WEP: Dear Good and Evil

I write you this with a heavy heart. Not because you deserve it, but because I reach for clarity. Your genuine blindness to your actions baffles me while your ignorance rivals that of fiction. Some days the line may even blur between the two and level you up to heinous. Not that you would ever see it that way. Again, you weep in the dark even on the brightest of days.
Violence your recourse. Breaking spirits your joy. Clubbing those with fists who refuse your will. Clubbing further for their mistake. Open fingers squirming into thoughts once pure. Stained forever with fear from your example. A cycle perceived and continued. Your exploits an illustration of life, soiling those given free samples. A cost too deep to house a limit.
Peace your recourse. Courting spirits for joy. One ruling opinion. Defiling those who would disagree. Furthering peace through tragedy. Longing for it. Basking in it. Your light clouded by darkness only known to you. Grant salvation with a touch. Administering further actions through ignorance and a sense of absolution. Buried in the nature of trust lies your motivation. Influence. A greed of soul cleansed in reproduction.
The passage of time your allowance. Fresh acts continued while others erode. Victims in a shell. Whispers rising up. A shift smacks another bruise upon the past. Blame refocused on them. Those you defiled your defamation. An allowance of gluttony. A stroke through a river of excrement left behind. All a notch rising with character, or falling with disgrace. Forget that. Only the strong survive. Platitudes. Latch on.
The ticking of time your stream. A narrow passage fit to cross. The vast wilderness ceases to exist. Your focus stays on those you deem worthy. Your secrets their own. A vindication for them allows your bubble to thrive. A must to avoid breaking bliss. A must to avoid clarity. Actions you must condone or risk seeing the truth. Friend. Hide behind the known. They would never. They could never. You knew. You seen. You rewrite the rest. Focus on the good. The good in us all. Platitudes. Reach and redeem. Save them. Save yourself.
The sheer extent of your power allows your justification to flourish. The abuse you toil away to those you “love” a fraction of your depths. Hidden meanings for the abuse, the starvation, and the lack of humanity squirm through your mind as you continue your assaults on mind, body, and spirit. Owed your apology. Vindication your rebuttal.
Your voice for those in need strengthening the greed of your vanity. A boundless naivety even to yourself. Latching to the breast of any platitude you can grasp. Clamoring for a difference while deaf to the world around you. Second chances your perversion. Hidden meanings for the desire, the freedom, and the support flourish in your mind like a freshly manured garden. Vindication your apology. Owed your rebuttal.
I finish this with a heavy heart. Not because you authored it, but because the words rippling from within only fortified my clarity. The bliss you cling to my awareness. The justification you reach for my plot hole. The vanity of your life my nausea. My change of heart is as imminent as your awareness. I make no apologies. I owe you no rebuttal. I allow my thoughts to swim free. A freedom granted, assessed, and reassessed. Not for you, but for me.
Forever my loathing for your exploits and useless platitudes. Forever my want to see you suffer the same “love” you bestow upon others. Forever my longing to see your existence torn from this earth.
Forever your eternal suffering…I wish…
Word Count: 605
There we go. Went a different way this time. At least a bit. It is what popped in as I went to it. Must be all the crap I’ve seen lately. Thoughts?
Enjoy life, forget the strife.


2018-08-13 02:05:56 - Edit - Reply
Oh, my. That is so dark and so… sad. You definitely have a knack for drawing upon darkness, but I like your humor! Sometimes dark is a little too much in these turbulent days…
Pat Hatt
2018-08-13 09:41:24 - Edit - Reply
Yeah, sometimes it can be. But a lot out there to see.
Yolanda Renee
2018-08-13 14:28:54 - Edit - Reply
If only evil recognized itself, or even ‘cared’ to, there would be hope for the world. Really well done!

Elephants Child
2018-08-13 19:36:48 - Edit - Reply
Stopped me in my tracks. And reminded me of such much of the ugliness that I see jusftifying itself and its use/abuse of power.
I had not put the label evil on it. But will.
Pat Hatt
2018-08-13 20:20:16 - Edit - Reply
Yolanda – yep, if only indeed.
Elephants Child – the label can sure work in many a case.

