WEP – Drawered In

Derek surveyed the remains of his childhood home. He cursed the person who had set it on fire, wishing he could do the same to them. Of the three charred bodies that had been taken away, two were his parents and the other the presumed fire bug. The police had yet to identify the third body, but Derek made sure to call every day, wanting answers to his many questions.
He pushed back some boards and kicked his way through piles of ash, hoping to find a clue that the police had overlooked. He coughed as a wind gust filled his lungs with ash. Falling to his knees, he coughed until his throat cleared. He took a deep breath and tilted his head toward the sky, catching a glimpse of his grandfather’s desk. He had always asked how old it was, but his father would only tell him, “It’s as old as dirt,” and he would never let him touch it.
Derek crawled across the ground, spying a fully in tact bottom drawer. The rest of the desk had crumbled around it while this one sparkled. He shoved a few boards away and yanked at the drawer.
“Open! Open, you stupid piece of…” Derek fell backwards as the drawer broke free and flung from his hand.
He quickly ignored the drawer, staring at the gem that had flown from it. It caught the sun and golden beams shot from it in every direction. He held his hand out, ready to catch it. Seconds passed and an eerie sensation came over him while he stared at the hovering gem. Before he could move the beams came down and covered him within a cage.
“What the…”
“You won’t escape me a second time.”
The gem plummeted at Derek and smacked his forehead, digging into his skin. He screamed out in pain until he finally succumbed to it and passed out.
“Twitch the wrong way and it will be the last thing you ever do.”
Derek’s eyes popped open at the sound of his father’s voice. He glared at him, thinking he had died, as his father hovered over him with a shotgun pointed at his chest.
“Dad, where are we? What is this? Are we dead?” Derek blurted out, sounding like a rambling lunatic.
“Faye, put the phone down.” Ron lowered his shotgun and extended his hand to Derek.
“What is it? Don’t tell me our nightmare has come true?” Faye’s wide hazel eyes filled with fear. Her focus shifted from Derek to his grandfather’s desk.
“Faye, we knew this day might come. By the looks of it, he at least had a good life so far. Still have that sweet tooth, huh, my boy?”
“What is going on? You were dead. Where am I? Why aren’t you as freaked out as I am? And how in the hell are you so young? You are younger than I am.”
“Derek, we prayed you’d never succumb to his will. You are the last of the line. We contemplated killing you, but we couldn’t bring ourselves to. I pray we made the right…” Faye gasped as the old desk shook and then the drawer popped open.
“You didn’t. He is just what I needed to break free.” The gem flew from the desk and hovered over Derek.
“Horace, spare our son,” Faye pleaded.
“Enough from you fleshbags.” The gem zipped through the air and within seconds it had gone through the chest of Faye and Ron, leaving their bodies lying in a pool of their own blood.
“What…What…Are you?” Derek latched onto the wall, barely able to stand from the shock of it all.
The gem gave off a blinding golden light and then his grandfather appeared before him. He grinned at Derek, transforming from a meek old man to a horned demon. Its blood-red eyes pierced his soul and Derek gasped for breath, falling to his knees while Horace cackled.
“You thought you could finish me when you burnt the house down. You thought that would destroy me and free you of my grasp. You thought, wrong. I have all of time to play with and with that, I can keep bringing you back until we get this right.”
Derek glanced up at Horace, still trying to piece everything together.
“That’s right. You burnt your own house down, killing yourself and your parents. At least you did, then I brought you back further. Isn’t time travel grand?”
Derek clawed at the wall, using it to pull himself up to his feet. He stared at his dead parents, a rage burning inside of him that he had never felt before.
“I am going to kill you.”
“Didn’t you learn your lesson the first time around? I sure did.” Horace cackled and stepped aside as Derek lunged at him. “Still some fight in you. Your soul will do just fine. And this time I won’t be taking it bit by bit as I did with your parents. This time I’m taking it all.”
Derek fell face first on the floor as Horace threw his arms in the air, sucking the rest of his soul from his body.
“Why…” Derek mumbled.
“Why not? I gave you life and I can take it away. I am your god and no desk made from the Tree of Wisdom can hold a god forever. Your life is mine.”
Derek gave one final gasp before dying at the feet of Horace. Horace cackled and transformed himself into Derek. He scoffed at the body in the mirror, bending it into shape.
“That’s better. Now I’ll get any fleshbag I want and ensure I have spawn to consume for centuries to come.”
Horace scoffed at the desk and then kicked the open drawer shut. He swung his arm and the front door flew open. The sun greeted him as he marched outside, ready to seek out his next victims, while a young, teary eyed Derek, sat shaking atop the staircase.
Word Count: 998
And that is what popped in as I went all back of the drawer. That and like 50 other things, but this one came first so I gave it a go. Thoughts?
Enjoy life, forget the strife.


2017-02-13 05:12:19 - Edit - Reply
I should have known better than to look here right before bed. I’ve got to get up early in the morning, and you’ve frightened the tar out of me!!! 
Pat Hatt
2017-02-13 12:37:19 - Edit - Reply
Whoopsy, hopefully no gems haunted by gods are near you lol

Denise Covey
2017-02-14 22:49:05 - Edit - Reply
OMG, Pat. It’ll take awhile to figure this one out. The sobbing Derek at the top of the stairs startled me, I’ve gotta say. A gem of a story for sure. Nice evil characters. The gem was a great touch. It’s amazing what’s coming out of these drawers!
Thanks for shaking us up here at WEP.
Pat Hatt
2017-02-15 11:29:21 - Edit - Reply
You just never know what is locked away in the drawers. And making you think, there is a win, unlike being confused by the cat lol

