WEP: Round and Round

My breath crept within the fog covering this maze of death. The finesse of my escape had been trampled into a stampede of despair. Round and round I went with this devil’s clutches lingering over me. The tunnel held no light. My doom taunted with each passing second. It would have me in its clutches soon. It knew it. I knew it. Round and round I went.
The silk strands upon its limb smelled of fish. It oozed upon me as a few loose strands covered my body. The nerve of this devil disgusted even my putrid senses. My remains never stirring it in the least. It only deployed stationary defenses against my attack. Nothing that my body produced could sway it from its objective. The more my sweat rose, the more it enjoyed the torture.
Those yellow eyes had a lust of death circling under those lids. It drooled with delight. My limbs nothing but a tool for its pleasure. I had become its plaything. A cheap means of amusement until it found its next victim. It had its way with every inch of my body. It flipped me in positions that my mind had never comprehended. The magnitude of its force drowned out any cries for mercy. Soon I grew blind to its assault, but round and round I went.
My other senses compensated. The high pitch screams of another caught my attention. It caught the devil’s as well. It scurried for safety from the opposing force. My freedom was in my grasp. If only my limbs would cooperate. Such pain. How could it get pleasure from inflicting so much pain? The ache in my body had no end. Would it carry me to freedom? One step. Two steps. Almost there.
The devil met its foe. The thunderous strikes of each toppling me over. I had to push through. My family at home were counting on me. The kids needed sustenance. My parents had grown ill in their old age. My husband had perished, but returned to me all the love in our children that I would ever need. I had to survive for them. My ears. The pitch. It is too much.
The devil’s foe screeched while barreling down my exit path. It had far more of a stride than my body. If only it had saved me. A few steps away. I can make it. No. Not again. My back cried out in pain from its assault. I no longer had the ability to roll. It exposed me for all the world to see. Its eyes held an inquisitive nature as it came in for another assault. The discharge it left upon my body stuck in every crevice. It then spun me. Round and round I went.
Its many assaults had left me oblivious to the world. My mind an ever changing cloud in a sky I would never view again. I longed to see my family once more. If only I had listened and never left the confines of our home. Why did I have to go out at night? The darkness holds too many devils. I knew that, but I had to prove my worth. A terrible personality trait. One that had become my undoing. My kids. I hope they never received my vanity. How could I leave them?
It had struck. A sharp pain within my body told of my loss of essence within. It seeped without. The dizziness my brain had amassed became futile to fight. It spun me back into view. The devil had the nerve to assault my body again. Its furious energy knew no bounds. A second wound seeped more of my life force free. It spun me toward the path to my escape, taunting me with what could never be. It bashed my body again, forcing an unending spin. Round and round I went.
The maze of death had captured me. I had no exit. I had no beginning. This would be my final moment in life. Assaulted to the brink of death. The devil’s shadow casting away any light that could take me home. Here would be my final resting place. My senses informed me of my fate before fading from existence. My mind clouded, but it was still upon me. I could sense its presence even while clinging to life. My kids. My many kids. Please do not follow your mother.
Its bile returned my senses to a whole. The cruel joke of its own making. My sustenance oozed from within while what remained became sustenance for it. There I lingered within its prison. My body at its mercy. The final light of my life now brightening my demise as it sparkled off its fangs. Down they lowered. Closing. Closing. Goodbye, my children.
Its ooze covered me once again while I descended to my death. The juices of it scoured my body. My mind no longer…clear…my end…my end….Down I go. Round and round within the stomach of this devil. Once birthed from the earth, now I would return to it through its bowels. Round and round. Round and round.
WEP: 853
Did I have you going at the start? In the middle? Near the end? Any guesses as to what the two characters were intended to be? Feel free to leave your thoughts.
Enjoy life, forget the strife.


Pat Garcia
2017-12-18 10:52:38 - Edit - Reply
I read your story and felt the hopelessness of the woman fighting death. It typified for me the fight that all people have who try to overcome the fight with death in their own strength.
Very well written.
Have a wonderful Christmas and a safe crossover into 2018.
Shalom aleichem,
Pat Garcia
Pat Hatt
2017-12-18 15:55:01 - Edit - Reply
We all sure fight death in our own way. Interesting what was brought to mind indeed. Hope a great holiday is had at your feed.

Pat Garcia
2017-12-18 10:58:53 - Edit - Reply
I read your story and felt the hopelessness of the woman fighting death. It typified for me the fight that all people have who try to overcome the fight with death in their own strength.
Very well written.
Have a wonderful Christmas and a safe crossover into 2018.
Shalom aleichem,
Pat Garcia
P.S. I don’t know why but your site keeps telling me I have submitted my comment and it is a duplicate. However, I keep seeing no comment posted. Computer programs are strange at times. I will check back later to see if it is still saying the same thing.
Pat Hatt
2017-12-18 15:55:29 - Edit - Reply
Sites can be wonky sometimes I guess, but both are here.

