Watch Your Butt When Mean At Your Hut!

So do you believe in this karma thing? Round and round things go at ones wing? Maybe it is just wishful thinking, but some deserve some quicksand sinking.

What goes around comes around.
Like a leg humping hound.
At least that is the saying,
When the mean buggers start playing.

But do they get it in the end?
That could be a dirty trend.
If they drop the soap.
That would mean Karma likes to grope.

But then you have the rich dicks,
With a big wall of bricks.
They get off scott free each time,
No matter the crime.

Martha Stewart doesn't count.
Okay, if you want maybe a little amount.
Karma comes after they die?
Does it poke them in their dead eye?

Hell for all alive.
But no matter what they survive.
Until they don't and kick the bucket.
Did karma just say, duck it?

Too many to take out,
So it lets them swim away like a trout.
An interesting case could be made,
For into that bad place they could fade.

But is that any more real than karma's fluff?
Has your brain had enough?
Today I'm on a roll.
The thoughts just stroll.

If I had to place a bet,
I'd hope the dumb get caught in the net.
Because of karma though?
Or because they are dumb at their show?

I'd go with dumb.
For to its effect the smart ones are numb.
Or dumb with lots of dough,
Paying someone to have their ducks in a row.

A trick of the human mind.
Is maybe what it is of some kind.
To make ourselves feel good,
Thinking they will get theirs in some hood.

Either or can also be true.
Again depends on the view.
Just like anything else at your tree,
If you look hard enough you will see what you want to see.

So did I clear anything up today?
I don't think so at my bay.
But it was fun to let the thoughts roll.
Should I do a karma poll?

The cat did some major mind work today. Have anything to say? Or is it all burnt out? Do you also want to swim like a trout? Damn, too many questions that have come to pass. Today I must be an annoying little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Elements of karma is pre-determined
    Depending on how one had sinned
    Just think nice
    No courting vice
    Fitting and apt rewards of clean living


    1. Living clean can be done
      With the occasional fun
      As long as nothing literally bites me in the ass
      I'm fine with such a pass

  2. I think it all balances out in the end.

    1. Balance may come due
      Guess we won't know until our time is in view

  3. Sometimes I believe in this karma lol

  4. I'm Irish, revenge is a dish best served cold!

  5. I don't really believe in karma
    But I do believe in an initiative called Dharma
    I do believe some people bring about their own good and bad
    But I don't know if it's karma, or just luck to be had

    1. Dharma you say
      Hmmm Lost at your bay?
      Maybe you need to be found
      Luck may lead you to higher ground

  6. I guess karma is a good reminder
    And to our people we are kinder
    Does it work, well that beats me
    Guess we'll have to wait and see
    Maybe it is all a sham
    For those who go out on the lam
    And it's more fun to do the rhyme
    Without worry about do'n time

    1. Could be a sham
      As great as toe jam
      But smells better I guess
      Excuse for a mess

  7. I don't know if I believe in Karma. But I do know that you get back what you put out. If all you put out in the universe is negativity, that all you'll get back. Like attracts like..

    1. True, if you are a negative nelly
      You'll get negative and may end up smelly

  8. i think our actions breed consequences
    if you want to call it karma, but bad move can
    bring you harm, yeah...that said, i think good things
    happen to bad people, and vice versa

    1. That is true
      Good or bad happen to each in view

  9. I believe in karma, or reaping what you sow
    but it may not be until the end of life that it shows.
    So the evil may seem to win
    until they meet God, when it will seem grim!

    1. Lightning bolt up the ass
      Will then come to pass
      Sounds good to me
      Hmm the cat better flee

  10. Do you mean that the wealthy can influence things like the criminal justice system in Canada as well? I thought we goofy Americans had the market cornered on such foolishness.

    1. haha not just Americans that do it
      Up here it is even more pathetic than a bit

  11. Why do we say were are on a roll?

    Why not a sandwich, biscuit, or even a bowl?