2018-08-13 22:38:13 - Edit - Reply
Yet reading it over two times and then spot reading again.
I wonder is it good or evil that’s talking.
Who is telling who, they seek the greater power over the other?
Tho your title could be that you’re jumping back
and forth chastising them both for their attempt at grabbing power.
Pat Hatt
2018-08-13 22:40:20 - Edit - Reply
Both sides are in there and both have the same pretenses about them should you really look, sometimes at least.

Denise Covey
2018-08-14 00:35:15 - Edit - Reply
Pat, you just get better and better! At times I thought I was listening to CNN analysis. We coined a word for this type of writing in the early days of RFW and WEP – prosetry. At times, poetic, at times, prosey. I love this mix. All excellent writing should have elements of poetry with word choice and cadence. However this came to you, fantastic. ‘Dear Good and Evil.’ Great writing for CHANGE OF HEART.
And thanks for your twitter help, Pat. Mucho appreciated!
Pat Hatt
2018-08-14 09:40:13 - Edit - Reply
haha prosetry is a good term indeed. It came and away we went as all the crap is there to view.

Pat Garcia
2018-08-14 13:35:16 - Edit - Reply
A portrait of the similarities and the differences between good and evil. At first, as I began to read it I thought about a writer and his or her eternal struggle to find the right words, the rhythm, the one thought that brings life to his or her story.
Very well done.
Shalom aleichem,
Pat G

2018-08-14 16:04:52 - Edit - Reply
Hi Pat – this is brilliant … I loved the essay – but perhaps prosetry really describes. Still I’d rather concentrate on the ‘letter’ … I really enjoyed the content, with all the thought you put into it … the gathering of ideas and expressing them so well. Very clever indeed … loved it. There is no thought about a change of heart for such an apparent mindless person, who will not change … such a good read – cheers Hilary
Pat Hatt
2018-08-14 19:09:24 - Edit - Reply
Pat Garcia – interesting way to look at it indeed
Hilary – glad it was enjoyed. Yeah, could fit as a letter/essay too. Mindless person won’t indeed, or are too mindless to even think it.
2018-08-14 19:50:07 - Edit - Reply
I think “prosetry” is definitely a good word here – it really was like reading poetry in prose. You have a way with words!
Pat Hatt
2018-08-14 20:06:03 - Edit - Reply
A fine word indeed as out they flow at our feed.

Toi Thomas
2018-08-14 21:02:30 - Edit - Reply
I wasn’t sure how to process this at first. It is as others have mentioned, poetic, but it also feels like an essay.
It’s a wonderful conflict; an unending maze to reach one or the other but never quite getting to either. Good and evil shouldn’t be so similar. One should not be able to confuse the two, but these are the times we live in. Or perhaps there is no more black and white; only gray, only too much balance. If only we could tip the scales.

Mary Kirkland
2018-08-14 22:28:26 - Edit - Reply
I really liked it. it’s a little dark, a little sad but I enjoyed it.

Olga Godim
2018-08-15 04:04:58 - Edit - Reply
Powerful but so distressing. It was painful to read.
Pat Hatt
2018-08-15 09:45:13 - Edit - Reply
Toi – yeah, both sure try to play off the one and then end up in the same area all the time.
Mary – dark it may be, glad liked by thee.
Olga – distressing it is, all the crap around.

2018-08-15 13:14:39 - Edit - Reply
So I was right both are equal
and both to blame
and you’re telling them
both the same

Diane Burton
2018-08-15 15:37:49 - Edit - Reply
This was painful to read, so dark. Yet I felt compelled to continue. Evil is among us. You’re writing is excellent. Certain things struck me–your choice of strong verbs, especially.
Pat Hatt
2018-08-15 19:24:19 - Edit - Reply
Desk – both they be, two to see.
Diane – Great it compelled you on. Dark indeed.

