Season Three Is Done! Time For Season Four Under My Sun!

Three full years have come to pass from my little rhyming ass. That is quite the haul with so many rhymes on my wall. And there have been no repeats too here at my zoo. You know how the cat hates repeats. Those can hit the streets. Unless you are Al, then the cat will be a pal.

1000+ posts are done.
I'm under the gun.
1,000,000+ views.
Such old news.

Even a mini me,
Has come to be.
Books galore,
Still at my shore.

Posts every day,
Here for display.
But season three is through.
So now what do I do?

Books are done for the rest of the year.
Yep, each month will have a cheer.
A to Z is done too.
Not slow at my zoo.

Videos in store,
Some to another shore.
Making fun of you?
Yep, that will come too.

But that's all I know,
As I go with the flow.
What comes on in,
Gets written at my bin.

But I will up the four,
With this year's tour.
I mean just have a look,
At its record at your nook.

Indiana Jone 4 blew,
Die Hard 4 was as rotten as an old shoe.
Not as bad as five,
Watching that you're lucky to get out alive.

Police Academy 4 as well,
Anything past one was hell.
That Alien Resurrection thing,
And Terminator 4 I want to fling.

So I will up it with ease.
Hell, I could talk about fleas,
And still beat that crap,
With each rhyming lap.

There we are, plenty to come at my bar, as we travel near and far. The cat may even drive a car. Now on we go with season four where much will take a tour. Say goodbye to season three and come along with me. In season four much more will come to pass from my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. It's now #30
      Perfect 10, three times over


    2. Perfect 10 3 times
      Always ready for my chimes

  2. I'd suggest Lethal Weapon Four, but that was awful as well.
    Scratch movies and think music! There are a lot of awesome album number fours out there.
    Congratulations on three years of blogging, my friend.

    1. Yeah that wasn't all that great
      Sounds good, as music seems to be a better fate

  3. Wow! 1000+ for the record and now comes season #4
    We, trying hard to keep pace with great rhyming galore
    You, never run out of ideas
    One, forever so inspires
    There, every morn at 0700 hours sharp year after year!


    1. The ideas just keep showing
      As the seasons keep growing

  4. Congratulations! What an event! And oh yeah, what about Season 4 of a TV show, or Book 4 of a series?
    And hey, the best movie ever, KILL BILL, is labeled as the 4TH movie by Quentin Tarantino.

    1. Well there were some season 4's that were okay
      But many that just need to go away
      Best movie ever you say
      Hmmm okay

  5. Put two hands together and give a big clap
    Three years for the Cat without taking a nap
    That's a whole lot of rhymes to come his way
    One thing about Cat, he has plenty to say
    Do you remember Saturday Night Live, a cat drove a car
    The cat's name was Tunsis, he brought laughts by the score
    They also played a catchy ditty
    "Tunsis the Driving Cat" was witty
    You're probablyy getting back the Beiber
    Many are saying, "Ach du Lieber"
    Along wth the Ford you'll have two at your door
    Plenty of material to wrte by the score LOL

    1. lol not sure I'll sink that low
      Having Bieber at my show
      Would just make me want to hurl
      The cat will give car driving a whirl

  6. Congratulations on the beginning of Year 4.
    Posts daily for 3 full years is an amazing feat.
    I'll look forward to the next year's original beat
    One sure thing is it will definitely not bore!

    1. Year 4 should be fun
      As I continue my run
      But not three years in a row of posts yet
      As I missed a few when starting you can bet

  7. Congrats on such a good run, and welcome to Season #4!!

    1. Been a fun run
      Season 4 will continue the fun

  8. Congrats, man! 1000 posts and 1,000,000+ views is an epic achievement.

    Also, just remember, the 4th Star Wars movie that came out (though technically the first) was absolutely terrible and had Jar Jar Binks. So any time you think your Season 4 is getting bad, just remember it's really not. Not compared to that.

