Another Conversation Mode That Gives A Load!

So the cat thought it would be fun to once again listen in on everyone. At least as he passed by each day. Then he wrote down the words at his bay. Funny what you hear is you walk by. Someone will surely make you raise an eye.

I have English papers.
What? No French capers?
Did you take your...
That is all I heard of the roar.

Anyone care to guess?
Could be something that leaves him or her in a mess.
Much like the eww eee ahh.
That does make the cat go, bah.

Civilians are not allowed to..
I bet he was going to say use the loo.
I hope you don't get claustrophobic here.
Maybe they gave the closet a cheer?

That is such a pretty ring.
Showing off their bling.
You can't do that to me.
Just did, I suspect, to thee.

Do you know what that asshole did?
I guess they made you flip your lid.
I am so sorry I stepped on your toe.
I bet you are at your show.

I wish they would fall off the roof.
I will avoid you so I don't go poof.
I hate all this pigeon poop.
They are quite the pooping troop.

Do you think it will fit through the door?
I hope it is a door and not a person at your shore.
The killer was some close.
That movie is not about Mickey Mouse.

Are you ready for this?
Do I have to hear more bliss?
Here Kitty Kitty Kitty.
No way, you old bitty.

Maybe we should go to moms?
I bet she will even wipe your bums.
Why won't this stupid bleeping bleep of a bleep work.
To you swearing is really a perk.

It is too hot. You're hot!
Think they are going to do the robot?
I can't imagine why this thing would do that.
It does go up, kinda tit for tat.

Oh where the mind goes as the conversation blows. I just heard it as I walked by. The cat is not a nosy guy. But I will use it at my grass. So don't get overheard by my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. The things you hear in passing.
    Make you wish you had been fasting
    Then you wouldn't want to puke
    Listening to their kooky gook

    Maybe you should start wearing ear plugs...

    1. Hey Terry
      You did a rhyme
      Easy peasy, ain't no crime
      You go, girl

    2. Ear plugs could work
      That would be a perk
      And look at you go
      With the rhyming flow

  2. there comes a time when moms stop wiping bums, unless they are bums and then its kick em to the curbs, and the pigeon poop troop sure do poop, its all pretty and purple on white, like a too hard nerple

    1. haha kick them out the door
      So they aren't bums forever more

  3. Sometimes we overheard
    some meaningful words
    by the way -
    for your English paper stagnation -
    Do you need Russian interpretation?

    1. They may need it
      You never know could be a hit

  4. I don't like dining out
    And hear what people are about
    A word from this table, one from that
    Excuse me, did he just say bat?
    The voices come from all around
    A cacophonous perturbing sound
    How can I digest the food
    Surrounded by a tempestuous mood

    1. Plus all the germs
      Maybe even worms
      No thank you
      Eat in at my zoo

    2. Yeah
      All the above and GMO's
      I'd rather listen to my Bose
      And eat organic, do a flip
      But I'm as old-fashion as a buggy whip

    3. GMO's too
      Yuck at my zoo
      Plus costs more money
      Home is far more sunny

  5. I like the inspiration for this post
    I love people-watching and people-listening the most
    Humans are a fascinating sort
    Whether in conversation or just in sport

    1. That they are
      Near and far
      Some things you don't want to hear
      As they could cause fear

  6. Ha, hearing a part of anyone's conversation is always interesting. Especially when they don't know they are being overheard. Always fun to try to put together the rest of the story. Have a good weekend, Pat & Cat!

    1. Yeah fun to go at it a bit
      And make a story from it
      Especially when they don't know
      I can hear their flow

  7. Great as usual Pat, could learn a thing from you.

  8. And somehow you managed to make sense of it all.

    1. May be right, may be wrong
      But works for this rhyming song

  9. I try to intentionally turn off my ears while out and about
    so the things I hear don't make me pout? tout? stout (well, I guess if it was a fattening recipe I was overhearing)?

