Whoopdi Friggin Doo Awards One Of You!

Robbie Raisin here to give you all a little cheer. Hey, it is that time of year around this spinning sphere. Today on Whoopdi Friggin Doo we go nationwide in search of a few. It is time to see who will get this wonderful award under their tree.

Al, let's start with you. How would your acceptance speech go if the award came due?

That sounds most foul!
Even my colonoscopy
aka "Booty Lookie-See."
Where there were much faintings
when they found those cave paintings.

I will have to stop you there. No need to show us anything bare. Betty, tell all, don't be petty.

too funny with all your rhyme, do you talk in it all the time? do you even dream in it at night, if so, does it cause a fright?

I'm the one asking questions here. You get no cheer. Remembering Grace, why that sad look on your face?

HAHAHA I made a rhyme.
Darn, I just ruined it.

Okay! Moving on today. Gloria, how would your speech go at the award show? 

Tarsier man is my favorite you know that

Wow, you like to monkey around. Hopefully he is bound. Theresa are you still whining about Halloween? Don't say something obscene.

Maybe Terry needs to separate from the dogs

Terry may not like that. At least you didn't compare her to a rat. Terry, any response from you for all to view?

Begone Worms!

One track mind. Bet she talks about her behind. I think you made Anne hurl with your worm whirl.

A flirty Worm Queen that drips pus and has weird sexual fantasies. Yep, there goes breakfast

I was right. Such a nasty sight. Keith, what about you, if you won at your zoo?

I may even forgo all appearances of manhood and loudly shout

Hmmm a cheerleader you say? Be quite the display. Betsy, have you come to your senses and put up some fences?

years ago
hairballs did grow
and a shock it is
that cold, between the toes biz.

Guess not. Eww foot rot. Brian, you have to have something to say, you always do anyway.

not much tap dancing there but surely a shock wave will echo out

Hmm care to guess what he's trying to confess? Rosey, you any better at this or is something amiss?

First thing I did was to scroll up and find out what Manzanita had to say about all of this!!

Hmm kind of off her rocker. What a shocker.  Manzanita, I will let you speak, we would not want Rosey to scroll too far up for a peek.

Come near Me you wimpy trio
And I'll spit you all the way to Rio
You said you wanted sun and sand
You'll dance to a different kind of band

You'll spit on me? How nasty of thee. Alex, show your ninja skills, give the world thrills.

Makes me want to get some pills from the vet now. Violated by a worm is not the way I want to go.

So you want a vet so worms don't violate you like a pet? Good to know, away we go. Folklore are you ready? Puns can come steady.

Hey, second best ain't that bad.

Suck a slacker. If it was laundry you'd be an attacker. Hank, your turn. Make all feel the burn.


Hmm Hank can't count to a higher amount. R, what about you. Any words before we are through?

Great Post!

R, I don't know. You may be the winner with that great response on our show. Truedessa, can you top R at your bar?

maybe, you could sell it on eBay
see what they have to say

Wow, you win. But that is such a sin. I am going to take your advice and sell it on eBay for a hefty price. You ruined it for everyone. You better run. They may hunt you down and that could make you frown. Robbie Raisin off to make a huge lump of dough, hope you enjoyed the show.


Geez, look what Truedessa did at my sea. After all that interviewing she just made him flee. I suppose you could go buy the award on eBay. It should be under "things4u" they say. But don't hold me to that lad or lass. I'm just a little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Replies
    1. The #1 spot regained
      Starting all over again


    2. No Truedessa today
      Must be too tired to come out and play

    3. Maybe, tomorrow you never know
      when I will give it a go...lol..

    4. Hank will have to be on his toes
      To get number 1 in rows

  2. No. #1 for all the fun
    It did make a fine run
    But at times
    Are chimes
    It's open to everyone


  3. Your response to Hank is so funny Pat but he's always counting up from one when he gets more than one top comment in succession haha! Funny post buddy, R deserves an award, I didn't know that words like "Great post" would mean I never get bored.

    1. Yeah Great Post deserve much
      Something that smells and such

  4. Don't want to be violated by worms.
    Funny responses, Pat!

    1. haha yeah never ever want that
      At any blog mat

  5. I definitely take the laundry award 'cause I can wash and dry with the best of 'em!!

    1. Wash and dry really fast
      Make laundry a thing of the past

  6. So what is 'things for you' ?
    I feel- the main award for us
    it's YOU!!!
    It's here, on this page/or the stage
    Whoopdi Friggin Doo !

    1. I'm the award you say?
      Hmm okay just don't give me away
      I'm not cheap
      At my keep lol

  7. I agree with Humbird. Look in the mirror and give it to you!! If not to you, give it to Keith with all of his questions that make one think!

