No Need To Gripe As I'll Show You Each Type!

Throughout blogland there are many that come to play in your sand. Although some are rather rude, some are a cool dude, some give attitude and some may be a prude. But I'll show each type so you can avoid the hype.

There is the blog lurker.
Even if your post is a tear jerker,
They will not speak.
They lurk and seek.

The blog hyena on the other hand,
Says plenty in your land.
LMAO and LOL on every post,
Makes them deserve burnt toast.

The popularity blogger is great,
To them no one can relate.
They have 999,999,999 friends,
But only get one whole comment from some adult in Depends.

The blog collector,
They sure are not a neglector.
They follow everyone and everything,
Yet never post at their wing.

The hard up blogger.
Who is a comment hogger,
Posting here, there and everywhere,
About Viagra or some other thing at each lair.

The almost non blogger too,
Always has something to chew.
Each and every day,
They post about how they have nothing to say.

The do nothing blogger,
Except maybe play Frogger.
Yet expects the hits,
Even if they are the pits.

The money blogger is on the scene,
With widgets up the wazoo on their screen.
Click, click, click!
They want a new gold brick.

The pain in the ass blogger,
Who is a time clogger.
Captcha this and captcha that,
Making one want to crush them flat.

The eyesight killing blogger is last.
Your eyesight will become a thing of the past.
Big paragraphs with teeny tiny writing,
Plus white on black lighting.

And there we go, in those categories I know you do not show. Unless you are R or some other spammer at my bar. Then there may be no hope for you in this blogland zoo. So there is each blogger class, helping out all with my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. There are all types that one finds
    They just play along all the time
    Play along
    For a song
    But stay a step ahead and shine


    1. A step ahead is the way to be
      At each and every sea

  2. Cat said it all in bloggie land
    Chew on this to beat the band
    There are blogs I do avoid
    Some do make me quite annoyed
    But for the most they bring me cheer
    I find their posts to be most dear

    1. There will always be some
      That look like they got into the rum
      But yeah many are grand
      Across blogland

  3. Don't forget the comment hoarder who couldn't return a comment to save his life.
    Hey, at least R keeps you amused.

    1. Yeah at least R amuses I suppose
      And yeah those hoarders like to strike a hoarding pose

  4. Oh dear, it seems I might be the eyesight killer and hyena blogger. LOL

  5. I'm here to leave my comment
    although my creativity is almost spent;
    at least I won't contaminate your hall
    with a single LMAO or LOL.

    1. At least you got passed that
      That works for the cat

  6. Just like the world at large
    There are enough unique kinds of bloggers to fit into a barge
    The money bloggers are annoying to me
    Can't the blogging world just be free?

    1. Well it is free
      They just want a fee
      A fee for free
      Adding to their money tree

  7. haha...ok doc diagnose me, where do i fit in your labeleez
    its funny, i know all too well those who swell at comments
    but cant bring themselves to return darn
    i am catching the lol yarn

    1. lol you aren't in there
      Your own at your gawker lair
      All about that land
      With the occasional lol strand

  8. Absolutely!

    But, uh-oh! I fall into the last category. I've been thinking of switching my theme to get rid of the white on black. Hmmm. Maybe I better move that up on my mile long to-do list!

    1. haha yeah that one can make the eyes go crazy
      But oh well, beats being in a category for the lazy

  9. Now I am insecure. I'm one of these bloggers, I fear. You forgot a type, though. The one who signs up for a bloghop then doesn't show.

    1. That is another one
      I'd be here all day if I gave them all a run lol

  10. The 'captcha blogger' annoys me.. I hate filling in those blanks and for WHAT? The whole concept is senseless and a waste of precious time! Another thing that annoys me is links that lead only to Google-plus, and you have to search around and try to FIND their blog.

    1. Yeah those damn links annoy the hell out of me
      Captcha also needs to be pitched in the sea

  11. Something I never thought I'd never see
    R gets a shout out not covered in fleas
    I wonder what you'd say about me
    the old one-eyed whiny B?
    I know what I say about you
    a cat who loves to play in poo
    but posts every single day
    at his rhyming bay!

    1. R gets one or two
      But not as many as your one eyed view
      You take the cake
      As you whine and make people shake
      At your scary cyclops sight
      Oh so much a fright

  12. what I really hate is alternative comment boxes like Disqus. What was wrong with the standard version?

    1. Yeah those things annoy a ton
      People need to stop trying to use some special one

  13. Hold on why I look for the enlargement comment that you requested...

    1. You have to look?
      Geez, a beginner spammer at your nook

  14. Oh, dear, I do that LOL thing a lot - changing my ways. I promise!
    From now on at least one LOL per post!
    Or is that three? LOL

    1. LOL that would be three this time
      At least you put more than just that with your chime

  15. MOL! I have run into a few blog hyenas too!

    1. They seem to laugh away
      Must have fleas at their bay

  16. gah, the screens with optical illusions send me running. Black & white checks, purple and white eyes, my eyes!! :)

    1. Yeah, I can only handle a minute or two
      And then my eyes go like that too

  17. Gosh I don't know given the choices where my little space fits in and I hate to even think about which category that others would find it.

    1. haha there are more spaces too
      I just got the bad ones today at my zoo

  18. Sometimes bloggers need time to learn and get it right,
    And they grow into a blogger that knows what to write.

    1. That is very true
      But by a few years they should have it at their zoo

  19. I hate the effing captcha... What the heck. They usually want you to put the captcha code in and then they monitor it anyway.

