Same Old Rhyme And Reason Tis Is The Season!

Now that there is no more holiday cheer for a good long time to come near. The cat will give you a good burst to keep you going until Easter starts showing.

You spit and you sputter,
Tossing the tree in the gutter.
Cleaning up the messes,
Before other stresses.

Up on the roof,
You slip and, poof!
Go for a tumble,
Grumble, grumble.

The bills come in.
Each day at your bin.
A nice neat pille,
Stretches a mile.

The car won't start,
Can't get to Walmart.
No nude crack today.
Oh the dismay.

Buried in snow,
Nothing will grow.
Oops your poor back,
Has a shoveling attack.

You go to explore,
Down comes more,
Making you stumble.
Grumble, grumble.

Smack goes your face.
A ground embrace.
Not very nice.
Damn that ice.

Things turn blue.
Don't go all ewww.
Fingers and toes,
Even your nose.

Layers of clothes,
Bring new lows.
Look rather fat,
At least to the cat.

Two months to go,
Until spring starts to show.
So cheer away.
Celebrate each day.

Hey, at least there is no nude crack attack at your shack. Unless you are into that. I'm not a judging cat. But with all those clothes you won't suffer such woes. So cheer in every ear, you could warm them up if you get near. Now my cheer has come to pass from my ever so cheery little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Cleaning and clearing woes and all the chores
    To be done one already familiar with as before
    Grumble, grumble
    Take a few tumbles
    Looking forward to beautiful spring sans snow


    1. On that I very much agree
      Can't wait for the snow to flee

  2. I'm still chuckling over the Walmart part! I really do try to avoid that place.
    Not counting Valentine's Day? I don't get my wife a card (because we both think that is a waste of paper) but I will get her flowers.

    1. Up here it is not so bad
      But down there scary more than a tad
      Nope, don't count that commercialized day
      Diaper man can just float on away lol

  3. Great poem, I well remember Wallmart whilst in the US.


    1. The walmarts there are scary
      People are far too hairy

  4. I would like to see a little snow here in the south 'cause it makes me ever so horny, but it looks like I'm gonna have to go north if I wanna get some great snow sex this year. No snow in the forecast for redneckville :(

    1. So zits and snow do it for you
      My you area a strange one at your zoo lol

  5. "Keepin It Real" provided the sex
    Since you went light in your text
    Holidays have come and gone
    Means we're free from mowing lawn
    Time to stay indoors and paint
    From busted pipes, thought I'd faint
    Now get ducks all in a row
    Santas gone so Ho Ho Ho
    A brand new year is just beginn'n
    Think of summer and go'n swim'n

    1. haha can always count on her
      To add an extra umm purr
      Swim'n though
      I don't know
      Lots of germs about
      Might never make it out

  6. After the snow
    outside I did go
    to fire up the tractor.
    As I started to plow
    the tractor died. And HOW!
    Now what do I do?
    I fear I am screwed.
    The snow is gonna stay.
    I don't want to shovel
    inside I will hovel
    and wait...Spring's three months away.

    1. Technically 2 months and 18 days
      But who is counting anyways
      I guess the tractor no longer wanted to go
      Sick of shoveling snow
      Maybe it can sit and kill some grass
      One less lawn mowing pass

    2. I rounded up
      but I like your math better. Yup.

    3. Much better indeed
      Spring at quicker speed

  7. Your rhyme is perfect for what's going on today,
    Too cold to shovel so in I'll stay.

    1. That sure sounds like a plan
      One of which I'm a fan

  8. a bad car doesn't prevent people from going to walmart

    they just crank up the go-kart

    1. They are determined indeed
      I wonder what's a go-karts top speed

  9. ha. we were just talking yesterday as we were taking down the holiday dressing on everything that is was over, another year gone, but its still a home regardless the turn of the calendar---shit happens too so you just learn to roll with it...

    1. Yep, still home no matter the day
      Just have to shovel ones self out of the shit sometimes at their bay

  10. Well now, aren't you just overflowing with happiness and cheer! ha.

    1. haha so much cheer
      You were left in fear
      Couldn't even rhyme
      Such a crime

  11. Thankfully we don't get snow here and it really doesn't get cold here like in other places.

  12. The cat has an attitude
    Cheer up, dude :-)
    Yep, snow & ice here
    To start the new year
    Hot chocolate day
    Off from work today
    Yippee for me!

    1. haha not yippee I'd say
      Rather stay home in play
      Than go out in snow
      As it continues to blow

  13. I love how you sum up what is in store
    until spring falls upon us once again
    This is when I am glad I live in Southern California
    but I feel for you where you are at, friend!


