Have You Ever To Prove You Are Clever?

So the cat watched the other day as some human did a simple thing at their bay. One that seemed dumb to me as I knew what it did at my sea. But still they did not know, so let's see who else gives them a go.

Have you ever,
To be clever,
Done a little thing,
Like this at your wing.

Walked into a room,
But oh the doom,
You forgot want you wanted,
Walked out, then it taunted?

Tried to prove you were a pro,
Neither high nor low,
Instead you got a middle itch,
Trying to balance between on/off with a light switch?

Open the fridge to get what you want,
Then close like it is a strange haunt,
Only to find out when the light went dark,
So you could know at what mark?

Walk on the street,
To your own beat,
Avoiding a crack,
Afraid to break your mother's back?

In a rush,
You really have to mush,
But instead you hit them all,
Buttons all glow as in the elevator you slowly fall?

Open the door,
But it won't let you explore,
You give it a good knock,
Only to find you forgot to turn the lock?

The day is clear,
The birds you hear,
That thing has to go,
So you chuck it out, rather at, a closed window?

You have to run,
Get out in the sun,
To scurry with the ants,
Oops, you forgot your pants?

I bet all have done one,
Of these the cat has given a run.
Hopefully not the last,
At least not in front of a cast.

So how many have you done? Each and every one? If so I'd avoid you. A danger to all at your zoo. The cat has seen Pat do one or two or maybe three. But he does swing from the crazy tree. But none of this mass has ever been done by my four legged little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Like an absent-minded professor
    Trying to pick up forms of cover
    They do it first
    Then a reverse
    And can still afford a small laughter


    1. Yeah fun to see and sometimes do
      As they come into view

  2. I have had all of these, except the falling elevator and the forgetting my pants when going out.

    I do forget combing my hair a lot of times, though.

    1. Not having the pants one is good
      Hopefully none have that in their hood

  3. WOW vivid images at every one
    All must have been tried under the sun
    Tossing through a window that is close
    Would put one in a sad repose
    To make that mistake I really must say
    Your housekeeping is better than mine any day

    1. Especially if something went splat
      All over your floor mat
      Or broke the window
      Or landed on your toe

  4. Walking into a room and forgetting why? Yes, many times. That's called getting old.

  5. i have never forgotten my pants, thank goodness, that would be a mess but i have def walked into a room and forgotten why i went there in the first place...ha....ah the disgrace.....nah, everyone has a go of it....especially if still asleep a bit...

    1. Yeah it is done by everyone a time or ten
      Especially if half asleep at their den

  6. haha you are really crazy, but walking into a room and forgetting why?

  7. MOL! As kitties, we have absolutely nothing we have to prove!

  8. Haha, but all this writing
    keeps our brains sharp
    and rhyming,
    so we still remember
    why we went
    into that chamber,
    and don't forget
    to put our pants on, too
    before we leave our zoo! :)

    1. haha damn the cat is good
      Keeping minds sharp at his hood

  9. Room amnesia can suck

    unless you were looking for the mean duck

  10. I have walked down the street
    to my very own own beat
    I must say it was rather neat
    walking on feather light feet

    In a rush much can be forgotten
    are your ears filled with cotton

    hope you are feeling better today
    as you dream at your far away bay...

    1. Walking to ones own beat
      Sure is neat
      Even when you forget a thing or two
      Oh well at ones zoo

    2. singing our own tunes
      under a glorious full moon
      making my head swoon
      does that make me a loon? (haha)
      as the plate ran away with the spoon

    3. Wasn't it a dish?
      Same thing like tuna and fish
      Yep, you're a loon
      At least you're not a cartoon

  11. I thought as I read this
    that the cat was spying at my house
    because I've done the fridge and room thing a lot
    does that make me a louse?


    1. haha you were just testing things out
      To see when the light would sprout

  12. Suure, cat never forget to eat,
    he knows where and what treat-
    human has so many tasks
    that when you distract him
    and ask: how are you
    he can forget what on cue...

    1. Yeah humans are here and there
      They are everywhere at their lair
      So forgetful they are
      Near and far

  13. I've done the go in the room and forgot why I was there thing. I'm getting so stupid!

    1. haha think we all do it
      When our mind is full of other umm spit

  14. Walk into a room
    then feel the doom
    as you can't think why you are there
    so you just leave and swear.

    1. haha been there
      At my lair
      A time or two
      But it eventually comes to you

  15. I've done too many of these. Never went out without my pants though, thankfully.

    1. haha well that is a good one to avoid
      May go to jail if pants you void

  16. We've all done these silly things,
    it goes with being human beings.
    Hey, I was still climbing trees at forty
    even though I'm rather a shorty!

    1. haha a tree climber to the end
      That is quite the trend

  17. Replies
    1. Speaking of clever
      'R' has the best comments ever

    2. Yiippee
      For me

      Yeah R is so great
      Comments you can't rate

  18. I have done few, not on purpose though

  19. Pat, how do y'all knooooooow these things?
    It was winter, okay? I wear all black, all the time. I dress in LAYERS. So I run out of the house for work, down the stairs, and something feels a little strange...
    I look down, boots, coat, scarf, black long johns...wait, NO PANTS.

    1. hahahaha had to know it would be you
      I'm psychic, no one told you at my zoo? lol

  20. One day perchance
    I didn't wear pants.
    Which gave folks such a fright.
    They ran, pell mell
    and even killed themselves.
    To avoid seeing such a sight.

    1. A massacre on your street
      All because they couldn't hit delete

  21. I always try to redeem myself as at least a little bit clever when I do dumb things. Like walking to a different floor of the house to grab something, getting there and totally forgetting what I went there to get haha.

    1. haha at least you got exercise
      As your thoughts left like flies

  22. Many of those except forgetting my pants. That only happens in dreams thank goodness.

    1. haha only place it should
      Otherwise embarrass it could

  23. Sadly, I have done them all I think.
    I fear I am on the crazy brink.

    1. No pants on
      That must have been embarrassing as you strolled across the lawn lol

  24. Alas, I've done almost all of them *shakes head in shame*

  25. I have done many of these before
    And I'm sure I'll do many many more
    I am always walking into a room and forgetting why I went in there
    Usually results in lots of funny stares

    1. haha yeah the cat only stares at me
      At least usually

  26. Of at least one (maybe more, cough cough) I am guilty as charged. :)

  27. Ha, I still remember avoiding cracks so I didn't break my mother's back! And, hmm, I must confess to have hit a few extra buttons on an elevator.....though I know this is a very mean trick!!

    1. haha look at you going all elevator rebel at your sea
      haha that is rather funny


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