Olga Godim
2017-02-15 00:28:54 - Edit - Reply
Ouch! I hope to never find such a menacing gem in my drawer.
Pat Hatt
2017-02-15 11:28:37 - Edit - Reply
Better to find one worth a lot to sell haha

Nilanjana Bose
2017-02-15 07:59:47 - Edit - Reply
Scary, but fun! A dodgy kind of jewel for sure.The range and breadth of the responses on the prompt are awesome, especially the magical/fantasy ones. Thanks.
Pat Hatt
2017-02-15 11:28:14 - Edit - Reply
So much can pop on in when giving a prompt a spin

Pat Garcia
2017-02-15 12:10:21 - Edit - Reply
Excellent story. So in the style of Stephen King. I wanted to keep reading to find out what happened to Derek. Did he really die?
Shalom aleichem,
Pat G
Pat Hatt
2017-02-15 14:25:04 - Edit - Reply
He may be able to change his fate, you just never know
Yolanda Renee
2017-02-15 14:07:05 - Edit - Reply
Can you believe it, I wrote a lovely, you know it was lovely  comment and then the Wi-Fi went down. Damn!
I loved this. It the perfect analogy for Hell. Doing the same thing over and over again with the same result and no way to change it. Although, I have to believe the Demon can be defeated. Even demons have a Waterloo! 
Thanks, Pat, for another great entry for the WEP challenge. When I see your name appear on sign up day, the anticipation starts!
Damn good job!
FYI: if this doesn’t post this time, well…
Pat Hatt
2017-02-15 14:24:12 - Edit - Reply
haha crappy wi-fi can be a bleep indeed. Especially after you get those “lovely” comments written.
Sure there is a weakness indeed, as everyone has one. Glad I can bring some anticipation too.

Hilary Melton-Butcher
2017-02-15 15:22:55 - Edit - Reply
Hi Pat – oh poor Derek left stranded behind in that mayhem of mind and demons … fantastic cross-referencing … I don’t think I fancy house-fires at all now … taken too early … wonderful writing – cheers Hilary
Pat Hatt
2017-02-15 15:26:16 - Edit - Reply
Yeah, house fires are never fun, even less so with demons involved
Far Away Eyes
2017-02-15 17:14:15 - Edit - Reply
Holy carp, I did not see that coming. Gonna take me some time to figure out all the time travel. My head is spinning. I suppose that would give Horace some pleasure. Insteresting how more than a few of us found something supernatural in ‘the back of the drawer’.
Pat Hatt
2017-02-15 18:39:39 - Edit - Reply
Yeah, those drawers sure held a lot of supernatural within
Debbie D.
2017-02-15 17:34:58 - Edit - Reply
Gripping from start to finish! Derek’s version of Hell, yes? At least, that’s how I understood it. You have a fabulous imagination, Pat. Kudos!
Pat Hatt
2017-02-15 18:40:19 - Edit - Reply
Stuck in perpetual hell would not be swell

Jennifer Chandler
2017-02-15 21:24:21 - Edit - Reply
Hi Pat,
This is a doozy! I’m still reeling from it, especially the weeping Derek left at the top of the stairs. I’ll be careful not to touch any gems found at the back of drawers in antique stores 
Pat Hatt
2017-02-15 21:58:10 - Edit - Reply
haha a wise move, watch out for those gems
Donna L Hole
2017-02-16 06:36:55 - Edit - Reply
That was interesting. So many twists and plots. I’ll think twice about touching any jewels found in a forbidden desk. To creepy.
Pat Hatt
2017-02-16 12:35:43 - Edit - Reply
Jewels shouldn’t be touched, at least the ones in drawers
Laura Clipson
2017-02-16 07:50:25 - Edit - Reply
Wow, I wasn’t expecting that! Sometimes things should be left well alone – he shouldn’t have gone near that desk! Great job with the prompt.
Pat Hatt
2017-02-16 12:36:25 - Edit - Reply
Should have stayed far away indeed, but curiosity wins out
DG Hudson
2017-02-16 07:58:47 - Edit - Reply
That’s the thing about demons – they always manage to lure someone to release them. And sucking the life out of one person after another keeps them near immortal. What a chilling tale, Pat! Did we find out what his name was? Isn’t that the way to banish them back to when and where they were spawned?
Pat Hatt
2017-02-16 12:37:15 - Edit - Reply
Could be a few ways, as he pretends he’s all godly and such
Sally Stackhouse
2017-02-16 12:02:58 - Edit - Reply
An evil time-travelling demon – the stuff of nightmares.
Pat Hatt
2017-02-16 12:37:41 - Edit - Reply
Such nightmares would suck to have for sure

Toi Thomas
2017-02-17 00:34:09 - Edit - Reply
Wow, that was good. I’m still trying to grasp it all. So much evil. Poor Derek at the end. Is he starting all over again, waiting to face the demon down the road? Or perhaps, it all started with Derek and a deal he made long ago, only he’s been put back through time too many times to know. ??? Good story.
Pat Hatt
2017-02-17 12:14:28 - Edit - Reply
With many questions arising, you just never know how it went.
N. R. Williams
2017-02-17 20:16:02 - Edit - Reply
Horace the evil. A strange and scary tale. Good job.
Pat Hatt
2017-02-17 20:41:23 - Edit - Reply
Glad it was fun to give a run

Arpan Ghosh
2017-02-19 09:57:18 - Edit - Reply
Well that took a turn into Creepytown pretty fast!
I’m still trying to put the whole thing together, and any time you throw in time travel, you’ll only raise more questions than you answer, but I like the overall tone of the piece.
Pat Hatt
2017-02-19 12:47:38 - Edit - Reply
Yep, with time travel it can be taken many a way, so I just left it open to be taken many a way.