    1. haha wish I lived there
      But then of earthquakes and wildfires I'd have to be aware

  14. Ten below zero here today, and the car was dropped off at the shop yesterday. The perils of not purchasing a new vehicle. phft

    1. The older they get at your sea
      The more they quit on thee

    2. Just turned out to be squirrels again. Every nook and cranny had a nest or a nut. Makes me wanna say a cuss word or ten, I tell ya!!! :)

    3. hahaha let it out
      Just don't scream and shout

  15. ah yes... reality's back again and my two week holiday almost over...ugh... in a way it's good to go back to a way... i enjoyed the holidays a lot....sigh...

    1. In a way hmm I suppose
      Still normal has more lows
      9-5 crap the number one
      The cat would rather have fun

  16. What's this you say
    Two months away
    Spring will be here
    In the north no fear
    South will be fall
    Having a ball
    Makes you wonder
    About a land down under

    1. At least it is always warm
      Without a snow storm
      As Mad Max likes to plunder
      The land down under

  17. I hope the Easter Bunny doesn't freeze his cotton tail off!

    1. He better hide in his hole
      And not take a stroll

  18. I sure felt like my toes turned blue a little while ago. I was out shoveling snow, snow and more snow.

    1. Yuck to that.
      Thankfully no shoveling has to be done by Pat or the cat

  19. This sounds like me taking down my Christmas lights this morning!

  20. Another new header, at least to me
    Another cartoon I'd yet to see
    How this post made me roar
    Especially no nude crack at my door
    And all the green, buried with white
    Yep, my garden is out of sight
    But much to be said for moisture cold
    And what it will produce when it grows old
    Next summer's garden will hopefully be
    Better than what at Walmart you see
    Happy new year to you and your crew
    Happy tidings to you at your zoo!

    1. That one has been here a week or two
      So it is rather new
      And hopefully nothing nude comes to thee
      That you don't want to see lol

  21. Loved the "ground embrace". Very creative.

  22. crack attack is something i wish i lacked
    as a younger man i seemed to have much more tact
    now i realize the social sin only after the fact
    sad to say i seem to be developing a knack
    can't blame ice or bills
    wish i could say for anyone it was a thrill
    of this conversation i should have said nil

    wishing you and the cat the very best in 2014:)

    1. haha so stay away from you
      or a crack will come in view
      Is that what you are trying to say
      There at your bay?

  23. Don't talk about spring because its way too long and we have an awful chilly weather (minus 20-minus 30) ~ yikes ~

    Have a good weekend pat ~

  24. Ah, the joys of the holiday aftermath!

    ('Tis not so frightfully cold at my pad, so I'm sure there are butt cracks to be had!)

    1. haha go have a look
      And get a moon or two at your nook

  25. Taking winter and no holidays one day at a time.

  26. orlin N cassie...hay...dont forget ground hogs day...tho we noe ewe due knot sell a brate it... we will be happee ta sock that rodent for ewe two...if him dee clares 6 mor weeks oh winter.....we is threw with it all reddy...we noe ewe iz two !!! heerz two a grate week oh end !!!

    1. haha yeah that rodent can stuff it
      Take his shadow and not have a fit

  27. haha please no crack attack
    but, maybe a whack attack
    better to wear a lot of layers
    for those who are dragon slayers

    1. haha a cheat rhyme
      But a whacking chime
      I suppose you better layer up then
      There at your den lol

  28. The take down is apart of the holiday

  29. Pay someone to do it, or leave it and be ready next year

  30. Sounds cold out in your land. The rain and fog, I guess I can stand. Yay for holidays being done, now we can just wait for the sun.

    I love your winter rhyme. Makes me think of an Office Space time...

    1. haha except they burnt everything down
      After beating that machine in their town

  31. Our tree got put up late
    So for the record I will state
    It's not leaving anytime soon
    Maybe not till the first of June!
    No, it won't have quite such a stay...
    But it will make it till next Caturday!

    1. haha wow that is a while
      That your tree stays in style
      But I suppose
      Have to get a few days as it glows

  32. 2 months to go? Oh how I wish that was the way at my show! The #&*! snow will be here until at least April! I. Hate. Snow! And. Cold!

  33. Your headers always rock. It took me several minutes before I scrolled down past this one =) Also, I'm a lucky duck because the snow isn't a problem here in Florida. However, the bills do still stretch for a mile around here, lol. Have a great weekend, Pat.

    1. And the header changed after I posted this comment. This is a good one too: a classic for rhyme time with a catty Egyptian feel.

    2. The headers are as random as can be
      Here at my sea
      Lucky indeed
      No snow ever at your feed

  34. Wow, full of happiness and light today, right?
    That's okay, I'm not a judging cat. HAHAHAHA

    1. haha the cat is always happy
      Just a bit yappy

  35. It just rained here, we got more water than Noah.

    1. Well we got tons of snow
      So in a snow bank we'll blow

  36. Replies
    1. That is does indeed
      No matter what it is at ones feed

  37. Ha, after the holidays end and the bills come in.
    the ho ho ho turns to OMG what did I do!!

    1. hahaha yeah that is about the size of it
      See them and throw a fit


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