny. Thanks for the laugh!

  19. I talk to the moon.
    Does that make me a loon?

    1. lol yep indeed
      But we knew that at your feed

    2. I enjoy talking to the moon
      guess, I am a bit of a loon

    3. We knew that
      But so is the cat

  20. I think old hags are misunderstood at your bay, but I understand why she could not stay.


  21. Dear Pat, I browsed your latest posting and so want to congratulate you on 1,000! Wow! Does that mean you've been posting daily for nearly three years? I started in late May of 2011, so this coming May I will have posted for three years also. I began with three posting a week, then in 2012 I went down to two and then in late 2012 I settled on one a week. I don't know how you've able to manage one each day. You're a super-blogger!!!!! Peace.

    1. Only been posting every day for two years and two months or so
      The rest was touch and go
      But nearly 3 years I've been here
      With 1000 now under the belt of my little rhyming rear

  22. Another video of the two light-hearted fools that has me laughing with great delight. Poor fake phoenix kitty ~ she looked so resigned to her fate before she went bye-bye! Have a good weekend, Pat. I have no clue how you make these cartoons ~ Don't stop!

    1. haha yep bye bye
      As the old hag came in for a fly

  23. Very interesting, I have not read many post like this before!

  24. Fun and light-hearted but now one eye is stuck in my head. lol, at least I got to laugh today thank you for that.

    1. haha one eye gets stuck in all's head
      After seeing such scary dread

  25. Brilliant Pat, funny as usual buddy, I loved our friend Elsie's burial for you though as well haha, two great posts today.

    1. Yeah got each other back to back
      At each shack an attack

  26. Cute-you really are very good at this rhyming--

  27. Thank you for making me giggle today good job

  28. It's fun to watch after I read,
    I think those nuts had a little weed.

  29. orlin N cassie...ya one eyed hag looks like de food serviss gurl...cept de food serviss gurl could wish for a rack that nice !! :)

    hay, enjoy de week oh end !!

    1. haha that must be a scary sight
      Make you run away in the daylight

  30. Those two sure do enjoy their time down below

  31. That was too funny! That must be one ugly old hag. Maybe she should wear a bag?

    1. She just might need one
      Have to be able to hold a ton

  32. Last lines were a bit brutal!
    You must have been grocery shopping in the Palisades near Malibu
    Aisle seven is the plastic surgery boobs (as in mistakes)

    1. That is good to know
      Avoid that fake place at my show

  33. Great performances by all. Well done, Pat.
    The old boney cyclops has a sexy voice, along with a nice rack. But I can see how Kate Beckinsale would be more appealing.


    1. Yeah she does appeal way more
      Than a boney old yoga hag at my shore

  34. You never know, cats have 9 lives! Maybe it will come back.

  35. Pat, you're so talented, but one eye is an eye sore.

  36. This is the first time I've stumbled upon your site; and it is quite unique and entertaining and unlike anything else I've ever seen. Well done. ;)

  37. Ever seen an egg and spoon race
    It's no disgrace
    The eggs it wins
    The spoon it spins
    As the dish is a loon
    And the dish ran away with the spoon.
    One eye
    Nice try
    Bora Bora
    You make me Snora Snora....

    1. At least you get sleep
      there at your keep
      Dreaming like a loon
      about an egg and a spoon

  38. well i'm a new reader and from all the blog comments, everyone seems to be a bit loony! I love it!

    1. haha it is quite the loony bin
      Everyone is welcome in

  39. That was fecking funny Cat! The horns and the hole in the face cracked me up. I just came from Elsie's place and she got you pretty good too.

    1. haha yeah we both gave each other quite the hit
      The hole in the face really made it

  40. This is a nice change for a post. Very light hearted and fun to read.

  41. I have had fun reading all of these, but am not much of a rhymer. Good fun for the night though.

  42. At least the cat she killed was fake. That wouldn't have been good.

    1. Yeah a real one
      Would get her burnt up in the sun

  43. I don't know how you manage to continue to rhyme the whole way through like that! lol

  44. I have a feeling my son and you would get along just fine! Great imagination.

  45. What a rhyme. I'm horrible at it.

  46. Nice rhyme again! Thanks for the giggle tonight it got me :)

  47. This is the longest trip ever...they would have gotten to Bora Bora way faster if they had just taken a plane. Just sayin'... :)

    1. lol yeah but I guess they can't afford the ticket
      Or don't want to end up some place where they play cricket

  48. HA HA I laughed at all these comments it was an interesting read. I have to agree with Remembering Grace. How creative and fun to watch, thank you for sharing

    1. They are fun to do
      Planes are scary to the two?

  49. thanks for the laugh, you did great at your rhyming...I only got as far as:
    staring at the moon, make me sleepy soon..... and them it has nothing to do with skin falling off lol

    1. lol well at least you got a little ways
      Soon you'll join the rhyming craze

  50. Oh my!! I couldn't stop laughing!! Funny stuff!

  51. I needed this laugh today. This is absolutely funny. I'm going to have to read a bit more. ;)

    1. Read and you might go crazy
      Things make get hazy

  52. Lightened my day, right up! Thanks! and I'm loving your comments to everyone's comments.... awesome!

    1. Do that at my zoo
      With each post that comes due

  53. Haha! This was too funny! And I had fun reading the comments as well!

  54. Old One Eye is uglier than I first thought! And thinking about old skin cells raining down makes me want to hurl!

    1. haha know how to scare you away
      Just put skin cells on display


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