Deborah Drucker
2018-08-15 23:06:07 - Edit - Reply
The wrong done by the power hungry and their inability to acknowledge their wrongdoing. That is how I interpret it. The corrupt person saying that bad is really good.
Pat Hatt
2018-08-15 23:15:44 - Edit - Reply
Yep, that the corrupt always say. But the “good” use the corrupt to further their power hungry crap too, one big circle.
DG Hudson
2018-08-16 01:09:05 - Edit - Reply
Evil perceives itself as normal and ignores those who would say it is otherwise. There is a lot of sadness about due to irrational killing of innocents and all the natural disasters happening right now. Tempers seem touchy with heads of state behaving like children. . .Reason is lacking, and acting on warped emotions seems to be how people cope now.
Your mood must have been infused with some of this pain. Definitely gets my attention.
Elizabeth Otten
2018-08-16 04:45:22 - Edit - Reply
I like Denise’s term “prosetry”, it seems fitting for this. It is so deep and despairing. I almost picture it as the inner torment of a criminal who feels remorse for what he has done.
Pat Hatt
2018-08-16 09:37:23 - Edit - Reply
DG – you sure captured much of the crap going on indeed, as they all take it as normal.
Elizabeth – torment of a criminal is great way to think about it
2018-08-16 11:04:33 - Edit - Reply
You have a great flow to your words and deep meanings behind the structure of the piece.

Nilanjana Bose
2018-08-16 12:08:29 - Edit - Reply
Sometimes it feels like there is indeed a thin line between what is good and what is evil. You capture that brilliantly with this ‘open letter.’ Profound. Kudos.
Christopher Scott
2018-08-16 16:12:24 - Edit - Reply
An interesting and rhythmic piece of flash fiction.
Rebecca M. Douglass
2018-08-16 17:25:16 - Edit - Reply
I’m not even sure what to make of that! Powerful language, to be sure. And seeing and writing that thin line between good and evil… that’s brilliant.
Pat Hatt
2018-08-16 20:32:47 - Edit - Reply
Sally – flow we can do at our zoo
Nilanjana – a thin line indeed
Christopher – glad it is so
Rebecca – Many don’t see it through their rose colored glasses, but there indeed.
Shannon Lawrence
2018-08-17 06:49:47 - Edit - Reply
This can be translated in so many ways, depending upon what any person is thinking of or stressing over. I can see it being read differently by each person.
Pat Hatt
2018-08-17 09:46:08 - Edit - Reply
Yeah, goes to show that as many have seen it differently.

2018-08-17 12:18:48 - Edit - Reply
I really like the idea that this can be read differently by whatever emotional baggage the reader is bringing to the story. Nuances are always such fun to explore!

Michelle Wallace
2018-08-17 16:51:25 - Edit - Reply
Deep. Intense. Vengeful.
Conflict between good and evil, perhaps?
The closing words: “Forever your eternal suffering…I wish…” makes it difficult to pinpoint the perspective… good or evil? Or both?
Blurred perspective? Scary thought. *shivers*
Maybe that’s the whole point – to highlight the confusion which ‘reigns supreme’ and seems to be the status quo in today’s world!
Pat Hatt
2018-08-17 21:35:38 - Edit - Reply
Deniz – that they are indeed
Michelle – the status quo seems to be the way indeed. Highlighting each while highlighting one.

L.G. Keltner
2018-08-17 23:09:22 - Edit - Reply
The language you use here is so engaging and evocative! This is so dark and brings the feelings behind the words into focus in such a powerful way. I especially loved the last couple of paragraphs. They really pack a punch. Well done!
Pat Hatt
2018-08-18 00:11:49 - Edit - Reply
Engaging sure is grand. Glad it packed a punch.
Roland R Clarke
2018-08-19 01:44:56 - Edit - Reply
Incredibly deep and filled with subtle meanings that force me to ponder them some more. Literary and beautiful, it could be poetry in another form. Dark and light. Two halves of the same image – a Janus piece. I walk away thinking and dreaming.
J Lenni Dorner
2018-08-19 03:31:19 - Edit - Reply
Reminiscent of Dr. Seuss’ The Hoober-Bloob Highway. I thought this was a really interesting take. Well done.
Nick Wilford
2018-08-19 08:31:06 - Edit - Reply
Very powerful, such haunting images and very fitting of the times. To me it’s a meditation on the nature of evil, do some people really think what they’re doing is right? What is their mindset? Sad but beautiful at the same time.
Pat Hatt
2018-08-19 10:56:40 - Edit - Reply
Roland – thinking and dreaming aren’t bad things to do.
J Lenni – had to look that one up
Nick – Yeah, some really think what they are doing is right, or at least fake it very well.