    1. Yeah grand to see the numbers rise
      If I ever ever ever get that bad I hope the blog dies

  9. Congrats, Pat! I don't know how you do it.

    1. Just stay ahead of the 8 ball
      Here at my hall

  10. Wow, that's a massive milestone!/Throw that cat a bone/Oops, I forgot, it's cat, not a dog, let it, then, chase a mouse/up on the hills and around the house. :-)

    Greetings from London.

    1. The cat may chase
      As off they race
      May not know what to do
      If caught at our zoo

  11. You've got your A-Z posts done? I haven't even signed up yet. I am such a slug!

    1. haha yep done and into May
      For posts at my bay

  12. Congrats on three years
    Sure you got a lot of cheers

    1. Many have come and gone
      Here at my rhyming lawn

  13. wow...1000+ posts..that's something....and here's to many more...smiles

    1. Many more shall come
      From my little rhyming bum

  14. Over 1000 posts is a ton, not sure how you do it

  15. its hard to believe it has been that long
    that i have banged your comment gong
    you are consistent and rhymingly prolific
    may there be many more at your shore,
    you surely never bore.

    1. Yeah been a long time
      Here with a daily chime
      And you've been around the longest i think
      With your twin and the Fox close at my rink

  16. You haven't slowed down one bit either

  17. You are the most amazingly productive bunch I know!

  18. Congrats, Pat!
    You're amazing where you're at!
    I'm looking forward to Season 4!
    You're very welcome at my Cretaceous shore!
    Year 3 of continuous posts?
    I'm lucky to get 3 days at the most!
    Way to go
    at your show!

    1. Well 3 days isn't bad
      There at your pad
      Just get far ahead
      Easy enough to get things said

  19. Congrats on Season 3
    1,000 posts from thee
    Now on to Season 4
    With rhyming and more! :)

  20. Congratulations on so many posts and views. An interesting piece that I enjoyed reading. Some good rhymes. Well done.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

    1. Glad it was grand
      Plenty more to come in my land

  21. Wow there you go
    With quite the show
    3 seasons past
    And what a blast
    So onto 4
    With posts galore!

    1. More posts will show
      As the cats rhyme does grow

  22. Season 3, is that when I joined thee?
    Maybe it was season 2. Who knew how much I'd come to enjoy visiting you :)
    Congrats on all you have got done.
    You sure are on quite the run!
    Looking forward to many more.
    Because Pat and the cat are never a bore!

    1. Glad we never bore
      Here at our shore
      I think it was the beginning of season three
      When you came to my sea

  23. Congratulations!! That is quite the milestone! Love to read your rhymes. It makes me feel that I have been dropped into the world of Dr. Seuss.

    1. Dropped into such a world is grand
      As I rhyme across the land

  24. Congratulations!! That is quite the milestone! Love to read your rhymes. It makes me feel that I have been dropped into the world of Dr. Seuss.

    1. A repeat you say
      Double the congrats at my bay

  25. I can't believe you dissed Mr. Jones!
    But who am I to gnaw bones?
    I never even watched it
    Since I figured it would be as entertaining as a nit.
    You've reached quite a big milestone
    And I'm really glad to have discovered your zone.

  26. Congratulations and fast forward you flee
    And you do it all with sass and glee
    I've been in awe since I came to this shore
    You'll give new meaning to number four
    You'll make it good not like the rest
    Your season four will be the best.


    1. Hopefully it will stay true
      To the same spirit of my zoo
      Sure it will be fun
      As I continue my rhyming run

  27. Over 1,000 posts you say?
    This calls for a hip hip horray
    If you take the next two years off from rhyming
    I'd still not catch up, no matter the timing

    1. haha no break for me
      At least not in the foreseeable future at my sea

  28. orlin N cassie

    a veree happee thurd at yur bay...conga ratz two ewe both N yur dad two who takes a LOT oh credit for de stuff ya write....may we still see ewe 33 yeers frum now

    speekin oh numbers

    orlin; yur lottree numbers bee: 5,12,21,33,40 and if ewe play power ball up ther: 7

    cassie; yur lottee numbers bee: 3,16,25,31,39 and yur power ball number iz:9

    best fishes....=^..^=

    1. Okay, I will play those
      And see how it goes
      But we better win
      Here at our bin haha

  29. Congrats on blogging
    For three years.
    Bringing happiness and joy,
    Through people's tears.

    As you commence year four.
    May success continue to last.
    Hip, Hip Horray,
    For our poet Pat.