  10. Hearing all that they have to say
    One gets angry not making headway
    Avoid them all
    To just forestall
    Any thoughts of correction if you may


    1. Avoid the cheers
      To the ears
      Then walk this way
      All through the day

  11. You just never know what humans are gonna say next!

    1. Nope, they are nuts
      Surprised they don't sniff butts

  12. You never know what you will hear
    so much chatter going in your ear
    as your mind is busy shifting gear
    tell me about the Celestia sphere
    will a comet come should I fear
    under an indigo sky, my thoughts clear
    hope this cold weather soon disappears
    heard someone's car was hit by a deer
    did you see the new movie premiere
    they are searching for a new frontier
    predicting 2014 to be a good year
    Superbowl is soon stock up on beer
    all having parties and giving loud cheers
    have a good day cat this I say sincere...

    1. haha look what I made appear
      To one rhyme you did adhere
      That was good, my dear
      Through worlds and superbowls you did steer
      Did you learn that about 2014 at the pier?
      So far it has had a sucky career
      I hope you didn't sit and peer
      You may get labeled a peeper to all near
      Don't carry a garden sheer
      Or any kind of spear
      They would surely sneer
      Or just sit and jeer

    2. Do you want do know what I did overhear?
      a story brewing about three musketeers
      searching for a magician that can disappear
      they ran into a couple of buccaneers...
      heard one could swing from a chandelier
      stealing diamonds from a castle as a souvenir
      it's true this is what I did hear...hahaha..

    3. Was it from a street vendor near?
      Did they see it in a magic tear?
      You mind have got lies in your ear
      Or maybe they were trying to sell gear
      Turn you into a musketeer
      Seeing that would cause no fear

  13. People can be entertaining or annoying to me, usually dependent on my mood.

    1. haha use them is blog fodder either way
      As that works for my bay

  14. it's fun to listen to those conversation snippets in the streets, subways or cafes and then spin our own stories from them... fun..

    1. Yeah give them a spin
      Plus adds ammo to my bin

  15. Well, I really want to know what that asshole did. Must have pushed someone off a roof.

    1. Could have gave them a push
      Or felt another's tush

  16. I think you need a filter. Glad to see your Captain Kirk header back though. ;-)

  17. We writers listen and take notes
    to supply our prose with witticisms and quotes.
    If only the fools would agree to keep quiet,
    we'd have to bleed money and actually buy it.

    VR Barkowski

    1. But thankfully they do not
      And we get ideas by the lot

  18. Entertaining you as you walk by
    don't even have to quicken your stride
    as you get a glimpse of the conversation
    and then turn it into a blog post rendition!

    1. Yeah can use and abuse
      As small snippets do amuse

  19. Have just been reading a romance
    involves finding wild capers (the fruit) in streets of Italy
    Not france

    1. Fruits causing romance in the air
      Those wild capers must be rare

  20. People just don't realize what they say outloud where others can hear them sometimes. I was at a Dr's office a few years ago and the things this woman said on her cell was TMI...

    1. Yeah they just let it fly
      Whether tmi or not until they say goodbye

  21. funny to see a lot of women with so much bling on their wedding ring

    paying for that wouldn't be my kind of thing

    1. Yeah screw that
      Could buy a new house with a brand new door mat

  22. Its not hard to over hear
    what one might say
    as you walk by them
    as sometimes they seem to be on their phone all day

    really what did one do
    before cell phones were made
    how could they ever go to the store
    and just shop instead of play

    talking on their phone every single aisle
    its not hard to hear what is being said
    most of it is silly stuff
    nothing that one would dread.


    1. Yeah most of it is just stuff
      No more than fluff
      As they go from here to there
      Yapping on their phone so unaware

  23. LOL Every morning at work I go downstairs to the cafe to get breakfast and I overhear the most hilarious conversations, and I have to pretend not to be eavesdropping...I don't know if I'm successful or not. I picture myself staring into space, with my ear swiveled like a cat's in whichever direction is most interesting.

    1. haha a fake eavesdropper at your sea
      When really you are eavesdropping with glee

  24. Much can be heard that you might not want to

  25. Too bad you can't unhear some things

    1. Yeah that would be nice
      Like things of umm spice


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