    1. Yeah that is just above and beyond dumb
      Need to pull their head from their captcha loving bum

  20. I laughed at the eyesight killing blogger ~ My eyes are so bad that if the print is not too large, I just skipped the post ~ The captcha code is now perplexing as its all numbers...grrrr....

    1. haha yeah those small ones just hurt the head
      Captcha everywhere needs to be put to bed

  21. Those are all legitimate comments about bloggers! I really wish captcha hadn't been invented. It's such a pain trying to read that stuff!

  22. orlin N cassie

    sew what ewe bee sayin iz ......we can get PAID for ritin de $#!t that
    we rite a bout .........

    even if no one understands "trout" .... ore uz, ore quantum physix !!! ???

    sa wheat !!!!!!

    wear due we sign up :)

    heerz ta a friez N flounder happee week oh end !!

    1. You just have to promote thrills
      Meaning little blue pills
      And you can get paid
      Fair trade?

  23. Hahahah.. the blog collector... a genre defined properly ;)

    P.S. Sorry for missing out from blogging for so long. Will try to blog more often now. Wish you a very happy new year :)

    1. Glad I could divine it well
      Welcome back to blogland after a spell

  24. Then there's the ones about me, me, me and my, my, my.
    I wrote a book, so you've gotta buy.
    I'm the best, so follow me,
    Although never a comment from me you'll see.
    I won't comment here, and I won't visit there,
    You'll never see me anywhere.
    (I'm much too important.)

    1. Yes, there are those
      Think they smell like a rose
      When really they stink
      Like crap in the sink

  25. Small letters - not for me
    I will enlarge them with glee!
    White on black - cool,
    but it makes me pull
    my glasses tight -
    oh, it's fright!

    1. Yeah it is a good fright
      Can sure hurt the eye sight

  26. Well cat you nailed some good ones
    giving many blogger types a true run
    eyesight killing blogger gives me fright
    magnifying glass is what I need on their site
    not returning comments is a bit rude
    perhaps, they should change their attitude..

    1. Yeah those with small print
      Or with funky tint
      Can sure be a pain
      Many board the me me me train

  27. Yes, some "popular" bloggers
    have thousands of followers,
    but no one reads or comments
    or they have boring contents
    or lots of advertisements
    Those are not for me
    I avoid them at my sea :)

    1. haha yeah they are only trying to sell
      I stay away from that hell

  28. Uh oh. Does the 'ha' make me a hyena? And with my white on black blog,
    I guess I should apologize for making you read in a bog.
    At least I don't drone on and on.
    I usually sing a short song!

    Off rhyme...I have two commenters that are beginning to be a pain. Every day they whine that they can't do what I do because they're too busy. Or their life is too hard, or whatever. (like mine isn't!?) It's becoming annoying!

    1. Well you ha usually comes with words
      And not just haha herds lol
      And yeah sometimes my eyes have a fit
      But they eventually adjust to it

      hahaha vent away
      Here at my bay
      Whiners just want to whine
      Like they see someone who works hard and see a sign
      Time to whine
      They have no spine
      Instead of whining, shut up and do it
      Then they won't whine about it a bit
      But oh friggin no
      They whine to and fro
      And people who say "they are too busy"
      With their whining tizzy
      Really mean they are "too lazy to make time"
      So ends this ranting rhyme

    2. Oh, I see you do agree
      with my assessment of the whinies!
      Everyone has 24 hours
      what you do is within your power!
      And yes, busy really means lazy.
      But to dis my hard work makes me crazy!

    3. Red font on black
      would be really bad
      You'd beg me to go back
      to the white and black attack!

    4. Yep, the cat agrees
      Give all the whiners fleas
      Red would be very bad
      No fun would be had

  29. Blog folks are quite the bunch
    Some are trying for a free lunch

  30. A good assortment of those who blog
    I'm not sure where I fall on that grid
    unless it is the LOL one
    that I will have to rid!

    One thing I have learned through the years
    these blogs are always here
    Sometimes we let them consume us
    more than they should :)


    1. That is very true
      Sometimes they sure suck the time away from you

  31. That pretty much sums them up. I can deal with most, but the captcha really irks me. Or, do the captcha, click the grapes, solve a math problem, send in a blood sample, then your comment will be approved after blog owner has had a chance to look it over. Really? If you want comments, make it easy on the reader!

    1. Yeah they don't seem to get that though
      They have to make one jump through hoops at their show

  32. Love the new header, although I confess
    It might not be new, just not seen by this mess
    Another white on black blogger I am
    Killing eyesight on the lamb
    And while on the road!
    In hotel mode...
    But that means I finally get to see
    All those old videos created by thee!!!

    1. haha they have all been there a while
      In my header pile
      Back you can go
      To see the video show

  33. Oh goodness...I think I'm a hyena blogger, collector blogger, AND eyesight killing blogger.
    HOW do you put up with me???

    1. I just hold my breath
      So I don't get near death lol

  34. This is a good summary of categories
    Where can I find the collectors to follow me, please?
    Cuz these days I keep following others who are rude
    And don't follow be back, so I'm kinda screwed
    With too many blogs on my roll
    And no reciprocity. What a blow.


    1. Yeah that can sure be a pain
      I just screw going down that lane
      Too many already at my sea
      So I just wait for them to follow me

  35. I've been "collected" at several blogs, lol. Lately though, I've been absent, commenting upon occasion and not posting. This is getting harder to keep up.

    Now, where do you suppose the Cat falls in these categories?


    1. The cat is in a class all his own
      The crazy wannabe nut at the tone


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