    1. I guess because with a roll we can roll
      A sandwich would just get flat and not go for a stroll

  12. "Today I must be an annoying little rhyming ass." - Today? You must mean every day!

    Karma is indeed a bitch
    which is why I'll never be rich
    I'm evil and mean
    and even obscene
    when it comes to that
    wretched Orlin flea-ridden cat!

    1. Damn, that cat is grand
      Keeping you poor in your land
      The things I can do
      Every day at my zoo lol

  13. I've seen karma a time or two...good and bad. :)

  14. Not sure what I think of karma
    but I've seen it come around
    in various situations of people in my life
    but I'm not sure that's what was found.

    really I'm clueless about it all


    1. haha yeah could be true
      Or could just be how we view

  15. Karma is much meaner than Murphy!

    1. Yeah Murphy just has his way
      Screwing everything up for a day

  16. orlin N cassie...we due knot wanna swim like a trout but ewe can betcha we will seer him over sum hot coals long with a few sides oh flounder N mackerull ina heart beat....sum mite call it karma ta de fish....we see it az lunch brake !!!

    1. haha you sure would cook up a snack
      The poor fish has a karma attack

  17. I like to believe in Karma, but sadly it doesn't get around to giving everyone what they deserve.

    1. Nope, sadly it does not
      Seems to happen a lot

  18. We just have to do the best we can, and hope for the best. It also helps to avoid sinister cats!


    1. haha yeah that is a good way to live
      Sinister cats never forgive

  19. I'm not really in the mood for a swim. It's the squeezing into a suit bummer. I totally think that eventually, the people who do mean things pay a price. Thing is, maybe it's not in money. They might have all the stuff in the world, but they probably don't have many real friends...and that's poverty!

    1. That could be true
      Even with all their money in view
      People only hang around for their toys and stuff
      Then leave when they've had enough

  20. Sometimes it is good just to let one's thoughts roll!
    No harm in that! (But, ha, know that my dogs don't leg hump....all are fixed. LOL.)

    1. lol sometimes the fixed
      Still doesn't make leg humping be nixed

  21. I like to think it all balances out
    but, some may have their doubts
    trying to understand what it's all about
    I wouldn't mind swimming like a trout
    as long as there wasn't a drought (haha)

    1. haha swimming in the mud
      Would be kind of a dud
      So lets hope there is no drought
      When you swim like a trout

  22. We like that Karma thing and hope its true what goes around comes around.

    1. Yeah those get it in the end
      That deserve such a trend

  23. My mother used to say something about 'getting his just desserts'. I think that applies.

    1. Yeah that does apply
      Making one get it and cry

  24. Karma poll would be fun
    all will roll
    until rhyming done.

  25. Not so sure it is true but hoping some get theirs one day

    1. Be nice if it were true
      Watching all get what comes due

  26. Yes, I believe in karma. :)
    If it doesn't come in this life, it will in the next.

  27. :) The cat has done awesomely well!!!

  28. I'm not sure if I want karma to be real or not!
    Maybe I've done something bad I forgot!
    Speaking of forgetting,
    I was reading your blog,
    went over to Alex's to see your guest post,
    and forgot to return and say "Well done! to you!

    1. Glad it was fun
      Under the ninja wannabe's sun
      And yeah i may have some bad karma come due
      But oh well, maybe it isn't true

  29. I think karma does exist
    And she can be a bitch
    But karma's way too slow
    So give me a can of whoop ass
    And revenge, here I go.


    1. That is true
      Slow poke at ones zoo
      But tortoise or hair
      Could go on a tear

  30. What goes around comes around
    Isn't what I've always found
    But sometimes I wish it could be
    And the vengeance part I'd get to see

    1. Yeah that would be nice
      Could sell tickets for a price

  31. Karma, it seems to exist
    in life's short little tryst.
    Guess in the end,
    we'll find out about this trend.

  32. I have had Karma come back and bite me in the butt quite a few times.

    1. Hopefully no bite marks were left behind
      Karma can be so unkind


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