    1. I'm sure it will
      Or I may make some ill
      As plenty is to come
      From my little rhyming bum

  30. That is what I call true dedication
    perhaps, this calls for a celebration
    many wonderful rhyming creations
    video's are a blast full of animation
    adding tunes a winning combination
    blogging each day without hesitation
    may even encounter some flirtation
    Orlin the cat brought you inspiration
    Season four with new publications
    clapping my hands standing ovation
    wishing you success filled with elation

    1. Look at you go with the "tion" today
      Love using those at my bay
      But a standing ovation you say
      Although I like such a display
      Maybe would rather take a whack and play
      With a little flirtation and come what may
      The cat is here to stay
      And when all is said and done I did it my way

  31. Pretty cool putting rhymes together so fast. Or maybe it isn't' so fast, just feels that way reading this.

    1. haha only takes 10 minutes or so
      Unless I do a long arse one or strange ones at my show

  32. You've come a long way from the Dr. Seuss avatar
    that first appeared at my bar!
    I emailed Brian and asked if he knew
    that rhyming cat, personally, too!
    He said no, he did not but was a clever one
    and I agreed and stayed for years to come.

    1. haha never knew you did that
      Trying to find out the identity of the rhyming cat
      Came a long way indeed
      Much more here at my feed

  33. Wow. That is a huge accomplishment. May you keep on writhing. You are a very talented person. I cannot wait to read what season 4 will bring.

    1. Season 4 will bring a ton
      Already have the first 3 months done

  34. I'm amazed at how far ahead you have your posts ready to go,
    Congrats on three and may your wit in four leave us all aglow.

    1. The wit will stick around
      And yeah many scheduled posts can be found

  35. Three years for the cat

    about the same time I started mine under my hat

  36. Congrats on the non-stop creative verse. It'll be great to when you transition to a rap performance career--all those rhymes in your brain to build songs with.

    1. haha I'd probably scare all away
      Rapping there at my bay

  37. Goodby to season three!
    Congratulation to thee!
    You plan books galore
    We're going with you for more
    In season four!

  38. First time visited your blog and I feel like coming back a gain
    For I love the rhymes and reading them is a relief from the pain
    Writing so many rhymes is worth applause
    To the one who doesn't read it is his or her own loss :)

    All the best Pat Hat . I myself write poems so loved them lil more
    good lck

  39. Hands off for your beautiful words....

  40. LOL, last week I was going to ask you about A/Z
    if you had written them all, ready to go
    But apparently my asking of the questiopn
    was too slow!

    Good for you getting it done
    a relief at your zoo
    Now you'll have time to enjoy the month of April
    and not come unglued!


    1. Yeah done the a to z for a while
      That is just my style
      Don't have to write a post until May
      If I don't want to at my bay

  41. Three whole years?
    Wow, what a feat!
    All that work
    with no repeats.

    1. Not a repeat
      Wouldn't want to steal your beat

  42. Three whole years?
    Wow, what a feat!
    All that work
    with no repeats.

  43. I can't help it.
    It's how I roll.
    I even repeat comments.
    My, how...droll.

    1. Just making sure you are seen
      Through double the comment on screen

  44. Certainly great news to hear
    Finishing up your third year
    Of to a smart start
    Picking year four apart
    No repeats may be true
    But perhaps "best of" has come due?
    Congrats on such an amazing fete
    May you never become obsolete
    Best wishes for many more
    As you enter season four

    1. No best of at my sea
      All original by me
      With a spin or two
      On other ones that have come due


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