WEP: Live Or Treat

The simmering lights and storm of beeps slipped further from reality as I toppled to the floor. My face swam in my own puddle of tears while the devil danced within my stomach. He stomped with such rapture as he crushed my world. I struggled to reach for the trash can while his work rose up from within and now stained the floor. I spit up the last, brushing my hair aside, and rising my eyes to meet theirs.
Their silence said more than words ever could. Each unable to find any way to comfort me as they swarmed me like angels of death. I hadn’t the strength to rip free, only the will to take one final gaze at my husband and babies. A few short hours ago each so alive with excitement for trick or treating and now each lifeless before me.
The chair they placed me on slithered free and I curled up in a ball on the floor. My world spun, preventing me from grasping any sense of reality. My focus solely on all the things my babies would never experience. My babies. How could such a monster exist?
It felt like an eternity on that floor. I had no intention of ever moving again until a few words blasted me back to reality. “We have a suspect.” In that moment my ears had sonar. They picked up every whisper of the officer nearby. My grief gave way to rage with each word.
My mind quickly calculated the path I needed to take. Instead of lunches, laundry, homework and bed time, this time the path was far more lethal. My body still resembled a jellyfish but I refused to let that stop me.
I pulled myself to my feet, wobbling to the devil’s dance within as I neared the officer. The despair plastered across his face was just what I needed. I pretended to fall into his arms and sobbed further. He hesitantly patted my back while nurses swarmed me again. This time I had the strength. This time I flung them from me and marched to the elevator.
“Wait. You shouldn’t be alone. Is there any family you want us to call?” a nurse cried out.
I glared at her as the door closed. My family lay dead in her hospital and she wanted me to call them. Stupid bitch.
I made it to the car and used the mirror to straighten myself up. Hours ago my little girl had done the same in her princess costume. I tried to smile over the memory but more hate oozed from me.
The car engine drowned out the cries of the officer as I drove away. No officer or army on Earth would want to get in my way. The kids, dogs and adults scampering about the neighborhood only fueled my rage. That should be me and my family. What did we do to deserve this? What did my babies ever do?
I brushed the few tears from my eyes before checking the street numbers carefully. 473 lit up like the Vegas Strip as it came into my view. Kids frolicked to his doorstep. This monster wasn’t going to ruin another life.
I hopped from the car and then shoved the kids aside. His gleeful smile wasn’t fooling me. Beneath it lurked a darkness that needed to be snuffed out. I slapped the candy dish from his hands, shoved him inside and slammed the door shut, twisting the lock.
His hands flung in the air as I aimed the officer’s gun at his chest.
“Take whatever you want. It’s yours.”
“I had everything I wanted. You took them from me and now you’re mine.” I marched toward him and then fired and fired, growing colder with each hole the bullets created in his chest. I held him up as he slouched, watching the life drain from his eyes. I had taken what I wanted. His life.
His smeared blood across my cheeks and the droplets falling from my hair gave off the glow of the devil within. I stood as stone while listening to the drops hit the floor. What I had done served little purpose. My babies were gone and they would never return.
Tears streamed from my eyes as I brought the gun up to my head. I prayed I would see my family again and then pulled the trigger. Click. The gun was empty. I had used every bullet to put down the monster. Even in death, he had robbed me of one more thing.
The echo of sirens grew ever closer. I eyed the candy spread across the floor and then dropped to my knees. They had each taken one and hours later were dead. I would take a handful.
I stuffed as many into my mouth as I could, ignoring the bitterness of them, and swallowed. I leaned back in the puddle of blood seeping from him, closed my eyes, and waited for the inevitable.
There they were. My husband and babies reaching out for me within the darkness. I fell to me knees as they ran toward me and then a blinding light stole them from me. My eyes sprang open as officers surrounded me, their flashlights and weapons upon me.
I wasn’t dead. There was nothing wrong with his candy. I had killed the wrong guy. They must had sneakily eaten candy they had gotten from elsewhere. My thoughts scattered to the far recesses of my mind. And then I saw it. Them.
A woman with three babies of her own, each near the age of mine, stared at me in horror as I lay drenched in their father’s blood. I had become the monster, handcuffed and paraded from their home, while the monster who took my family remained hidden in some dark place, forever out of reach of my grasp.
Word Count: 982
And there we are. Another that came due. Not sure it was darker than the last, but Denise goaded me on, making this one pop on in. Thoughts at your sea? Now are you all ready to eat Halloween candy?
Enjoy life, forget the strife.


Hilary Melton-Butcher
2017-10-16 06:51:27 - Edit - Reply
Hi Pat – I’ve never liked Halloween candy – and definitely now like it even less … oh dear a ghastly tale – and one that will be repeated year after year … brilliantly well told – cheers Hilary
Pat Hatt
2017-10-16 09:32:58 - Edit - Reply
Not a fan of candy at my sea either. At least we’ll both avoid such a fate that way.