    1. haha give it to big long name?
      Then he'll make some other claim

  8. dude, if they find cave paintings during my colonoscopy, i might pass out indeed...and i was just planting the seed, you know how the ballerina hippos put on shows and make quakes to shake the foundation

    1. hahaha those cavemen sure have quite the craft
      Wonder if they went up on a raft

  9. Me thinks you are the NSA
    You know of everything we say
    You even know more then our Mums
    And you won't have to take the tums
    They'll hang Al in a museum
    Inside out for all to see em
    Trudessa scared the award away
    And after "all" knew what to say
    Maybe if we do our rhyme
    We'll get a chance another time

    1. The cat is a good spy
      He keeps an open eye
      To use and abuse
      And to amuse
      When he wants too
      On whoopdi friggin doo

  10. I think it's a toss up between R and Keith. I mean, R is so reliable. You never have to worry about what he's going to say. (Why do I assume it's a man?) But, Keith sounds like he's ready to dress like a woman for a day?? ha ha

    1. hahaha oh wonder what keith will say
      Are you saying he is hormonal at his bay? lol
      The cat gives props to you old one eye
      Not sure why all assume R is a guy

    2. Let me mark this post down! The cat gave props to me?! Now there is something to see...

    3. haha mark it down
      Next week he`ll make you frown lol

    4. HAHA I have you know I am more manly than I may appear
      I've even been known to have a beer

    5. haha but do you drink it from the bottle/can
      Or are you a glass fan?

  11. Definitely put a time limit on the acceptance speech!

    1. Yeah needs to be a limit indeed
      Could go on forever at my feed

  12. Bwuahahahaha, I woke up thinking of a word a few days ago, 'Trudessa!' I was trying to figure out what in the world 'Trudessa' was, and then it hit me, lololol

    And Manzanita's posts are fun. Take today for instance... not that I scrolled up or anything. ;)

    1. hahaha Truedessa on the brain
      That is rather funny at your lane
      Can't admit to scrolling up at my sea
      She may get too much glee

    2. haha - Oh, that might not be good
      to have me on the brain..I might be
      a tad insane..lol..

    3. lol you are worming your way
      Into the head of everyone at my bay

  13. thanks for the mention from your sea
    really, I don't know how you do all of this, honestly
    keep track of this and track of that
    really, its not you, but its the cat?


    1. The cat is way better at it
      He sits all day memorizing this for the next hit

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Mistake once more
      Marking it down at my shore

    2. lol - I'm sure my blunders will surface to haunt me..

    3. Oh that they will
      But may give you a thrill

  15. So many winners, way more than two that I see,
    Just give Pat on the back, it's free.

    1. A simple pat may break my back
      Here at my shack

  16. Funny to see all these comments in view
    thinking back I do remember quite a few
    so tell me, what did ebay have to say
    if you sell make them pay pay pay
    then we can be on our way to bora bay (lol)

    Things4U - tell me true..
    Whoopdi Friggin Doo ! (had to say it you know)

    Have a great day as we drift away..lol..

    1. Made you think
      Here at my rink
      Keeping that brain on the go
      Here at my show
      Ebay was rather rude
      They gave me attitude
      But I just stuck them in the loo
      And flushed with a whoopdi friggin doo

  17. it's hard to top "great post"

    though that old waffle one of mine got a toast

    1. Your waffle one may win
      Over great post at my bin

  18. Those are hilarious! The worm post elicited a lot of funny comments!

    1. Yeah the worm post gave a ton
      For me to use under my sun

  19. No, I have moved passed Halloween for now.
    I'm ready for the fat man to come to town!

    1. Passed it you say
      Letting your halloween nazi ways go astray

  20. Lol. Thanks for the good laugh.

  21. Wonder what R would say
    If he had to give an acceptance speech today...
    Oops, there I went, too
    Assuming gender at your zoo

    1. haha be funny if he was a she
      A speech R would probably flee

  22. If you win, you get a pin and be forgiven from all your sin. I have fun when I come here Pat, makes my brain think and pet the cat.


    1. Gets the brain moving at my sea
      Probably because I'm a tad crazy

  23. Woopdi Friggin Doo Award......I like it.

  24. Great post!
    Thanks for sharing
    I'm almost caring....
    Have a prize
    A prize surprise

    1. Almost
      At my coast
      Beats a hand grenade
      Or a horseshoe trade

  25. Kooky and fun under your sun. I liked the speech about the butt leech, though the dancing to a different band did kind of tip my hand. Too bad the raisin ran out crazin'.

    1. The raisin is nuts
      May have sniffed one to many butts

  26. LOL, colonoscopy - booty lookie-see... I can't stop laughing at that...
    This was so funny, and now my throat hurts from laughing so much. You are awesome. :)

    1. haha throat pain you say?
      Oh what I can do at my bay

  27. Okay, this whole thing completely defeated me today--we can;t make head or tail (heh heh) of it. We don't even know who Mr. Raisin is. But we wanted to stop by and say hello because the Human has been TERRIBLE about helping me visit. We'll try again tomorrow or Friday--maybe we'll be smarter then.

    1. haha I can confuse with ease
      Must be those fleas

  28. hmm...interesting post
    by you the host.
    was gone all day and night
    so missed the comment fight.

  29. This wasn't a great post, it was a "great" great post.

    Do I get an award now?

    1. Hmmm you may be a winner
      Could end up with dinner

  30. If I had won I would have definitely let out a shout
    But now i will go to the corner and pout

    1. haha don't cry
      Maybe you'll win on the next try

  31. LOL... Whats up.. I thought Manzanita was the worm queen. You know what though... you would think when they give us a colonoscopy they would see worms sometimes. Where do those suckers go when they stick that tube up our behinds?

    I think I may be done with worms... hoping anyway. I got pretty sick of seeing those creepy things.

    1. lol you can switch the crown
      At worm town
      And yeah you'd think they would see
      But then again you are cleaned out when the probe thee


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