With This Trip We Let It RIP!

Some poor things just do not get any loving as into the closet people go a shoving. Hmm, get your mind from the gutter there is no need to get the butter. Today the cat will let them breathe a bit with a little RIP fit.

Could make bugs.
Hide them under rugs.
Oh what joy.
I'd eat such a toy.

The poor big cell,
Really went to hell.
It still has a perk,
Can use it to whack a jerk.

Carry your tunes.
Were they loons?
I suppose muscle it built.
Still those tapes can wilt.

Little pieces in a light up thing.
Much joy that had to bring.
Took too long.
Rather go beat Donkey Kong.

One whole hole.
That was a great goal.
Don't you love those big disks?
So covered all risks.

 The one that many threw away,
When really it is better for you at your bay.
It won't send emf crap all over,
And even pollute rover.

Those were the days,
Run through a simple maze.
With only a few buttons to press.
More with less?

Pay a quarter and have a play,
Sit there all day.
Bye bye money.
Bet Pac Man thought it was funny.

For tunes on the go,
That really flow,
See above.
This one is stationary love.

And this one was so great,
Nothing can relate.
Oh wait!
There is Youtube, sorry mate.

The poor contraptions have been seen once more. The cat is so nice at his shore, going back in time with a chime. Makes me glad for my thumb drive here at my hive. It has room in mass and can save much, unlike those huge disks, from my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Those were the days, the era of things bulky
    When viewed now they look to be so unwieldy
    Time savings when first appeared
    Innovative, life changing as touted
    But now somehow they are a laugh, real funny


    1. haha yeah at first they were grand
      Now not so much across the land

  2. I remember a few of those, where they are no though who knows

    1. Could be in the trash
      Or having an attic bash

  3. Viewmaster! My wife and I still have ours from when we were kids. I wonder if the discs are worth anything?

    1. Probably be worth a bit on ebay
      If you can find the right person to pay

  4. Everything was so clunky back then

  5. These were great in their day
    but, technology had it's way
    so, these things went away
    sure you can find them on eBay
    laughing at the size of the cell phone
    I wonder if it had a really loud tone
    did it include the ability to roam

    Did I hear you mention a whack
    so, here you go at your shack
    I'm running after a whack attack
    but, don't worry I'll be back..(lol)

    Have a great day is all I can say...

    1. Yeah they went to the attic
      Creating nothing but static
      That phone would suck to carry around
      Not even sure it would get good sound
      lol you won't get far after your whack
      I'll get you back

  6. The original Nintendo was loads of fun
    It sure had a heck of a run
    I saw the big cell phone in the movie Reservoir Dogs recently
    It made its appearance in the movie rather decently

    1. Yeah it was great
      Snes was the best on plate
      Seen the big ones a time or two
      As many movies have them in view

  7. Toys go bye bye in the dump
    Out of style and a great big lump
    Everything must be electronic
    Or it stays with the old fashioned bubonic
    The phone that's hooked onto the wall
    You'll still find it out in my hall
    The cell phone you put close to your ear
    Will rot your brain but never fear
    What kills YOU first It will be a race
    The outlet or cell you hold to your face

    1. haha yeah that is true
      At each zoo
      Outlet or cell
      Which will be first to send one to hell
      But truly even know
      So they reap what they sow

  8. haha....I owned a few of those
    and they didn't cause woes
    Were great in their day
    and now have gone away!

    1. Yeah they worked at the time
      Not so much when no longer in their prime

  9. HA! I think we got lots of those things around here!

    1. haha could make some dough
      Selling them on ebay at your show

  10. I was once upon a time the PacMan queen, and I'm still proud of that. ;)

    My grandma had that phone...you could hear it being dialed three rooms over. :)

    1. lol wow quite the dial
      The pacman queen hmmm could give that a rhyming mile

  11. Oh the floppy disk. I still remember calling Wal-Mart when I was like 10 years old to see if they had any (to back up my files - I was a computer geek even back then) and got some redneck who was like, "Uh... a what? Is that in the toy section? Is it, like, foam or something?"