2017-10-16 12:36:54 - Edit - Reply
Oh, my. That was a doozie. And the poor kids eating the candy from the real killer!!!
Pat Hatt
2017-10-16 13:48:02 - Edit - Reply
Have to watch that candy.
Yolanda Renee
2017-10-17 00:02:06 - Edit - Reply
WOW! So well told. I could feel her grief, anger, and then the horror and regret.
Excellent, simply excellent!
I always look forward to your stories!
Pat Hatt
2017-10-17 09:32:17 - Edit - Reply
Glad it was worth looking forward to here at our zoo.

Elephants Child
2017-10-17 01:14:40 - Edit - Reply
We really don’t do Halloween over here. And you have reminded me to be grateful for small mercies.
As always I am filled with awe as I dance to the dark tunes the WEP wordsmiths spin…
Pat Hatt
2017-10-17 09:32:51 - Edit - Reply
Awe is a win. Yeah, avoiding halloween and such pitfalls is a win too.

Donna McNicol
2017-10-17 16:10:43 - Edit - Reply
Pat Hatt
2017-10-17 17:37:09 - Edit - Reply
Glad I could get so many !!!!!!!! lol

Olga Godim
2017-10-17 21:12:34 - Edit - Reply
What a tragic story! It makes me sad.
Pat Hatt
2017-10-18 13:21:30 - Edit - Reply
Sad is the way when such things come due.

Nilanjana Bose
2017-10-17 22:08:17 - Edit - Reply
Poor mama turned monster. Terrible thing to happen, terrible mistake to make. Chilling Halloween tale. So well crafted!
Pat Hatt
2017-10-18 13:21:57 - Edit - Reply
Would be terrible all around indeed.

2017-10-18 00:27:57 - Edit - Reply
Her screams is all
She could hear
They rated of her
Greatest fears
They held controlled
Throughout the nights
And let her go when
She saw the light
Pat Hatt
2017-10-18 13:22:31 - Edit - Reply
Sometimes that light comes too late

Pat Garcia
2017-10-18 09:11:30 - Edit - Reply
An intriguing story about self-justice and the lost innocence of Halloween.
Shalom aleichem,
Pat Garcia
Pat Hatt
2017-10-18 13:23:09 - Edit - Reply
Sometimes self-justice sure can backfire
Laura Clipson
2017-10-18 13:01:25 - Edit - Reply
Wow, that was dark! I loved the story though, and the fact that she got the wrong person in the end.
Pat Hatt
2017-10-18 13:23:41 - Edit - Reply
One should make sure they are right before going after their pray.

Julie Flanders
2017-10-18 15:04:30 - Edit - Reply
I had a feeling she had the wrong guy. Yikes!! It’s so creepy to think of the real killer still out there handing out poisoned candy. If I had kids I don’t think I’d ever let them go out on Halloween after reading this!!
Pat Hatt
2017-10-18 21:17:04 - Edit - Reply
I’d let them go out, but they wouldn’t be eating anything.
DG Hudson
2017-10-18 17:51:54 - Edit - Reply
Oops. . .you can’t blame the woman for making a mistake in the condition she was in, but perpetrating the same upon another solved nothing. Like a bounty hunter, be sure you have the right man before you pull the trigger, and always leave an exit bullet in the gun. . .
Loved how you made that come full circle. Fate can repeat itself, it has a wicked sense of humour.
Pat Hatt
2017-10-18 21:17:54 - Edit - Reply
Fate sure can be a pain in the butt. Comes back around. Have to keep that extra bullet and make sure indeed.

Deborah Drucker
2017-10-18 20:23:14 - Edit - Reply
She really jumped the gun. Mistaken identity leads to another tragedy and it didn’t help her.
Pat Hatt
2017-10-18 21:18:36 - Edit - Reply
Didn’t help indeed. Can’t jump the gun.
Nancy Williams
2017-10-20 17:23:00 - Edit - Reply
Rage traps both the guilty and innocent. Sorry for her loss on all levels. Good story.
Pat Hatt
2017-10-20 21:00:19 - Edit - Reply
Rage sure does such a thing. Have to watch it indeed.

Denise Covey
2017-10-21 04:44:30 - Edit - Reply
Hi Pat! That’s right! Blame me for the depths of your depravity, LOL! Sorry for being so late with my comments but I’m still recovering from an overseas trip and am struggling on little sleep but at least I’m not lying on the floor vomiting. Erk. I’ve been reading entries and waited until I was fully conscious to comment, LOL! Not sure that being conscious will help me here!
You’re just so good at this. Okay. Another book for you. Murderous Flash Fiction. Looks like you can whip them up on cue. This one was deeply horrendous in that she killed the wrong ‘un and now the murderous candy will continue its deadly work. Glad we don’t bother with Halloween in Australia!
As always, Pat, excellent entry. Bang on the prompt. You took us all to a very dark place.
Pat Hatt
2017-10-21 11:17:06 - Edit - Reply
lol yeah, being awake may not help you so much. At least there is no Halloween there, so no nightmares or worry will need to be had. Whip them up indeed, we’ll see what next takes seed.