Left Or Right? Such A Plight!

Every day we go about our bay and have to say which way we want to go and come what may, let things fall where they lay. Still have to go one way. What is it I'm trying to say today at my bay?

To get up or not.
Think about that a lot.
But it is an easy one,
Off you run.

Eventually anyway,
As sometime that day,
Off you must go,
Before there she does blow.

Leave early or late.
Such a tough fate.
But if it is the latter,
"You're fired" may end up on your platter.

Of course could be slick,
And call in sick.
Then go all hot to trot.
May or may not get caught.

But as you look,
There at your nook.
One second earlier you find,
You'd have a flat behind.

That bus would have got you,
As away it flew.
Maybe you're brain,
Boarded the lazy train,

To keep you safe.
Or to make things chafe.
Or maybe you look into it,
Thinking you would have got hit.

When a passerby,
Would give a cry.
Saving you,
From a flat view.

Either way,
Come what may,
There you are,
Still on par.

The fork in the road,
Becoming a load.
Choosing your mode.
Don't squash a poor toad.

And that just came out as the cat let his mind linger about that fork thing and away the words did ring. Damn, thinking too much today. I need to put zombie feet on display. Did the right choice for you come to pass? It must have, as you visited my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. A fork in the road will become a real test
    A choice to make must appear the best
    Even mode of transport
    Can cause a discomfort
    Plain to see the idea is not to make a mess


    1. Yeah they way we board
      Can sure pull the cord
      One way or the other
      Could be great or smother

  2. Choices are neither wrong or right
    It feels akin to fly a kite
    You know not where the wind wll blow
    Thither or yon or down below.
    Cody's usually expert at catching a ball
    She jumps so high I'm afraid she may fall
    But frizbees at mercy of the wind
    Cody thinks she may hae sinned
    She jumps to take it in her mouth
    Just then it changes to go south
    Right or wrong the choice was made
    What follows then was just a spade

    1. haha poor pup has it in sight
      Then the thing take flight
      Much like life it can be
      As the Frisbee flies free

  3. Fortunately, my life doesn't require such planning
    As over 5 decades I am now spanning.
    Unless, of course, there's an incoming blizzard...
    Dagnabbit, why can't I find a weather wizard???

    1. Doesn't the yellow pages have one?
      Like a plane trip to sand and sun

  4. a fork in the road will def leave you flat
    hopefully you have GPS to know where you are att
    or AAA can save the day
    and change the tire to get you on your way

    1. haha if they can find you
      They may get lost too

  5. I've met a few people who couldn't tell between left or right

    they'd always get lost no matter their sight

    1. Yeah I've seen a few of those
      Be lucky if they can find their nose

  6. So far, so good, we're on the right track. ;)

  7. It's surprising how many choices one have to make during a day. Makes you think.

    1. Yeah every minute of the day
      There is a choice at play

  8. I've contemplated calling in dead before.
    Think how many of those choices we make on autopilot.

    1. haha that might not go your way
      Unless they believe you are calling from beyond at your work bay

  9. We don't even think about 90 percent of them

    1. Be lucky if we think about 5 percent
      With all the choices that are sent

  10. I choose not to comment on this post.

  11. I always find everyone calls in sick when the big football match is on, funny how a virus gets around so fast when the footie is in season. Its a real medical mystery.

    1. Not sure there will ever be a cure for it
      As at home they sit

  12. My brain stays on the lazy train!

    1. Well that can be a fun spot
      As long as it isn't there a whole lot

  13. Thing here is sometimes you don't want to be late
    but then you get on that freeway
    that moves slower than a snail
    and messes up the rest of the day!


  14. Choices, choices, everywhere choices. Never really know if we made the right one or not.

  15. Reminds me when I am driving ~ Still I turn right and it doesn't look right,
    I just turn around and go the other way ~ Happy weekend ~

    1. haha always can turn back
      Just may take some doing at your shack

  16. I just found out that the fork in the road doesn't involve food, dang!

    1. Yeah that does suck
      Unless you like dirt then you're in luck

  17. you never know what way the wind will blow

  18. the fork in the road should you go left or right
    which road will lead you to the path of light
    which road will alter or ease your plight

    but, tell me did the dish run away with the spoon
    flying over the glorious full moon...or were they
    just a couple of loons...haha..

    maybe, just light hearted fools...

    1. Who knows which road
      Will lead to such a mode
      Like to hop on it though
      Here at my show
      Could be two light hearted fools
      As long as that jumping cow never drools

  19. Lucky if I can find my way across the room

  20. Why do they call it a fork? Why not a spoon? ha.

    1. Because they would call you a loon?

    2. A spoon is dull I guess
      A fork makes you sharp for your win or mess

  21. Either to go or to come?
    Well, hmm, I don't know.
    The first makes you run
    but the second's more fun.
    NOTE: I made a play on the homophonic nature of the word 'come' when I actually meant 'cum.'
    NOTE to the NOTE: My use of the word 'homophonic' is in no way meant to be a homophobic slur.

  22. You could just stay in bed all day.
    But I guess that's making a choice to do that, too.
    And then the next day your boss can make the choice to fire you.

    1. haha yep, each one brings on another
      Choices can smother

  23. You take the high road and I'll take the low road.

  24. Hoping not to get hit by the bus...
    that would create a very large fuss!!

  25. Too many decisions each day.
    I hate all the ones that come my way.
    I just want to lay in the sun
    Making no decisions, but being a beach bum.

    1. That doesn't sound bad
      Although it would get boring a tad


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