2017-12-18 11:28:11 - Edit - Reply
Leave it to you to set the Christmas spirit in eerie style! My goodness, not a dream I’d care to repeat!
Pat Hatt
2017-12-18 15:56:04 - Edit - Reply
What’s a little eerie added to a fat guy breaking into homes and using tiny people as slave labor? lol

Denise Covey
2017-12-18 20:55:34 - Edit - Reply
Hi Pat. Yes, you did have me going from the start. I wasn’t sure who ‘she’ was or who the devil was, and I somehow guess that’s how you meant it to be. I was praying you weren’t going to end it with her waking from a dream, LOL! I interpreted it as a battle between good and evil, where evil won, as sadly happens all too often. But I could be way off. Enlighten me.
I loved this line: ‘My mind an ever changing cloud in a sky I would never view again.’ Great image!
Thanks Pat for writing for WEP at this busy time of year. I wish you a Happy Christmas and a fabulous 2018! I hope you’ll continue to write for us.
Pat Hatt
2017-12-18 21:49:17 - Edit - Reply
Always interesting to leave it a bit interpretive and see what others see. Nope, none of that it was all a dream trope. Evil does win now and then. Will continue to play indeed at my feed.

Deborah Drucker
2017-12-19 20:30:19 - Edit - Reply
I kept thinking she would escape. I interpreted that ‘the devil’ was a spider. I am not sure about the victim. You said she had many children so it almost sounded like another insect. The spider was wrapping her in its web. Good description of how the spider would capture and kill an insect.
Pat Hatt
2017-12-19 22:02:01 - Edit - Reply
That is an interesting take indeed. The insect was spot on, as that one was intended.

Olga Godim
2017-12-19 23:42:52 - Edit - Reply
So sad. I see the end – a terrifying end – but where is the beginning?
Pat Hatt
2017-12-20 01:32:54 - Edit - Reply
The beginning is the end.

Elephants Child
2017-12-20 04:00:22 - Edit - Reply
Deliciously dark.
I have carefully not read the other comments (yet). I am thinking spider.
And also that yes an end is near. A nasty end. But, as she returns to the earth, there is potential for beginnings too.
Pat Hatt
2017-12-20 10:33:54 - Edit - Reply
Got most of it right indeed, as the nasty end comes and begins again with the return to the earth.

Liz Leighton
2017-12-20 17:20:35 - Edit - Reply
Interesting story! The silk threads bring to mind spiders or silkworms or a number of different insects but I don’t think the creatures involved are as important as the underlying story depicting the cycle of life. No matter what form of life, even ourselves, we die and we’re returned to the earth and the carbon, oxygen, and nitrogen we are composed of bring forth more life. Very well written and I enjoyed the read.
Pat Hatt
2017-12-20 21:42:55 - Edit - Reply
Yep, even we return and keep the cycle a going strong, or at least keep it going haha

Adura Ojo
2017-12-20 20:22:49 - Edit - Reply
A good read and certainly open to interpretation. I love the different avenues one could go with this story. I would want to let it fly in its open beauty and return to me for another read.
Pat Hatt
2017-12-20 21:40:58 - Edit - Reply
The avenues sure are there indeed. Glad it was enjoyed.

Keith's Ramblings
2017-12-21 02:01:29 - Edit - Reply
I enjoy a story that allows the reader to take a direction of their own without being totally steered by the author, and this certainly its the bill! Excellent.

Pat Hatt
2017-12-21 10:28:44 - Edit - Reply
Always good when it fits the bill. Feel free to pay with cash lol
Yolanda Renee
2017-12-26 22:08:38 - Edit - Reply
Very creepy! Love it, but knowing it’s a spider creating the horror, very chilling as I HATE spiders! Yes, evil does win – too often!
Well done, as always! You are the master!
Wishing you a the Happiest of New Year’s!
Pat Hatt
2017-12-26 22:16:22 - Edit - Reply
haha master works for me here at our sea.

Nilanjana Bose
2017-12-27 09:42:36 - Edit - Reply
The spider and the fly? You did have me intrigued from the start  ‘silk strands’ made me think of a spider… and fly automatically followed…
Masterfully done as usual, very creative take on the prompt.
Wish you the happiest and the best of 2018.
Pat Hatt
2017-12-27 10:25:04 - Edit - Reply
The spider sure came due, but it could be reverse with what’s in view haha glad it was enjoyed.
DG Hudson
2017-12-28 08:01:42 - Edit - Reply
The round and round theme reminded me of a spider encasing its victim, but I wondered if the victim was an insect, which usually have many ‘kids’. The hopelessness came through very clearly. I also thought the ‘foe’ could have been another spider coming to steal the victim. . .
Did your cats give you this idea? Sometimes they like to tease and torture their victims too (and look innocent afterwards) Well done! Good luck in the New Year!
Pat Hatt
2017-12-28 10:41:17 - Edit - Reply
haha you nailed it indeed. As the victim was an insect and the cat was the torturer, exactly where the idea came from as I watched him torture a bug.

2017-12-29 18:31:48 - Edit - Reply
Hi Pat – an horrific tale … I am thinking slug or snail … with their gungy enveloping slime … but I’m glad I’m here and not going round and round in that way …
Gruesome tale – which some littlies would love to elaborate on … congratulations – cheers Hilary
Pat Hatt
2017-12-29 19:46:00 - Edit - Reply
Not going round and round sure is the way. Stuck like that would suck.