    People didn't know what they were back then. They definitely don't know what they are now.

    And for the record, I still have and play my NES. And SNES. I can always come back to those games.

    1. haha that is sad
      Never knew what they were at their pad
      Now I can see as they have become extinct indeed
      I still have my snes at my feed
      Nes busted though
      Those games are always fun to give a go

  12. I remember all of those. The cell phones really make me laugh though. Kids still play with some of those toys, I think they are just redesigned a little.

    1. Yeah they still have fun with a few
      The cell phone is just laughable upon view

  13. That was a trip down memory lane/like remembering your first girlfriend when down falls the rain/and to think that we used all of those gadgets/they made us comfy like blankets. :-)

    Greetings from London.

  14. I still have stacks of 45's at my hive
    can't let them go
    not at my show
    they're more than songs in a circle with a hole
    they're memories that keep the fire aglow

    1. Reason enough
      To keep stuff
      With memories galore
      At your shore

  15. ah that was a treat.... you should see me smile... technology made some amazing leaps...and yet...the old telephone and things have their charm as well...smiles

    1. haha not sure a cell phone that large has charm
      But it could do tons of harm

  16. Yikes! I think I had all of those.

  17. Loved seeing the flash from the past. The children toys made me smile the most.

  18. I liked Lite Brite but sucked at Donkey Kong
    One hole is all that's needed.
    Am I wrong?


  19. Oh come on... I have always liked Lite Brite. I was never very good at it but I liked it anyway.

    1. haha lied to take the time
      To make something bright and sublime

  20. orlin N cassie...thanx for de trip down mem oh ree lane.... R mom bee old enuff ta remember ALL thiz stuff...N sell theeze goodz two de rite peepulz at de rite time ...ca ching !! de cell phone ree minds uz oh de show "get smart" !!

    1. Yeah can make some dough
      If you can find a collector at your show

  21. I fondly remember the Creepy Crawlers. A dangerously hot surface to bake items on... the thing got up to about 8 million degrees and didn't even have an on/off switch. You just plugged it in! Wonder how many house fires were caused by little kids leaving the things unattended!

    1. haha I never burnt the house down with them at my sea
      But I did leave it unattended a time or three

  22. Oh, this was fun, Pat. It seems like ONLY yesterday. This was fun!

  23. dude, wish i still had a working record player, i rather like the vinyl sound, the pops and cracks, and viewmaster rocks, we went though a few of those...

    1. Record players were good
      Only had one viewmaster in my hood

  24. I wouldn't let my mom throw her records away...so now I have all these records, and no record player. LOL LOL

    1. lol need to get on that
      Get santa to bring you a record player at your mat

  25. I loved Viewmaster ohwhat fun was!! and in my home we had a pone like this!

    1. Had a phone like that
      Sure if you threw it people would scat

  26. Disks and cassettes
    still keep in my closet

  27. I had the old apple II, though it was in the early 90s that our uncle gave us after his daughter didn't want it anymore

    1. That would be rather clunky
      Playing games on it would be funky

  28. my gosh, I feel so old
    looking at all these things
    they were part of my life
    and in some cases my upbringing

    who can resist PacMan
    I would still play it now
    I am hearing the music from it in my head
    that was a fantastic game wow!


    1. Yeah pacman is a great game
      I played it all the same
      Didn't have of them in my life though
      Not that old at my show lol

  29. I remember all of those gadgets. Do you remember having to blow on the Nintendo games and box to get it to work? Those were the days.

    1. Yes, having to blow on those things I hated
      Like the machine wanted to be mated

  30. What a great trip down memory lane! We sure have come a long way since those days!

    1. That we have indeed
      Not always better though at ones feed

  31. I'll still take that NES if you're giving. That thing is an antique!

    1. Antique that doesn't work here
      Guess it got killed by fear

  32. WOW!! Beautiful wordings based on the pictures!


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